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May Flowers

May Flowers

Hello! This past week when I got to my parents’ house after work, I found my dad in the backyard preparing his raised planters for spring flowers. It was a gorgeous day outside and it was going to rain that night, making for the perfect conditions to plant. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bask in the sunshine and spend some quality time with my dad and even though I was dog tired, I offered my assistance which he happily accepted. We spent a glorious hour or so together creating beauty and I am so pleased with our handiwork. Check it out:


Ever since I can remember, my dad has been an avid gardener and all spring, summer, and fall long you can catch him outside tending to the yard. During the warm months, we enjoy the bounty of his vegetable garden and the bouquets he makes weekly for my mom. Not only does he have two green thumbs, but he is also a very gifted flower arranger and his bouquets are stunning. Last year, his veggie garden went into overdrive with hauls so big we simply didn’t know what to do with everything. So, he decided flowers were the way to go this summer since all of our lives are crazy at this current juncture.

When I was younger, I loved to help in the garden and as I grew up, I tried to help as much as I could with planting and upkeep. It had been a while since I gardened and I forgot how much fun it was! Seriously, all of it was a blast from donning ridiculous gardening gloves, handling the delicate flowers, and cleaning up the dirt that got on us with the garden hose. And, of course, doing it all side by side with my dad. For the past few months, the time we have spent together is almost always driving to the Cleveland Clinic, so it was SO awesome to be able to do something with him for the joy of it.

Our garden day was the first time I had spent a considerable amount of time outside in so long. It only recently got nice out in Ohio and the previous weather had been absolute garbage. Being outside, soaking up the sun, and making something grow was just what I needed. Once we returned inside, I wanted to go back out again to plant more and I found myself thinking that I would like more house plants when I got to my apartment. I might just have a green thumb yet!

My dad has now started to plan his garden projects with my help in mind and I am more than up for the task. In fact, we will be planting flower seeds later this week. I can’t wait! πŸ™‚

What is your favorite outdoor activity? What do you and your parents do to spend quality time together? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


Jumpsuit Jams OOTD

Jumpsuit Jams OOTD

Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new OOTD here on lifewithlilred! Last weekend, I had absolutely no time for an OOTD shoot but I did have free time last Thursday after work and made the most of it by styling two brand new outfits. I couldn’t wait to break out my new goodies from my TJMaxx haul and I felt amazing in them! To start, we’ll take a look at my look with a super cute jumpsuit by Japna and keep it posted for my OOTD featuring my other purchase, the Sincerely Jules pants, coming soon. Let’s get to it:


Who? What? Wear?

Jumpsuit: Japna, TJMaxx

Floral Platforms: Qupid, TJMaxx

Floppy Hat: Brandy Melville, PacSun

Accessories are from Target, Claire’s, and American Eagle Outfitters

Styling a jumpsuit was a different experience for me because there really wasn’t too much to do in terms of styling! But, that is the true beauty of a good jumpsuit; you merely have to slip it on and go. For a moment, as I was assembling the few pieces that this OOTD consisted of, I thought to myself that this was too simple. I guess I am still used to dressing up in multiple layers to beat the cold weather with! However, as I was putting on the finishing touches in the mirror, I found that this minimally styled look still had a lot to say and sometimes, simple is best.

Obviously, there isn’t much to report about the jumpsuit because the pants and top are built in lol but we can talk about why it worked so well! This was the first jumpsuit that I have found in years of searching that had everything I was looking for: A flattering shape, the pants weren’t too long, and there were no personal no nos like a plunging neckline or weirdly placed cutouts. But, what truly made this jumpsuit the one for me was its color. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bold hue as much as the next person, but this pretty linen shade provided the perfect backdrop against all of my colorful tattoos. With this combination, it turned my ink into accessories instead of something that would be clashing if this jumpsuit were blue or red, for example.

I have tried on countless jumpsuits in the past that were cute, yes, but way too long in the legs and not even my tallest pair of heels could fix that. In bare feet, this jumpsuit hit right at the ground and this was something that I could work around with a good pair of platforms. For shoes, I selected a pair of floral platforms my Qupid that gave me the extra length I needed while still providing a fun pop of pattern. Unfortunately, the pants of the jumpsuit were still a bit too long to get the full effect of the shoes, but I can’t make myself taller and that’s a small price to pay for finally finding a jumpsuit that I like!

