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Hi-Tech Your House Out

Hi-Tech Your House Out


Technology is every where and is used for almost every thing. A trip to the shops? You take the car or other transport. In the stores themselves you can see aisles full of the latest gizmos and gadgets. So why let your home fall behind in the times? There’s so much cool technology out there that it would be silly to not deck your home out with it. There’s not just the tech for showing off, but there’s also the ones that will actually aid you and save you a lot of money in the long run. Let’s have a look at what you can put in each room to help you get the most bang for your buck in your home:


Let’s start with something that’s going to aid you in the long run. A dehumidifier. You may not realise it, but whenever you cook and the room gets a little steamy, opening the windows doesn’t stop it from sticking to the walls to begin with. If you’re one of those people that chooses not to open the windows, then chances are that over time you’re going to get a build up of mold somewhere. A dehumidifier is perfect for preventing this. They don’t cost that much, and it could save you a lot of money from preventing an unneeded mold issue.

Living Room:

This is the center of the house, so why not have the best tech in it? Whether you’re having a cozy night in or family and friends round, use it as the room to wow them with the biggest most beautiful television that you can find. The way that TV tech has advanced in the last two years is incredible. Look into getting yourself a large, preferably 50-60 inch curved 3D TV. As big of a mouthful as it may be, the picture quality it’ll give you is insane. Try and get a 4K one and you’ll be blown away. Your kids will absolutely love the 3D element, and it’ll definitely amaze any guests that you have over. Yes, it may be pricey, but a TV lasts a long while, so it is definitely a worth while investment. Couple it with a surround sound system and it will really give that cinema quality to any film you’re watching.

Another essential piece of tech, for both the summer and the winter months, is a dual heating and cooling system, also known as an HVAC. During the colder months that are approaching, you can use it to keep your home nice and toasty. Come the summer months, reverse it and it’ll be an excellent cooling system. They are more efficient and easier to control than normal heating, and the fact that it can heat and cool is so handy. Look for HVAC contractors that can install it for you. You’ll be loving your lounge before you know it!


The bedroom is the place where you retreat to escape the madness of the day. So put some tech in there that’s going to make life that little bit easier. Take the Amazon Echo for example. Yes, it can be used anywhere in the house, but it has some neat features to help you out. Simply say “Alexa, set an alarm for eight AM”. Pretty lazy right? But we live in a lazy generation, so finding a few shortcuts along the way can only help! You can also ask it about traffic on your route to work whilst you’re getting ready, this gadget finds out everything for you. So utilise it!

The Dyson Eye can be used anywhere in the house, but it is wonderful for your bedroom quarters. It’s basically a little robotic hoover that’ll go around on its own vacuuming areas. This is perfect for the bedroom, as it’s usually the room with the smallest amount of walking space. This little robot buddy will prevent constant bashes into the wall with your clunky old vacuum!

Technology is changing daily and can only make your home even more amazing. Do your research and find out which gizmos will work best for you!!

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Technology – The Secret Ingredient Of Success

Technology – The Secret Ingredient Of Success

More and more businesses are relying on technology to make their operations more, well, awesome, efficient, productive, secure, and profitable. The big problem is keeping up with the Lewis Hamilton paced world of advancing tech, which is complicated further by the fact that business leaders, like you, already have their hands full with the other tasks that keep their company in the here and now.

Luckily for you, we have taken the time to cast a rather glorious spotlight on exactly which areas of your business can be greatly improved by the introduction of the right technology. What’s more, we’re not going to waste any more of your time getting to the point:

Mobile Is The Number One Must-Have: For all of the different technology that there is out there, none has crashed into our lives like a New Year’s Eve fireworks display more than the mobile. Last year alone, more than six billion people tuned into a mobile device. Of course, this is quite a big entity in its own right, so to narrow it down a bit more, the areas you need to concentrate on are having a responsive website, a well-tested app, and mobile payment capabilities to keep your company in check with the tech savvy.


 Off the subject, but I like that bag!

It’s Time To Automate Your Marketing: In a world where time is the most valuable commodity and marketing is the number one way to grow your business, being able to combine the two is becoming increasingly important. Not only this, but they will also dent your need to hire another costly marketing agency-slash-executive. The major benefits on the efficiency front come in the form of lead generation, segmented messages, tailored responses based on actions, and their seamless integration with CRM platforms.

