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Okay, let’s all be honest here. We’ve all social media creeped before. Whether it’s on your ex’s new girlfriend or one of your coworkers, social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have given us free range to snoop to our heart’s content. My girlfriends and I have had many a conversation about our in depth creeping sessions and it always provides us with a laugh fest or heart wrenching girl talks about our findings. But what happens when you feel a little too creeped out by someone’s Facebook creeping?

So, on Wednesday my dad and I went to Dairy Queen to get an ice cream cake for my mom’s birthday. The same Dairy Queen that my best friend worked at well over a year ago. It’s not somewhere that I actively frequent except for the handful of times that I’ve stopped in to see her or went with her to pick up her paychecks. And by a handful of times, I mean like three. My dad and I chose the cake that we wanted and probably exchanged a total of twenty words with the employee who was helping us.

Frankly, I was not trying to socialize with anyone because I was totally bumming it that day. Leggings, hoodie, no makeup, and a beanie was my outfit of choice. All I wanted was to get the cake and go and within five minutes we were in and out. BUT, despite my disheveled outer appearance, I could feel the employee looking at me just a little too closely for my liking. Especially since I was basically in my pajamas. Whatever. We left and I didn’t think anything of it until twenty minutes ago.

Today while I was hanging out, I saw that I had a notification from Facebook messenger and it was a message request. Normally, I don’t look through those but I knew the red message circle wouldn’t disappear if I didn’t so I took a peek. And, guess who it was from? None other than the Dairy Queen employee from two days ago with a message reading “I hope you enjoyed the cake. Facebook creeping at its finest.” Ugh. What?

Don’t get me wrong. I am well aware that I am an easily recognizable person. With bright red hair, pasty pale skin, and five nose piercings it’s hard not to be. But really? You’re going to use the five words that I exchanged with you at your place of employment as an excuse to hunt me down on Facebook and shoot me a message? That’s just so unprofessional, inappropriate, and (to be frank) weird in my opinion.

Believe me. I am used to the odd messages, emails, and comments. And I get that I am recognizable enough and somewhat relevant enough on social media to get unwanted attention in my inboxes. But, I don’t know. There was something about this experience that made me feel weird because the person is in such close proximity to me and because our exchange was so incredibly brief.

I’ve never had anyone actively try and find me on social media like that and I didn’t like it. Am I looking too much into this? Probably. But I still have such an initial grimy feeling that I just had to blog it out. I am not trying to put anyone “on blast”, I’m just trying to not feel weird about this! Is it ever appropriate to try and find someone you met while on the job? How would you react to this situation? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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Where People Go Wrong With Pests


One thing which often leaves homeowners filled with dread is the thought of pests in their property. They can do a ton of damage to the structure of your home. And not only that, but they can harm your family. Things like fleas and bed bugs can end up irritating your skin. And once you have the annoying bugs in your home, it can be a nightmare to get rid of them. A lot of people make errors which tend to mean that they become a regular occurrence in their home. Here are some ways that people go wrong with pests:

They try and find DIY ways to get rid of them: A lot of people make a vital error when attempting to get rid of pests by trying to cut corners. They think that they can easily find a DIY solution which will get rid of the pests from their home. For one thing, they do it to save money. But while there are some ways you might be able to say goodbye to them, doing it yourself is bound to lead to a return visit. You might get rid of a few of the pests with a homemade spray, but you might not catch them all if they are hidden. Therefore, it’s best to call a professional to come and remove the pests. For one thing, they have done it so many times before, so they know where the pests might be hiding. And they will use a permanent solution so that you won’t have to worry about a return visit anytime soon! Hunt down a pest management company who can come out to your home quickly and get the job done in an efficient manner.

