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Monday Update: Sister’s Birthday Celebration Edition

Monday Update: Sister’s Birthday Celebration Edition

Heyyy everyone and happy Monday! This past weekend was SO much fun because it was my sister, Kristen’s, 25th birthday! We had such a wonderful time celebrating and I was really happy because I got to spend her entire birthday with her. Kristen is unbearably hard to shop for, so for her birthday I decided to keep it simple and snag her some gift cards so that we could make a day out of using them. Which is exactly what we did!

I got Kristen a gift card to Sephora and to the nail salon that we go to, so we spent the afternoon girling out with pedicures and makeup shopping. Although I didn’t get a pedi because balling on a budget, I got to soak my nasty feet and sit in a massage chair while Kristen got pampered and we had so much fun chit chatting and laughing with all of our favorite nail techies. Kristen got the Hello Kitty pink polish that I recently got on my nails on her toes and it looked so freaking cute! I can’t say that about my feet, but I’m glad that her toesies are on point just in time for flip flop season!

After pedicures, we went to the mall to ultimately spend what felt like forever in Sephora. I have actually never spent that much time in there before and it was surprisingly really fun. We tried on different lipsticks and browsed through the aisles pointing out ridiculous eyeshadow or lip colors and figuring out the best way for her to spend her gift card. Kristen ended up getting a gorgeous new lipstick and an eyebrow pencil as well as a birthday gift from the store (a blush and lip gloss) and some freebies that she got from cashing in the points on her reward card.

Although I tried on some okay-ish lipsticks, I just ended up going with a tube of the Better Than Sex mascara. Kristen got it for me for Christmas this year and since I’ve ran out, no other mascara can compare, so it was a must to get another one! I was really happy because the gift card that I got her covered everything that she wanted and she also got some super nice freebies, so she walked away with an awesome Sephora birthday haul.

Once we were done shopping, I treated Kristen to coffee and then dropped her off at her apartment so that she could get ready for the evening festivities. Our night was a boozy celebration of going to get margaritas with her friends and then hitting the bars afterwards for some more alcohol related fun. AND I also got to ride in my first Uber, so that was really exciting, lol. THE DRIVER WAS SO NICE!! #ubereverywhere


(The lovely lady in the second photo, Kelsey, will be featured on lifewithlilred soon so keep your eyes peeled!)

The day after Kristen’s birthday was spent nursing a very worthwhile hangover and celebrating at home with the family. I know I had a blast and it felt really good knowing that Kristen did, too, and I like to think that I helped make that possible! Now, I’m just excited for my birthday to roll around in June so that she can return the favor!

So there you have it, this week’s Monday Update: Sister’s Birthday Celebration Edition! How did you celebrate your birthday this year? How did you spend your weekend? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


Happy Birthday, Sister!!

Happy Birthday, Sister!!

Hello everyone and happy weekend! Today is an amazing, special, wonderful day because it is my beautiful big sister’s 25th birthday! Kristen. My sister, my soulmate, my best friend on the face of the earth. Kristen is someone who my life would be absolutely impossible without. She is someone that I can go to for literally anything. To laugh, cry, complain, or just be there with to pass the time. My sister is one of the strongest women that I have ever met. Ever. She is a survivor, she is brave, and she has proven to herself and everyone around her that she can get through the worst of times and ultimately improve and better herself along the way. If that isn’t the definition of courage, then I really don’t know what is.

Kristen is someone who is kind. She is genuine, she has a huge heart, and she brings so much joy and light to everyone who she encounters. Her smile and laugh is contagious and her beauty is second to none both inside and out. If you can’t tell by now, my sister is my everything. I am so thankful not only for our sisterhood but for the friendship that came from it. You can have someone as a sibling and only view them as such, but Kristen is so much more for me than that.

From outings to the movies, shopping, the nail or hair salon, coffee, dinner, or just binge watching on Netflix, I treasure every minute that I spend with my sister. Don’t get me wrong, she drives me fucking crazy, but isn’t that what sisters do every now and then? And I promise you that she would say the same thing about me, but probably even more so!

The point that I’m trying to get at, is that I am so, so incredibly lucky to have my sister as, well, my sister. I love you more than anything, so here’s to you, you beautiful, fantastic, intelligent, loving, perfect girl. Happy birthday and I can’t wait to celebrate with you tonight!


Happy Birthday, Kristen ❤


Happy Birthday, Dad!!

Happy Birthday, Dad!!

