Small Things You Can Do To Be Healthier In The New Year


It’s not long until the New Year now. That usually means thinking about all of the things that we’d like to change and improve. The problem is, is that if we always choose massive goals, then they can become overwhelming to complete. Instead, it’s a much better idea to choose small achievable things like the ones below:

Eat More Fruit and Veggies: Most people’s diets take a bit of a bashing over Christmas. There is so much delicious party food and nibbles around that it can take a will of iron to resist. That is often countered with the start of a strict diet come the first of January. Unfortunately, strict diets are hard to keep up and can cause you to fall back into your old ways defeated and sad by January 14th.

Instead of setting yourself up for failure in this way, focus on the types of foods that you are eating. Increasing fibrous food and fruits and vegetables in our diets provide more nutrients and are more filling. This, then squeezes out the opportunity to eat too much junk food. If you are struggling to get more fruit and veggies into your diet, then you might want to consider getting a kitchen gadget or two like a spiralizer or a juicer. If you are unsure about the type of juicer to get, you can check out the ones selected by Juicer Cruiser to help you make your decision.



Exercise Daily: Exercising daily might not sound like a small activity, but we are not talking about running marathons or spending hours at the gym here. Instead, we are talking 5-10 minutes sessions. The idea here is to get used to building movement into your daily routine until it becomes normal.

It can be any sort of movement you like – you can dance, jog, or lift weights. You can clean the house or run around the garden with the kids. It’s not really what you are doing that matters, it’s that you’re doing it daily. This will help you lay the foundation for a healthy habit to be built into your everyday life.


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Practice Being Mindful: Mindfulness is a very popular concept at the moment. It is about being aware of where you are internally at any given moment. It is about being present in your own body and mind and observing what is going on in there. This might sound like an activity that entails hours and hours of silent meditation. But it can be broken down into small periods throughout the day, repeatedly.

In fact, it suits intermittent periods of practice throughout the day best. Our minds have a tendency to wander off into the past or future, and you have to practice bringing you focus back to the here and now. That means the aim is to not have a streak of being mindful, but to rapidly bring your presence back to now again and again. To do this, you can set a timer on your watch, or you can get smartphone and watch apps that remind you throughout the day.


 Mind your mindfulness!

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