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The Secret Life Of Cats

The Secret Life Of Cats

We all want companionship in our lives, and so for many of us, the option to get a pet seems like a great idea. For those of us that are infatuated with felines, we will immediately think about adopting a cat. Compared to other animals, cats are considerably low-maintenance and are easy to transport. In fact, some people love them so much that they decide to give several felines a forever home!

It’s likely you are reading this blog post because you are putting serious consideration into adopting a cat. But, before you start looking for potential new feline friends, you should think about what a day in the life of a pet cat is like from an owner’s point of view. If you’ve never owned a feline before, you need to do plenty of research on the subject so that you can make an informed choice.

In today’s blog post, you will learn more about the “secret” life of cats and the impact it has on their owners or people visiting them in their homes. Here is what you need to know before bringing a kitty cat home:

Cats have individual personalities just like we do: Some people are under the illusion that animals we keep as pets generally behave in the same way. The thing is, cats have unique and individual personalities just like human beings. Some cats might be docile, others feisty, and some are just plain scary!

When you go out to look at potential cats to adopt, you need to find out about their temperament from the adoption agency or seller. It’s even more vital that you do this if you’ve got other people living with you, especially children and babies. The last thing you want is for your family to get mauled by your new pet cat on a daily basis!

Plus, it goes without saying that you should only get a cat if there is a strong likelihood that they will “get on” with your existing pets.

Cats need looking after: No-one should expect a cat to fend for itself on a daily basis, whether it roams within the confines of your home or out on the street during the day. You need to be a responsible cat owner and ensure that its health and welfare is your top priority.

That means giving your feline friend access to the right food and plenty of fresh water. Plus, cats that roam outdoors during the day need flea protection. Products such as Advecta 3 are suitable for keeping flea infestation risks to a minimum. Also, it goes without saying that you should ensure that your cat lives in a sanitary environment. In other words, you must keep your home and their favorite hideaways as clean as possible.

Cats will do things that annoy you: You can try to train your cat as much as you like, but we all know that they will just do their own thing! With that in mind, you must make your home cat-friendly as much as possible. Try not to be angry at them for doing things like:

  • Wrecking your Christmas tree during the holidays;
  • Going to the toilet in places other than their litter tray;
  • Bringing back “presents” for you (i.e. dead mice and birds);
  • Sleeping in your bed!

They will also dig their claws into your furniture, especially carpets. For that reason, it’s crucial that you buy them a cat scratching post, such as the Purrfect Post.

If you’ve made it this far and are still determined to adopt a cat, you will at least know more about what to expect when you live with one. Good luck and congrats! 🙂

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Getting Off To The Best Start With Your Pup

Getting Off To The Best Start With Your Pup

Welcoming a new dog into the home should be and is a joyous occasion. Then, the honeymoon period quickly starts sharing room with the realization of the demands that a pet brings with them. Whether you’re a new owner or this is your first new dog in a while, it’s important to get a refresher on how to turn them from little strangers to a family member in no time:

Make Sure You’re Ready For Them: It’s vital that you take your responsibilities as a dog owner as seriously as possible. They have needs and they look solely to you to help them fulfill them. You have to know what those needs are before they come in the home. Who is going to feed them, walk them, and play with them? Do you have the budget to take care of all the costs in food, bedding, and vet visits? We don’t want to put anyone off getting a dog. However, if your family isn’t ready for them, then you should reconsider for the sake of the animal and the family.

Welcome Them In The Home: Having a space for the dog is important. You need to think about how much space they’re going to take when sleeping and make sure that you get a bedding area that’s both big and comfortable enough. You also have to know that dogs, young pups especially, are going to try to get into just about anything. For that reason, pet-proofing the home is vital. You need to make sure that no food or dangerous little odds and ends are in reach of them. You should also make sure that your houseplants are not poisonous to your new pet.

Get Up To Date On Their Health: Finding a good veterinary surgeon as soon as possible has to be on the agenda. Not only because you want someone who you can go to in an emergency but you also need the sources that can keep you up to date on all the essentials of keeping the pup healthy. Their immunizations, regular pest control treatments, getting them microchipped, and so on. Keep a schedule of those essential visits and don’t be afraid to ask the vet for any advice that you might need.

