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Holiday Haul: Beauty Edition

Holiday Haul: Beauty Edition

Hi everyone! My Holiday Haul was bountiful and beautiful and I had a wonderful Christmas day spent with my family. To commemorate all of the sweet thoughts behind each present, we’ll go about each main gift individually. Today, I think that we will start with some delightful beauty and bath and body care goodies compliments of my brother and sister in law, as well as my older sister. Take a looksee:


Peter and Megan treated all of the girls in my family to a box set from The Body Shop, which is so amazing because all of us really love their products. I am also totally obsessed with their body washes right now, so I’m happy to have another one to add to my hoard. I then got a double whammy of Better Than Sex mascara from Kristen and Peter and Megan and I am so thrilled about it, because I desperately needed a new tube. And now I have two! What whattttt.

Kristen knows me all too well, because I always ask for Better Than Sex mascara for every gift receiving occasion. And Peter and Megan were very clever in their purchase because they looked on lifewithlilred to know that that’s what I wanted, thanks to completing a Holiday Q & A! It was really sweet, because as soon as I opened it, I knew that that’s how they figured out what I wanted. Peter and Megan often turn to my blog to gather inspiration for gifts for me, and I think that that’s freaking awesome. It’s nice to have siblings that put tons of thought into presents, because it’s a physical reminder of how much they care. :*) I LOVE THEM!!

So there you have it, part one of my Holiday Haul: Beauty Edition! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for more Christmas fun here on lifewithlilred. What was your favorite gift that you received this year? What was your favorite present that you gave? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


Tokyo A Go Go Treats

Tokyo A Go Go Treats

Hi everyone and happy Tuesday! This past weekend, my brother and sister in law came up for a visit from Atlanta, Georgia. My sister in law, Megan was recently in Tokyo, Japan for work and my brother, Peter, flew out to spend some time with her there. In my family, having a sibling that recently traveled means viewing lots of pictures, listening to stories, and PRESENTS! Take a looksee at what Peter and Megan gifted me with all the way from Tokyo and let’s discuss:


^^^ In case you can’t tell, the pictures above showcase a lovely little coin purse and folded fan a la Japan! 😉

I am so obsessed with my new coin purse it isn’t even funny. I have been using the same old change purse (A freebie from Victoria’s Secret.) for literal years, but would never buy a new one for myself.

  1. I like my old one well enough.
  2. It was free.
  3. Is a new one really necessary?

So obviously, I was really excited to be gifted with a new one, because the chances of me purchasing or even thinking of looking for a new coin purse were slim to none. I love the bright colors, the slightly different front and back, and the separator in the bag. I keep little trinkets that make me smile in my coin purse, so now I can have one side for those and one side for my change without mixing the two up and handing a cashier a cute, heart shaped button. Great success!

And, of course, I love my new fan. I have wanted a folded fan like this for forever, because I am extra enough to keep one in my bag and whip it out when I’m in a stuffy location. Now that I finally have a fan to do this with, it definitely sucks that winter is coming in hot on the horizon – because that’s the only thing warm about Ohio right now. However, I am SUPER happy about this beautiful, traditional prezzie and I can’t wait for when the day comes that I can take it out of my bag and start fanning myself in public!

Even though presents are nice, they are certainly not necessary. This is why I am always so excited to be gifted with something, because I was thought of enough for the gifter to make the purchase. Peter and Megan were spot on with the treasures that they bought for me and it gave me all the warm fuzzies. Not to mention that it was a total blast hanging out with them this weekend! :*)

So there you have it, some Tokyo A Go Go Treats! Which locations are on your travel bucket list? How do you preserve memories while you’re traveling? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah



Hellooo everyone and happy Hump Day! So yesterday I had an interaction with my beloved father that made me very Happy. I was having a hell of an awful day and after a complaining vent session to my dear old dad he said one sentence that made me feel infinitely better. Let’s discuss:

On Tuesday I was a frazzled mess. I was stressed from an abundance of school work and a full day of acting as the taxi driver to both of my siblings who currently can’t drive. I was up at the butt crack of dawn to leave my boyfriend’s house and get home in time to take my brother to work and my day never slowed down once.

After I returned home from my brethren’s place of employment I had a few precious hours to cram in some homework before I had to pick him up. So back into the Little Red Love Machine I went to collect him. But did it end there? NO, of course not! As soon as I dropped my bro off, it was time to pick up my sister from work and then go on a wild goose chase of an errand with her. This excursion resulted in some highway driving during peak traffic time, bathroom breaks at a Dairy Queen, and turning my car around to pick up forgotten items. Lord have mercy on me.

By the time that I got home from my running around crazy driving day that should have been a sitting around crazy homework day I was exhausted and I needed to vent STAT. I went into the living room where my dad was sitting on his recliner chair that’s so old his butt is imprinted into it and plopped myself down on the ottoman beside it. Once I was comfortable I opened fire on my busy day of chauffeuring siblings every which way. By the end of my five or so minute rant I was out of breath and even more flustered and then my dad simply said, “you’re doing a good job, Sarah”.

My dad countered my monologue of irritation, frustration, and aggravation with a one sentence answer that made me feel SO much better. These past few weeks I’ve been feeling very unappreciated in the family and yesterday felt like the “tip of the iceberg” as far as that situation goes. My father told me exactly what I needed to hear at the perfect time and afterwards I felt like a whole new person. My day got brighter (even though it was already pitch black out) and my outlook on all of my stresses in life did a complete 180. It. Was. Awesome.

Everyone needs a reminder every now and then that they’re doing a-okay in this crazy world and thanks to my dad giving that to me, I feel reassured and so much more confident about my life and the choices that I’m making. It made me feel so insanely Happy. I hope all of you are having a wonderful day so far! How is everyone’s week going? Who’s watching American Horror Story tonight?! I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah