Paranormal Activity Pt. 5

Paranormal Activity Pt. 5

Hi! For those of you who don’t know, I have experienced quite a bit of what I would call “Paranormal Activity” in my apartment. From a piece of paper almost levitating onto a candle to walking on broken glass a lot, my “ghostie” seems to pop up from time to time just to remind me that he (I think it’s a he) is still here.

Broken glass has always seemed to be the motif of my ghost. I can count on over one hand the amount of time I’ve stepped on it, even though it has been months since anything was broken in my apartment. The glass also seems to end up in the most inconvenient and unexpected spot – my bathroom for some odd reason.

This past week, I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror getting ready for work when, all of a sudden, I felt a sharp nick – like I cut myself shaving. I looked all over the floor for the culprit and couldn’t find zilch. I also examined my legs and feet extremely thoroughly and could not find any cuts or blood so I continued with my morning routine and considered it a “phantom” pain.

I left the bathroom and got dressed and then returned for finishing touches to something really weird – a trail of blood on the floor that was definitely not there earlier. I looked on both of my feet again and couldn’t find any puncture wounds or traces of blood.

At this point, I was in a rush and decided to just forget about it and I almost had until later that evening. I visited the LOO and as I was walking out, I felt that same sharp pain in my foot and, this time, there was a shard of broken glass sticking out of it.

This may seem like something little or coincidental but I swear, I walk on broken glass at least bimonthly and I’m not sure how it’s always me and never Johnny. It’s not like there is a lot of room to walk around in our apartment and yet I am the one with the glass in my foot. My right foot to be specific because that is always the one to get injured.

I understand that broken glass is hard to clean and it can end up everywhere but, the fact is, it somehow ALWAYS ends up in the bathroom and I am always the victim. The glass is never enough to hurt but it sure can be annoying and I am hoping that my ghostie comes up with a new motif ASAP!

Has any paranormal activity ever happened to you? Do you have a ghostie in your house? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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  1. I have experienced a ton of activity and unexplained occurrences several times in my life. I have never experienced stepping on glass multiple times without any glass objects being broken but I have experienced blankets moving over my head , whisperings in my ears , being tickled , I use to envision things like car accidents aboit 5 min before they happened. The list goes on. I would love to hear other paranormal things you have experienced!


    • Ahhhhh that’s so crazy!!! I actually have not experienced anything lately – I find that my “ghostie” will take a break for sometimes several months before making him or herself known again. But when unexplained things happen I just know that the ghost is the culprit – I could tell from the first night I moved in my apartment because I heard heavy footsteps walking around my backroom for hours!

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      • I can usually feel a presence when walking into a home. I immediately felt the sensation that someone else was with me and my sis watching us when she showed me her new home for the first time. I will probably bring up paranormal things in my new podcast coming soon so if you love to be creeped out I hope you check the podcast out !

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