Helloooo everyone and happy Thursday! Today is a wonderful, special, fabulous day because it’s my dad’s birthday!! Although my beloved father isn’t particularly fond of birthdays, I can’t not celebrate my handsome, charming, adoring dad here on lifewithlilred. There’s a saying that talks about how a dad is the first guy that a girl loves or something like that and it is so true because my dad is basically my number one. Let’s discuss all of the reasons why!

From a dry but silly sense of humor that occasionally results in laugh attacks to the compliments and approval that is always special when it comes from my father, my dad is the best. He plans the most wonderful vacations, he has two green thumbs, loves his backyard animal friends, and is always down to watch two episodes of Seinfeld in a row as a “double feature”. CHARLES has excellent taste in music, too. If you were to see him cruising around with his stunner shades on, chances are he’s listening to The Rolling Stones, The Black Keys, The Who, U2, and an abundance of other classics in a rock n’ roll lover’s arsenal.

My dad is just a cool guy. Seriously. So here’s to a man that makes me laugh, smile, feel increasingly warm with love, and, of course, some type of way! I love you, my daddy dearest. Happy birthday!!



Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Hi everyone and happy Hump Day! Today is a special day because it’s my mommy’s birthday!! As I’m sure that you guys have gathered by now, my mom is basically my best friend. We love to hang out together, cook, watch movies, go shopping, pet dogs, and play Scrabble. My mom is easily one of my favorite human beings on the planet and everyone who has the honor of knowing her feels similarly. It’s hard not to!

I am so thankful for having a mom who is as funny, smart, wonderful, and perfect as mine. Not to mention how caring, supportive, and encouraging she is. I can always count on good ol’ JANE to be there when I need to talk and am appreciative to have a mother who is a fantastic listener. No matter how my mom and I spend our time together, I always enjoy it because I am seriously in the best of company when I’m with her. I love you so much, mommy!

Happy Birthday!! ❤


The Hidden Dangers In Your Home


As a parent, your kids are your life. After the responsibility sets in, everything you do, whether directly or indirectly, becomes a part of making sure your kids are as happy and healthy as possible. We’ve all heard the horror stories about kids injuring themselves on apparently harmless things around the house. If you want to avoid one of these, here are some of the biggest hidden dangers to think about:

Blinds & Cords: The boundless curiosity that every child is born with is great in many ways, but it can backfire majorly if it’s applied to the wrong thing. Blinds, in particular, are one thing that’s been found to put a child’s safety at risk. The cords that hang from blinds can become a dangerous trap for curious toddlers, who can become tangled in them, leading to nasty falls and even strangulation. You should be applying the same caution to less obvious cords around the home, as well. Cords connected to your toaster, kettle, and other appliances can be tugged, causing the heavy appliance to fall off the counter and onto a child. From here on, keep any kind of cord out of reach wherever possible. There are many companies like Intercrown which supply child-friendly blinds to avoid such frightening fiascos.


Practice cord caution!

Pesticides: Getting pests in the home is very irritating and can cause a major hygiene concern. Naturally, you don’t want your child’s health to suffer in a home that’s infested with creepy crawlies, and may think that you’re protecting them by using a strong pesticide on various spaces around the house. Wrong! All pesticides contain some toxic chemicals, and children are much more susceptible to them than grown adults. Your child’s brain won’t be fully developed until they reach the age of 12 and if they’re exposed to some of the more common chemicals on the pest control market, it can seriously stunt the development of their central nervous system. It doesn’t help that children have more skin surface relative to their size, and will absorb much more of a given chemical than you or me. Try to avoid pesticides wherever possible, and look for alternatives like this Green Tech Bug Heat treatment. Putting up with a few bugs in the home is much better than long-term exposure to poison.


 Flickr Image

Batteries: Children ingesting small items or choking on them is a major fear for any parent, but batteries are one “small part” that need to be kept away from children more than any other. Once these are swallowed, they’ll actually be digested by the stomach’s acids. This releases the heavy metals in the battery, and can cause some serious health problems. It’s pretty rare for parents to know that their child has swallowed a battery immediately, and it’s only when the aggressive and severe symptoms come up that they seek medical attention. Make sure that all of your batteries, particularly smaller button ones, are out of reach and sight of your kids. It may also be worth thinking about the battery-powered things your child has access to, and how easily they’d be able to take one out.


 Beware of batteries!