Nothing Is More Important Than Security: Making sure that your business is safe and secure falls into the category of “Pretty Darn Important” for a plethora of reasons. There is the trust you give to your customers, the peace of mind you give to your clients, the reputation you need to protect and, of course, your profit margin. In terms of technology, we recommend you look for a home surveillance camera for sale, something that will let you monitor your physical space and employees from your mobile and not just online threats. That said, the advancements in tech have also made it easier to protect your email accounts, bolster your firewall, and secure both your wireless network and your browsers.


 Hands up for security!!

Call In The Collaboration Tools: There are a thousand reasons why you need to adapt to the remote world in which we live; reasons that range from attracting top talent to keeping business overheads down. However, in order to make remote working a viable option, you need to invest in the best collaboration tools. Sure, this may not be much of an issue now, but it is projected that over 60% of workers will work remotely by 2022. The platform we are loving at the moment is Google Team. It offers real-time collaboration on a virtual chat-based work space that is designed to make collaboration more accessible and efficient. Music to your ears, huh?

The world of technology is fast paced and constantly changing, and it is up to you as a business leader to keep on top of the ball so that you can keep your company at the top of the ranks.

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Keeping Multiple Doors Open Throughout Your Career

Keeping Multiple Doors Open Throughout Your Career

Securing a great career is one of the most rewarding accomplishments that anyone can ever achieve. But given the fact that we are individuals, you cannot fall into the trap of placing all of your eggs into one basket. Maintaining a sense of flexibility could be the key to finding a pathway tailored to your unique needs. As such, keeping multiple doors open is essential.

Gaining a sense of direction is important, or else your career could start moving backwards. Nonetheless, retaining a sense of versatility will bring many benefits as you aim to juggle the various aspects of your life. Here’s how you can achieve that goal in just five easy steps:

1) Don’t commit to the longest course: You never know when an opportunity may surface. You may even have a chance to secure your dream job without taking your education to the very highest level. Community college transfers allow you to switch over to an advanced course after graduation from a foundation level. Split your education into two parts and see where you stand at the end of part one. With the money saved thanks to reasonable community college tuition costs, you’ll be glad that you did!

2) Be open to digital opportunities: The evolution of modern tech has opened up several new doors ranging from freelance work to working at home. Build a suitable home office space, and your prospects will look better than ever. Not only can this enable you to reduce the need for commuting, but it may allow you to work during hours that are better suited to your current lifestyle. If you’re a parent, for example, this can make a world of difference to your family life and financially.

3) Consider learning a new language: Let’s face it; the world of business is a smaller place than ever, and even small companies now do international deals. Having the ability to work with clients and partners from all over the world will make you a far more attractive prospect for employers. Moreover, it could potentially open up the possibility of relocating for another role. That might not be an avenue you wish to take, but having the option can only be a positive. And, if nothing else, learning something new is fun!

4) Sign up to job sites and networking channels: In business, it’s often who you know that matters. As such, using LinkedIn and similar platforms can be hugely helpful. Meanwhile, posting your details for potential employers to find you could result in new jobs being offered to you. Even if you’re happy in your current role, you should never rule out the possibility of something better being out there. You might not necessarily chase those vacancies. But still, shutting the door on them completely would be a tragedy.

5) Have the ambition to do something on the side: This could mean increasing your skills with additional courses and experience. Alternatively, you may wish to start a small business of your own with a goal to eventually make it your full-time career. In any scenario, following your passions in a productive fashion can bring many rewards. Not only for your long-term earning potential but for your continued happiness, as well.

The business world is expanding daily with new advances and ideas. Being open to all of the future possibilities only makes sense in a world of constant change!

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Technology To Keep You On Track


When it comes to health and fitness we could all use a helping hand. Whether it’s counting calories or charting our progress, it can be difficult to keep on top of things when we’re trying to get in shape. Increasingly, the worlds of technology and fitness have been overlapping. Here’s how you could be using some clever tech to get fit just in time for summer:

Healthy Eating: There are plenty of tech gadgets that make eating healthily easier. Apps are particularly popular for those looking to lose weight. We’re told a lot about the importance of keeping a food diary and holding ourselves accountable. This is good advice but can be so difficult (and annoying!) in practice. When we cook at home or eat out it’s difficult to track our calorie and sugar intake. Not only that, but it’s a lot of work to carry around a food diary and fill it in every day.

