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Creating A Restful Bedroom

Creating A Restful Bedroom

Your bedroom should always be your sanctuary. It should be that one place where you can really let yourself go, relax, and rest after a stressful day. Of course, it is easier for all of that to happen if your bedroom is set up to be as restful and relaxing as possible! Here are a few ways that you can improve the peaceful mood of your bedroom and turn it into your favorite place to kick back and unwind:

Blow the Budget on a Good Mattress: If you do nothing else to transform your bedroom into a more restful space, you should splurge on a brand new mattress. If you’ve never had a really good mattress before, it’ll be impossible for you to truly understand how much difference a comfortable, supportive mattress can make.

When buying a new mattress, it is always a good idea to visit a bricks and mortar store to try out a few styles, because everyone’s comfort levels are different. Once you know which mattress suits you best, you can always check out http://www.us-mattress.com/ to save a few bucks off the in store price of your chosen bed.

Invest in Better Bedding: Of course, the comfort of your bed is about more than just the mattress, which is why you should also take a look at http://www.down-comforter-info.com/ where you will find the warmest, softest comforters you’ve ever had the joy to sleep with. You should also probably check out more supportive pillows and high thread count sheets made from natural fibers if you want to be able to rest and relax without any aches, pains, or irritations.

Can the Clutter: It’s impossible to rest and let yourself go when you’re surrounded by clutter. Not only are piles of clutter visually stimulating, whether you want them to be or not, they can also be a source of stress, which gives you the feeling that you should be cleaning instead of taking some me time. Luckily, getting rid of your bedroom clutter is as simple as visiting http://www.ikea.com/ and buying a few storage baskets and boxes where you can hide your most unsightly clutter.

Ditch the Desk: If you have a desk in the bedroom from which you sometimes work, it might be time for a rethink. By associating the bedroom with work, even just occasionally, you are ruining the area’s reputation as a restful location for relaxation and sleep. Ditch the desk and replace it with a pretty dressing table for a serener space and leave work for the home office!

Serene in Green: If your bedroom decor is currently bright, bold, and in your face, a visit to http://www.homedepot.com/ might be in order because those crazy colors are doing nothing to help you relax. In the bedroom, you want to keep things nice and chill. Toned down colors like mint green, pale blue, white, and cream are all good options that won’t stir up the senses too much.

Add Comfy Furniture: One mistake that many homeowners make is that they do not add enough comfy furniture to their bedrooms. Sure, they’ll have a nice bed and perhaps a chair at the dressing table, but what about the big comfy armchairs, couches, and chaise lounges? These are the things that will make spending time in your room easier, more comfortable, and infinitely more relaxing. So if you have space, add a couch or recliner and you’ll get much more use out of your bedroom.

Blackout Blinds: If you like to relax in a slightly darkened room with some classical music and a nice scented candle, blackout blinds are your best friend. They will filter out the harsh light of the sun, allowing you to create a comfy, cozy atmosphere at any time of the day or night. They’re great if you have trouble sleeping due to excess light, too.

Candles: Candles should be a staple in any bedroom. They provide a good source of soft, warm light, which is perfect for relaxing after a hard day at work. AND, they can make your room smell wonderful. Choose candles scented with lavender and chamomile if you want to de-stress and fall into a restful sleep.

Transforming your room from uninviting to restful and relaxing may take a little time and effort, but it is well worth it when you have a space where you can truly unwind and sleep like a baby! Zzzzzz….

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Making Your Home Comfortable Doesn’t Need To Break The Bank!


When people think about a really comfortable home, they often assume that it’s the kind of thing that can only be achieved through spending large amounts of money. That to get the most comfortable, relaxing, luxurious atmosphere possible, you need to fork out the kind of cash that most of us would usually prefer to spend on things like food and paying off bills.

Of course, that’s completely ridiculous! In fact, the idea that you have to pay out the nose to do anything to your home is something that a lot of people really need to get past. Aside from big projects like extensions or knocking down walls, there are creative, thrifty, DIY solutions for pretty much anything in your home. So here are a few simple, easy, and cheap ways to make your home as comfortable as possible without breaking the bank:

Get Creative With Light: It’s strange that people tend to forget about the importance of lighting since the way that you light your home can make a lot of difference to the way that it feels overall. A poorly lit home can feel far smaller and more cramped than it really is whereas using too much cold light has a tendency to make things feel a little clinical and impersonal. Natural light is always your best bet for creating a warm, comfortable atmosphere but when the sun goes down why not think about things like trailing fairy lights along the walls or mixing and matching different lamps throughout a room? There’s no real limit to how creative you can get with light so just experiment and see what works for you.


