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Happy Three Year Blogiversary, lifewithlilred!

Happy Three Year Blogiversary, lifewithlilred!

Hi everyone and TGIF! Today is a very exciting day because it’s lifewithlilred’s three year Blogiversary! Three years ago to the day (Or yesterday, actually, lol – you can never be sure!), my blog baby was conceived. And now, three years later, lifewithlilred continues to go strong with readers in over one hundred and seventy different countries. Wow!

Lifewithlilred came into being when I made the decision to go to college. I needed a change from feeling like I was going nowhere, thanks to spending four years working retail in the mall (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it was my time to go.). During my time selling clothing, I began growing what is now the black abyss that is my wardrobe and my peers and strangers, alike, agreed that I was fashionable and somewhat funny. At least once per week, I was told that if I began a blog, that I would have a reader in the person making the suggestion.

After enough positive prodding from the general public, I rolled my eyes and said, “fine”. I was making big and exciting changes in my life, so I figured “what’s one more?”. Thus, lifewithlilred was born. My blog name sprouted from the nickname, “Lil Red”, that was lovingly given to me by one of my favorite coworkers. And, Lil Red, obviously sprouted from my trademark red hair and red lipstick. Lifewithlilred just rolled off the tongue, so it stuck.

In my three years on the blogosphere, I have made so many amazing friends and wrote for companies that I admired from afar, like Adore Me and Warby Parker. My writing skills have improved a thousand fold, thanks to trying to post daily, and my confidence has skyrocketed from putting myself out there in the public eye. Lifewithlilred gives me a place where I feel like I am being heard, which is something that I used to want so desperately when I was feeling at my lowest. My blog truly feels like my little slice of internet paradise, and I am so proud of building that for myself and my readers.

Speaking of my readers! Here’s to all of you. Although I would love lifewithlilred even if I was the only person reading it, it would be a pretty lonely place without all of my friends and fans tuning in. To those of you who have been on my page since the beginning, thank you for your endless support. And to those of you who just discovered lifewithlilred, welcome aboard and I so hope that you will stick with me as my page continues to grow.

Thank you to everyone reading this. Thank you to anyone who has so graciously given my page a like, follow, comment, and the time of day. Lifewithlilred would be nothing without all of you!

Happy Three Year Blogiversary, lifewithlilred!!! ❤

What inspired you to start blogging? How long have you been on the blogosphere for? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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Happy 23rd Birthday, Best Friend!

Happy 23rd Birthday, Best Friend!

Hellooo everyone and happy weekend! Today is an exciting day because it’s my best friend, Lea’s, twenty-third birthday!! Lea and I have been best friends for close to ten years now and I consider myself the luckiest gal in the world for it. Whether we’re taking one of our BFF day trips or hanging out in my basement and drinking boxed wine, we always manage to have a total blast during every hang out. Even in the early stages of our friendship, I knew that Lea was always going to be someone that I wanted in my life, and we have just about ten years of BFFhood under our belt to show for it.

Lea is and will always be my A1 from the day one and I am so excited for ten more years of best friendship and probably drinking boxed wine in my basement. I am so incredibly proud to have Lea as my best friend and, like a fine wine, she just gets better with age! Happy birthday, darling! I can’t wait to celebrate with you soon!

I LOVE YOU!!!! ❤


Expert Roundup: Hair Dyeing For Beginners

Expert Roundup: Hair Dyeing For Beginners

Hi everyone and happy weekend!! I am so proud to announce my participation in Perfect Hair Guide’s Expert Roundup to give pro tips on Hair Dyeing For Beginners. I am no cosmetologist, beauty guru, or stylist – but I have been coloring my hair since I was at least fourteen (I’m 23 now!). I used to get my beloved red locks spruced up at the salon, but upon realizing how much money I could save with my favorite box color, I made the switch to dyeing my own hair at home.

Thanks to Vidal Sassoon’s Runway Red dye from their London Luxe collection, I turned a monthly eighty dollar bill at the salon into a ten dollar purchase, saving me time and money. It always makes me feel so good when people compliment my hair and ask me for my secrets to maintaining such a vibrant color. The look of shock that I get when I tell them that I dye it myself never gets old, either!