Certain apps allow users to check their intake easily. These apps are pre-programmed with nutritional information from thousands of restaurants and recipes. Not only can you keep track of your calories, but these apps can also tell you how far away from your goal you are. They can even work out the right amount of calories you should be eating, based on your BMI. Some apps also have features which allow you to input your workout and see how many calories you’ve burned. So handy!



Quitting Your Bad Habit: It’s no surprise that people looking to increase their overall health and fitness try and cut back on any bad habits. Whether your indulgence is chocolate, alcohol, or cigarettes, it’s best to try and curb these less than healthy habits for good. The world of technology came up with vapes and e-cigarettes as an alternative aid for those looking to quit smoking. Vapes and e-cigarettes require liquid and chargers, like the ones found at Vaporesence. This aid to stopping smoking is usually used as a first step on the road to cutting down or cutting out cigarettes altogether for an ultimately healthier lifestyle.


Pixabay Image

Lumo: Lumo is at the forefront of some pretty impressive fitness tech. Lumo Run, for instance, is a sensor that you clip onto your running shorts. The device links up to an app on your phone and gives you a post-run analysis. Along with the usual details, Lumo Run can advise you about your running form and even recommend specific personalized exercises. It measures your pelvic drop, rotation, bounce, and braking to come up with feedback on how to improve your technique for a better work out.

Lumo Lift, on the other hand, is all about great posture. Again, you attach a clip to your shirt and it will gently vibrate when you slouch or have bad posture. It can track your posture, calories burned, steps, and distances too. So get those shoulders back, but if not, let Lumo remind you! Now, straighten up!


Go, go, go!

Careers For The Tech Savvy Person

Careers For The Tech Savvy Person

It’s 2017, and our world is now pretty much exclusively dominated by technology. If you roll back the years, some of the advancements we now have would have seemed very far fetched to people back then – just look at the size of cell phones twenty years ago to how they are now! But, one thing is clear, and that is that technology is always developing. This is partially what makes it so exciting, as it is only going to get better from here. With this in mind, it’s little wonder why so many people choose to work in the technology sector. It is worth billions globally, and if you can get your foot in the door, a job in tech can be both rewarding and secure. Here are just a few examples of technology-based careers so that you can be part of this century’s most exciting revolution:

IT Support: If you’ve ever worked for a business before, you will know that the IT department is exclusive to the company’s day to day efficiency. As advanced as computers are these days, some things are bound to go wrong from time to time, and most people with office based roles don’t always have the skills needed to resolve these issues quickly. This is where IT support staff comes in, as it will be their job to get things back up and running so the day can carry on as normal. IT support staff fills some different roles. For example, you could be a computer networking specialist by trade, so you can be responsible for getting a whole company’s system up and running again after it’s gone down. This type of help is invaluable in a business, so whether you are in-house or agency based, you can guarantee that you’ll never be out of work in a job like this.

Web Designer: Do you like problem-solving and working independently? If so, a job as a web developer could be the ideal career for you. Web developers work predominantly with code, which you may have heard of before. It comes in two forms: HTML and CSS, and to most people looks like a bit of a foreign language! However, it is actually simply the code on which websites are built. It can take a while to learn, but if you love precision and are a naturally focused person, a role as a web developer could suit you to the T.

App Designer: Since cell phones became the highly developed devices we know them as today, it can sometimes seem that there is no limit to what they can do. Every smartphone now comes with the option to download apps onto it for a variety of different reasons: organization, entertainment, business…there is literally an app for anything these days! Apps are complex pieces of software that require a skilled technician to build them and integrate them for mobile use. By becoming an app developer, you can work with some really exciting brands and help them bring their visions to life right on your phone screen!


Is it just me, or is photos spelled wrong?!

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5 Gadgets That Can Make Your Life Easier


Hi everyone and happy weekend! This post is compliments of my friend, Amelia, from thetrustcompass. In a world full of gizmos and gadgets, this article is dedicated to helping you pick out the best new toys possible to make your day to day life a total breeze. Check out Amelia’s author bio and then read on for the latest in the technology that you need ASAP:

Hello, Amelia here from thetrustcompass.com! I am a technology expert and have experience writing for several websites. When it comes to anything technology related, Thetrustcompass is your one stop destination. It has useful posts on a wide range of topics and detailed reviews of products related to technology, outdoor games, and health to help buyers make informed choices and spend their money wisely.

