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How To Ace Winter At Home

How To Ace Winter At Home

Winter varies from place to place but unless you’re somewhere on the equator the likelihood is that it’s going to be cold. Sure, some places are worse than others and will need better home preparation but, in most cases, there’s usually a few things needing to be done to ensure the home is a functioning and comfortable place to be during the winter months. Some people love winter. The coziness of it is what attracts people, and Christmas, of course. Others hate it. They don’t do well with the darkness and cold, and that’s fine. Either or, here are some tips to help you succeed over the winter months:

Get your energy solutions sorted:

Energy prices fluctuate year in and out which is why you need to change your provider often. If you want a good winter, you don’t want to pay too much money for your energy, so make sure you consider changing providers. You might also want to look at your insulation. Of course, a heating and cooling company can check this out for you. If you know you don’t have any it could be a worthy investment which could save you a lot of money on energy. In the same vein, you’ll want to get your boiler and other burning devices serviced so that you know they’re safe to operate.

Clean the gutters:

Winter usually brings rain and snow. This will increase water flow and really clog up your gutters, especially if you live somewhere close to trees. The leaves are usually the key culprits of gutter blockage. You can buy the tools for these on amazon but you might just be better off approaching someone to do it for you. If you do it yourself, make sure there’s someone under you holding the ladder so you don’t fall.

You might also need to clear the drains which the gutters run into. These can be more important because they’ll cause standing water issues around your home, small puddles might be manageable but when you get the bigger ones it’ll be a lot harder to handle in most cases. It’s just a case of lifting the lid with a gloved hand and pulling the leaves out.

Check the alarms:

You’ll be at home more often due to the winter weather and this is even more prevalent this year due to coronavirus. So make sure it’s safe. Check your smoke alarms first, then make sure you’ve got a working carbon monoxide alarm in place around any fossil burning appliance. Then you need to ensure the house alarm is working. If it isn’t, think about upgrading or at least making the current one work properly. If you can’t afford it don’t panic, just make sure your doors and locks are secure and be sure to check the windows too.

Get your home in tip top shape before the winter comes with the tips above!

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Don’t Have A Snow-Mare!

Don’t Have A Snow-Mare!

Experiencing some snow during February is common. The weather is still rather frosty, leaving us vulnerable for a snowstorm. But a lot of people aren’t prepared for when it hits. Here’s how to prepare for a snowstorm, so you don’t end up having a snow-mare!

Get a Good Shovel to Remove the Snow: When a snowstorm hits, it can cause your garden to be full of the thick snow. And as you might know, if it’s not removed quickly, it could end up ruining your plants. Get a good shovel which you can keep in your shed. That way, when the snow arrives, you can quickly get it out and start removing the white snow from your garden before it turns into ice. A shovel or snowblower will come in handy to remove snow from your paths and driveway, too. And make sure you get one which has been designed to deal with snow so that it doesn’t end up frozen while you are trying to remove the snow from problem areas.



Find a Good Company to Deal With the Path: As much as you can attempt to move the snow yourself, it can sometimes be easier to call a professional to do it for you. A company can quickly remove the snow from your sidewalk and drive, and they can also clear your road so that you can drive safely to work. It can be a godsend if your roads are quite hilly. Before the snow arrives, make sure you write down the name and number of a company similar to General Services Corporation who will come out to your home after a snowstorm. That way, you can ring them quickly if the bad weather does arrive soon.

Ensure You Have a Scraper and Defroster For Your Car: One of the worst things about snow is that it can make transportation a nightmare. For one thing, it’s more dangerous to hit the roads when there is snow around, as you might struggle to steer properly and might slide out of your lane. And not only this, but it can take forever in the morning to clear it. Hence the late mornings and apologies to your boss. To ensure that you get a clear windshield sooner rather than later when snow hits, you need to have the tools ready to deal with the window. You should get an ice scraper which will allow you to scrape any snow and ice away. And a defroster is also fantastic to get rid of any ice sitting on your car. In fact, it can make it much easier to scrape it once you have used the handy stuff on your vehicle.



And make sure you prepare yourself for a snow storm. You need a good waterproof coat which will keep you warm and dry in the event of snow. Get gloves for your hands when scraping the car, and a warm scarf to protect your skin from the harsh weather!

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An Ohio Weather Update….It Sucks

An Ohio Weather Update….It Sucks

Hey guys! I don’t know what the weather is like in your neck of the woods, but it absolutely SUCKS in good ol’ Akron, Ohio. It’s snowing like hell out and I had a super truamatizing drive this morning. I was supposed to help out at a therapeutic drama class for kids on the autism spectrum, but unfortunately that didn’t happen, because my car got stuck on the side of the road. -____- STORY TIME: So, I was driving to the theatre and everything was going fine and dandy, the roads were complete shit, but the Little Red Love Machine was pulling through as best as she could. About half way through my drive to the theatre there’s a huge hill that you have to go up, and the car behind me was riding my ass SO HARD. I kid you not, he was at least two feet away from the back of my car and all the while it’s snowing like mad and the roads are barely driveable. About half way up the hill, my car lost all of her power and I was inching along slowly but surely. At this point the car behind me is about one foot away from my rear end and I start to panic. I knew that if this car was behind me for one more minute he would more than likely hit me, so I swerved my car out of the way and ended up getting stuck on the side of the hill. What really pissed me off was that as soon as I made the swerving motion with my car the asshole behind me cut me off, barely missing the Little Red Love Machine. So here I am now, seething and scared on the side of a massive hill. I do the only thing that I can do, I call my mom. She gives me the number for AAA and they told me there would be at least a four hour wait for someone to come help me get my car unstuck and ain’t nobody got time for that! After I got off the phone with AAA I noticed two other cars that had to pull over to the road side because of the driving conditions. About five minutes later, a plow truck spun out on the road about twenty feet in front of me – it was pretty scary! Luckily, a police man drove by shortly after, probably to take care of whatever happened with the plow truck and came to my rescue. I told him what had happened and he told me that he would turn his car around so he could help me out. He drove off, came back, and parked his car. The kind soul got out of his warm vehicle and helped direct the flow of traffic, then once all was clear he gave me directions on how to manuever my car back onto the road. Thanks to this amazing officer, my car was back on the road within minutes, and I made my way back home. It was an extremely terrifying situation to be in, and this is a PSA to everyone: Don’t ride someones bumper in this type of weather! It’s an asshole move no matter what the conditions are outside, but it’s down right dangerous to be ass riding when it’s damn near blizzarding outside. Smh. To give you all a feel for what it’s like in the 330 right now, here’s a few pictures that I took from my window:


^^^ UGH.

This is Lil Red urging all of you to stay safe, whether that be on the road, at home, whatever. This morning was an absolute nightmare, and I’m so thankful that I’m okay. What’s the weather like where all of you are at right now? I’m curious and I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love and stay warm! -Sarah