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New Year’s Resolutions Worth Keeping

New Year’s Resolutions Worth Keeping

The clock strikes 12, it’s finally 2018. Everybody is celebrating and a lot of people are coming up with new year’s resolutions. A lot of them involve losing weight or drinking less alcohol and they don’t usually last that long. If you go to the gym at the beginning of January, it’ll be packed but just a few weeks later, half of those people have gone. The generic resolutions that people make often go out of the window because they just aren’t that valuable. If you really want to make something stick, you need to pick a great resolution that will make a significant positive change in your life, just like some of these:

Quit Smoking:

We don’t need to tell you that smoking is bad for your health so if you’re a smoker, the start of a new year is a great opportunity to try to quit. The reason that most people fail is because they try to go cold turkey straight away. It’s difficult to succeed that way and if you’re serious about quitting, you need some help. Get some e-cigarettes and CBD juice to replace the cigarettes. It’s not the ideal situation because you’re still relying on that e-cigarette but it’s a good stepping stone and it’s nowhere near as bad for your health. There is also loads of great free help and advice on quitting smoking that you can get, which you can speak to your doctor about.

Drink Less Alcohol:

The key word here is ‘less.’ If you try to cut out drinking completely, you’ll get to the end of the week and find that you fancy a drink with friends. There’s nothing wrong with having a casual drink once or twice a week. What you should be doing instead is just cutting down on drinking. For example, if you would have a drink after work during the week, cut that out and just stick to weekends. Or you could just go out on Saturday instead of Friday and Saturday. These small changes will improve your health and save you a bit of money, but they don’t constitute a huge change to your lifestyle like giving up drinking completely would.

Cut Out Toxic People:

Most new year’s resolutions are focused around improving yourself by cutting out unhealthy habits, but you probably haven’t thought about cutting out people. When you’re around people that are overly negative all of the time, that rubs off on you and it can really affect your mood. If you spend a lot of your time with people like this, it can make you feel very negative yourself which has a knock on effect on all areas of your life and stop you from improving yourself. Cutting somebody out of your life can be difficult and it’s often very awkward, but you’ve just got to be upfront about it. Simply tell them that you don’t want to be around them while they’re being so negative. In a lot of cases, you might find that it’s the kick they need to make a change in their own life and you won’t end up cutting them out at all.

These three resolutions are valuable ones that you can keep easily and will positively affect your health, mental health, and wallet.

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Technology To Keep You On Track


When it comes to health and fitness we could all use a helping hand. Whether it’s counting calories or charting our progress, it can be difficult to keep on top of things when we’re trying to get in shape. Increasingly, the worlds of technology and fitness have been overlapping. Here’s how you could be using some clever tech to get fit just in time for summer:

Healthy Eating: There are plenty of tech gadgets that make eating healthily easier. Apps are particularly popular for those looking to lose weight. We’re told a lot about the importance of keeping a food diary and holding ourselves accountable. This is good advice but can be so difficult (and annoying!) in practice. When we cook at home or eat out it’s difficult to track our calorie and sugar intake. Not only that, but it’s a lot of work to carry around a food diary and fill it in every day.

Certain apps allow users to check their intake easily. These apps are pre-programmed with nutritional information from thousands of restaurants and recipes. Not only can you keep track of your calories, but these apps can also tell you how far away from your goal you are. They can even work out the right amount of calories you should be eating, based on your BMI. Some apps also have features which allow you to input your workout and see how many calories you’ve burned. So handy!



Quitting Your Bad Habit: It’s no surprise that people looking to increase their overall health and fitness try and cut back on any bad habits. Whether your indulgence is chocolate, alcohol, or cigarettes, it’s best to try and curb these less than healthy habits for good. The world of technology came up with vapes and e-cigarettes as an alternative aid for those looking to quit smoking. Vapes and e-cigarettes require liquid and chargers, like the ones found at Vaporesence. This aid to stopping smoking is usually used as a first step on the road to cutting down or cutting out cigarettes altogether for an ultimately healthier lifestyle.


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Lumo: Lumo is at the forefront of some pretty impressive fitness tech. Lumo Run, for instance, is a sensor that you clip onto your running shorts. The device links up to an app on your phone and gives you a post-run analysis. Along with the usual details, Lumo Run can advise you about your running form and even recommend specific personalized exercises. It measures your pelvic drop, rotation, bounce, and braking to come up with feedback on how to improve your technique for a better work out.

