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Improving Your Health In The New Year

Improving Your Health In The New Year

Many new year’s resolutions involve losing weight or earning more money. But aside from improving their appearance or bank balance, there is one meaningful resolution that is well worth making this new year. Focusing on improving your health in 2022 is a new year’s resolution that will make a significant difference in your life. Here are some of the ways that you can focus on improving your health in the coming year and make some really positive changes in your life:

Identify Your Goals:

It is hard to reach your goals if you are not entirely sure what you want to accomplish. Deciding on specific areas of your health you hope to improve will help make it easier to focus on achieving this. Simply saying you want to get healthy can make it hard to measure your progress and challenging to see measurable results. But, setting specific goals such as exercising three times a week or breaking free from an addictive habit will ensure you have something clear to aim for, which will help you to stay on track.

Understand What’s Holding You Back:

Often new year’s resolutions are goals people want to achieve throughout the year but keep delaying. Thinking about why you have been holding back on your resolutions is an excellent way to break through the barriers preventing you from taking action. Once you have identified what is preventing you from reaching your goals, you can establish methods to overcome these barriers. When you know what has been holding you back in the past, you should find it easier to commit to successfully reaching your resolutions.

Make a Plan:

After deciding what you hope to achieve from your resolution and identifying the barriers holding you back, it is time to begin making plans. With a clear plan, you can work towards your goals, making steady progress along the way. Thinking about the practical methods you can use to achieve your goals will provide you with a road map to get started and guide you toward achieving them.

Sometimes, getting started on your journey towards achieving a goal is the hardest part. So, putting an action plan in place should help you to start and then continue onward towards realizing your goal. Maybe you plan to beat an addiction, so taking a look at rehablist.org is a great starting point when making your plan. Or, perhaps you want to take a physical exam at your doctor’s office and make your health plans based on this. Whatever your situation, making a plan with a clear starting point is valuable.

Seek Support:

Trying to commit to something as important as improving your health can be challenging, so it is helpful to seek support. Finding the proper help through friends, family, or counseling will make it so much easier for you to commit to focusing on your health in the new year and beyond.

There is no better time than a new year to improve on your health. Use the tips above to be your best, healthiest self in 2022!

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Making Your Small Business Dreams Come True

Making Your Small Business Dreams Come True

For some people, working for themselves is the ultimate dream and starting your own small business is the perfect way to make it happen. From your own Etsy shop to an actual storefront, businesses come in many shapes and sizes and can make for a wonderfully rewarding career. Starting your own business is a lot of hard work and today, we are going to discuss some ideas to help you in your future endeavors. Let’s get started:

Planning Makes Perfect:

A huge portion of starting your business comes from planning ahead and carrying out that plan to make it happen. You can start by asking yourself a few basic questions and going from there:

  • What type of product or service do I want to provide?
  • Do I need any additional certifications, schooling, or training for my business?
  • Will this business be online or in a storefront?
  • How much money am I willing to spend to make this happen?

It is important to have solid and achievable answers to these questions or your business might never get off the ground. For example, if you would like to own a coffee shop or restaurant do you have enough funds to purchase the property or begin restaurant construction? If the answer is no, then it might not be time to quit your day job.

Do You Have Help?

While ultimately rewarding, starting your business can be incredibly stressful and time consuming. Are you going to have a business partner or will you be flying solo? Will you be employing other people to help you? If nothing else, do you have the support of your family and friends on this endeavor? You don’t want to burn yourself out before your business even opens so evaluating the help you will need and having a support system in place is crucial.

What Are Your Goals?

Of course, the end goal of owning a business is being your own boss and making enough money to support yourself. But this is a HUGE goal that will not be accomplished quickly. Rather than focusing so much on the end result, break it up into smaller goals, instead. This will allow you to feel the pleasure of small victories and keep you motivated to continue on the path you’re on. For example:

  • I need to make a budget before I get started
  • I would like to have a functional and appealing website within three months
  • I want to prepare a home office space by the end of the week

By the time you finish your goal list, your business should be well on its way for a grand opening!

Like all good things, starting your own successful business will take time. You can save time, however, by starting things off on the right foot with the tips above!

Rest Of Summer Goals

Rest Of Summer Goals

Hi! Can you believe we are already in August? I feel like July flew by! When the month of August arrives, I always feel like summer is about to be over when, in reality, we still have a good month and a half left. There is still much I want to do in that time, including the following:

Let’s Go To The Movies:

The first movie I saw in theaters since several months prior to the start of the pandemic was Demon Slayer The Movie and it was excellent. Sadly, I haven’t been to a movie since seeing it in May and that definitely needs to change. When Johnny and I first started dating, we were always going on dates to the movies and there is plenty to pick from this summer – especially if you’re a horror fan like us. I am dying to see A Quiet Place 2, The Conjuring 3, and Don’t Breathe 2. A few weeks ago, Johnny and I watched Don’t Breathe because he had never seen it and it is just in time for the sequel’s release later this month. 😀

Fun In The Sun:

I love being able to use the pool at my apartment community and, despite making an effort to go weekly, it still doesn’t feel like enough! There is nothing better than taking a dip on a hot summer day and I just know I will regret not using the pool more often once it closes for the year. To remedy this, I plan on visiting the pool at least two times a week so I can make up for lost time when it wasn’t open last year.

