Need More Space in Your Home? Try These Storage Ideas!


In every home, there tends to be a need for more space. We have more things that we need to store or our home needs to function for a few purposes. With more and more people working from home at least one day a week, you need a spare room that doubles up as an office or a dining room that will work as a study, too. Additional storage is a must for this kind of thing. So if you are short on storage space and looking to make your home more functional, what can you do? Here are a few ideas to help you maximize the space in your home.

Convert the Garage: Are you someone that doesn’t really use the garage to it’s full potential? Do you just use it to park your car but nothing more? If that is the case, then it can be a huge space for you to convert and create an additional room in. First of all, if you have a driveway, then does your car need to be stored in the garage at all? Second of all, you need to think about getting some storage units in the garage. Maximize the space that you have by using shelving in the garage, as well as using hooks to hang things from the ceiling. When you aren’t using the floor space, it really does make a difference. You could use the garage, or at least half of it, as a family room or office. Just make sure that you put in more insulation or heating and get good rolling garage doors & gates. Otherwise, it could be a bit cold in there!


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Open Up Your Entryway: The entrance hall can be a busy space in the home. It can get cluttered with shoes, coats, and book or work bags. This can make it can look messy and smaller than it actually is. If you have space, then think about getting something like a bench. Then people can use it to put shoes on and spread out a little bit. If there wouldn’t be room for that, just make sure that you have got plenty of space for shoes and coats by using things like hooks and racks. When an area is organized, it looks much better and makes the space look larger, too.

Create More Storage with Furniture: In rooms like living areas or dining areas, you need extra storage space. These are the rooms that get the most cluttered, aren’t they? They are high traffic areas and where most people gather. So think about ways to use your furniture wisely to create more space. Think about ottoman style coffee tables. They can be lifted to store things like remote controls, games consoles, and magazines, for example. You could get a TV cabinet or coffee table with shelving built in. Then you can store books, DVDs, and video games. Wooden boxes could also be used to store things in like kids toys or throws and blankets. Personalize the boxes to make them your own and you will have a one of a kind bin for all of your odds and ends.

Is It Time You Booked A Dental Appointment? Red Flag Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Is It Time You Booked A Dental Appointment? Red Flag Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Dental health is different to general health. Most of us only tend to see a doctor when we’re feeling under the weather or if we’ve noticed changes in our mood, energy levels, or the way our body works. When it comes to your teeth and gums, you shouldn’t wait until you have a dental disaster to book a dental appointment. Prevention is always better than cure, and this is why regular checks are recommended. If you haven’t been to the dentist for a while or you spot these red flag signs, pick up the phone now!

Bleeding Gums: If you noticed that you were bleeding from any other part of your body, you’d probably take note straight away. But for some reason, many of us ignore bleeding gums. The trouble is that bleeding gums are often a sign of gum disease, a potentially serious disease, which can contribute to early tooth loss. Gum disease is caused by harmful bacteria. Mild gum disease, known as gingivitis, is relatively easy to treat with good oral hygiene and cleaning treatments. However, advanced gum disease, or periodontitis, is much more difficult for dentists to manage. It causes irreparable damage to the gums and the bone tissue that lies beneath. The end result is premature tooth loss, as the bony sockets are unable to hold the teeth in place any longer. If you do spot blood when you brush your teeth, or you’ve noticed that your gums are swollen or sore, see your dentist. Don’t wait for your next scheduled check-up, as gum disease can develop quickly.

Tooth Pain: Tooth pain is very common, and sometimes, it’s nothing to worry about. However, it can often be a sign of underlying issues, such as decay. If you have severe pain or pain that is getting worse, it’s particularly important to seek advice from your dentist. The earlier you address the problem, the better. If you have a cavity, for example, a filling can prevent further damage to the tooth and reduce the risk of an abscess from forming. Dental pain can also be caused by an infection. If you get shooting pain when you bite down or you experience throbbing pain, this may be symptomatic of an infection.

Slow-Healing Ulcers: Mouth ulcers are very common. They tend to develop when you’ve accidentally cut the inside of your cheek or lip when you’ve been eating, for example. In most cases, ulcers don’t cause any problems and they heal within a week without the need for treatment. If you’ve had an ulcer for longer than two weeks, it’s advisable to see your dentist. It’s very unlikely, but slow-healing sores can be a sign of oral cancer.

If you haven’t been to the dentist in the last 6-12 months, pick up the phone now and make an appointment! Dental issues only get worse with time, so it’s particularly important to visit your dentist if you’ve experienced problems or noticed any of these red flag signs.