Train Your Pup: It’s just as essential that you make sure your dog is becoming the kind of family dog that you want. Early habits like potty training and chewing on things aren’t the only habits that you should be concerned about. Many people neglect to get their dog properly socialized, which means that they can bark, jump up, and even display aggressive behavior to new people and animals alike. One of the habits that the humans in the relationship need to make sure that they don’t get into is feeding the dog scraps. Doing that too often can make it so that the dog’s palate doesn’t quite enjoy dog food the same way and instead they spend their free time looking for even more treats. It might be endearing, but when they’re constantly trying to jump up to your dinner plate, it can get old very fast.

Taking care of a whole new creature brings with it plenty of challenges. But do it right and you’ll end up with one of the most loyal friends your family could have! <333

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Clichés Can’t Be Wrong: What Pet Should You Get?


When it comes to choosing a pet, not everyone has a clear idea of which companion to choose. Indeed, there is a big difference between a cat and a dog, but there is an even bigger difference between owning a parrot or owning a pug, so the choice of your pet companion is a serious one. Choosing the wrong pet for your personality might not only result in unhappy social issues on your end, but you are also risking the happiness of an innocent animal. So, while there isn’t an exact guide on the best pet for your lifestyle, there are some common personality traits among pet owners that can help you to find out whether you are more of a fish fan or a cat lady.

You Love A Small And Lively Home – Rabbit: Around a third of all rabbit owners tend to describe themselves as creative and geek chic homeowners. But what unites all rabbit owners is the desire of a lively home at very little cost. They want to have the excitement of a pet peacefully hopping under the sofa without having to develop an authority figure to control their furry friend. The other advantage is the low investment of rabbit food as this is mostly odorless and easy to manage. So if you fancy a ball of fluff without concession or the problems of a dependent pet that relies on you for playful times, a rabbit is what you need!



You Fear Long-Term Commitments – Hamster: For those who want a pet but don’t want to invest too many years of their lives with an animal, you should be looking at small animals such as mice, hamsters, rats, and other rodents. Their life expectancy rarely goes beyond two years, which is very short in the realm of pets, but they have all the fun of a bigger animal. They are very intelligent, too, so be prepared for them to escape from their cages! At this subject, you should have a look at the cage reviews at Love Your Pet to find the ideal cage for your rodent. Rodents are very playful and affectionate once they get to know you: Most people even let them roam free at home!


Wittle baby!!

You Are A Solitary Type – Cat: While cats are by definition the animals of the old single lady, in truth, they are a little more than an option against loneliness. Cats are independent animals who can develop very strong bonds with their owners. It’s not uncommon for cats to lick their owner’s hair as a way to show affection. They have some gross habits, too, as they bring back dead animals as a gift. But if you stick with cats, they are loyal, loving, and fun but they tend to dislike meeting new people. A cat is the ideal companion if you don’t like going out or if you are involved in a small social circle.

You Love Going Out And Exercising Outdoors – Dog: If you are keen to go out and make new friends, you have more of a dog personality. Most dogs love the company of people and while they are loyal and protective of their family – or of the family of their owners – they are always happy to meet new people and make new friends. Most dogs enjoy running and playing outside, so it’s best to have at least a medium sized back yard if you are planning to get a dog. You can also choose to exercise with your dog to keep both of you healthy. Dogs will require training to be obedient and behave safely outside of the house, but this is something that you can easily achieve with the right puppy school.

You Are A Creative Soul – Parrot: Parrots are incredibly bright and playful. It’s not uncommon for parrots to play with other animal species and many parrot owners have seen their friends throwing a ball at a dog just like a human being would do – admittedly with a little less strength than a person, it’s a bird after all. Parrots are happier in a household where they can interact with everyone and everything and where they can learn. Parrot owners tend to be on the creative side. Writers, designers, artists, and much more. It is said that parrots and their owners keep learning from each other throughout their lives.



You Prefer Peaceful Aesthetics – Fish/Reptile: If you are not keen on the company, but you want something nice to look at, you should be looking at a fish or reptile as a pet. Aquarium pets tend to keep a peaceful atmosphere in the house, as they stay in their glassed box until you take them out. You can decorate their tanks as you wish and the water is sure to have a calming effect.


Lol, omg!