They forget about outside ones: You might be surprised to know that a lot of people make an error of thinking pests can only occur inside. We hear most often about pests like bedbugs and mosquitoes becoming problems in your home. But you also need to consider that pests might be in your garden, too. It’s easy to get fleas and ticks in your lawn if pets are in the backyard. And they could soon get inside your home if they are not dealt with quickly. When it comes to dealing with pests outside, again it’s best to get a professional to come and remove them quickly. That way, it will stop them from entering your home and causing your family a lot of trouble!

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They don’t find a solution quickly: When someone notices an ant or a flea, they think it might just be a one-off, so they might not opt to find a solution quickly. But this can be a big error if you do just leave it. The longer they are left without treatment, the more of a chance they might spread around your home. And then you might struggle to get them under control. As soon as you spot one or two of the pests, find a treatment which will remove them immediately. That way, you can eliminate them before they become a huge problem!

And remember to watch out for signs of pests in your home. You might not see the pests in their form, so it’s best to look out for signs like the ones described in this article.

Smarter Living: The Priorities Of A Modern Homeowner

Smarter Living: The Priorities Of A Modern Homeowner

A happy home environment is a platform for your entire family to enjoy life to the fullest. That means that it’s your responsibility to ensure that the right steps are taken so that you’re getting the most out of your property at all times. Before doing anything, it’s imperative that you have a suitable plan of action. By focusing on the most important things, the home will become a far more accommodating venue for the whole family. Let’s take a closer look at where your priorities should lie:

Put Safety First: This doesn’t simply mean investing in CCTV and childproofing the living room and bedrooms either. Things like knowing how to spot the signs of damp at an early stage is vital. Likewise, carbon monoxide detectors and other potentially life saving instruments are key. Making those purchases may feel like a hassle but one mistake could put your whole family at risk. If that isn’t an incentive to cover all of the bases, then I don’t know what is!

Focus On Practicality: You aren’t building a showroom; you’re creating a home. Turning an unused guest room into an office or playroom can give the home a greater sense of function. Meanwhile, boosting the shower pressure could save you a lot of time in the mornings. As a busy modern family, those direct benefits can be massive. Finally, space-saving furniture and storage facilities can offer greater versatility. They will make the home feel bigger, too, which will enhance your relationship with the property greatly.

Cut The Waste Wherever Possible: We live in a time damaged by a culture to throw things away needlessly. In many cases, furniture can be restored with a little TLC. Oxalic Acid Wood Bleach removes tough stains from wood to get those items back to their best. Similarly, repairing kitchen appliances is often cheaper than buying a new one. Combine these ideas with a little upcycling to save time, money, and hassle.

Aim For Energy Efficiency: Green living has become an important priority for modern homeowners and not only because it helps the environment. But you don’t need to use solar roof panels to see those benefits. Energy efficient toilets can cut water usage by over half. Likewise, switching to LED light bulbs can save electricity in a truly effective manner, too. Those savings can be put towards the bigger TV or luxury items to encourage even greater enjoyment for the whole household.

Comfort Is King: Stylish appearances are great but they’ll count for very little if you aren’t able to enjoy it. Creating a bedroom that allows you to sleep and relax is crucial because the repercussions of failure are huge. Meanwhile, ensuring that the insulation and air ventilation are of the desired standard will make a telling impact, too. Simplicity is imperative and, as they say, comfort is king.

Master each of those five elements and the home will become far more inviting and user friendly. And when your family feels happy at home, their entire lives should look far brighter, too. Job done.

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Simple Changes For Better Spring Cleaning

Simple Changes For Better Spring Cleaning

Famously, around this time of year many people often go to work on cleaning their houses as good as possible. Of course, in real life you need to do this much more often, but it is still worth having one really deep clean around this time of year. Even if it is just to make yourself feel better in the home, it is totally worth it. If you do it right, you will probably find that everyone who lives there is much more relaxed and able to feel comfortable in the new found cleanliness, so for that reason alone it is worthwhile. If you are about to embark on your own spring cleaning project, make sure you bear the following in mind for a better, cleaner result:

Declutter First: To clean your house in the best way possible is to be logical about the order in which you do it. This means that you should make an effort to clear anything that doesn’t need to be there first. Decluttering is something that people often skim over, thinking that they are doing it right, when actually their methods are not anywhere near as effective or lasting as they could be. Consider that, although it is perfectly fine to simply stow things away in clever storage spaces, it is even better to get rid of anything that you might be able to part with. You might choose to sell such belongings or give them away to charity; either way, this is a much better long-term solution to your space problems.

