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Careers For Anyone With A Driving License

Careers For Anyone With A Driving License

If you are stuck on what career you want to do or you simply need a way to make some extra cash, you can make a lot of money by simply using your driving license. The beauty of having a driving license is that you become opened up to a lot more jobs and many companies might even pick you first for a job because if it. Here are some of the ways you can make a living by being a driver:

Delivery Driver:

If you are looking for a way to make some extra money this month, then you can give up a couple of hours in the evening to be a delivery driver. You can become an uber eats driver, a deliveroo driver, or even ask at your local takeaway if they need some extra help. It won’t necessarily be a huge wage for you to live off of, but it will be a good start.

Formula One Driver:

If you really love to drive and you want a career where you get to live your ultimate dream, then becoming a racing driver could be the perfect career path for you. It will, of course, be a difficult journey for you to take on, but as long as you have the passion and drive to success you can make this into a wonderful career for yourself.

Tank Driver:

If you have ever wondered who mans the tanks in the army, you could be one of these people. Tank drivers are not just average soldiers and they have to be trained heavily to be able to man such a monstrous machine. If you always loved playing army as a child, then this could be your chance to live the dream and play with the real thing for yourself.

Bus Driver:

If you love your local area and you also enjoy talking to new people every day, then becoming a bus driver could be the perfect job for you. You will get free travel around the country when you aren’t working and you can enjoy driving around your local city every day. You will, of course, need the patience to not get road rage!


Chauffeurs aren’t just for characters off of Downton Abbey, you know. Many high profile people will use a chauffeur to drive them around every day, and it means that you will have the chance to drive the most luxurious cars as you tend to your employer. You will need several years of driving experience and you will also need to have some basic car maintenance skills in case you ever get stuck out on the road.

Driving Instructor:

Last but not least is becoming a driving instructor for children and other people in your local area. You can either join an agency and work on their behalf or go out independently and make a name for yourself like that. You will need special training and lots of driving experience, as well as a license to say that you are allowed to teach.

If you love to drive and have a lot of, well… drive, then a career that gets you behind the wheel of a car could be an amazing option for you!

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December Jams

December Jams

Hellooooo! I have been doing So. Much. Driving lately so I have been listening to lots of music in my car.

BUT WAIT… I thought you only listened to French tapes in your car!

Not anymore. I now listen to my French tapes when I’m getting ready for my day in the morning, instead. And, I have to say, listening to music in my car is way more fun! Here’s what I’ve been jamming out to as of late. And, as always, I have no rights to any of these songs or videos.

As you can see, my above selection is a solid mix of emo, princess pop, and indie – which is exactly how I like it! I am currently LOVING U2’s new album, “Songs Of Experience”, and you can always catch me rocking out to Arcade Fire’s “Everything Now”, as well. And, as per usual, Marilyn Manson and AFI is always a must!

These are my December Jams and I want to hear about all of yours! Who is on your playlist right now? Who has the best holiday music mixes? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

My Detroit Trip

My Detroit Trip

Hi everyone and a very happy Tuesday to you! Last Friday I took a little road trip to Detroit, Michigan with my Uncle Ray as a favor to him. My uncle is a total car guy and he needed a wing girl so he could drop his car off at Monkey Wrench Racing to get some work done on his whip. I told him I was up for the journey and even though my day was filled with a lot of driving, it was still a lot of fun!

My uncle and I departed for our adventure around ten on Friday morning to begin the three and a half hour drive from Mentor, Ohio to Detroit, Michigan. The plan was to follow my uncle in the Little Red Love Machine for the trip there and then we would travel back to Ohio together. The drive to Michigan was relatively easy and we luckily had really good weather for the trip. The only snowfall we experienced was this random little flurry once we got into Michigan and that was it. I was really happy about that because the last thing I wanted to do was drive in unfamiliar territory in the snow.

I don’t really mind driving if I have things to keep me occupied so the trek wasn’t too bad thanks to my iPod, phone calls from my boyfriend, and occasionally waving to my uncle as I followed him. I was telling my boyfriend while we were chatting that the Detroit drive was an emotional rollar coaster because I had my iPod on shuffle. During the drive I was hearing everything from pop to screamo to rap and R&B so needless to say, I was an emotional wreck during some of the trip…Thanks a lot, Hawthorne Heights. -_-

Before I knew it, we finally arrived at Monkey Wrench Racing to drop Uncle Ray’s car off. We stuck around and chatted for a half hour or so and let me tell you, hearing all of the gents in the shop engaging in car talk with my uncle was like hearing an entirely different language. I didn’t understand one word of what they were saying but I’m glad my uncle had a good time with it! We also both got a free Monkey Wrench Racing t-shirt compliments of the crew so that was really nice. It’s in my color palette of black and white so I’m sure I’ll make use of it some day!