More Pictures, Please:

One of my favorite types of posts to create for lifewithlilred are Outfit Of The Days. It is so much fun to me to style outfits, come up with an idea for a photo shoot, and selecting the perfect pics for my blog. It’s basically just me pretending to be on America’s Next Top Model and I live for it lol. It would be a shame to not take advantage of the beautiful weather and shoot some more summer looks so I am hoping to do another handful of photo shoots before the weather turns. Then, keep it posted for my all time favorite: FALL FASHION!!!

Every Day I’m Hustlin’:

I am on the verge of a 1,000 day writing streak on WordPress and am quickly approaching a year in a row of practicing five languages on Duolingo. I am incredibly proud of this and won’t stop even after I have reached these landmark achievements. It is so exciting to get one step closer to my goals every day and who knows? We just might have to do a 1,000th post extravaganza on lifewithlilred with a giveaway! What do you think? 🙂

Here’s to sunny days and lots of fun for all this August!!

What are your goals for the rest of the summer? Do you have any exciting plans? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

The Planning Nook

The Planning Nook

Sundays are one of my favorite days of the week. It’s such a chill, lazy day and most importantly Sunday evenings have been dubbed the official hang out time for me and my dear friend Kate, whom you’ve read all about! Kate has recently moved into her own apartment, and it’s the most perfect little place in the world. In her apartment there’s this fantastic room with her piano and a big comfy chair that we named the “Planning Nook”. The whole idea of the nook is exactly how it sounds, to plan fun and exciting goals for ourselves and the future. We had a really inspiring Planning Nook session last night which I would love to tell you guys all about!

The night started out with a trip to Sweet Frog, which is the most delicious frozen yogurt ever. If you’ve ever been to Menchie’s it’s basically the same thing as that. Kate opted for a chocolate filled dish while I went for the fruity froyos, which I’ve never tried before. I’m so glad I did though because it was absolutely amazing. I now know my new favorite sweet treat which is a blessing and a curse! Here’s a drool worthy pic of our frozen yogurt before we annihilated it!


YUM!!!! Sweet Frog has an array of toppings to choose from for your yogurt, which includes these fun little things called “poppers”. (If you look at my yogurt dish they’re the orange bubble looking thingies) Anyways, these poppers are SO GOOD! The best way I can describe them is that the little bubble is filled with fruit juice. They had mango, strawberry, and pomegranate poppers to pick from…better believe I put all three of them on my froyo! #turndownforwhat

After our Sweet Frog treat, it was off to Giant Eagle to pick out some wine. Kate is extremely educated in the wine department, and by that I mean she picks out wine that isn’t Barefoot whenever we’re in need of a bottle! Ha! She picked out a delicious made in Ohio wine (#represent) Sweet Revenge by Wolf Creek. It was a blush wine, which usually isn’t my all time favorite, but I really enjoyed it! It was fairly sweet and fruity, so it definitely got the job done! (If you’re interested in learning about Wolf Creek wine, you can visit their website at: http://www.wineryatwolfcreek.com/wines.php)

Once we got our wine, it was off to the Planning Nook! If you notice my featured image, the wine glasses that we were drinking out of was part of my Christmas gift to Kate, in honor of our 2016 trip to Europe! I brought my Victoria’s Secret journal that I got for free (it pays to spend way too much moolah at VS!) to write down all of our ideas in, and I would love to share a few of them with you!


  • Make a rough draft itinerary for our trip to Europe
  • Brush up on our French until said trip
  • Have a coffee date and only converse in French at the end of the year
  • Take a weekend trip to Chicago
  • Make a collaborative blog piece for lifewithlilred

There were quite a few more, but those were my particular favorites, especially the French coffee date goal. When I was in high school, I was very good at French, unfortunately after I graduated I had no one to speak it with, so I essentially lost all of the progress I made in speaking the language. I would love to be at least semi fluent in it again, especially before our trip to Europe. Kate’s mother is a photographer, who will be teaching her craft to Kate these next few months, so some of the pictures you’ll be seeing on here eventually will be done by her, so that’s very exciting!! A lot of great things are going to be happening in 2015, and I’m so thrilled to share a lot of it with one of my best friends!!

What are some of your goals for 2015? What’s one language that you wish you were fluent in? What’s one skill you’d like to learn in this upcoming year? I’d love to hear from you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Happy Monday! -Sarah