With the base of my outfit ready to go, it was time to accessorize. As soon as I tried my jumpsuit on in the fitting room, I pictured it with a floppy hat and went with that initial inspiration. I chose my black floppy hat by Brandy Melville, which I love, and thought that the silhouette accomplished was oh so chic. For jewelry, I kept things minimal since my tattoos were out in the open. To add some extra length near my neck, I went with a simple pair of gold chain earrings and added a few statement bracelets and rings. And, with that, my OOTD was complete!

I felt like the absolute queen of a garden party in my Jumpsuit Jams OOTD and I am excited to wear this look out and about. This elegant but playful fit is perfect for farmers markets, afternoon cocktails, and fun in the sun! Tune in tomorrow for the blooper reel from this shoot!

Have you updated your wardrobe for spring? Is there a certain style of clothing that you have been hoping to find for a while? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

New Sincerely Jules Pants

New Sincerely Jules Pants

Hello everyone!! During my Christmas gift card extravaganza jubilee jamboree at TJMaxx, I didn’t have too much luck in the clothing department. This is, admittedly, a weird time to shop for because you never know if you’re going to get hot or cold in late April and May. It definitely reflected on the racks of clothing with tons of winter items on clearance and random warm weather pieces interspersed throughout. In this mixed bag, I ended up with an amazing new jumpsuit by Japna as well as some pantaloons by Sincerely Jules. They are very simple, but I am obsessed:


Does anyone remember the paper bag pants trend that was super popular a few years ago? You know, the high waisted pants with a gathered waist, slim cut leg and made from really rigid material? I do! I loved those freaking pants and ended up trying a pair on every time I went shopping, but never made the purchase. They looked like garbage on me lol. The shape of them did not compliment my body at all and the gathered waist always made me look ten pounds heavier no matter how many pairs I tried on.

What I needed was something similar, but with tons of modifications haha so different? Basically, whatever I was looking for, I found it in the Sincerely Jules slacks. At first glance, these pants are kind of boring. However, the retro straight leg fit paired with a more defined waist had the possibility of working so I tried them on and am so glad I did! These pants fit perfectly and felt so good as soon as they were on. The material was soft, they hit right below the ankle, and as a bonus – I looked my actual size and finally got the ultra long leg line I was imagining with the paper bag pants. Also, how cute are those cuffs?!

Once I had these pantaloons on, I realized that they were not boring at all because there are so many exciting styling options that come with it, be it for work or play. These slacks would be darling with a tucked in button down and loafers for a day at the office. My work wardrobe consists of lounge clothes, though, so I will be styling them with play, play, play in mind! One of the things that I want to do this summer is visit the botanical gardens in Cleveland and I have just the outfit in mind for it. You will see it soon enough, but spoiler alert these pants will definitely be featured!

Although both of my clothing purchases from TJs were fifty shades of beige, that’s okay! I can’t wait to wear them and just thinking about the outfits that I can build makes me feel very colorful! πŸ˜€

What is your favorite neutral color to wear? Do you like to buy pieces that can double for work and play? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

New Japna Jumpsuit

New Japna Jumpsuit

Hello!! Last Tuesday, I enjoyed some much needed retail therapy and had a blast finally spending my Christmas gift cards from TJMaxx. I mainly needed odds and ends like birthday gifts and skin care, but I did manage to find two new pieces of spring clothing that I am loving. Today, we are going to take a closer look at an amazing jumpsuit I found by Japna – the last one on the rack! πŸ˜€ Let’s get to it:


I have been a huge fan of the jumpsuit theory for forever. However, in practice as a shorter gal, it has always left me disappointed. At barely over 5’1, ninety-nine percent of the jumpsuits that I have tried left me swimming in them. The other one percent featured other no go’s like random cutouts or a plunging neckline, which does nothing for me either. I had all but given up on finding a jumpsuit that would suit me best, but patience is virtue because this one by Japna is perfect.

What first drew me to this jumpsuit when I saw it was the color. While I often rock bold shades, this piece was bold enough in its shape alone and the crisp linen hue wouldn’t battle against all of my tattoos but enhance them. I also was liking the bustier style top with the gathered back because that style tends to agree with me. On the rack, this jumpsuit had everything that I was looking for, but the true test would come in the fitting room. This could be the best jumpsuit in the world and that would mean nothing if the length was dragging a foot below my feet!