Hi everyone and happy weekend! I realize that it’s been a long time since I’ve blessed all of you with some precious pics of my pooches so I figured that now would be a great time to do so! Our darling Golden Retriever, Gem, and Terrier mix, Ollie, are doing just swell and are as cute as ever. We are all currently itching to give both of them a new little brother or sister and by we I mean everyone but my dad – but we’re working on him! But, of course, we are perfectly happy with our two pups because two is company and three is a crowd. 😉



Pic #1: Gem and I just chilling and watching My 600 Lb. Life. *insert cool emoji with sunglasses here*

Pic #2: So my mom taught Gem this trick where she’ll “clean up” her toys and put them all into one spot, which is usually her doggie bed. Of course we reward her for this sweet ass trick so now Gem will just sit there with a toy in her mouth until we give her a treat and it’s basically the most ridiculous and adorable thing ever.

Pic #3: Ollie just snuggling up to Patrick Starfish! A weird fact about my family is that we’ve legitimately had that stuffed animal for well over thirteen years and, I kid you not, it has been sitting on that freaking chair THE ENTIRE TIME. Lol, Patrick has become a signature staple of our living room, like our Christmas tree that we still have yet to take down. I like to think that it just adds to our quirky charm! 😉

You guys already know how much I love my DOGS and now I want to learn about yours. What kind of dog do you have? What is his or her name? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Getting A Puppy VS Adult Dog

Getting A Puppy VS Adult Dog

If you are thinking seriously about expanding your family by four furry paws, then you’ll be wondering whether it’s best to go for a brand-new puppy or a rescue animal. It’s a big decision and it’s not until you really give it some thought that you’ll realize there are some rather large differences between the two. Puppies are adorable little balls of fur that bring joy with their big, heart-melting eyes. If you take on the responsibility of a new puppy, you’ll be spending a lot of time in that first year with training and behavior. You’ll have to learn about the foods they should and shouldn’t eat. You’ll have to care for them from top to bottom in terms of needs and they’ll have to learn what behavior you accept, which is difficult for new pups!

An adult dog brings just as much joy as a puppy, and comes with the gained knowledge of how to respond to commands. They also come with a little attitude in some cases, where you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Not because they can’t learn new tricks, but because older dogs are wise and sometimes make it more of a challenge for you! You will still have the decision about which dog food manufacturer to choose because even with an adult dog, they can be fussy fur balls that know what they like! You want to give them the best so do some online research first. The positive here is that you can skip that fairly awkward and time-consuming puppy stage. Potty training has happened, teething has happened, and you can go ahead and integrate them into your home gently. So, what questions must you ask yourself?

Time: A puppy requires an awful lot more time than an adult dog. Much like bringing home a new baby, they require almost constant supervision in the first few months of their lives. Teaching them to use the correct space for toileting, obedience, and commands all take up time so make sure that you have time to give before you take a puppy on.

Lifestyle: Do you have the chance to work from home or are you out of the house all day? Sometimes lifestyle changes have to happen to fit a dog into your life and if you are spending eight to ten hours a day away from the home, it’s not fair to the dog. Or to you, really, as you will have the guilt hanging over you by being away so much. Consider an older dog instead of a puppy who can cope with longer periods without you.

Children: If you have children at home, you’ll need to wait a few years before adopting a dog or puppy. Sometimes older dogs can’t get on with children and other times children can’t get on with a new puppy. Older children can have a little responsibility with walking and feeding when they can understand not to yank its tail!


A dog is not something you should rush buying. They’re a pet for life and require careful thought and consideration, not just for what they will need but whether the family can cope with the new addition. Make careful choices and thoroughly research every angle before you go ahead. But when you make your choice, you will be welcoming an amazing new friend and addition into your family.

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Doggy Daycare: A Day In The Life Of A Pampered Pooch


Let’s face it, some pooches are so wonderful that they just deserve a day (and lifetime!) of pampering and luxury! Happily, there are plenty of products, places, and activities out there that can help you to make this happen. So read on for some fantastic suggestions of how to pamper your beloved pupper and make a wonderful day of it for the both of you:

Poodle Parlor: Number one on the list of things to do when you are pampering your pup is to take them to a grooming parlor. This is where they can get their coat trimmed, nails clipped, and get a nice bath, so that they are all ready to look their best on their special day.



