Going Away For Winter? Don’t Forget To Protect Your Home

Going Away For Winter? Don’t Forget To Protect Your Home

Taking a vacation over the winter period has become more and more common. Some people want to spend Christmas with the family, others want to counter the January blues by carving up the ski slopes or going somewhere exotic to get some much needed sun. Everyone has a right to go on holiday. The issue is that winter is also burgling season – abandoned houses and freshly-unwrapped gifts offer the perfect opportunity for professional thieves. To give you peace of mind whilst on your vacation, here are some great ways that you can safeguard your house and deter burglars.

Employ a House Sitter: The best way to put off thieves is to not leave your house empty. Robbers will survey a house for days before making a move to check that it is empty. They will read social media posts stating that you’re going on holiday and count the cars in the driveway. Throw them off by having someone stay in your house, or at the very least randomly make visits to check up on things. You may need someone to feed the cat and water the plants, anyway. Make sure that this house sitter is a close friend or family member that you can trust.

Install Security Lighting: The winter months are great for thieves because they’re dark, which makes it easier to go undetected. Catch thieves with motion sensitive lighting. No one will want to pick your front door lock if they’re lit up for all the street to see. This form of lighting also has non-security related practicalities, such as helping you find your keys in the dark.

Buy a Burglar Alarm: The most obvious method is, of course, to install a burglar alarm. This can be fitted on windows or a door to detect if someone breaks in. Make sure it’s always got batteries in it so that it’s always armed and ready.

Invest in CCTV: If you really want to ensure protection, security cameras are certain to ward off potential robbers. Strategically placing one of these can give you scope for all possible entries and even help out the neighborhoods (providing they are alright with you installing a security camera). Even a non-working camera can put off a thief.

Lock Up Your Shed: Thieves will often target garden tools as this doesn’t even involve having to go into the house. Keep all of your garden equipment stored away and lock the door with a padlock, otherwise you may come home to find you have a missing lawnmower or bicycle.

Home Insurance: If you choose to opt for none of these features, at the very least you should invest in home insurance so that any items that could be stolen can be replaced without you having to fork out money. This won’t help you replace sentimental objects, so if you’re worried about losing these kinds of items, the other security methods mentioned are recommended. If anything, many of these anti-burglary features such as a burglar alarm, CCTV, security lighting, and secure locks will help to lower your insurance fees and strengthen any claim you make.

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