Love fairy lights!

Beat The Heat With A Portable A/C: There’s nothing worse that being unable to stay cool on a really hot day. A lot of the time the solution is to simply get outside in the fresh air and find some shade, but sometimes you’re either stuck in the house, or it’s simply too hot to expose yourself to the sunshine. When that happens, it’s important to try and keep the temperature in your home as low as possible. Things like fans are good but they often just move the air around. A portable A/C is a great, affordable way of making a room instantly more comfortable. There are plenty of portable A/C units for pretty much any budget that you can find at CoolAndPortable.com. This isn’t something that you’ll want to use all of the time, but you’ll be grateful for it when you’re stuck at home, sweating like a pig!

There’s No Such Thing As Too Many Cushions: Seriously. This one pretty much explains itself! People might try to tell you that there is such a thing as too many cushions, but they’re wrong, and they don’t know what they’re talking about. Cushions can turn even the plainest room into somewhere pleasant and cozy. They can make sofas and beds more luxurious and they can make even the hardest chairs more comfortable. Seriously, just get cushions, as many as you can. You’ll never have enough. Ever.


SO. Comfy!!

Use Your Other Senses, Too: When people talk about improving your home they almost always just talk about them in terms of one sense: sight. But, it’s important to remember that you experience your home with more than just that one sense. Your sense of smell is a major factor in how it feels to enter any room. Why not get some nice smells floating around the house? Of course, the best way to do that is with some plants and flowers, but there are plenty of scented plugins that can make your home smell fresh and inviting. Switch it up every so often, too, because it’s incredibly easy to end up getting so used to a particular smell that you simply fail to notice it anymore. By changing it up every now and then, you’ll be able to step into your home and be greeted by a pleasant fresh scent every time.

There are dozens, maybe even hundreds, of different ways to make your home feel more comfortable, inviting, and luxurious but hopefully this list has shown that it’s possible to create the kind of home that you’ll never want to leave without having to empty your savings account. Of course, if you want to do something a little more drastic then you’re probably going to have to pay for it, but it’s important to know that there are other options available to you for a quick but effective spruce up of your home!

Your Kitchen Has Only One Boss: You


In our day and age, it’s not uncommon for people to spend only the minimum amount of time possible in their kitchen. After all, all you need at the end of the day is to order a nice meal from your favorite takeaway place. Or is it really? As more and more young generations are moving back into the kitchen, they start a journey of discoveries with apprehension. In some families, young adults have never seen their parents cook besides using the microwave oven or the traditional oven to warm up pre-made dishes.

So, needless to say, it can be a little overwhelming at first to adjust to the idea of becoming a perfect little cook. But don’t let fear blind you: You can easily manage the flow of the operations in your kitchen. All you need is to ensure that the room has all you need, give it some personality with confidence-boosting gadgets, and learn all of the simple tricks that can save the meal. Ready, steady, cook.


Revive your kitchen and your skills

Get the design of the room right:

Unless you have designed your kitchen specifically for your needs, it’s likely that it doesn’t completely suit you. Whether it looks dated or isn’t truly functional, there are a few tips that you can borrow from professional designers to improve your kitchen for good. For a start, your workplace needs to clean, clear, and roomy. This is the area where you will be preparing your food, so it’s worth considering a looksee into a new counter top.

Light is also important in your kitchen; you need it as part of your cooking process – cooking in a half dark room isn’t the guarantee of a successful meal. The easiest solution is to add lights underneath your cupboards. This will change the way you approach food! Finally, you can’t cook without electricity. Some recipes need a few sockets to plug your food processor, mixer, electric whisk, etc. In short, you need a kitchen with plenty of power sources for a power cooking sesh.