5 Gadgets That Can Make Your Life Easier

Today, more than ever, we are highly dependent on tech gadgets to help us run our life, and luckily, more and more smart products are doing just that. They connect to our phone, so we can operate them remotely, which gives us more time to focus on chores that need winding, or grab a few more minutes of rest and recuperation.

But do all gadgets truly uncomplicate our lives? Yes, cutting-edge phones and 4K TVs are worth drooling over, but are very heavy on the wallet, too. A fitness tracker might help us live healthier, but being constantly nagged by a device isn’t very zen. A drone might aid in capturing some beautiful angles, but only if you’re adept at not crashing it. A smartphone might let you communicate with anyone in the world, but too much social media can be pervasive and pesky. State-of-the-art VR kits and the best 3D pens are taking innovation to a new level, but a good gadget should not only be solving the problem, but also making life easier.

The best tech devices are ones that make some part of our day easier, whether it’s getting ready for work, cooking a meal, sticking to our walks, or just catching the morning news. There are devices that make all of this possible with no more effort on our part than setting up an accompanying app. Below, we’ve rounded up a few gadgets that can add to our day, but don’t demand much in return and none of them will wind up being ‘another thing to worry about’.

1 – Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo Dot is a hands-free, Bluetooth speaker that can be operated with voice commands. The Dot can be synced with your wireless router and all of your smart devices including Nest and Samsung SmartThings, as well as other wirelessly controlled lights, fans, and sprinklers. You can tell the Dot to “play my music” to stream Prime Music, Spotify, or IHeartRadio through the device, your headphones, or Bluetooth speakers. The Dot will tell you how bad the traffic is, what weather can be expected, and list movie show timings. You can ask the Dot to tell you headlines from sources like NPR, CNN, Bloomberg, and Discovery News while you’re getting dressed, so that you know the latest buzz before you leave the door in the morning. These features help make everyday tasks a little easier. Tring! That’s your Dot reminding you to take that cake out of the oven- it works as an alarm clock, too.

2 – The Universal Switch

With dozens of tech gadgets buzzing in our instant environment, what if we had one super ‘switch of all switches’ that could turn on or off all electrical activity in a second, at our will, and without us getting off the couch?  Enter The Belkin WeMo Insight Switch! This Switch is a standard plug, but on steroids! It plugs into an existing AC outlet, connects to your WiFi network, and then lets you turn on or off whatever is plugged into the outlets, through its app- a lamp, fan, space heater, or what have you. If you suspect a device is using too much energy, you could have it automatically shut down once it hits a certain cost for the day. It even works with Amazon Echo, which is super convenient.

3 – Power Bank

Picture these scenarios: You’re hiking on top of a mountain, taking panoramic shots of the scenic sights, and as you reach the summit, your phone decides it’s time to play dead. Or you’re trying to drive with your phone’s GPS app, and your phone decides to leave you hanging. Chances are, you’ve probably been in a situation where your phone has died at the most inopportune time. That’s why, a portable battery charger, or Power Bank is something that you should definitely invest into. It gives you the freedom and power to power up to three dead devices while you’re out and about and not near a power source. These power banks are small and super-easy to carry. The next time your phone dies before you can call that cab home, you know what you have to do.

4 – Tile

If you’re forgetful or have too many gizmos to keep track of, the Tile Mate is made for you. This little gadget is designed to loop onto or attach to, well, just about anything else you own. Once attached, the tracker sends location data to an app on your phone. If you don’t know where you put your keys, you can send the Tile Mate command to ring. The diminutive Bluetooth tracker can talk with (and remotely ring) your phone from over 100 feet away, telling you exactly where you left your particular item. If you’re worried you might lose something valuable, throw a Tile on it.

5 – Google Chromecast

The Google Chromecast is one of the best ways to use your regular TV as a smart device. The small, circular device plugs into an HDMI port on your television. Once there and connected to your Wireless internet, it can stream a heady range of entertainment apps, such as Netflix, Go, Hulu, and HBO. Just plug it in, pair it with your phone, tap your app’s Cast button, and enjoy. The $35 price-sticker doesn’t hurt, either. If you’ve ever wanted to smarten up your speakers, the Chromecast Audio is just as simple to use. Chromecast comes with thousands of apps and more than 30 million songs and radio stations. Better yet, it includes a mirroring feature so you can beam what’s on your Android phone to the TV.

Get yourself equipped with these smart gadgets and make your life a walk in the park!


