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Keeping Yourself Entertained On Vaca

Keeping Yourself Entertained On Vaca

Are you one of the lucky ones heading abroad on your vacation this year? Whether you’re on the road, in a hotel, or on a cruise, there can be moments, particularly after a long day of exploring, when all you want is to settle down and relax. An evening in the hotel with Netflix or a good book can be just what the doctor ordered after you’ve been on your feet all day sightseeing. But staying entertained and ensuring that you don’t run out of things to do while you’re abroad isn’t quite so easy as when you’re at home. Here are just a few ways that you can make sure that, even in your downtime, you’re fully fighting the boredom blahs:

Don’t Rely On Books: If you love to get a jump on your summer reading list while on vaca, books can become far too cumbersome. Whether you read while you travel, relax by the pool, or just as you go through life, it might be time to invest in a bit of a technological helper. Rather than packing a book a day into your luggage, a Kindle is a cheap, lightweight, and easily transportable alternative. With literally millions of books to choose from, all accessible online, you’ll never be caught short without a book again.

Keep Some Entertainment Downloaded: Sometimes WiFi is obscenely slow, and sometimes *gasp* you just can’t connect at all. The worst thing in these situations is to have no backup plan. Keeping a few shows downloaded onto whatever device you’re using can be a real lifesaver in moments of boredom. Netflix has options to download now, as do many other video hosting sites. And be sure to double check that your Spotify Premium account is up to date before you set off so that you can still access all of your favorite music, even when WiFi isn’t an option.


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Netflix Is Your BFF: When you need some reassuring familiarity and an evening to yourself, it’s all about Netflix. Whether you’re entertaining young ones or just chilling on your own, being able to get a few of your favorite shows online is essential. While Netflix, ordinarily, won’t work abroad, using a VPN enables you to bypass that. Check out securethoughts to find out exactly how to do it. Then, all of your favorite shows are just a button-push away.

Portable Chargers Are Everything: We rely so heavily on electronic devices in this day and age, from smartphones to laptops and tablets to Kindles, that it’s not surprising that portable charging devices are growing in popularity. When you’re in an airport or hotel room, chances are that you’ll have access to power, but when you’re on the road, public transport, or walking around the city, it could be a bit more tricky. Keep a fully charged portable power supply in your handbag all of the time, and you’ll never find yourself caught with the power out again.


Is your device fully charged??

Traveling the world doesn’t mean that you don’t want a few moments of R&R every now and then, and if they take the form of your favorite books or TV shows, it’s always best to be prepared. Happy traveling!

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Update Your Home! Five Appliances That Will Make Your Life Easier


These days, most of us are obsessed with convenience. We want things to be easy and to take as little time as possible – but at the same time, many of us are concerned with being thought of as lazy by other people. Luckily, there is a middle ground. There are a number of appliances that were once thought to be luxuries that have become necessities in the home over the last ten years – read on to find out more…

Dishwasher: Is there a bigger time waster than having to wash dishes? It’s one of those household chores that will always be done with resentment – especially because with every next meal you’ll just end up with another load of dirty dishes to wash. There’s no need to martyr yourself by doing washing up that you hate. Invest in a dishwasher so you don’t have to waste any more time or energy on your dirty dishes. Or have the possibility of touching wet food in the sink!! YUCK!


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Heated Towel Rail: Throughout the winter, showering becomes a problem. Of course, we all like to stay clean through the whole year – but no one enjoys that feeling of stripping off their pajamas in the cold air on a winter morning before stepping into the shower! Even worse is the coldness of climbing out again before you have your towel wrapped around you. It’s important, then, to make sure that you have a warm, cozy towel to heat you up when you get out of the shower. It’ll also dry your towel when you’re done, stopping it from smelling like a combination of damp and bath soap!


 I think I need a heated towel rack!

Microwave: A lot of people think of microwaves as the epitome of laziness but that is absolutely and categorically untrue. They promote convenience, but there’s no reason that that is a bad thing. Not only can you make cakes in microwaves these days, but you can also heat up leftovers from the previous day and use them quickly when you don’t want to have to clean up any pans or utensils. Check out Oven Shopper to find out which microwave is the best one for you and your family.


 Dream kitchen!

White Noise Machine: If you don’t sleep well at night, then a white noise machine is an absolutely essential investment. A lot of people can’t sleep in silence and are woken up by sudden small noises. A white noise machine will cover them up and enable you to sleep well in near-silence without the low hum of the TV disturbing your partner. So cool!



E-Reader: One of the best ways to expand your mind and open yourself up to the world around you is to read. Not only can you explore fictional worlds a million miles away from where you are, but you can also consider new ideas that will challenge you and force you to re-evaluate yourself – which is always a good thing! E-readers are useful because you can keep your entire library with you at all times. That means that you’ll never have to worry about what book to read next – and because of their size and weight, they’re much easier to take on vacation than a huge stack of paperbacks. The Kindle that I got from my boyfriend is one of my absolute favorites and I cannot recommend investing in an E-Reader enough!


 Bragging rights for whoever can name that book!