Give yourself a little boost of confidence:

Remember, the best way to make friends with your kitchen again is to begin to like it. Turning a functional space into a peaceful and loving area can seem a little difficult, but all you need is to surround yourself with things that you love. If pink is your favorite color, why not use it to paint the kitchen? Or maybe you could hang photos of your loved ones on the walls, as a silent word of encouragement. If you are looking for ways to engage positively with cooking, you could check the apron collection on https://www.chefworks.com. They are cute and bring a touch of originality to the room. When you begin to love your kitchen again, you will feel a lot more confident with the idea of cooking in it.

Impress effortlessly… but don’t let them know:

If you are not an experienced cook, you may want to start with simple recipes. There’s no shame in it! http://www.marthastewart.com has plenty of impressive looking dishes that are dead simple to prepare. From a steak with a wine sauce and a dauphinoise recipe to a yummy asparagus risotto, there are plenty of easy recipes that look amazing. You’ll never say no to a night of cooking at home or entertaining friends and family again. Just be sure to invite us to your next dinner party!

Kitchen Ideas From Professional Interior Designers

Kitchen Ideas From Professional Interior Designers

You will find that your kitchen can quickly become tired and look dated, which can require a few little updates and tweaks every couple of years. There’s no need to completely renovate the kitchen every time, but still, a little bit of design and decor work will really go a long way! But with all of this continuous work, you could end up running out of creative ideas for your kitchen. Where do you turn once your inspiration dries up and you just can’t think of how to update the room?

You need to turn to the professionals, of course! Interior designers are constantly working on new kitchens and will definitely be brimming with some fantastic ideas. In fact, here are some amazing ideas that have come straight from professional interior designers themselves:

Update Worktops: One area of your kitchen that will need to be regularly updated is the countertops. That’s because these are often exposed to raw meats and other food products that could easily spread bacteria. If your worktops or counter tops ever get damaged and chipped, they could become breeding grounds for germs and bacteria so it could be necessary to replace them. But, many interior designers believe that you should regularly update yours for style purposes. New materials are constantly coming in and out of fashion, so switching the ones in your worktops could make all of the difference to your kitchen’s overall style!

Consider Getting An Island: If you have the space in your kitchen, you should really think about getting an island right in the middle. This is a lot more fashionable than having a dining room table in your kitchen. Islands can double up as a workstation as well as an area for eating. But an island can also add some definite walkways to your kitchen, which can help with the overall decor flow.

Be Clever With Light: I doubt just having one central light bulb hanging down from the ceiling is going to be enough light for your kitchen. So, you should think about adding additional lighting options. If you have some cupboards at head height, it’s a nice idea to add some lights underneath, especially if they are above a worktop. You might also want to use some very stylish lamps, which can add another element of elegance to your kitchen.


Love that table set!

Plan Your Power: You will no doubt have lots of different appliances and tools in your kitchen that will need electricity to work. If you don’t have enough power points, there will be no way that these will be able to do their job! So next time you come to decorate or work on your kitchen, it is a good idea to review all the power points in your kitchen and see if you have enough for your needs. If you want a few extra ones added, you can always call up your local electrician to come and install some for you.

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Miracle Maintenance For Your New Bathroom

Miracle Maintenance For Your New Bathroom

So, you’ve recently had some bathroom upgrades? Good for you. Too few of us treat our bathrooms with the love they deserve. And, having a good looking bathroom is as important as any other room in the house. More, in fact, because it gets so much use! But, getting the place looking the way you want it is only half of the battle. Because of the very nature of the room, it can be harder to keep things looking nice. There’s water, muck, and other things we’d rather not mention… As such, your bathroom is going to start looking grubby sooner than you anticipate. That’s why we’re going to look at how to keep it looking better for longer. Your bathroom is worth it!

Water, Water Everywhere: Water is the biggest problem because, in short, there’s a lot of it! As most of us know, large amounts of water do not mix well with beautiful decor. You have to tackle splashing, condensation, and general water build up. Within no time, your wallpaper will start to peel or your paint will become bubbly and faded. There’s not much that you can do about the amount of water in the bathroom. You have to wash, after all. I mean, your bathroom is important, but not that much!

But, there are steps that you can take to reduce the damage. The less water that escapes from your shower, the better. That’s why it’s worth looking at something like this stunning range of shower enclosures. Keeping the water contained will make a huge difference. It’s also worth investing in a bath mat. That way, your floor is safe from any puddles. And, don’t forget to turn your extractor fan on whenever you’re washing. The more condensation you clear, the better.