Canine Boutique: Of course, once they are all spick and span you are going to want to take them to the boutique, so that they have something nice to wear. Popular choices are a new collar or two. If your dog is particularly glamorous, they may appreciate one with rhinestones on it! Diva alert! Or perhaps it’s your dog’s birthday or gotcha day, so you’d like to buy them a whole new outfit, in which to be the bell of the ball? Hey, some people are really in to dressing their dogs!

Doggie Massage: Now, all that fun can be tiring for your pooch, so make sure that he gets a nice rest before you go on to the next part of the day. Perhaps a little nap is in order? Or if you want to go the whole hog, how about getting him a doggie massage? Just think if he enjoys a pat, he is going to adore a proper massage! You can have a go at this yourself with the help of this tutorial, or take him to a professional if your budget allows.

Treats and More Treats: No doggie pamper day is going to be complete without plenty of delicious treats for Fido. There are savory treats, sweet treats, and dog breath freshener treats available. Which are a treat for you, too! Remember, though, your pooch should not be eating human treats! Especially not chocolate as this is super dangerous for them and needs to be avoided at all costs! A trip to the vet should never be a part of a doggy pamper day.

Fun Activities: Once your puppy is refreshed and awake, then it’s time to show off their new haircut and clothes, and burn off some energy by going for a long walk. But if you think that you are limited to just walking your dog around the block where you live, then think again. There are a lot of activities that you can do to exercise your pooch. Including hiking, country walks, and even allowing them to go for a dip in the sea! Although if you choose the latter, you’ll probably want to wait to get then groomed after, not before.

Delicious Meals: Lastly, no perfect pup pampering day would be complete without a delicious meal or two for your dog. You can buy them their favorite pre-made dog food. Or you can cook them something special. You can even get chefs that specialize in dog food to whip something up if you’re feeling that way inclined and extra fancy. 😉

Dogs are the best thing that ever happened to humans, so make sure that you celebrate your pets properly every day with lots of love!

Puppy-Love: Introducing A Dog To Your Children

Puppy-Love: Introducing A Dog To Your Children

There can be nothing cuter and more heart-melting than seeing your little one(s) playing in the house or garden with their best-friend; their dog. Very quickly, you’ll watch them become the closest of companions, look out for each other, and make a bond like no other. However, there needs to be some responsibility when introducing a puppy or a dog into your home, especially with small children running about. The dog needs to get used to the children, especially as they approach life differently to adults: they scream, shout, run, and rarely sit still. As such, you’ll also need to teach your children how to care for a dog to instill a sense of responsibility as a new caretaker to their canine companion.

A Cautionary Tail: Making sure you create the foundations for a wonderful relationship can be dependent on the age of your children as well as the age of your dog. If you’re thinking of doing something fantastic and getting a rescue dog, you might want to wait until your little one is a bit older. If you’re getting a puppy, we’d suggest that you supervise the way it interacts with your tiny human by monitoring them at all times, at least at first. Of course, we all live busy lives and total supervision can be hard. So if you can’t supervise, keep your dog in a safe and comfortable place away from you kid(s),  just in case.

Creating the Best Relationship Ever: When it comes to bonding, you’ll need to teach your kids how to be around dogs, especially yours! The first thing you should do is teach your children how to say ‘hey’ to a dog nicely, so that it doesn’t get spooked or scared. Basically, let the dog know that you are there and that you want to interact with him or her. A great way to do this is by standing side-on, getting your child to make a slightly bunched fist and invite the dog to come to you. If the dog wants to play, then great, but make sure your little ones stroke his back and don’t reach for his head straight away.

Another great tip is to teach your child that dogs need to be treated with care and that they should always be gentle with dogs. That means no hitting, no biting, no scratching, and no pulling ears or tails. As a parent, reading up is always a great thing to do, as well. Read up on the breed of dog, yes, but why not go one step further and educate yourself on dog body language. This is an excellent way to know if your doggy is getting uncomfortable and being able to intervene before anything happens. Make sure you’re always ready to intervene, like we said above; just in case.

On the dog side of things, a great thing to consider is training; professional training. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new puppy or a rescue dog, dog training services are a fantastic way of getting your dog to behave, know your commands, and learn how to act around children. We can’t stress enough how valuable this service could be, not just in terms of safety, but your stress levels too – dogs combined with kids can be quite hard work!

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