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What It Takes To Take The Perfect Instagram Photo

What It Takes To Take The Perfect Instagram Photo

If you’re all about spreading the love online and sharing your lifestyle with carefully chosen friends and followers, it’s likely that you’ve been trying to launch your Instagram profile already. Instagram offers a new perspective on social media content, as it’s a purely visual platform. In other words, it’s you’ve got something to share, show it instead of writing it. For anybody who believes that a picture can speak a thousand words, it’s the ideal place to build up a successful presence. Here are some tips on how to make that possible:

Social media is a platform of inspiration:

The main obstacle that you’re going to face when trying to develop your Instagram presence is yourself. Indeed, there is a constant and valuable discussion on whether social media enhances or hinders your life. The truth is somewhere in between. An engaging Instagram presence can be a form of lifestyle motivation or inspiration if the profile displays quality photos. However, you need to stay focused on your message and not lose yourself in the depth of a connection string or confuse a number of followers with your personal value.

Be patient and build a stunning feed:

Once you’ve got your head around the philosophical debate about social media and social value, it’s crucial to build your feed. Unless you’re especially lucky, you won’t gather a lot of attention with your first picture. Therefore you need to build your feed with 15 to 20 of your best images first. If you’re looking for a stunning visual, you may want to check this backdrop store to find the perfect backdrop for your portraits and fashion snaps. There’s nothing better to give your photos a professional finish. You will need to create a comfortable posting schedule, either weekly or twice a week, to accumulate visuals and build up a presence.

Embrace new stylish trends:

Instagram is a world of images. What this means is that only the best and most stylish images can get noticed. Don’t waste any more time and learn about the latest photo trends to create dazzling portraits. The color palette for this year gravitates around rosy, peachy, and golden tones, so make sure to update your makeup and wardrobe to create on-trend photos. If you work with a camera instead of a smartphone, you can be playful with the light presence to create a delicate mood around the main character.


Oh snap!

Don’t click and post:

Finally, a winning Instagram presence is not measured by the number of photos you share, but by their quality. Take the time to develop your style and to find an angle you like. If, like Tilly and the Buttons, you prefer pastel colors, you need to create a decor that will reflect your palette. This can take a lot of time but, ultimately only the most stunning images get noticed. So it’s worth working on your visual personality before posting!

Becoming an Instagram sensation doesn’t happen overnight. Thankfully, it’s a fun process that enables you to define and perfect your online brand and style. You are what they see, so make every flash count!

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lifewithlilred By The Numbers In 2017

lifewithlilred By The Numbers In 2017

Hellloooooooo and happy Sunday! With a brand new year upon is, it’s time to explore lifewithlilred By The Numbers In 2017. My blog is my pride and joy, and I am so pleased with the progress that I have made this past year to keep my page running smoothly. As always, thank you to all of my readers and friends who stop by on my page – all of you have helped to make 2017 the best year yet on lifewithlilred! These stats and the progress made since 2016 would be simply impossible without each and every one of you!

2017 Stats:

  • Overall Views: 66,000
  • Followers: 6,730
  • Likes: 27,000
  • Comments: 4,300
  • Countries I’m Read In: 170+

Wow!!! I love how WordPress gives you your stats by the day, month, and year so that you can really track the strides that have been made on your page as time passes. It helps me so much in deciding feasible goals for each month and the entire year. Do I wish that I could get 100,000 views in 2018? Who doesn’t?! But, I would be SO pleased with 75,000 and am going to do everything in my power to make that happen this year. #GOALS

How do you create goals for your blog? What is something about your page that makes you proud? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Lovin the Love

Lovin the Love

Whatsup guys! This is just a friendly reminder to keep on sending my blog the love on here so I can send it right back to you! Every like, share, and follow I get is so very much appreciated, so keep em’ coming! Also, don’t be a stranger. I’d love to hear from each and every one of you in comments, and will always comment back to have a conversation with you! I want to hear what you guys are thinking, and always am looking for suggestions in music, movies, fashion, television, and everything in between! I’m such a fan of everything you guys are writing on here. Scrolling through everyone’s articles on here is one of my favorite things to do before I go to bed at night. You are all so creative and talented. This is also a special thank you to anyone who has ever read a post of mine. I enjoy writing all of my little articles so much, and really hope all of my viewers enjoy reading them! This blog has been such a fun, creative outlet. No matter what I’m writing about, whether it be something serious or something silly – I always feel better afterwards. I like to think of lifewithlilred as my online journal, my scrapbook, my notepad, and my Facebook all rolled into one mega page! Have a fantastic Friday night. If you’re at the bar – take a shot for me. If you’re at home – eat an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s for me! Whatever you guys are up to, I hope you’re having a great time! Best- Sarah

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Guys! I appreciate your love and follows and likes and comments so very much! Thank you thank you thank you! Back in the day I used to write in my journal every night, and I always mused with the thought of trying to get my journal published. This blog is sort of like my way of doing that now, and it feels GREAT. Writing about anything from silly stuff, to sad stuff, to fashion, to makeup, to crafts, and to everything in between makes me feel so good and I’m so happy that I can share all of these musings with all of you! Have sweet dreams tonight and we’ll touch base again tomorrow with whatever is going on in my little red head! -Sarah

My readers are BALLIN!!!! ;))))