As you probably already guessed because I purchased this jumpsuit, the length was not an issue whatsoever. In bare feet, it fell right at the ground and that is nothing that a killer pair of platforms can’t fix! The shape on my body was also exactly what I was hoping for. The more form fitting top against the breezy pants still offered definition, which is very important because it established a silhouette without having to resort to a belt at the waist.

Another major bonus of this jumpsuit is the extra slip of fabric falling from the waist to the lower thigh, respectively. This was great because I have tried on several jumpsuits that didn’t offer that and the visible panty lines were out of control. I was actually pretty worried about this before I tried it on because you could potentially see undies under the light colored fabric. Happily, this was not a problem and my new jumpsuit checked off every single one of my requirements. It’s like it was made for me!

I cannot wait to wear this fun little number ASAP and I think that it will be one of my staples this spring and summer. I love the ease of this jumpsuit because you basically just have to slip it on and go. Pair with platforms and a huge floppy hat and you have yourself an OOTD, baby! Keep it posted for more from my TJMaxx Haul tomorrow! πŸ™‚

How do you feel about jumpsuits? What is a style of clothing that you love but haven’t had any luck finding? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Spring Green OOTD

Spring Green OOTD

Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new OOTD here on lifewithlilred!! This past week, it was absolutely glorious in Ohio and it finally felt like spring. However, this has since been redacted because the pictures taken on Saturday was the last of the heat wave. It is now cold, rainy, and a little bit snowy here in the 330 and it feels cruel and unusual after days in the sun soaking up that Vitamin D! Let’s reminisce on the spring flowers and warmth by checking out some pics and discussing this look further while I freeze in my apartment:


Who? What? Wear?

Wrap Sweater: Caution To The Wind, TJMaxx

Lace Cami Top: mittoshop, French Rooster

Blue Jean Shorts: American Eagle Outfitters

Hoop Earrings: Argentino Vivo, TJMaxx

Cage Wedges: Juicy Couture, Kohl’s

Rings: PacSun, Target

The first few weeks of spring can be really awkward to dress for because you never know what kind of weather you’re going to get! Chilly mornings can either turn into hot afternoons or just more cold. It was about seventy degrees on OOTD day with crisp winds blowing occasionally, but I still figured that I could get away with shorts. To achieve a bit of balance in the warmth department, I wanted a light, long sleeved top and began building my outfit under those parameters.

I have been creating OOTDs almost weekly since the new year as per my 2023 blogging goals and, I’ll admit, I was feeling fairly uninspired while shopping in my closet. Although I have a decent amount of clothing for any type of weather, my wardrobe favors the fall and winter. The heat wave we experienced was awesome, but my tunnel vision for winter cold still wasn’t lifted quite yet and I needed to clear the fog before proceeding. Once I began thinking spring after a work week in jeans and hoodies, I was ready to see my warmer weather clothing with new eyes.

Most of the long sleeved tops that I have feature a fall palette so I was very happy to have rediscovered my wrap sweater by Caution To The Wind. I had all but forgotten it because this top was meant to be worn with a sports bra while ice skating, then I stopped skating. It was just what I needed, though, so I made some adjustments. I love how light and form fitting this top is and it is an ideal one for spring. The fern green and cream makes for such a rich palette and I paired it with my lace oyster shell cami underneath. Not a perfect match, but the cami was in a similar color family to the cream stripes and it worked while adding a sweet feminine pop.

For shorts, I went with an undistressed pair of midrises from American Eagle Outfitters. I love my distressed shorties, but the pattern on my top was somewhat busy and I didn’t want that conflict of visual interest between the two. A no muss no fuss option was better and I thought the simple blue jean shorts looked adorable with such a cutesy top. Remember, less is nine times out of ten more when building outfits so if you ever feel like any pieces are clashing against each other; you’re probably right. πŸ™‚

In the accessory department, I chose one of my favorite pairs of hoop earrings by Argentino Vivo. The size of these medium hoops was exactly what I wanted. They enhanced the cleavage and long neckline I was working with as they matched up with the length of my hair. As a shorter gal, I am always looking to add length to my looks and, other than killer heels, one of the best ways to do this is through expertly placed jewelry. Accessories are just as important as the top or pants you have on! Once again, to keep my neck uncovered, I went necklace free and chose several statement rings to add some bling. I love the double ring with the rhinestone fern!