Deep Washing: The main thing to remember about spring cleaning is that it needs to be as deep as possible. This will probably mean, in most circumstances, that you will need to use equipment and tools which are different than the ones you normally use. If you are used to using usual household products, then you might want to think about trying to use something different for your spring cleaning. For example, getting your hands on a decent pressure washer to clean the carpets with is likely to be a great idea, as it will pick up dirt that you didn’t even know was there! If you have never used one before, don’t worry – you can learn more about pressure washers here before you start!


^ So thankful for my dryer!

Room By Room: Another major mistake that people make is to clean the whole house in one go. This might seem to make sense, but it is much more effective on the whole if you simply go from room to room, fully cleaning each one as you go. You need to make sure that you are happy with one room before moving on to the next, as this is how you can ensure that you have cleaned all of the necessary areas as deep as possible. With any luck, you won’t need to do so again for quite a long time. Now, get to spring cleaning!


Looks like a successful spring clean to me!

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External Options To Make Your Home Look Great

External Options To Make Your Home Look Great

Everyone always seems to focus on the inside of their home. This is of course fair enough, as the bedroom is where you sleep in and the living room is where you essentially live. But a lot can be said for making the outside look appealing, too. First, it makes you feel good in the knowledge that it looks nice, yet also because spring is soon approaching and as a result you’ll be spending more time outside. There are many ways to make your house look better, so here are a few ideas to get you started:

House Facades: The exterior of your home could always benefit from a fresh coat of paint. Or consider changing the boarding to something more appealing. The facade is what gives your home character and is the first thing people see when they come to you. You can also consider the roof. Sometimes roofs can become slightly damaged or faded over the year due to the sun and the elements. This can be sorted out. You can find a roofing company to do it for you. They can make the change needed to give your home that extra look of professionalism. Not only that, but a damaged roof can mean escaping heat, which costs you money. Rain can also get in, causing wood to rot and damp to spread which can make your family ill as well as cause a lot of additional damage on the inside of your home.

Extension: Why not go all out and get some construction work done on your home. It is expensive, sure. But by extending your property, your home will not only look better, but you’ll also have a nicer place to live. You can see this as an investment because the money you spend will be recouped if you sell the house as the work will increase the home’s value. It can range from anything, too. A small porch at the front of your home to make more room inside to a full top and bottom extension that is sure to look amazing. You could even do something like convert a garage into another sitting room or even a games room. The possibilities are endless and if you decide to go through with it you’ll be adding a lot of extra appeal to your home.

Go For The Garden: Plant now and they will bloom in spring and summer, making your garden look totally amazing and vibrant with life and color. You can really make a difference by doing this the right way. If you plant different plants, they will bloom at different times meaning the garden will be colorful all year around. You should also consider additions like carved sculptures or stone statues to make it look even more like an outdoor wonderland. Hang things off the walls of your house and use ornaments to really bring the garden to life. You can personalize them and make them pertinent to you and your family, your hobbies, or your pets!

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Alternative Ways To Boost Your Self Confidence

Alternative Ways To Boost Your Self Confidence

Sometimes it is really hard to find the confidence in ourselves to meet new people, start up conversations, or to sell ourselves to others. Insecurities about our own personal worth shouldn’t be taken lightly. Everyone has a place on the earth, sometimes we just need to work out where that is. Selling yourself to someone, regardless of the reason, is never going to be productive if your heart isn’t in it or you don’t believe in yourself.