^^^ Thank you again to Amelia for updating my readers on the latest and greatest technology that’s on the market! What is one gadget that you can’t live without? Do you think you could handle a day without your smartphone? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Update Your Home! Five Appliances That Will Make Your Life Easier


These days, most of us are obsessed with convenience. We want things to be easy and to take as little time as possible – but at the same time, many of us are concerned with being thought of as lazy by other people. Luckily, there is a middle ground. There are a number of appliances that were once thought to be luxuries that have become necessities in the home over the last ten years – read on to find out more…

Dishwasher: Is there a bigger time waster than having to wash dishes? It’s one of those household chores that will always be done with resentment – especially because with every next meal you’ll just end up with another load of dirty dishes to wash. There’s no need to martyr yourself by doing washing up that you hate. Invest in a dishwasher so you don’t have to waste any more time or energy on your dirty dishes. Or have the possibility of touching wet food in the sink!! YUCK!


 Pixabay Image

Heated Towel Rail: Throughout the winter, showering becomes a problem. Of course, we all like to stay clean through the whole year – but no one enjoys that feeling of stripping off their pajamas in the cold air on a winter morning before stepping into the shower! Even worse is the coldness of climbing out again before you have your towel wrapped around you. It’s important, then, to make sure that you have a warm, cozy towel to heat you up when you get out of the shower. It’ll also dry your towel when you’re done, stopping it from smelling like a combination of damp and bath soap!


 I think I need a heated towel rack!

Microwave: A lot of people think of microwaves as the epitome of laziness but that is absolutely and categorically untrue. They promote convenience, but there’s no reason that that is a bad thing. Not only can you make cakes in microwaves these days, but you can also heat up leftovers from the previous day and use them quickly when you don’t want to have to clean up any pans or utensils. Check out Oven Shopper to find out which microwave is the best one for you and your family.


 Dream kitchen!

White Noise Machine: If you don’t sleep well at night, then a white noise machine is an absolutely essential investment. A lot of people can’t sleep in silence and are woken up by sudden small noises. A white noise machine will cover them up and enable you to sleep well in near-silence without the low hum of the TV disturbing your partner. So cool!



E-Reader: One of the best ways to expand your mind and open yourself up to the world around you is to read. Not only can you explore fictional worlds a million miles away from where you are, but you can also consider new ideas that will challenge you and force you to re-evaluate yourself – which is always a good thing! E-readers are useful because you can keep your entire library with you at all times. That means that you’ll never have to worry about what book to read next – and because of their size and weight, they’re much easier to take on vacation than a huge stack of paperbacks. The Kindle that I got from my boyfriend is one of my absolute favorites and I cannot recommend investing in an E-Reader enough!


 Bragging rights for whoever can name that book!

Make Your Home Life Easier By Getting To Grips With These Great Gadgets


Technology is an amazing thing. The achievements of the modern day make life a lot easier than it used to be. It’s not just everyday life that gadgets can help with, either. Installing some devices around your home can take the hassle out of those jobs that we all love to hate. All you need to do now is know which ones to install. We’ve got a rundown of a few things you need in your home right now. Don’t do things the hard way. Get connected to get on top!

Garage Door Openers: The garage door has long been a point of contention. Having to get out of the car to open the door is always a chore. Not to mention that you have to maneuver the vehicle so that you have enough space to get that door open! Garage door openers are the oldest gadget on this list, but they’re one no home should be without. Openers, like those found at www.garageautomatics.com will take the hassle out of parking. Some options use a remote control while some work automatically. Whatever you choose, it’s an investment worth making. Entering and exiting your home won’t be the chore that it once was with one of these in your life!


 Wikimedia Image

WiFi Thermostats: Do you often find yourself returning to a cold house? Do you dread getting out of bed in the morning because of the cold that is lurking outside your duvet? You needn’t suffer anymore. With the invention of the WiFi thermostat, it’s never been easier to turn the heating on. For years, thermostats have given the option of timed heating. That’s not always practical, though. The amount of heat you waste with this option is insane. Plus, it’s never warm when you need it to be!

With a WiFi thermostat, you can connect your heating straight to your phone. That way, you don’t even need to be at home to turn the heat on! Turn your thermostat on when you leave the office and return to a toasty warm house! Forgetting to shut down the heating won’t be a problem with one of these, either. You can just open the app on your phone and turn the heat off from wherever you are. Save time and money with one of these bad boys!


 So Handy!

