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Pajama Party: Vince Camuto Nightgown Edition

Pajama Party: Vince Camuto Nightgown Edition

Hi! I recently had a huge online shopping haul from TJMaxx – the first one in well over half a year and it definitely put a renewed pep back in my step. I found some darling new sweaters and jeans which you will all see if you keep tuning in! Today, though, I want to take a trip to comfy cozy town and talk about the most lovely little nightie by Vince Camuto that I purchased for a whole fifteen bucks. Peep that over fifty dollar original price tag, too!

I absolutely adore having actual pajamas to wear instead of just throwing on my oldest pair of sweats and t-shirts. The prospect of having cute nighties and PJ sets to wear just to go to sleep seems so luxurious to me, which makes a fifteen dollar nightgown the ultimate inexpensive treat.

I have not bought new pajamas in over a year and as soon as I saw my new nightgown while browsing TJMaxx’s website, I considered it “the one”. Lol, it looked SO comfortable and I loved the dove grey and dusty pink coloring. The nightie also seemed nice and cool to wear during the summer but you could absolutely get away with wearing it come winter with a pair of leggings. AND, to top it off, I am a huge fan of anything Vince Camuto so I considered it fifteen dollars well spent before even trying it on.

When my big box from TJMaxx finally arrived and I took the nightie out of its plastic wrapping, I wanted to wear it right then and there but I settled and put it on at bed time. It was so soft and I mean this wholeheartedly when I say it was like getting a hug from a sweet fuzzy animal! This nightie is one that you just want to wrap yourself in and I felt like I spoiled myself rotten with it.

I highly recommend this nightgown for literally anyone and you should still be able to buy it for a song on TJMaxx’s website. Here’s to your best Pajama Party yet!

Have you had any online shopping success lately? Which online clothing store is your favorite? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Trail Blazers: Vince Camuto Edition

Trail Blazers: Vince Camuto Edition

Salutations! If I had to name my favorite piece of clothing, I would probably have to say that I love the outerwear family. From moto jackets and peacoats to blazers and vests, I am a huge fan of all of it. A good jacket can make or break an outfit and can take something from simple to extraordinary by simply slipping it on. This has always been appealing to me and is why I love cold weather clothing so much because I have quite the outerwear collection. And, I got to add to it with this gorgeous new hounds tooth blazer by Vince Camuto. Take a look:


  • Original Price: $180
  • TJMaxx Price: $50!!!

Although I only have one pair of shoes by Vince Camuto in my arsenal, I have admired his brand and beautiful creations for some time. So, it is always exciting to get something from a designer that you love for a fraction of the cost. And, I have to say, I was absolutely and completely thrilled to get this blazer in the mail. Just seeing it on the TJMaxx website gave me chills and it was one of those pieces that I knew was going to work without even having to try it on. I love when that happens!

Obviously, I was right – the blazer did work or we wouldn’t be here discussing it! But, it didn’t just work, it fucking slayed. Everything about this blazer from the hounds tooth pattern to the huge faux fur cuffs screams posh It Brit style to me and I am so there for it. My new Vinny C number looks fierce buttoned up against the cold but it also looks soft and elegant unbuttoned to display a thin cable knit sweater.

The color palette of the blazer is divine and having it come down into the cuffs in glorious tufts of caramel, black, and cream creates an edgy aesthetic while still looking oh so chic. Whether you pair this Vince Camuto blazer with your favorite sweater dress or knit skirt or just with a basic pair of skinnies, you are going to have a rockin’ OOTD – minimum effort required with maximum style.

What is your favorite type of clothing? How would you style this blazer? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Welcome, Spring! OOTD

Welcome, Spring! OOTD

Hi everyone and welcome to a very special Sunday post! When I got emailed from Nida at Shopaholic Blogs inquiring about guest blogging here on lifewithlilred, I couldn’t say no. Her blog is just darling and I knew that she would do an excellent job. My hunch was right, because she came up with a fabulous OOTD post to welcome spring weather to share on my page. Take a look at what Nida created special for lifewithlilred and then give her page some love:

If there is one thing I enjoy just as much as shopping it’s getting all dressed up 👗! I love mixing and matching different pieces in my wardrobe and getting the most out of my purchases 💵. Adding accessories like scarves, jewelry, and watches can really make your outfit pop!✨
Here’s one outfit that I put together just for spring 💐. Thanks to Sarah from lifewithlilred for giving me the opportunity to do this OOTD post on her awesome blog 😘!
I like to invest in neutral pieces that I can wear different ways and change up with a few accessories.
This look uses one of my favorite color combos especially for warmer weather.
✨ Top & Pants: Loft Petites
The ivory top is light, drapes beautifully, and goes well with the khaki crop pants.
✨ Scarf: Old Navy
I added my pop of color with a coral scarf that has embroidered flower accents .
✨ Blazer: Hollister
The checkered blazer is my way of adding a pattern to the look and gives my casual outfit a more polished finish. (Plus I am forever feeling cold so I always keep an extra layer with me to combat those chills 🌬)
✨ Shoes: Vince Camuto
I’m a flat shoe girl all the way. These ballet flats are super cushiony and cute.
✨ Handbag: Marc Jacobs
I love my tote bags! This is technically a hobo but carries just as much as a medium tote. Plus it has a cross body strap for those days when you want to be hands free!
✨ Watch: Mistura
This adorable watch has a wooden case and a real gold leaf and flower inlay. Perfect for spring  😘!
✨ Nails: Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in Strobe Light
I’m a sucker for all things glittery and sparkly  😍✨. You need at least 3 to 4 coats to get a real shimmer with this polish.
That’s it peeps! 💞 My spring outfit of the day! Hope you guys like the look and many thanks to Sarah for doing this!
Until next time xoxo 💋!
^^^ Isn’t she amazing?! I enjoyed Nida’s post so much that I invited her back for future Sunday articles. Thank you so much again for your adorable Welcome, Spring! OOTD, Nida! What is your favorite piece from your spring wardrobe? What is your favorite season to dress for? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah
 * And once again, be sure to check out Nida’s page at Shopaholic Blogs!