Finally, for shoes, I put on my army green cage wedges by Juicy Couture. These shoes are old as dirt, but I just can’t part with them! I had a few other pairs of army green heels in mind, however, all of them hit further up the leg and that wasn’t going to work with short shorts. The Juicy Coutures hit slightly above the ankle, which was much more like it! And, of course, they played to the color palette that I had established.

This Spring Green OOTD got me in the spring state of mind a little too late in the game before the cold hit, but that’s alright; it was nice while it lasted lol. Keep it posted for the blooper reel from this shoot tomorrow!

Which seasons does your wardrobe favor? Do you switch out and store clothing as the seasons change? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Belated Easter Egg Hunt

Belated Easter Egg Hunt

Hello! With the craziness going on in Lil Red’s world, my family didn’t do anything for Easter and Johnny and I enjoyed a much needed day of rest. I still had grand plans for an Easter egg hunt for my sweet niece, Val Gal, and this past Thursday we spent the afternoon outside together in the summertime temps. Prior to the arrival of my sister, Raya, and Val, I filled up the eggs with prizes and placed them throughout the backyard to be found. I would say that it was a raging success; Val loved it!


This was Val’s very first Easter egg hunt and my girl came to WIN! She was finding eggs left and right and it was so fun to watch her scurrying around the yard and filling up her bag. Almost every single egg was found without a hitch and the only one she needed help finding was one directly in front of her lol. Once the hunt was over, we went back inside to evaluate the spoils which included money, chocolate, and Sweet Tarts. Some of the chocolate did melt so it was lucky we had backup supplies and Val was so sweet to offer the first Hershey Kiss in one of her eggs to me. Angel! ❀

After the eggs were all opened, we just had to go back outside and soak up the sunshine. My dad, Kristen, Val, Raya in the stroller, and Archie the dog went for a nice, long walk around the neighborhood. We taught Val about the different flowers that were blooming and, although every yellow flower was a sunflower, I think she learned a thing or two haha. To end our day, Val and I stayed outside and played with our favorites; Chalk and bubbles! We colored rainbows and the flowers we saw on our walk and, I hate to brag, but we popped a very impressive amount of bubbles. πŸ˜€

When my sister arrived back home with the kiddos, she sent me a picture of Val fast asleep in the car after our activity filled afternoon. The sure sign of the best Easter egg hunt ever and Val is already eager to do another one again soon!

What was your favorite thing to play outside with when you were little? Did you or your kids attend an Easter egg hunt this year? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

New Hot Pink & Tiger Orange Nails

New Hot Pink & Tiger Orange Nails

Hello!! I had a simply lovely day on Tuesday and can’t wait to share with all of you in the next few posts. I visited my loved one at the hospital, got my nails done *finally*, prepared a gorgeous OOTD, and saw Jesus Christ Superstar in Akron with my mother in law! Due to family emergencies, I had to cancel my fill last week and had been looking forward to a trip to Elysian Nails every time I caught a glance of my grown out talons. They were really, really bad! Thankfully, the team at my happy place always gets me right and I am loving my freshly done claws:


Unfortunately, my favorite tech from Elysian Nails moved onto a new job so I have taken to scheduling appointments with anyone that I can get. My preferred choices are usually all booked up and that’s fine because all of the employees at Elysian are excellent. Due to the rush of spring nails and pedicures, old staff members have been brought back and I actually ended up having an appointment with one of my least favorites. The few times she did my nails in the past, she was so rough and it made for a pretty unpleasant experience. However, she really turned things around this time and while I wouldn’t go to her again, I still enjoyed my time at the salon and zoning out to HGTV. πŸ˜€

For my nail polish colors, I wanted bright, springy hues and had highlighter colors in mind. The weather in Ohio has been lovely and I wanted my nails to reflect it! To start, I chose a vibrant tiger orange and went from there. I decided that pink would be a nice compliment and selected a bottle of hot pink polish. But I am calling BS! It looked pink in the bottle but it applied as a cherry red. I didn’t care enough to switch out to the flamingo pink I was eyeballing and I still like this combination all the same. It reminds me of Taco Bell sauce packets and I see absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Spring has finally sprung and I am ready for some fun in the sun with these nails! They are exactly the pop of color I needed and I am eager for my appointment next month with one of my go to girls… I actually just booked the appointment!