What killed me about my Detroit adventure was that once my uncle was done at the shop, we started making our journey back home. Haha, the break at Monkey Wrench Racing was much needed because I was essentially driving seven hours straight. -_- At least this time around, I was in good company because my Uncle Ray is one of my favorites! We’re very similar to each other so it was easy to fill our journey home with good conversation and laughter.

My Uncle Ray and I made a stop in Lakewood, Ohio to meet some of his friends for dinner. We went to a little Greek place called Our Friends and enjoyed a nice meal with my uncle’s comrades. It was so great to meet them and we all ended up having a really good time. My uncle ended up staying in Lakewood for a little while so I drove back to Mentor solo to have some quality time with my Aunt Mary Ellen before I made my way back to Akron.

I was so happy to spend some time with my Aunt Mary Ellen because I don’t get to see her as often as I would like. It was really nice to sit down, relax, and have a chat with her before I began my journey back home. My aunt and uncle are seriously the most perfect couple ever so any time with either of them is time well spent!

I would make the journey back to Detroit again for my uncle in a heartbeat because I’m one of the best people that I know of…But lucky for me, my uncle and his friends will be traveling back to Michigan to pick up his car once it’s done being worked on. I’m not complaining! All in all, it was definitely an adventure of a day and I’m so happy that I was in such fantastic company for it! ❤

My Detroit Trip was one of the best most random ways to spend a Friday that I can think of but I wouldn’t have it any other way! How was everyone’s weekend? Who has been on a road trip recently? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Interested in making a road trip to Cleveland? Let these videos inspire you to take the plunge and DO IT! #werenotdetroit 😉

I Can’t Even – A White Girl Memoir

I Can’t Even – A White Girl Memoir

Helloooo everyone and happy Thursday! So as you guys know, my car AKA the Little Red Love Machine AKA LRLM is my pride and joy. I love my 2012 Mazda 2 hatchback more than I’ve ever loved anything in my life, so when it’s in a dangerous situation I turn into a fierce mother bear. With this disclaimer in mind, you’ll see why I just couldn’t even while driving to school yesterday – ESPECIALLY in regards to senior citizen drivers. Do I sound bitchy yet? Don’t care, so get ready for the rant of a lifetime in “I Can’t Even – A White Girl Memoir”.

First things first, I am ALL for old people driving for as long as they can but there comes a point when they are a straight up danger to themselves and everyone else on the road. During my drive to Cleveland for class on Wednesday I encountered two problematic situations – one that was uber annoying and one that was one hundred and three percent dangerous. Let’s discuss:

Annoyed & Angsty: I started my drive on Wednesday feeling really good. I had a nice full tank of gas, a fresh coffee, and I had plenty of time to get to school with at least twenty minutes to spare to study for my French test. Everything was smooth sailing until I got on the road I take to get on the highway. For a long stretch of the street, the speed limit is 45, so other drivers and myself included are usually going a solid five to seven MPH over. Unfortunately, this common vehicular courtesy did not apply to the old timer in front of me who was going at least fifteen MPH under the speed limit, traveling at roughly thirty MPH. I. Was. LIVID.

So I’m driving along, still trying to put the pedal to the metal to get this geezer moving and he literally wouldn’t budge. Thanks to my bad luck of getting stuck behind this guy, a road that usually takes me ten minutes to drive on took me an extra five to seven minutes, dwindling my study refresher session time lower and lower. Now some of you guys are probably thinking “big deal” and in the long run, it isn’t that huge of a deal. But what if it was you who was potentially going to run late for work, class, or a date? Wouldn’t you be pissed too? I can see someone driving at the speed limit exactly but fifteen under?? Jesus.

Irritated & Endangered: Finally, I lost my senior citizen friend once he turned down the street and I was back in business. I made it to the traffic light before the highway and would be the first to drive off to the Tri-C sunset as soon as it turned green. “Yes!” I thought to myself, “what could possibly go wrong now?” ….Apparently a lot.

