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The Art Of Simple Living

The Art Of Simple Living

With the world in somewhat uncertain times, and things like the fuel, food, and the cost of living rising, budgets are getting more and more stretched. So while this is going on, many people are looking to cut back in different aspects of their lives. In essence, they have been looking to live a more simplistic life, that can lead to being happy and healthy, in spite of all that is going on around them.

But what is simple living and how can you apply it in your life? In short, it is about living with the things that you need to survive and to make you happy; it is living a life without excess. We can so often confuse what our real needs are with the things that we want. Things like cable TV or processed fast foods are not necessary for living, but we often think that we need them. It might be easy to think that these kinds of things will help to make your life easier or better, but in many instances, this isn’t the case. So if this sounds like a type of living that you’d like to start embracing, here are some practical ways that you can bring simple living in at home:


One of the best things that you can do to start off with is decluttering. Whether that be looking for somewhere that does skip bin hire and throwing things out that you don’t need (or selling them) or decluttering your personal life, it can all help to give you some much-needed clarity. When you have a home that is filled with only the things you need, and not full of excess, it is a good place to start. It clears your mind and can actually be good for you.


Decluttering is key!

Establishing Wants And Needs:

As has been described, it is a great thing to distinguish between the wants and needs in your life. This can stop you from overspending and stop you from filling your life with excess. So get back to basics; what do you need in your life? If you write things down and make a list, it will help you to know the areas that you need to cut back on. Many people spend more than they think about, especially for things like socializing. Grabbing a coffee here or going for a drink there can all add up. Are they essential in your life, though?

One Step At A Time:

It is important to not give up everything all at the same time, especially if there are certain aspects of your life that are really essential to you. Being able to go the gym may be a vital part of your mental health and wellbeing, so that could stay in there. Some people enjoy going out to eat. While you could still do this, you could just get a main course, rather than a three-course meal, for instance. You’re just going for what you need to sustain you, and not wasting money or calories on excess.

Simple living is an amazing way to bring clarity into your life as well as saving some extra moolah!


Spring Clean Your Way To a Healthy Mind

Spring Clean Your Way To a Healthy Mind

We’re only going to whisper it, since it’s still pretty chilly out there, but…spring is just around the corner (!!!). And you know what that means: no, not lazy Sunday strolls hand in hand with your loved one, we’re talking spring cleaning! But don’t worry, because we’re going to be talking about it in a different way. Specifically, how you can use your spring cleaning as a way to reach a healthier state of mind – for both yourself and your family. That’s right – we’re suggesting you declutter your home, get rid of the mess, and adopt a minimalist lifestyle, both in your home and in your mind:

A Calm Mind: It is easy, all too easy, to acquire a large number of material items in the 21st century. Things are cheap so we buy them without much of a second thought. We have space and a need to hold on to signs of our success, so we hoard our items. But by hoarding our items, what are we really doing besides clogging up our home and denying ourselves of a pure mind? Take a look around the house, gather everything that hasn’t been used in the last 6 months (unless it’s sentimental), and contact samedayrubbishremoval.com.au to take it all away. We can’t function with stuff piled up around the house. When it’s gone and things look orderly, you’ll find it much easier to adopt a happy, carefree state of mind.

Space for Passions to Grow: Have you ever had to live without a television or the internet? If you did, you’ll remember the feelings of boredom, and then shortly after those feelings were replaced by a burst of creativity. Boredom brings out the best in us, it really does. It’s an opportunity for passions to grow and for us to do things that we never usually do. Getting rid of your junk is the same as getting rid of the television and changing the wireless internet password. With an empty home, where will your imagination take you?

Bringing the Family Together: Decluttering isn’t just good for you, it’s good for your partner and children, too, both on a personal level and as part of the family. With less distractions, you’ll find yourself naturally gravitating towards one another. Instead of living “alone together”, under one roof but decidedly different lives, you’ll be able to enjoy the rich and joyful moments of a calm space together. You’ll find you’re more interested in playing childish games with your kids, and they’ll naturally feel calmed by the serene surroundings you’ve created during the spring clean.

Boosting that Confidence: Maintaining a neat, uncluttered, orderly home also has one more benefit: it will boost your confidence. That’s a certain confidence we can draw from being in control of our surroundings, of knowing that we’re not tied down by the things that we own. Everything in your home has a purpose, you have already decided that. Instead of being owned by your possessions, you own them – and you’ll soon find this control seeping into other areas of your life, too.

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