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Teaching Them To Fly The Nest: How To Help Your Grown-Up Kids Become Independent


It’s become a main trope in popular culture that parents can’t wait for their kids to leave home. Having the house to yourself, not needing to replace the shampoo in a hurry because someone used more than they needed to. Appreciating the peace and quiet that can only come from nobody under the age of “late thirties” living in a place. It sounds like bliss.

Of course, few parents think about it in so black and white. Though there are definite advantages, you’ll miss them when they’re gone, and there will be tears when they move out. So much so that you’ll be kind of glad when your phone goes and it’s them. Some kind of emergency in their new home that they haven’t the first clue how to deal with. Mom to the rescue!

And yet… when your kids move into a new home, you want them to be self-sufficient. Whether it’s a college house-share or their first apartment, you want them to have the knowledge you’ve accumulated. You know you made mistakes when you first lived outside your childhood home. You know they’ll make some too, but you can stop them from making the ones that you may have made in your youth.

Plumbing: Give Them The Basics, Save A Lot Of Money: When we are kids, we get used to things just showing up and a lot goes on that we don’t see. Food lands on the table in front of us or in the fridge, and we don’t worry about how it got there. We turn on the tap and there is water, flip a switch and there is light. So when we’ve moved into a new place, we can be shocked when the shower drain floods after a few months. Your grown-up child doesn’t need to be an expert plumber. But knowing how (and how often) to clear a shower drain and other blockages can make a big difference.


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Prepare Them For The Marketplace: There will be some issues that occur which you’re not able to fix yourself. The first few times, you may deal with them indirectly. Going round to their new home, seeing the extent of the damage and then calling the relevant trades person to fix the problem. Before too long, though, it is important that they know who to call and how to deal with repair companies. Give your kids a list of plumbers, exterminators, and licensed electricians. Advise them on the importance of getting three quotes before hiring anyone.

Become Skilled At Hinting: Of course you will never stop caring or worrying about your own progeny. You will always step in to make sure they are safe, comfortable, and well fed. So when they come back home because they’ve run out of money and just need to eat, take the chance to teach them some self-sufficiency.

Feed them, of course. Give them a good meal and listen to the problems that everyone has when they first move out. Then take them grocery shopping. Tell them why you go here, why you walk down this aisle, and where you get coupons. Don’t tell them straight out “this is what you need to do”. Let them realize that by teaching them. You are running your household by showing them and hopefully they will do the same – or, perhaps even better!


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Happy Gotcha Day, Doggies!

Happy Gotcha Day, Doggies!

Hi everyone and happy weekend! Yesterday was a special day because it was one of my precious pooch’s fourth Gotcha Day since we welcomed her into our family. Our Golden Retriever, Gem, has been such a wonderful, beautiful addition to our home and the love that my family has for her knows no bounds. Additionally, our little Terrier mix, Ollie, will be celebrating his first Gotcha Day coming up soon on February 13th so it will be an exciting few months to be a dog in the Mushenheim household!

Both of my pups were rescued through the amazing group that my mom, sister, and I volunteer for called Canine Lifeline. Gem and Ollie were both brought to Ohio from rural shelters in Kentucky and each became members of the family at first sight. Our rescue dogs bring so much joy to our home and are each true cases of ‘Who Rescued Who?’. Happy Gotcha Day to you, Gem! And almost little Ollie!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Also – if you are in Ohio and are interested in finding a new furever friend, then I encourage you to check out the pups at Canine Lifeline, where I’m sure you’ll find your new BFF! Not in Ohio but still want to help? CLL happily accepts donations and would greatly appreciate if you would spread the word! 🙂

What kind of pets do you have at your home? What is something unique or silly about your pet’s behaviors or appearance? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Black & Neon Green Nails

Black & Neon Green Nails

Hi everyone and TGIF! Yesterday was crazy busy for me but because I always get my nails done on Thursdays when I need a new set of nails or a fill, I just had to make time to see my beloved nail tech, Vinny, so he could get me right. I usually get my nails filled every three weeks for twenty bucks and honestly it’s the best money that I spend all month. To me, there is nothing better than taking a breather and being pampered before you have to step back into the real world. And, of course, it is always so fun hanging out with Vinny and the salon gang for an hour or two!

Last fill, I was loving the hot pink accent nails that I picked and I decided to go bright or go home again this time with neon green and a coat of sparkles over top of it. As always, the rest of my nails were black with an airbrushed cross on each middle finger. I’m thinking of upgrading to gemstone crosses next fill, though! I’m so obsessed with how my nails turned out yesterday and they might just be my favorite fill yet. Check it out:



After a delightful rendezvous at the salon, I went to get myself some Starbucks with a Christmas gift card before heading to the skating rink to coach for the Special Olympics. As I was being rung out, the barista asked for my name and when I told him it was Sarah he checked to see if it was with or without an H (I love when people do that!). After I told him that it was with an H (the best way), he told me that he’s “always told that the H is for ‘high maintenance'”. I guess that has to be true, considering that I was just coming from getting my nails done!