Lumo Lift, on the other hand, is all about great posture. Again, you attach a clip to your shirt and it will gently vibrate when you slouch or have bad posture. It can track your posture, calories burned, steps, and distances too. So get those shoulders back, but if not, let Lumo remind you! Now, straighten up!


Go, go, go!

Living Life To The Max? Your Lifestyle Could Be Compromising Your Health


Trying to stay healthy can seem like a minefield littered with poor decisions. Some days it seems like you’re doing just fine and other days it seems like you’re ticking every box on the route to being unhealthy and miserable. In a world full of temptation, it can be easy to make bad choices and fail diets and exercise regimes. Don’t beat yourself up; it isn’t easy to stay on the right path all the time, but it’s not too late to make a difference either. The most important thing to remember is never to give up – if you slip up, chalk it up to experience and keep on trying. Other than poor diet and exercise, unfortunately, there are lots of little things that contribute to poor health, some of which we don’t even consider. Here are just a few aspects of our lifestyles which could be making us unhealthy:

Drinking Too Much: The odd glass of wine or G&T now and then isn’t going to hurt, but when it gets to be more than that, we can be putting our bodies under severe strain. Not only are we taking in excess calories, but it can also lead to liver damage, heart problems, and depression. Quitting or severely cutting down will aid digestion, improve sleep, and make your heart healthier so you’ll see massive improvements quickly.


Cheers! In moderation! 😉

Smoking: As far as bad habits go, smoking is pretty high up the list of unhealthy choices. Risks of cancers and heart disease rise astronomically when you start smoking but it doesn’t have to be that way. Quitting smoking, although tricky for a couple of days, will make your health improve rapidly and cigarettes soon stop being appealing. If you smoke, you’ll be amazed by how much your sense of smell and taste improve when you quit, as well as your own smell (and bank balance).

Partying Too Hard: When we’re young, we live for the weekend. Going to the club and parties are great for socializing, having a good time, and creating memories, but could also be doing untold damage to your health. Aside from the problems with drinking, smoking, and lack of sleep, we expose ourselves to the dangers of drugs and unsafe sex, as well. If you’re concerned about the impact of your party lifestyle on your health, make sure that you visit one of the STD testing clinics near you for a check up and peace of mind.


Partayyy! Also in moderation. 😉

Eating Out: It’s nice to treat ourselves now and then, but eating at restaurants or ordering in too often could be a really unhealthy option. Even if you try to order healthier sounding meals from the menu, it’s usually the case that a lot of salt and sugars are used to make the food taste good. Even salads are usually covered in calorie-rich dressing. Try to cook most of your meals yourself so that you know you’re getting all of the vitamins and minerals you need, but also so you can keep a closer eye on what goes into your food. Your body and wallet will thank you.

Snacking: If it’s not in a meal, then the calories don’t count, right? Well, not exactly. When you allow yourself to snack regularly, you lose touch with your body’s own way of telling you that it’s hungry, which can lead to chronic overeating, which can lead to diabetes and heart disease. On top of all of this, snacking on junk food is obviously flooding your body with unhealthy stuff such as fats and salts, that you just really don’t need. Break the habit by only eating at meal times and allowing yourself to feel hunger – it can take some getting used to, but it’s worth it.


Get behind me, Satan.

Staying Inside: We need fresh air and the sunshine to make us happy, to ensure we’re balanced, and to get the vitamin D that we will go on really poorly without. If your lifestyle is conducive to staying inside basically all the time, it’s super important to find opportunities to go outside, exercise, and enjoy the sun.

Sun Worshiping: A bit of sunshine is really important, but exposing yourself to the sun’s rays too much can lead to much greater issues down the line. Frequent sunburn or tanning can lead to skin cancer, which can be fatal. Too much sun will also affect the elasticity of the skin, meaning we seem to age faster with wrinkles, sun blotches, and general discoloration. If you’re concerned about your exposure to the sun, it’s important that you visit a dermatologist to discuss it.

Reliance on Caffeine: If you’re always tired enough to need caffeine, it’s time to get to the root of the problem, instead of relying on coffee to keep you going. Caffeine is fine in small doses, but when you flood your system with it, you could be risking high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and even worsening anxiety disorders. If you think you drink too much caffeine, try to replace it with water – hydration is great for making us feel more awake. It could also be worth reconsidering your sleeping regime if you’re experiencing excessive tiredness.