Automatic Vacuum Cleaners: Cleaning is a chore that none of us relish. We may all be dreaming of robots that can clean the whole house, but technology isn’t quite there. The good news is, is that it’s not far off. If you hate vacuuming, then you need an automatic vacuum cleaner in your life. With one of these, you’ll never have to worry about the job again. Just set your automatic cleaner to roam your house, and it’ll clean as it goes. You can connect these to your phone too so that you can ensure a clean room for your return! Automatic vacuum cleaners have been around for a while now, so there are many options. If you’re unsure of which one is best, sites like  www.toptenreviews.com can give you an idea of the top products on the market.


DJ Roomba! Parks & Rec, anyone?

How To Get The Most Out Of Your New Tech

How To Get The Most Out Of Your New Tech

If you’ve shelled out on an expensive gadget just in time for Christmas, then you’re going to want to get the most out of it. That means everything from optimizing it to protecting it. The first thing you must do when you purchase a new gadget is to buy a good case for it. There are plenty of options on the market but don’t just go for style. It won’t matter how good your new iPad case looks if it disintegrates on contact with the floor. Buy the case that will give your iPad the best protection from the elements and the occasional drop. A good case is going to save you a lot of money in the long run. If you’ve spent a lot on a gadget, you’re going to want to protect it like it is your home.

If your gadget has a huge screen area in comparison to its chassis, that means that it is mostly glass. You should know exactly how fragile glass is! Along with a good case, investing in a screen protector won’t only protect your phone or tablet from the oils that your skin leaves behind and smudges from swiping, but it could stop your screen from shattering upon contact with the ground. Invest in a tempered glass screen protector if you dislike the feel of the plastic versions.

A power bank is a modern essential. Phones seem to run out of juice more quickly than ever before. A good power bank will not only give your phone a new charge to full from zero, but it will also do it again and again. Most power banks will work with a wide range of portable gadgets, so if your Kindle runs out just before the end of the chapter, you’ve now got your answer. As with cases, there are plenty of options on the market. Just do your research on a site like IThingum before you lay down the cash.

A good SD card is a lifesaver if your gadget allows it. Most Apple products won’t, but if you’re an Android head, then you’re in luck. An SD card will upgrade the storage of your device to levels that you’ll be able to appreciate if you take too many photos! A 32gb upgrade will do the trick for most and it won’t set you back too much. It might even increase the lifespan of your device.

You should also download anti-virus software for your new device. Mobile devices, as well as laptops, are increasingly becoming targeted by cyber-criminals. Scan your systems and ensure that you are protected from the get-go. The consequences of this are disastrous and could leave you in a bad place. Don’t take the risk!

If you’ve got a new gadget, you’re going to need to look after it to get the most out of it. With portable devices, there’s not much more that you need to do as most are already optimized for performance. Just give your gadgets a boost and the occasional clean, and they will serve you well. IF you choose to neglect them, they are going to fail sooner than you could have prepared for.

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Six Useful Technical Skills You Can Make A Living From

Six Useful Technical Skills You Can Make A Living From

When it comes to considering a career, nothing beats having technical skills. Having the ability to do something practical which many people can’t do will instantly stand out to employers. Not only that, but you can often make your own business or freelancing venture with your technical skills. The best thing is that you can learn many of these skills without having to take a college course. All it takes is some time and dedication. You can learn many of these through short training sessions or even at home!

Many kinds of technical skills can help you make a living. Almost all of these revolve around using a computer. That makes them even easier to learn, as often all you need is your computer and the internet to learn them. A lot of the times, these skills also involve a lot of creativity. It makes for a much more fulfilling job than simply filling in data or working at a cash register.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you could even learn more than one. Having a range of practical skills is useful for getting hired. Many can also be used to offer profitable freelance services. If you’re ready to start learning a technical skill, here are some of the most useful ones to learn.

Graphic Designing: Excellent graphic designing is a skill that’s in high demand and people will pay a lot for ones that do a fantastic job. There are many routes that you can take with graphic designing. Learning how to use Adobe PhotoShop allows you to create enticing posters, flyers, and other materials. Businesses will appreciate this, as they often need these kinds of images created for them.

Graphic designing also comes in handy when it comes to creating websites. Web designers often need someone to design the graphical interface of a website. If you learn both graphic design and web coding, you could become a skilled solo web designer. Nonetheless, even knowing how to create attractive web graphics by yourself will pay off.