What is your favorite nail polish shade right now? What color should my accent nails be next fill? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Dental Differences: 3 Differences Between Male And Female Oral Health

Dental Differences: 3 Differences Between Male And Female Oral Health

Men and women have some very obvious differences when it comes to our bodies. However, did you know that something like our teeth can also have stark differences when comparing the two genders? For example, men often only visit their dental professionals when there are serious issues that need to be dealt with and, as a result, they have less dental checkups than women do. Here are a couple more differences between men’s and women’s dental health that you probably didn’t know about.

Men Usually Have More Dental Issues: Women often take care of their teeth more than men due to regular checkups and the lesser likelihood of using products such as chewing tobacco, cigarettes, and alcohol. As a result, men put themselves at risk of developing more dental issues than women. Oral diseases usually come with very few warning signs. Bleeding gums, tartar build up, and slightly annoying pains are usually ignored by men and they get on with their daily lives. Women, on the other hand, see it as a problem and deal with the issue before they develop or let the symptoms worsen.

Oral health issues can often go unnoticed until the disease fully develops. So regardless of if you’re a male or female, make sure you check out a dental practice like Bulverde North Family Dental where you can get the optimal care not just for you, but for your entire family.

Women Brush More Often Than Men: Women are, on average, more likely to brush their teeth at least twice a day when compared to men. Women are proven to be more disciplined when it comes to oral health care. They are more likely to stick to brushing at least twice a day, flossing at least once a day, and using mouthwash at least twice a day.

Men, on the other hand, are more likely to skip out brushing days, forget to floss, or go to bed without even using mouthwash. Women are also more likely to brush their teeth and floss after a meal, while men ignore it most of the time. No matter what gender you are, you need to make sure that you brush at least twice a day in the morning and before bed. Flossing is best done at night if you can’t stomach doing it after meals and mouthwash can be skipped if you already have good teeth because it can do more damage than good in some cases.


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Women Go To The Dentist More Often: Women often care more about their health, attending regular checkups and appointments, and making time for it no matter their schedules. Dental appointments are on that list of regular visits, and women often visit a dentist at least twice a year every six months. This is recommended to both men and women, but women are far more likely to stick to this schedule. In addition to going for an initial appointment, women are more likely to attend follow-up appointments or, in some cases, book several checkups in the event that something needs to be fixed, cleaned, or treated.

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Make Your House The Forever Home Of An Animal That Needs It

Make Your House The Forever Home Of An Animal That Needs It

Rescuing a pet is the most admirable thing any pet owner can do. There are millions of adorable pets in rescue centers, all waiting to start again. If you’re interested in rescuing, congratulations! You’re about to make a huge different to an animal who needs it. It’s important to bear in mind that there’s a lot to consider when embarking on an adopted pet. The pet you choose could have experienced horrendous treatment. They could have any number of behavioral problems as a result. Don’t let that put you off. There’s so much you can do to help your pet adjust. These tips should give you some idea of how to approach the situation:

Learn Their Backstory: Before you adopt any animal, learn their backstory. This is important so you can understand the pet you choose. It may be a horrible reality to confront, but it’s important to ask about what’s happened in the past. That way, you can prepare for any behavioral peculiarities you come across. You’ll also be able to be more sympathetic to any bad behavior that your new pet expresses. If you have a family, it’s especially important to get a comprehensive history. Though we all want to give a home to the pet with the worst history, it may not be the best thing if you have children. Bear in mind that you need a dog with the best temperament possible. That said, some of the dogs with the worst histories are the kindest you’ll find. They’ve just been waiting all their life for your love!


DOG! ❤

Start With Training Straight Away: It’s important to treat a rescue animal as though they’re starting out fresh. That’s why it’s crucial to get started on training the first chance you get. If it’s a dog you’ve chosen, training is of particular importance. Dogs are intelligent. You should be able to change their behavior with some effort. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a turnaround in the way they act. If you’ve never trained a dog before, get ideas about what to do on sites like the one found here. Even cats and other animals can require additional training. Observe your pet’s behavior to see what you would like to change, then research the best training techniques to fix the problem.

Practice Patience: There’s no easy solution for helping a rescue animal. The past will have made them distrustful and scared. All you can do is show them as much love as possible. Then, you should practice patience and let them come to you. Your relationship with a rescue animal may be different to what you’re used to. Accept that, and embrace the relationship for what it is. Some rescue animals will have a complete transformation, and become the most trusting pets. Others will always have a slight fear of interaction. Either way, rest easy in the knowledge that you’ve given an unloved animal a forever home. They’re sure to love you, whether they can show it or not!

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