What color of nail polish do you have on? What is your favorite springtime activity? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Sweaters In Spring OOTD

Sweaters In Spring OOTD

Hello!! Ohio is slowly but surely crossing the threshold from winter to spring and I am so there for it! While I am especially partial to warm spring days, I am okay with the chilly ones too as I live for light jacket weather. This time of the year is also fun to dress for because lighter fall pieces can be incorporated into OOTDs to combat the cold in. For my Sweaters In Spring look, I did just that and mixed a few cold weather staples into the mix for an adorable OOTD that can be easily replicated. Check it out:


Who? What? Wear?

Striped Sweater: Cynthia Rowley, TJMaxx

Jean Shorts: American Eagle Outfitters

Snakeskin Print Kitten Heels: Splendid, TJMaxx

Knee Highs: Target

Lightning Bolt Earrings: I got these at Universal Studios forever ago on vacation!

Spring weather in Ohio typically follows the pattern of a cold morning and a warmer afternoon and flip flopping temps can make it hard to decide what to wear! The day I took these pictures, I knew that I wouldn’t be outside other than walking to and from my car so I chose to throw caution to the wind and put on shorts even if it was cooler outside. Of course, the outfit needed a few modifications to make it fully weather appropriate and I was very okay with this; I am SO sick of wearing jeans!

For this Sweaters In Spring OOTD, I began building the look with my Cynthia Rowley striped sweater in mind. I absolutely LOVE this simple but sweet sweater and the red heart makes for an eye catching pop. It is so light but cozy and is such an ideal option for a crisp fall or spring day. This sweater is also a great layering piece because it is nice and form fitting; if it’s a bit too cold out, literally any style of jacket will work well on top of it.

Another reason for selecting my navy striped sweater was because I knew how cute it would pair up with denim shorts. This was a no brainer decision and I selected one of my go to pairs from American Eagle. These shorts feature a midrise fit, which I really appreciate because it is SO hard to find bottoms that aren’t high waisted. I also liked that this particular pair wasn’t distressed as I knew that I would have a few different patterns in this look and didn’t want it to be distracting.

Originally, I planned on wearing tights underneath my shorts but that idea fell short. I tried a few different pairs on, but it was doing nothing for me and I set my sights on knee highs instead. Although tights would have kept me slightly warmer, the knee highs were good enough and still covered up a majority of my legs lol. I have had the pair of argyle knee highs I selected for forever and they were a perfect pair with the navy sweater. The green and cobalt blue in the pattern also provided another little pop of color, which is always fun. πŸ˜€

For accessories, I chose to keep things minimal because there were three separate patterns in this look and they served as an accessory in themselves. Since I had an open crew neck on top, I put on a pair of dangly lightning bolt earrings to enhance my neck line. The shape added a playful touch of movement, which was needed as all of the other components of this look fit close to the body.

And, finally, I chose my kitten heel, pointed toe, snakeskin patterned booties by Splendid for the shoe department. These are one of my favorite pairs and they work so well for work or on the go. They looked so darling paired with the knee highs and were a unique addition that worked despite a drastic change in pattern and palette. This was okay, though! It is totally fine to stray from the motif of your look for the shoes; as long as the rest of your OOTD is cohesive, it will look like a decision you made rather than just throwing something on. πŸ™‚

I felt ready to take on the day or at least page through a few novels in a bookstore in this scholarly sweet Sweaters In Spring OOTD! Keep it posted tomorrow for the blooper reel from this look! ❀

What is your favorite pattern to wear? Have you done any spring shopping recently? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


Here (Sort Of) Comes The Sun OOTD

Here (Sort Of) Comes The Sun OOTD

Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new OOTD here on lifewithlilred! This past Saturday was an interesting one; Johnny wasn’t feeling well with a stomach bug so I was left to my own devices when it came time for OOTD pictures. The weather was gorgeous in the morning and was going to change drastically by noon so I knew that I would have to take advantage of the warmth and sun while I could. So, I set up my tripod on our apartment balcony and got to work. I’m glad I did, because a half hour or so after I was done, our power went out for the second weekend in a row due to a massive wind storm. SMH.

While I am pleased with how my tripod shots turned out, I can’t wait for next weekend when Johnny can take my pictures again! Check it out:


^^^ BTW that is not a “Don’t tread on me” flag we have hanging up – ours says “Don’t tread on my uterus”!!

Who? What? Wear?