Grab a towel, STAT!

Clean, Clean, CLEAN: The reasons for keeping your bathroom clean are evident. But, cleanliness aside, cleaning will ensure that your decor and appliances stay spick and span. You should give the room a once-over every few days to keep things looking sparkling. Letting this slide will lead to yellow toilet bowls and moldy bath tiles in no time (ew!). And, once you let these problems grow, they’ll be a lot harder to solve. It’s also worth looking into the best cleaning methods. This is especially important when it comes to getting between your tiles. It’s not an easy job, but it’s important that you stay on top of the problem for floors so clean you can eat off of…But not really though, please!

Redecorate Regularly: You heard right, we’re afraid. Despite your best efforts, there’s going to come a time when you have to redecorate. There’s a reason so many people have peeling paint in their bathrooms. Blame that good old damp again! But, peeling paint is not going to fit with the beautiful look that you’ve created for your bathroom. The good news is, is that it’s a small room to decorate, so it shouldn’t take an enormous amount of time. Save any leftover paint you have from the first time around and as soon as you notice your paint is suffering, consider redoing it again. It’s the only way to keep things perfect!

The throne room may not be your favorite room to maintain for obvious reasons but with proper care and a little TLC, you can keep your bathroom looking better, longer!

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Functionality And Flair: Stylish, Practical Decor Tips


Have you ever trawled through endless photos of stunning interiors only to be left wondering how on earth people live in such places? It’s all very well designing a beautiful house, but it also has to fulfill a role as a home. You want to fall in love with the look of your home, but you also need it to deliver on a practical level. There’s no point in going all-out with the decor if your home is completely impractical for your lifestyle. If you’re planning a revamp, here are some tips to help you create functional spaces with plenty of flair:

Playing With The Layout: The layout of your home is really important, especially if you have a family or you live with friends or relatives. Modern families tend to prefer open spaces, as they enable you to interact with each other more easily than a series of separate rooms. However, if you live alone or you work from home, you may prefer distinctive zones. Play around with the layout to suit your needs. If you don’t want to knock walls down, you can use furniture or different decor themes to divide up rooms for different purposes. You can also organize your furniture in a way that opens up the room. If you’re short on space, for example, move sofas to the back of the room or invest in an L-shaped couch and place it in the corner. By doing this, you’ll create more space in the middle of the room.


Love the paintings!

Saving Space: If you have a small house, you don’t have to live with clutter. There are some amazing storage solutions out there, which enable you to secrete your stuff in a stylish manner. You can buy furniture, such as designer sideboards, which serve multiple purposes. A sideboard can not only act as a beautiful focal point for your room but it can also provide valuable storage and a surface to display photographs or ornaments. If you’re tight on floor space, take advantage of your walls. You can hang floating shelves or buy a wall-mounted unit to increase storage.

decor4.pngWall decor is your friend

Keeping Things Casual: If you lead a busy lifestyle, the last thing you want is to spend your free time straightening cushions and making sure that your house looks like a show home. Keeping things casual and relaxed creates a homely vibe and it’ll save you time and stress. If you’re looking for design tips, the Scandinavian approach to interior design should give you some inspiration, and you’ll find a wealth of images online. Focus on comfort, rather than perfection, and embrace that slightly disheveled, lived-in look.


Such a cool table ^

If you have an interest in interior design, you may be trying to find the perfect blend between functionality and flair. On the one hand, you want your home to look fabulous, but on the other hand, it needs to fit in with your lifestyle. Hopefully, this guide has given you some ideas, and you’re ready to create a gorgeous home that works for you. A home that embraces your personality as well as the needs of yourself and family.

Elegance Meets Minimalism – Scandinavian Inspired Interior Design

Elegance Meets Minimalism – Scandinavian Inspired Interior Design

Hi everyone and TGIF! Today, I have a special guest post written by the queen of home decor, Chloe, for all of us. Miss Chloe has been featured on lifewithlilred quite a few times before so let’s give her a warm welcome back and get to it:

Elegance Meets Minimalism – Scandinavian Inspired Interior Design

What better way to introduce some chic minimalism into your own home than taking inspiration from Scandinavian interior design trends? An elegant, clutter-free yet unique and cozy home can be easily achieved with some tweaks here and there. It’s important that you adopt a minimalist way of thinking, so that the Scandi style can truly enrich your personal environment. If you’re not sure how to go about these intricate design changes, keep on reading:

1. White As Snow


Love that chair!