If The Shoe Fits – Vince Camuto Edition

If The Shoe Fits – Vince Camuto Edition

Heyyy everyone and happy Saturday! Welcome to another edition of If The Shoe Fits – Vince Camuto style! With the fall season upon us, I thought it was the perfect time to write about my favorite cold weather booties! Take a look at some more pics of my pretty babies and then let’s discuss the story behind my Vince Camuto’s:


^^^ LOVE!

Once upon a time on Valentine’s Day of 2015, Lil Red got dumped by a guy who she liked a whole lot. I was so crushed and my heart was heavy with sadness. So what did I do? I went shopping! My mom and I hit up TJMaxx for a fuck Valentine’s Day shopping spree and I became the proud owner of my fabulous Vince Camuto booties. As I browsed through the shoe department, my eyes locked on the booties and I grabbed them immediately. They had everything that I love so very much – black, buckles, and a pointed toe. What more could a girl ask for?…Other than a date on Valentine’s Day. -___- #FML

It’s not like I’m bitter or anything……Where was I? Oh yes, so I grabbed the booties and hauled ass to the nearest bench so I could give the Vinny C’s a try and they were absolutely stellar. They fit comfortably, they looked sleek, and most importantly they made me feel a little better. Not only was I in sad girl shoe heaven BUT I was also in ballin on a budget heaven as well because I got my shoes on a marked down price of twenty-nine dolla holla. Such a steal! (And in case you weren’t aware, sad girl shoe heaven and ballin on a budget heaven are two distinctively different places.)

A lot of people argue that it’s unhealthy to have a shopping spree when they’re upset…I SAY OTHERWISE! Seriously, the only thing that made me happy during that stupid lousy holiday was buying my Vince Camuto’s. Pathetic? Maybe. Worth it? Totally. My mental health was saved by a gorgeous pair of chic, sharp, and sassy as hell ankle boots. They made me feel like I could take on the world…and the gallon of ice cream waiting for me in the freezer, but that’s neither here nor there. What I’m trying to say, is that this sexy staple shoe provided me with a confidence boost that I so desperately needed that day. They made me want to get dolled up and shoot a big fuck you text to the worst guy ever. So once again, I say: If you’re emotional, shop away!!

As I mentioned earlier, my Vince Camuto’s are my go to fall shoe. I love pairing them with my black skinnies and wearing them with a cute pair of short shorts with tights underneath. These booties scream “woman on the go” to me, so obviously they’re my default shoe to wear around campus at Tri-C. The combination of a pointed toe with edgy gold buckles is cool in such an effortless way, so it’s easy to see why I turn to these babies for all of my fall footwear needs!

So there you have it, the newest issue of If The Shoe Fits – Vince Camuto Edition! Has anyone had a shopping situation similar to the one I described? What fall shoe are you most excited to break out this season? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Treat Yoself! Valentine’s Day Edition

Treat Yoself! Valentine’s Day Edition

Hey guys! So yesterday I had an absolutely lovely day of Valentine’s Day shopping – TJMaxx and Target were very good to me! I had to treat myself like a princess yesterday because no one else did (lol) and no fucks were given…because no one loves Lil Red better than Lil Red! So here’s the purchases that set my bank account back a little farther than I’d like, but it was so worth it!!!


As usual, here’s a list of the brand names of each item. (All of the pieces pictured above are from TJ’s.)

  • Pointed toe ankle boots: Vince Camuto
  • Quilted tall boots: Rampage
  • Lace peasant skirt: Flying Tomato
  • Harem pants: Japna

I was SO excited when I found my pair of Vince Camuto’s. These beauties were on the clearance rack and I got them for twenty-nine bucks as opposed to the original one hundred and twelve! Such a steal!!! I have a feeling that these are going to be my new go to booties, I seriously plan on wearing them with everything. I’m looking forward to wearing them with my new harem pants, dresses and tights, and of course my black coated skinny jeans (I only wear black coated denim!)! But the beautiful thing about these booties is that they can easily be worn in the summer time as well (which is a nice thing to fantasize about considering it’s a whopping zero degrees in Akron, Ohio -___-). I can’t wait to pair these bad boys with cute little shorts, maxi skirts, and sun dresses all summer long! At Target I found a plain black crop top and a really pretty white lacey one that I tried on but didn’t buy. Naturally, I couldn’t stop thinking about them when I got home, so I went to Target’s website and was so happy to see that the tops were twenty percent off online on top of the extra five percent I get for using my Target Red Card. With all of these deals I got both crop tops for twenty dolla AND I got free shipping. #fabulous I’m pretty hyped about the white crop top because it’s going to match perfectly with my new lace peasant skirt!! It’s gonna look so pretty! :*) I’ve been meaning to get a plain black crop for forever now, so I figured “why not” and bought that too. You can’t beat two for twenty! #treatyoself

^^^ Best shopping themed song EVERRRRR! Jupiter Rising is such a guilty pleasure!

So there you have it, my special Valentine’s Day treat to my favorite gal in the world…ME!!! How did you guys celebrate V-Day yesterday? How did you treat yoself or your significant other? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much Love. -Sarah