Tips To Make Your First Night In Your New House Great

Tips To Make Your First Night In Your New House Great

Your first night in your new home can range from exciting to anxiety provoking and everything in between. But, really, it should be a time to be proud of yourself for making the next big step in your life, so try and relax and have some fun with these tips:

Make A First Night Box: It’s important to make sure that you have a box that you can unpack first to make sure that your first night in your new home isn’t too much of a shock to your system. Make sure that you have all of the essentials in there for each member of your family. First of all, make sure that you all have basic toiletries like toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrushes, body wash, deodorant, shampoo, and feminine hygiene products. You might also need some wet wipes and tissues. For the kitchen you’ll need paper towels along with paper plates, disposable cutlery, and trash bags for your waste. You’ll also need to make sure that you have sheets and blankets so you can get a good night’s sleep – and don’t forget your PJs!

Don’t Worry About Cooking: On your first night in a new place, there’s nothing that you will love more than takeout. Even if you’ve packed sandwiches you’ll be delighted if you also get a warm, delicious meal – so make sure that you have some takeout menus for your new area with you. Whether you get pizza or Chinese food (yum and yum!), just make sure that there’s some decent nutritional content and that it’ll fill you up and prepare you for the tasks of the next few days.



Set Up A Relaxing Area: Moving and unpacking is a really exhausting thing to do so you’ll need to make sure that you have an area where you can relax, whether that’s your bed or your couch. You probably don’t have the internet set up yet but you can always download TV shows to watch in preparation before you actually move, and you can focus on getting your TV set up quickly. If it’s winter, make sure that you have plenty of blankets so you can stay warm, and that you fully understand how to work the heating in your new place. The best moving companies will help you prioritize your move so that you know what you need to unpack on the first night to ensure that everyone is comfortable.


DOG! ❤

Make Sure You Can Shower: Let’s face it: moving house is a sweaty, grimy business and you might just end up covered in dust, so it’s important for you to be able to shower. First and foremost, don’t move until you actually have a functioning bathroom (if not, let’s hope you have plenty of bottled water, baby wipes, and deodorant!). Secondly, make sure that you have towels to dry off with, as well as a set of clean clothes that’s easily accessible.


Pexels Image

Reassure Your Kids: Moving house can be disconcerting and upsetting for kids so it’s important that you keep them informed over the course of moving. Let them know what your new area is like and ask them for ideas about how they want to decorate their new rooms. When you’re in your new house, prioritize their spaces: make sure that their rooms are clean and that they have a comfortable, cozy place to sleep. Make sure they have their nightlight on and that they know where to find you in the night if they get scared or confused.

Featured Image By: Pexels

Who Is Really Looking After Your Kids? Get Peace of Mind, and Find Safe Childcare

Who Is Really Looking After Your Kids? Get Peace of Mind, and Find Safe Childcare

Sometimes in life, we have to leave our children in the care of others. Maybe it’s due to work commitments, because of their extracurricular activities and hobbies, or perhaps we just need a break. Parenting is busy and stressful, sometimes you just need a nice date night with your partner away from the kids to keep the spark alive and claw back a bit of sanity! But when our children are so precious, as parents we need to be vigilant about their caretakers. Schools require teachers to have thorough checks done, but not all childcare establishments do, so you have to be careful. Here are some of the ways that you can ensure your child is safe when they’re being looked after by others:

Do a Background Check: When it comes to your kids, you can never be too careful. Doing a background check on anyone who cares for your kids without you there can give you peace of mind. You’re able to pull up past information about people from convicted crimes and warnings to cases that were dropped in court. While it’s not completely foolproof, a clean record can help if you don’t know the person well. Of course, always use common sense and good judgment, but if you just need to know their background to be sure, then this is one way to go about it. Whether it’s a nanny, babysitter, an ex’s new partner, or anyone else who is around you children- it’s always good to be cautious. You could click here for free warrant checks online if this is something that you would benefit from.

Ask About Medical Training: If you leave your children at a daycare, babysitter’s house, or with a nanny- ask about what medical training they have had. Do they know first aid, and can they apply it to children? Don’t feel shy about asking to see certificates for proof. Those who have nothing to hide won’t mind showing you. The same applies to food safety. To avoid illnesses and food poisoning, those looking after children and preparing food for them should have a good knowledge of kitchen safety and hygiene.

Request References: Good references will show you that the person looking after your children is competent and good at their job, as well as has prior experience in child care. If you’re hiring a nanny, for example, you will want to choose the most qualified candidate, and past experience is a great way to judge how well they will do when they work for you.

Use a Nanny Cam: In most places in the US it’s completely legal to use surveillance equipment in your home, without the consent of the person you’re recording. It’s illegal to record in areas where people have a reasonable expectation of privacy however, so it goes without saying that bathroom areas are off limits but also your live-in nanny or au-pair’s bedroom. But for use elsewhere in the home, a nanny cam can be useful if you want to keep tabs on what’s going on.


Pexels Image

Featured Image By: Pexels