Graphic designing is a skill which yields many opportunities for employment. But a lot of people who are skilled create their own businesses. You can appeal to both businesses and individuals with graphics design skills. People need all kinds of things designed – from leaflets to t-shirt designs. If you want to take things a step further, you could even learn about 3D designing and modeling. This is a skill often used in animation, product design, and things like architecture and interior design.

Video Editing: With YouTube becoming the second most popular website in the world, video editing skills are more valued than ever. All kinds of businesses want to create video content for their company these days. People even pay for video editing skills for personal projects. Of course, learning video editing can also come in handy if you plan to become a content creator yourself.

Adobe’s Premiere Pro is a world-leader when it comes to video editing, as it works well on both Mac and Windows. Other software such as Apple Final Cut and Sony Vegas Pro is also useful for advanced video editing. It doesn’t hurt to become proficient in multiple programs.

It’s easy to get started in video editing. You can invest in some video editing software and start practicing yourself. There are also training courses which can help you learn fast. For instance, you could take Premiere Pro training classes to learn the software in less than a week.

Many companies hire video editors as part of their media operations. You can also offer your skills on a freelance basis, editing videos for various people. You might want to dabble in video creating and editing yourself by building a YouTube channel. If you become a video-editing whiz, you might even be able to achieve heights of becoming a film or TV editor.

Languages: Having a good command of more than one language is an extremely valued skill. Businesses who need to communicate with international clients will need someone to translate. Some companies need people who can speak multiple languages to deal with overseas colleagues and customers.

In fact, there’s never been a better time to learn new languages. Being able to speak a foreign language is the hottest job skill right now, with 25,000 jobs for interpreters expected to open up by 2020. Government institutions often need those who can speak different languages. The military also hires foreign interpreters relentlessly. Even Fortune 500 companies value multi-linguists.

It’s also a great skill to have for freelancers. Those offering their interpreting skills on a freelance basis can make a serious amount of money. You could also get some exciting opportunities. For instance, you could translate and interpret interviews at sporting events.

A degree will help you get the best opportunities. But you can also learn new languages at home with sites like Duolingo. Usually, the lesser-spoken languages are more valuable. You can get lucrative opportunities by learning Arabic, Farsi, and Asian languages. You could also teach in foreign countries or tutor language students.


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Coding And Programming: Learning how to code a website or program some great software is a highly useful and profitable practical skill. There are many different coding and programming languages you can learn. But if you learn one, you’ll be able to pick others up much easier.

You might want to start with HTML. It’s the primary language used in creating websites. There are many online resources which can help you get started. The fundamentals only take a short time to learn, but it’ll take more time to create more advanced websites. Make sure you find out how to code a site that’s functional on all browsers. Learning to code to W3C standards is also helpful.

Learning PHP and JavaScript is also necessary for professional web designing. You can add things like forms and dynamic web apps using these languages. You should also learn CSS, which is used to style websites. You should also become familiar with MySQL databases. These are often used for managing databases on sites with a base of users.

When it comes to programming software, Java, C, and C++ are the most popular programming languages. You might also want to learn some of the top programming languages for mobile development. The smartphone app market is becoming huge. Learning to create useful and engaging apps is a highly valued skill. You could get paid to develop apps for business, or even create your own and profit from them.

Writing: Writing is becoming more and more valued in today’s content-heavy market. Businesses often hire talented writers to create blogs and promotional materials for them. Those with creative copy-writing skills could also work in advertising writing jingles and scripts.

You should also look into technical writing. It involves simplifying complex materials for a wider audience. It’s a valuable skill, particularly for writing things like instruction manuals and white papers.

The best way to develop writing skills is to get plenty of practice. Creating a blog and taking on freelance writing jobs will help you to develop a portfolio. Although education can help, your body of work will be the most important factor in getting lucrative opportunities.


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Sound Editing: Audio editing is another skill that comes in handy, especially for freelancers. You can use free software like Audacity for basic editing jobs. Becoming proficient in programs like Adobe Audition and Avid Pro Tools will allow you to take on more complicated jobs.

You can take on various sound editing tasks, like editing radio advertisements and video voice-overs. Those who want to take things a step further may want to get into audio engineering. Those who master sound engineering software are capable of becoming music producers or working on sound for films.

Like other technical skills, you can find resources such as YouTube tutorials and courses to learn. It’s a talent that can take you a long way if you dedicate yourself to it.

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