It was such a joy to be able to share some of my tips when it comes to hair dyeing and maintenance with the world wide web, which you can see below:



For more amazing advice when it comes to dyeing your hair, please be sure to give Perfect Hair Guide’s Expert Roundup a looksee! What are some of your hair dyeing pro tips? What color is your hair currently? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Dear College Self,

Dear College Self,

Hey everyone and happy Thursday! As a fairly recent college grad (Winter of 2016, baby!), I find myself missing my Alma Mater constantly. Cuyahoga Community College, AKA Tri-C, is where I obtained my Associate of Arts and I am so thankful for all of the wonderful teachers that I encountered who helped me achieve graduating Magna Cum Laude (woo!). And the students weren’t so bad, either! I am always playing around with the idea of going back to school because I loved it so much but there are definitely some things that I would do differently this time around if I go back for my Associate of Science in the future – like the following:

Dear College Self,

First, let me repeat for the millionth time that there is no shame in waiting to go to school like I did. Thanks to my two year hiatus after high school, I was able to build up my bank account while climbing the corporate ladder at my job. I also realized after a four year stint at the same place that working in the mall for the rest of my life definitely isn’t for me (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)!

After feeling unbearably stuck in life and at work, I decided to take a huge leap of faith and started classes at Tri-C as well as creating lifewithlilred. And you know what? College wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! And by “wasn’t as bad”, I mean it really wasn’t bad at all. Being in a classroom, whether it be in real life or online, was definitely a change of pace but it was a welcomed one. Using my brain to solve adult problems felt so good after years of monotony and a zest for learning, which was nonexistent in high school, seemed to appear over night. Like I said, it was an exciting change of pace!

Despite an overwhelmingly amazing college experience, there are always things that you wish you would have done differently. Starting college a little later in the game made me hesitant to try new things on campus. Different clubs, events, and programs were constantly going on throughout the week and I never made one cameo appearance at any of them. The sad thing is, is that Tri-C is a place for people of literally all ages (from 16 to 90!), and my discomfort in my situation never allowed me to fully embrace what a unique community that Tri-C is. This is definitely something that needs to change when I eventually go back for my Associate of Science and I am committed to becoming more involved during my next go around.

And, of course, this is the generic “what I wish I did differently response” but I really do wish that my college self would have studied just a little bit harder. Not really knowing about graduating with honors until the literal day of graduation was a mistake on my part. How does someone not know about the world of Cum Laude if they’re in college? Lol, I’m not sure. Probably because even when I started classes at Tri-C, I wasn’t focused on the end goal and that was another major mistake. Had I known that I was devastatingly close to graduating Summa Cum Laude, I would have pushed and applied myself way harder to achieve that honor. But hey, there’s always next time – right?!

Although there are things that I wish I could redo about my college experience, I still graduated with flying colors and finally took an interest in becoming a more educated and well rounded individual. That makes me incredibly proud of my college self and I’m looking forward to applying an even more studious and adventurous spirit to college life if I go back to school again.


What advice would you give to your college self? What would your advice be to college students right now? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Reader Map Update

Reader Map Update

Hiiii everyone and happy weekend! So yesterday I was hanging out and listening to a little I’m From Barcelona and their song “Collection Of Stamps” came on. This song, a little ditty that gives an ode to friends and locations world wide reminded me that it’s been a while since I posted an updated reader map picture. So first, take a listen. And then, take a look!

(As always, I have no rights to this song. I just like it a lot.)


I started making my reader map once I had a little over forty countries reading me with the pure intention of keeping track of them all. But now, with over one hundred and seventy different countries that are hip to lifewithlilred, this map serves as so much more than a location tracker. This little project that I began gives me such an immense feeling of pride every time I look at it – which is frequently, considering it’s located in my bedroom!

To know that the page that little old me started two and a half years ago is reaching locations that I never even knew existed completely blows my mind. This map has also made me SO much better at the geography questions on Jeopardy, which is a really nice added bonus! As soon as “Collection Of Stamps” came on, it made me think of all of my wonderful readers, friends, and followers in the blogging community and I just knew that I had to send a shout out to them in an Updated Reader Map post.

Thank you all so, so much for stopping by my page. If it’s as a one time reader or a loyal follower, I appreciate it far more than you know. Many well wishes and a ton of love to each and every one of you!

What country on my reader map would you like to visit some day? Where are you located? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Fix Your Skin Expert Roundup

Fix Your Skin Expert Roundup

Heyy guys and happy Thursday! So a couple of weeks ago I was contacted by my friends at Fix Your Skin to give some advice in their 2017 Expert Roundup. I have to say, I was completely flattered to have been one out of the 200 dermatologists, makeup artists, bloggers, and skin care experts that were chosen to participate. Not only flattered but SO FREAKING EXCITED!! What an honor!