Clean white walls and floors are one of the main features of minimalist Scandinavian style. The brightness and pureness of white perfectly resembles Scandinavian’s cool and chic atmosphere. What’s more, white makes any space look visually bigger, which creates a perfect canvas for your furniture and pieces of room decor.

Of course, you can introduce other colors through accessories, but make sure that they too fuse the natural vibe of Scandinavian style into a livable space.


 Coolness in the kitchen

2. Sleek Lighting

You have several options when it comes to proper lighting solutions that will only accentuate the elegance of your interior. You can opt for statement chandeliers with sleek lines yet bold forms. On the other hand, you can also play with several ceiling lamps in smaller sizes that can change the look of your room depending on their position. When it comes to Scandinavian-inspired interior design, it’s essential that you make the most out of natural sunlight. But, since artificial light is still a must, try to opt for bright white bulbs that don’t put strain on the eyes.


Tres Chic

3. Go Easy On Decor

The minimalist approach suggests a complete absence of clutter. Still, this doesn’t mean that your home should look plain or lack personality. In order to add a touch of elegance, go for contemporary modern details such as metallic frames, fruit bowls, plant pots, and candles. Of course, you can add your own twist to these accessories and play with more white, or opt for matching wooden frames, bowls, pots, and furniture.


Minimalist with a twist

Since Scandi style is all about natural minimalism, you can also introduce stone as one of the accent materials for your accessories. When it comes to wall decor, it’s recommended that you keep things as simple as possible. Some people enjoy leaving their walls completely bare, but you can also add some extra texture and warmth with inspiring pieces of art that match the overall theme. The best way to tone down the coolness of such an environment is definitely the use of rugs and cushions, and these can act as a perfect pop of color. Still, make sure that the hues are not too bold and vibrant.


Accessorize those walls

4. Functional Furniture & Layout

The elegance and minimalism of Scandinavian style are not only for the show. As you invest your time in redesigning your home, you should keep in mind both the form and functionality of your furniture. Depending on the room’s size, you can efficiently choose the pieces of furniture that you get a lot of use from.


Sharp lines and neutral hues

Clean lines yet bold forms make for a perfect combo when it comes to fusing elegance and minimalism, since the furniture will act as an accessory on its own without losing its functionality. You shouldn’t sacrifice your comfort – quite the opposite. Therefore, it’s recommended that you rearrange your sofas, chairs, tables, and other odds and ends so that you have complete freedom of movement. Of course, you don’t have to stick with an ordinary layout. As long as you feel cozy, you can play with different positions until you find the most artistic yet pleasant arrangement.

5. Don’t Overlook Anything

True elegance means perfect harmony. In that respect, you shouldn’t neglect any area of your home. Usually, people put most of their efforts into the decor and design of their kitchen, living room, and bedroom, yet lose the interest when it comes to hallways and bathrooms. This is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make if you really value a minimal approach and Scandinavian-inspired style.



Hallways can be transformed into cozy entrance areas with the help of greenery and warm rugs. On the other hand, perfect designer bathrooms can be achieved with white tiles, minimalist product arrangement, and some plants. A big sleek mirror would look great in both small and big bathrooms, as well. If you plan to invest more of your time and money in this intimate area of your home, stand-alone tubs will make a great final touch to your elegantly minimal design.

Before you start any major work, make sure to get rid of the clutter first. Go through everything you own and assess just how often you use or wear something. Do you enjoy all of your accessories and do they all really make an important part of your decor? Once the unnecessary things are out of the way, you’ll find it a lot easier to introduce Scandinavian design style fused with your individuality.

^^^ Thank you so much to Chloe for teaching us all about the minimalist chic Scandinavian home decor style! It’s always a pleasure to have you on lifewithlilred. Is your home decor style minimalist or eclectic? Do you prefer neutral hues or bold and bright colors? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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