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Working Woes: Considering most of us are at our desks (or the equivalent) for at least eight hours a day, it’s not surprising that a lot of our physical complaints can be the result of poor posture, carpal tunnel, or generally just sitting down for too long. If your work consists of sitting at a desk for long periods of time, ensure that your furniture is as ergonomically sound as possible. Not only will you see an improvement in your general well being, but your efficiency at work will also improve with better comfort.

Skipping Sleep: We’re all guilty of staying up too late or getting up too early, but not having enough shut-eye can cause heart problems and mental health issues which is just not worth the risk. We should all be aiming for around eight hours of sleep a night, although some need more and some less. If getting up in the morning is a huge struggle and you’re finding yourself too tired to function during the day, it could be worth considering stepping up your sleep. Make sure you take the time to wind down before bed and avoid electronics for a few hours too. More sleep makes everything feel better.

Explore A Brand New You In 2017: How To Get And Stay Healthy


It’s almost the start of a brand new year, which means – of course! – it’s time to start making those New Year’s resolutions. Here are some tips on how to get healthy in 2017…

Change Your Eating Habits: If you’re planning on losing weight by going on a diet, the first thing to remember is that if you suddenly change everything you eat, you probably won’t be able to maintain that diet for very long. First of all, cut down on snacking between meals – start meal planning and making sure that you eat a good breakfast, lunch, and dinner to make sure that you don’t get hungry during the day. Go for lean proteins and plenty of leafy green vegetables, but don’t cut out sugar and carbs entirely as it’ll be too restrictive. Remember that moderation is the key to success.


Veg out in 2017

Start Gently Exercising: If you aren’t used to doing all that much exercise, now is the time to start! You don’t have to go the gym for hours to get fit. Start off by taking more walks – instead of going in the elevator, try to take the stairs. Or, if you get public transport to and from work, get off the train a stop early and walk for a little more time every day. Not only will you drop some pounds but you’ll also find that you might feel stronger and develop more stamina. If you’re finding it hard to motivate yourself, why not turn exercise into something fun and sociable? Enlist a friend to go to a Zumba or yoga class with you, and go for healthy smoothies afterwards so you can catch up and have a good chat. If you’ve been thinking about getting a pet and you have the resources and time to support that, go for it – this will also help you walk more and get you out of the house.


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Give Up Your Vices: Another year older probably means that you’ve noticed changes in your health. If you’ve smoked for years, then your cough is probably getting worse and you’re more affected by winter colds than you used to be. And if you drink to excess, you might have noticed that your kidneys have started to ache as your body processes the alcohol. If you think you might be drinking too much, or if you use recreational drugs in a way that you’re finding hard to kick, don’t be ashamed – instead tackle your problem head on by investing in some quality addiction treatment.


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Treat Your Chronic Illnesses: If you suffer from a chronic illness, now is the time to get on top of it and to really start feeling healthy. Start taking care of yourself and valuing your body. If you have asthma, make sure that you take your preventative inhaler as often as you’re supposed to, and if you suffer from mental health problems, take your medication as prescribed. You should make sure that you get plenty of fresh air and exercise, while remembering that mental illness does mean that you have your limits and that you shouldn’t push yourself too hard and ultimately feel worse.


 Here’s to a healthy 2017!

Look After Yourself Now, You’ll Still Be Healthy When You’re Old!

Look After Yourself Now, You’ll Still Be Healthy When You’re Old!

Look After Yourself Now, You’ll Still Be Healthy When You’re Old!

I’m one of those people that hates thinking about the future. I guess it kind of scares me and I hate looking ahead to a time where I’m old and wrinkled. You have to enjoy life while you’re in your prime right? But lately, I’ve begun to realize something. If I don’t look after myself now, I’m going to have a terrible life when I’m older. It’s all very well saying that it’s years away. But old age will be on us sooner than we think. Just look at the celebs who haven’t aged quite so wonderfully. Matt Le Blanc used to be a heartthrob. Now he’s…well, still a heartthrob. But a heartthrob with gray hair and a few wrinkles around the eyes. Now that I’ve thoroughly depressed you let’s look at ways to make sure your later years aren’t plagued with poor health.