The light changed to green and I fired up the LRLM engine for a highway adventure. I got onto the entrance ramp and began to pick up speed when all of a sudden BAM, I slammed on my breaks hard. Everything in my passenger seat went flying to the floor and my heart was racing a gazillion miles a minute…I was stuck behind another old timer. This is no exaggeration when I say that this driver was going at approximately twenty MPH on a highway entrance ramp.

I am SO thankful that I have extremely fast reflexes and could hit my breaks in time because there was no way I could have seen this vehicle from farther away. The car was beyond the curve of the ramp, so it was out of my line of vision – but when I  made the curve coming in hot at close to fifty MPH the car was right fucking there. Not only am I thankful that my breaks were functional and efficient enough to bring my car to a full stop from such a high speed but I’m so lucky that there was no one behind me either. If there was another traveler behind me, there is a very good chance he would have rear ended me, slamming me into the slow poke, and totaling my car completely.

At first I was shaken up…I could have been in a potentially life threatening accident. But then, I was infuriated. I was enraged that this senior citizen who clearly couldn’t use the entrance ramp properly was even there. Everyone knows that those ramps are there to get you close to highway speed before getting on one so how can that happen if someone is going at twenty MPH??

Everyone thinks that it’s the fast drivers that cause the most damage and that’s probably true but slow drivers are just as dangerous. I’m not writing this post to be mean or say that all old people can’t drive, but my god, there should come a point when they shouldn’t be on the road anymore. I am a firm believer that everyone beyond a certain age should have to take some sort of driving test to keep their license to prevent the situations that I encountered yesterday. I’m so happy I got to school safe and sound but I’m still so fired up about the whole thing and I really just CAN’T EVEN.


So there you have it, I Can’t Even – A White Girl Memoir. This rant was something I really needed to get off of my chest, so thanks for letting me ramble! Has anyone had a situation similar to mine while driving? How do you feel about mandatory driving tests after a certain age? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

My Drives to Cleveland

My Drives to Cleveland

Two to three days during the week, I have to make my way up to Cleveland for my classes at Tri-C. The drive usually isn’t that bad…except for rush hour morning traffic. What usually is a half hour drive from Cuyahoga Falls to Tri-C doubles into an hour in the blink of an eye. These past few days have been particularly rough, because not only is everyone and their brother driving to work at eight o’clock in the morning, but it’s been extremely rainy, AND there’s construction happening to top it all off. So after reading all of these things working against me on good ol’ Route 8, you’re going to think I’m crazy when I let you guys know that I actually really enjoy my drives to school and back. The number one reason why my trek to C-Town is tolerable is because I can finish entire albums of music in my travel time. It’s awesome. On a usual drive for me to work or running errands around Akron I can only get through about four or so songs on any given album. The fact that on my way to school I can hype myself up with an hours worth of music instantly makes for a good day. When I have my favorite bands playing in my car (AKA: The Little Red Love Machine), all of the stressful obstacles on my route to class disappear. Being stuck in traffic that’s moving one MPH turns into a one woman dance party/karaoke club in an instant. Stupid highway drivers who need to get off the road immediately are forgotten once I turn on a good jam. You guys must think that this is a silly post and that everyone knows that music can change the mood of an annoying drive. But I never really experienced this first hand until my drives to school, because I never really needed to go an hour or so out of my way before. Everything and everyone that I drive to is a half hour away or less. During these drives I’ve been enjoying albums such as:

  • The Ting Tings: We Started Nothing (This is the ultimate girl power, woman on the go driving music! Love it.)

  • Cold War Kids: Robbers & Cowards (Nothing hypes me up more than some CWK. Trying to match the lead singers gorgeous vocals is always an enjoyable driving game 😉 )

  • The Used: The Used (This self titled album satisfies all of my road rage needs.)

  • Twenty One Pilots: Vessel (If you read my blog post about these guys, you’ll already know my deep love for them. This album is the perfect throw back your thermos of coffee and wake up music.)

  • Bear Hands: Distraction (I was playing this today and it was fantastic. I love these guys so much! Shout out to PacSun for introducing me to them 😉 )

The albums listed above are just to name a few of what I’ve been jamming to lately! What’s on everyone’s driving play lists? What song gets you pumped for your day while you’re in the car? Do you have any suggestions for me to listen to? Leave me a comment and let’s chat! -Sarah