The more time you spend outside of your comfort zone, the more you will begin to realize just how capable you are. Pushing yourself to take on new challenges will broaden your skill sets and help you see that there is nothing that you can’t achieve if you set your mind to it. When it comes to approaching new people, it can be hard to know where to begin.  Especially if the person you are talking to is someone from the office who gives you butterflies whenever they walk past. Perhaps you hear yourself saying ‘he doesn’t even know I exist’ when really, he does. Your man crush is just waiting for you to give him a sign.

Practice talking to new people by striking up conversation with people around you who may not end up playing a leading future role in your life. From a taxi driver you will never see again to the lady who orders her coffee the same time as you in the morning. Begin with a smile and a happy ‘good morning’, then increase the interaction the next time you see them, by asking them how they are. After a few weeks of practice chatting to strangers you might realize that you are a nice person to talk to and make the first step towards date night with Mr Hot Office. ;)))))


Future you and Mr. Hot Office, perhaps?

As daft as it sounds a little online sales training may be the key to increasing your self confidence. Successful sales men and women use NLP and transaction analysis to work out the best way of promoting their product. A really good ‘closer’ will know how to make someone believe that the product they have to sell is going to change their life,  even if they have absolutely no need for it. Picking up a few tips from the experts might help you sell yourself to your next employer, the bank manager, or that person who you are desperate to get to know.

If it is body confidence that you are lacking then why not jump in at the deep end and become a model at a life drawing class. We know, it sent shivers down our spine, too! But, if you go outside of your local area, then you remove the risk of discovering that Mr. Hot Office enjoys life drawing as a hobby. The body tells a story and you should be proud of yours. And if anyone understands that truth, it’s a room full of artists!

Go wild. Go Alternative. Go Confident!

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Which Life Adjustments Are Worth It?

Which Life Adjustments Are Worth It?

There are many adjustments that we make to our lives over time; some drastic, some not so much. It all depends on a lot of factors, including finances, family, influences from our friends, and our drive to get to where we want to be. So what are the main things that we are choosing to change as we get older?

Our Job: None of us stay in the same job forever. At some point you will want to or have to change to further your career. There are so many options available to us to get us further into the field that we are interested in, and not all of them are age-considerate. For example, you can earn a high school diploma from online distance learning or at an evening college class if you never graduated, and college is available to go to at any age. There are so many different ways to learn, especially with the internet at our disposal; simple tricks, trades, and hacks can be learned online, even if it’s just picking up a remotely-located job to do for a couple of weeks to build up your experience.

With mediums such as LinkedIn and Facebook available for us to network around and build up our career portfolio in an accessible place, there is no reason for us not to give different occupations a go. A job change and the opportunities that they bring, such as traveling to new countries and the ability to work from home are on the increase and are now easier for us to find than ever. It’s no wonder that we get bored so easily in one job knowing that there will be something bigger and better waiting around the corner for us.

Our Friends: Friends come and go and it’s up to you to decide which ones you want to keep for the long-term. The associates that you may have had in school or college could have grown up to have completely different ideals to you, and that’s okay – diversity is what makes the world go round and it’d be boring if everyone were the same. However, it’s when people get too different from each other to be compatible that the problems start to occur. Surround yourself with those who you know will be on your wavelength for the foreseeable future and you’ll be just fine.

Ourselves: We diet, we exercise, we lose weight, we gain weight. We know what looks good on us at some points in our lives and don’t in others. If you want a more drastic option you can find it from Roxy Plastic Surgery, but otherwise we stick to changing our clothes, hair, and makeup to offer us the changes we need to get ourselves through different stages of our lives.

Our Perspective: Our attitudes and values change; what we may have held dear to us when we were fifteen could be totally different now. There are so many things that are accountable for this, but most notably is the formation of new relationships and big events happening in our lives, such as becoming a parent. Everything changes once our lives are flipped around and shared with somebody else; embrace it.

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