Be Mindful Of Your Body: We all do crazy things when we’re younger. It’s fun to take chances and try things like bungee jumping or skydiving. Who knows, maybe you’ve gone white water rafting? These aren’t the types of things that I’m talking about. It’s the constant routine ways we hurt our body that I’m starting to get worried about. You know, things like running. I’m sure plenty of my readers love a good run in the evening after work. But did you know running could cause you to develop arthritis as early as 35? It could, particularly if you’re not running in the right shoes. Putting immense pressure on your joints could cause them to age a lot faster than you would like. You might have already noticed the signs with pain in your knees. There is platelet rich plasma for arthritis relief. but ideally, you don’t want to find yourself in this position at all.

Let Bad Habits Die: They say bad habits die hard and I certainly agree. But we still need to try, don’t we. We should be listening to the scientists about the things we do that are slowly killing us. Smoking, drinking, drugs, bingeing. All of these bad habits are having an adverse effect on our health. It’s time to get rid of them for good and stop leaving them for failed New Year’s resolutions. New Year’s resolutions are gimmicks. If you want to quit something, do it. Don’t wait for everyone else to start trying to get the monkeys off their backs. You need to start planning to quit right now!


Pixabay Photo

Stay Mentally Active: Lastly one of the things that terrifies me the most about getting older is the risk of Dementia. That’s why I’m determined to do everything I can to avoid it. Research shows the best thing that you can do is keep your mind active. Don’t just binge TV every night. Pick up a book and complete crosswords, jumbles (my favorite!), or sudoku. If you do this, you’ll ward off the dangers of dementia that have destroyed so many lives.


Exercise your mind!

There are plenty of preventative measures to take to keep yourself young no matter what your age. What are some of the ones that you utilize daily?

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Quitting Smoking

Quitting Smoking

So I made the decision to try quitting smoking on Thursday of last week. Since then, I’ve only had two cigarettes. Let me tell you, I’ve been fiending for a cigarette every day, and last night I finally caved and had one because I was so stressed out. All of this stuff with trying to get registered for college, and looking for a new job has just been a whirl wind of anxiety for me. I just want one thing to go my way for once, so I’m really REALLY hoping I get the job at Next, which I interviewed for yesterday. My fingers and toes have been crossed all day, and it would make me so happy if I was offered a job. It would relieve so much stress to get one out of my two major issues (college and job) tackled. I had a minor freak out last night about it and my need for a cig was too strong to fight! Lucky for me, my sister smokes the same kind of cigarettes I do, so it was easy access for me to grab one. I thought that not smoking for a few days straight would help ease the desire for a cigarette, but it did just the opposite. My cravings are insane and my anxiety is through the roof. I feel like I gained a few pounds too from not smoking so frequently, so that really wigs me out as well, because I’m such a freak about my body and my weight. I really hope all of this gets easier these next few days, because I feel my anxiety building up in me like a big rubber ball and it’s seconds away from shooting off. I feel so irritable all the time. I know the easy way out would just be to go buy a pack of my beloved Marlboro Smooths, but I’ve made it close to five days with only two bummed cigarettes – I have to keep going. I could really use some love and encouragement, guys. These past few days have been so rough. Please, please keep your fingers and toes crossed for this job I interviewed for, it would mean a lot to me! Have a great Tuesday everyone! -Sarah


Big Bloggin is my Hobby

Big Bloggin is my Hobby

So….drum roll pleeeease…..I’m trying to quit smoking! I’m going on day three of not having a cigarette and let me tell you…I feel like shit. BUT I already felt like shit from the cold I caught this weekend, so I figured now would be a good time to quit, especially since I haven’t been smoking because of said cold. I’m really hoping the withdrawal symptoms will just blend into how achey, tired, and congested I’m already feeling, so I don’t get a double whammy of withdrawal once I recover from my cold. I started smoking when I was about thirteen, and then started smoking super regularly at about fifteen or sixteen. I’m twenty years old now, and I’m ready to quit. I’m ready to start feeling more healthy and to start saving some moolah. Six dollars per pack really adds up quick! Especially since I’m going to be a broke college kid soon, I need to put my money towards something better than ciggies. Literally every time I try to quit, I cave after about four or five days, so PLEASE wish me luck, god knows I’m gonna need it. I also really think not working at the mall anymore is going to help immensely, because smoking on break is such a normal, social thing to do during your day at work. I’m not gonna lie, I kind of wish my cold will just carry on all week, so I feel incapable of smoking. When I tried a cig the other day I damn near coughed up a lung. So here goes nothing, here goes a healthier lifestyle and a nice fat wallet! Does anyone have any tips that helped them when they quit smoking? If so, pleeeease leave me a comment, because I’ll need all the help I can get! Have a happy, healthy evening everyone! -Sarah