Crochet Top: Rebellion Again, TJMaxx

Black Shorts: American Eagle Outfitters

Dove Detail Heels: ModCloth

Blue Flower Earrings: Bella Jack, TJMaxx

Ruler Bracelet: Big Blue Moma, Jenks Building

The giraffe cuff is from Target and the gold bracelets are both from American Eagle Outfitters

As always, wintertime in Ohio dragged ass and we still aren’t experiencing true springtime weather yet. I have desperately missed wearing shorts, skirts, and dresses so when the temperature was close to sixty degrees, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to wear warm weather clothes even for a little bit. This OOTD is one that I have been thinking about for a while to welcome the spring with and was super easy to style and can be very easily replicated.

I really enjoy styling fall and winter outfits because I love all of the possibilities that come with it and layering to my heart’s content. Spring and summer outfits definitely requires less think work on my part because you can pretty much just throw on a cute top, shorts, and go. I began styling this outfit with my Rebellion Again crochet top already chosen because I think it is such a perfect spring top. The creamy color, pretty pattern, fit, and scalloping all morph together beautifully to create a top that is great with shorts, patterned pants, or a skirt. I am also very fond of the peek a boo pop you can get with a brightly colored bra for a touch of sex appeal thrown into the mix with such a sweet top.

For shorts, I went with one of my favorite pairs from American Eagle Outfitters. AEO has never steered me wrong in the jeans and shorts department and I will die on the hill that they are the absolute best. My favorite thing about the shorts and jeans from AEO is that they fit so well without ever feeling too tight. I liked how these form fitting shorts paired with the breezy top. Although the top does offer movement, it is quite boxy and the shorts were able to create a defined shape that made me feel so confident!

I’m not going to lie, my toes were in dire need of some nail polish when I took these pictures so an open toed shoe was out of the question. This was fine, though, because I had my pair of ModCloth heels in mind and would have chosen them regardless of painted toes or not. These heels were one of the first things I bought from ModCloth over a decade ago and they are very beloved. While I would never pair a stiletto heel with shorts, these ones were just right with their rounded toe and thick mini heel. They are so comfortable and I feel like I could walk for miles in them! The bold blue on the heel and details also added some visual interest in a fairly minimal palette.

With the base of my OOTD settled, it was time to accessorize. To start, I put on one of my favorite pairs of earrings by Bella Jack. The dangly bluebell flowers are so darling and the color also matched perfectly with the pale base of the heels. Bare arms and legs left lots of open real estate for jewelry so I added a few statement bracelets and called it a day. My favorite one is the ruler bracelet that I got from the Jenks Building in Cuyahoga Falls. I had wanted something similar for forever so that was an awesome find!

Even if it was only momentarily, it felt so good to be in warm weather clothes for my Here (Sort Of) Comes The Sun OOTD! Keep it posted tomorrow for some bloopers and what I did and didn’t like about shooting with a tripod for the first time. See you then!

What is your favorite season to dress for? Are you going to do any spring shopping to update your wardrobe? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Finally, Flowers!

Finally, Flowers!

Hello!! Spring and autumn are the seasons when your favorite Lil Red blogger thrives. I live for not too hot/not too cold weather as I don’t do well in extreme summer temps and I am a huge freeze baby come winter! While I love the weather that comes with spring and fall, I love the way the world looks even more; Blooming flowers and trees coming back to life and leaves changing colors and Halloween decor. While driving this past week, I have noticed lots of pretty spring flowers popping up. And, finally on Friday, flowers were in my parents’ yard too. It made me so happy!


After a winter that felt like an eternity due to crap weather and a massive amount of stress, these past few days of true springtime have hit different and in the best way. Although it has been technically spring on the calendar, I don’t consider it to be spring until the weather and the outside world reflects it. Seeing the sun and feeling its warmth, brisk winds, and new life growing all around has been so invigorating and healing. While everything still isn’t awesome in my world, it makes it a bit easier to go about the day with a newfound pep in my step.

I look forward to seeing flowers in my parents’ yard every year because it is a perfect reminder of better times ahead. It’s hard not to smile and feel hopeful when tiny blooms and bursts of color are making their way onto the scene. It is also a great time to reflect on how flowers grow. Despite heavy rainfalls, grey days, and unstable temperatures, flowers still grow and turn into something beautiful when they open up towards the sun. It’s a great metaphor to help myself remember that when things absolutely suck, there is still going to be a light at the end of the tunnel. ❀

I have been waiting for springtime basically since winter began and all I have to say is: Bring it on. Here’s to warm days, birds chirping, and flowers blooming everywhere!

What is your favorite flower? What is your favorite part about the spring? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah