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Face Mask Haul

Face Mask Haul

Hello! One of my favorite ways to relax in my free time is by trying out new face masks. Whether they’re good or bad, it doesn’t matter all that much to me because I’m spending some me time pampering myself. It has been a while since I had a big face mask haul so when I was at Target, I just had to pick up a variety to enjoy on those snowy nights in. Check it out:


I don’t venture to my favorite stores very often anymore, which is so sad to me. In fact, the last time I went actual shopping at TJMaxx was months ago! So, I was surprised by the huge variety of face masks that Target had to offer. Originally, I thought that I would just purchase one or two but I ended up with six and if I didn’t contain myself, it probably would have been more like ten lol!

Since it’s winter, I picked out a couple of masks specifically to hydrate and combat dry skin, which will be most useful. And, of course, I never say no to a brightening or charcoal mask, either! While all of these masks will be fun to use, especially the glitter gel mask, I am most excited to try out the lip mask. My lips have been SO dry as of late and nothing that I do seems to help. Fingers crossed that the BioRepublic lip mask will perfect my pout so I’m not feeling like Napoleon Dynamite all winter long. 😀

Be on the lookout for lots of new Face Mask Festivities posts these next few weeks, starting off with the much anticipated lip mask!

Which products do you like for dry lips? What is your favorite face mask? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

A La Maison Hand & Body Lotion Review

A La Maison Hand & Body Lotion Review

Hello! Today, we are going to do a review of a hand and body lotion that my mom so sweetly surprised me with that I am fricken obsessed with. While I do love my Bath & Body Works lotion, I have never used one better than A La Maison’s so I just had to share it with all of you. To help combat dry winter skin, I can’t recommend this product enough:

I have been using this lotion for the past several nights before bed and I have never had such wonderful results before. During the winter months, my hands tend to get really red no matter how much lotion I use. Although my hands aren’t super dry, red belongs on my hair and not on my hands and it can be a bit unsightly. Within three uses of A La Maison, my hands have returned to their normal shade of pale and I was simply amazed.

I love the way that this lotion feels when applying it because it is like a cold cream and I can literally feel my hands getting hydrated as soon as I rub it in. This product absorbs so quickly and I truly don’t think that my hands have ever felt or looked better. I can’t say that I am particularly fond of the Wildflower scent because it is really powdery but that is a small price to pay for beautifully soft hands all winter long. 🙂

If you suffer from dry hands during the winter, then look no further than A La Maison. I cannot sing its praises enough and am already looking forward to buying more! 😀

What is your favorite cream or lotion? How do you combat dry skin? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Banish Dry Winter Skin

Banish Dry Winter Skin

Every season presents challenges when it comes to keeping our skin healthy, but winter has to be the worst. Cold weather and winds topped off with drying central heating can lead to painful chapped lips and dry, uncomfortable skin. Thankfully there are some things we can do to protect against this and keep our skin healthy and in good condition throughout the colder months. Here’s how to go about it.

Physically Protect Your Skin: No one wants to stand outside in horrible weather but when you have no choice try to physically protect your skin. This means wearing gloves to stop hands from becoming sore and dry. Wear a scarf and pull this up over your lower face and lips. Shield yourself from the wind whenever it’s possible. This could mean standing with your back to the wind while you wait for the bus or finding shelter in a coffee shop or bookstore when the rain or snow begins to come down heavily.

Switch Up Your Skincare Routine: Fall and winter require heavier, richer products that are intensely hydrating. These provide much-needed nourishment to stripped skin and also help to protect it. Your day cream can be a little lighter as it still needs to sit well under makeup but your night cream should be rich and buttery. Choose a product that states that it’s highly nourishing and hydrating. Another essential product in anyone’s skincare routine but particularly in winter should be a good eye cream. This will keep the delicate eye area hydrated and also protect from damage and premature aging. There are more skin care tips on sites like Thank Your Beauty.

Pamper Your Skin: Along with your regular skincare routine, once or twice a week you should really pamper your skin, too. Using oils as a pampering treat is an excellent way to improve dry winter skin. These will deliver on moisture but will not leave the skin feeling greasy or clog up your pores. You could also treat your skin to face masks. Different masks are targeted to different skin concerns so do your research to find out what will work best for you. You could use a lip scrub to gently remove any loose and flaky skin and then follow up with a high-quality lip protector. Our lips lose more moisture than everywhere else on the face which is why they are the first to become dry and sore.

Use SPF: The sun’s rays aren’t just damaging in the summer. They can harm skin all year round and premature aging is just one of the adverse effects. You can prevent this by using an SPF all year round. Since this can be a tricky step to remember (especially when there is no sunshine in sight and everywhere is gray and drizzly!) choose products with SPF included. It could be in your day cream or your foundation. Either way, you kill two birds with one stone and can be safe in the knowledge that you are doing what you can to protect your skin.

What do you do to protect your skin in the winter? What are your favorite moisturizing beauty products? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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Common Winter Skin Issues and How to Deal With Them

Common Winter Skin Issues and How to Deal With Them

With cold weather just around the corner, this post is jam packed with tips and tricks on how to deal with the effect that it can have on our skin. Take a look:

Common Winter Skin Issues and How to Deal With Them:

It’s a fact of life that as the weather gets worse, our poor skin can suffer. But what can we do about the most common cold weather skin complaints? Read on to find out:

Cold Sores: Many people have problems with cold sores when the weather turns. Cold sores are caused by the Herpes Simplex virus and usually occurs when the person’s immune system is compromised. That means they are more likely to pop up when you get a cold or the flu during the winter time.

The good news is that you can only get them if you already have the virus. The bad news is that it can be transmitted quite easily and that is why you shouldn’t share lipsticks or lip balms if at all possible, as you just open yourself up to the risk of contracting the virus. To treat cold sores, ignore the old wives tales and use antiviral creams. It’s best to deal with them as soon as you feel the familiar tingle. If you leave them to develop, they can become painful and ugly.

Chapped Lips: Even if you are not susceptible to cold sores, the harsh weather of the winter may cause you to get nasty chapped lips. This is when the skin on the lips dries out so much that it begins to crack. It can be very painful, and your lips are at a high risk because they move a lot and go from being wet to dry frequently.The best way of dealing with chapped lips is to use a lip balm regularly. You should also exfoliate your lips once a week so the dead skin does not build up on them.eos.jpg

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Eczema: Winter time is often when people suffering from eczema experience a worsening of their condition. This is because the temperature varies so often throughout the day from the cold outside to the warm indoors which can further dry out and irritate damaged skin. It is worth remembering that eczema is more than just a bit of dry skin that can be dealt with by using face lotion. In fact, it is a recognized medical condition. If you believe that you could be suffering from this, you can get some more information online from West Dermatology.

Redness: A lot of people can suffer from redness in the face during the winter. This is often because they struggle to regulate their body temperature sufficiently. Or, the tiny capillaries in the cheeks become constricted trapping blood flow in that area. For many of us this red face issue, known as Rosacea is embarrassing and difficult to deal with. Some rely on creams to take the redness down, while others swear by green cream which is meant to neutralize the red color.

A more lasting way of dealing with Rosacea is to use a dermatologist developed camouflage cream. These creams are makeup that contains a high percentage of pigment. That means that they are effective at covering up redness and other issues like birthmarks. They are often waterproof once sealed with translucent powder, so the wearer doesn’t have to worry that it will come off in the rain or snow.


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Sun Damage: Surprisingly, another cause of red skin in the winter can be sunburn. We all associate sunburn with hot weather, but the sun can be shining brightly on even the coldest, snowiest day. That is why skiers often wear crazy neon colored sunblock. Make sure that your family is protected against the UVA and UVB rays of the sun all year round by providing them access to sun cream. The ones that you put on once in the morning and last all day are best because it’s likely that they will forget to apply regularly if the temperature is below 0!

Chaffing: Another rather embarrassing problem that winter can bring us is chaffing. This can happen anywhere on the body where your skin meets your clothes but is often an issue on the inner thigh area. It can be very painful and cause red bumps and welts to appear on your otherwise healthy skin. In particularly bad cases the skin can become so dry and damaged that it becomes flaky.

If you are suffering from this problem, there are a few things that you can do. First of all, you can apply an intensive moisture cream to aid healing in the damaged area. Secondly, check the fit of your clothes. Rough trouser seams or friction creating tights can have a lot to do with this issue. Lastly, you can coat the affected area with Vaseline which will add movement and prevent such a friction build up.

Moles: While we have to be careful of exposing any mole that we have to sunlight in the summer, they can still be problematic in the winter. This is because it’s easy to forget to check them regularly because we are much more covered up in the cold weather. However, it is essential to check skin marks like moles for the symmetry and edges. This can tell you and your doctors a lot about your risk of skin cancer. Although it may sound silly, schedule a time each month to make sure you check of this sort of thing. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Blisters: While many people jump for joy, because winter is the season for wearing big heavy boots, it makes others groan. This is because heavy footwear, made of stiff materials is likely to cause nasty blisters on your feet. At least until your boots have broken in with wear.

You can minimize blisters by stretching your boots out before you wear them properly. Wear two pairs of thick socks and your boots around the house so they begin to mold to your feet. You can also use specialized blister plasters or balm which will protect the most vulnerable parts of your feet like your heels and toes. This should make your boots a lot more comfortable and enjoyable to wear come wintertime.


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How do you beat winter skin problems? What is one of your skin care secrets to combat the cold? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah