Hey there! My name’s Sarah and this is just an average blog. Nothing fancy, nothing special. Just me writing about anything and everything, and inviting you all to read it:) Follow me and I’ll follow you back!!! Holla atcha girl!

Here I am!!

Here I am!!

And just as a reminder, if the pictures and videos that I post are not of me, my family and friends, or of beauty products, clothing that I own, ect – then I have no rights to them!


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  1. Thanks so much for liking How my life can be summed up in one sentence,I really appreciate it.
    It’s great to read about your blog and to be able to absorb the passion in it. I Love every pictures and ill spend time appreciating them all if i have time. Best wishes for always!


  2. i luv yer dress! 🙂 sooo cute. U liked a couple of my posts…so thanks! and i thought i’d stop by to give U a shout out. best wishes for your blog and explorations of so-called “adulthood” !


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