Skin care has been something that is extremely important to me since I was a teenager. My complexion has always been a feature of mine that I take a lot of pride in so I have always wanted to maintain peaches and cream perfection since I entered high school. Teenage skin made me nervous. Breakouts, acne, blackheads, whiteheads, pimples – whatever name you have for problem skin, I was scared.

The fear of having high school being even shittier if acne was a problem motivated me to create a regime and find products that worked for me. Through trial and error, I was able to find cleansers, moisturizers, serums, and creams that helped to enhance my skin’s beauty, some of which I still use to this day. And, I hate to jinx myself now, but at twenty-two years old I have never had a pimple in my life!

When I tell people my “never had a pimple” fun fact, I always feel very lucky, especially since all of my life and to this day, I constantly commit the biggest skin care no no: I sleep in my makeup!! But, you know what? That’s okay. If sleeping with makeup on is my one bugaboo after close to ten years of diligently caring for my skin, I’d say that I’m doing alright!

Believe me, my high school years were still shit despite a fresh face but I am so thankful that acne was not a problem that was added onto my pile of stress that came from an abundance of mental health issues. I graduated high school, then, when I was eighteen, I began to work at The Body Shop as one of their assistant managers and that just took my always growing knowledge and passion for skin care to a whole other level.

Working at The Body Shop will always remain one of my favorite retail jobs that I have ever worked. I reveled in being able to assist my customers with their skin care needs and create custom regimens to help solve their problems and boost their confidence. It really was a joy and I loved being able to swap skin care stories and secrets with everyone that walked into my store.

I was hungry to learn about all of the products that The Body Shop as well as our competitors offered to provide customers with the best answers to their questions and I was consistently complimented on my expertise. It felt good to be praised for something that I learned, which rarely happened during my high school career and even after I quit working at TBS, I still would always drop skin care knowledge on my mom, sister, friends, and randoms on Facebook when they needed advice.

When lifewithlilred was born in 2014, I knew that product reviews had to be something that was included on my page. I loved being able to steer my readers in the direction of products that I loved while helping them avoid the ones that were ehh…not so much! And you know, I guess this rambling little story about the past ten years of my skin care experimentation is a roundabout way of getting at that I am really freaking proud of myself to have been chosen by Fix Your Skin to be a part of a roundup of people that they considered experts in skin care.

I may not be working in a skin care based field anymore but I do have a blurb on a website dedicated to helping people with their skin care needs. Check it out and be sure to take a look at the full article for more advice:


I want to thank Fix Your Skin again for including little old me in their Expert Roundup because it means much more than people probably realize! What are some of your skin care tips and tricks? What is one of your most loved skin care products? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Graduation Day!

Graduation Day!

Hi everyone and happy Thursday! Today is my big day! At six o’clock this evening, I will be walking across the stage at Cleveland State University to receive my Associate of Arts degree from Cuyahoga Community College. I AM SO EXCITED!! For exactly two years, I have worked my little ass off to obtain my degree and I am so proud of myself for finally achieving it with a killer grade point average to boot!

I have taken many wonderful classes and I have taken some that were complete shit. I have had some amazing professors but I’ve also had a few that have sucked on ice. However, I would not change my college experience for a thing. I did things my way, accomplished my degree on my time, and gained a plethora of new knowledge and skills that I never dreamed of having before.

Upon completion of school, I plan on dedicating my time from January to June completing my work for my job with the National Core Indicators. Then, I will begin looking for work in a group home or day program setting. I will then look forward to traveling around Summit County in Ohio to continue my work distributing the Adult Consumer Survey for those with mental and physical disabilities for the year 2017.

I have big plans for work but I also want to travel. I want to make time for me, myself, and I – and my family, friends, and boyfriend of course! After a year or so, I plan on going back to Tri-C to obtain my Associate of Science so that I can have a double associates degree. I am so excited and proud about how bright my future looks and I look forward to sharing all of the details with you guys every step of the way!

Hurray for my Graduation Day! Pictures will be up at some point this weekend of me looking snazzy in my cap and gown so please be on the look out! Until then, what was the mascot or nickname for your college or high school? How did you answer the question “what do you want to be when you grow up”? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah