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Making Every Family Dinner Special

Making Every Family Dinner Special

If you want to spend more quality time with your family but you’re struggling to figure out how to do it, one way is to start making your family dinners special. If you all sit down for dinner and ignore one another while scrolling on your phones or watching TV, of course it’s going to feel like you don’t have enough quality time together.

Similarly, if you all eat dinner separately, then you’re missing out on a great opportunity to catch up with one another. It might not be possible to do this every day, but there are all kinds of benefits to having dinner together each night. If you want to make the family dinners that you do have together more special, then read on for some advice:

Make It A Ritual:

Start by making it a ritual. Try to do family dinners at the same time, wash up beforehand, and name three things you’re grateful for before you begin to eat. Of course, your ritual may differ – but it’s definitely worth coming up with one that means something to you.

Set The Table:

Set the table for your dinner with nice plates and cutlery, place mats, a tablecloth, and even candles. Make it look fancy. This is especially important if you don’t get to have many family dinners together. Setting the table nicely can make a huge difference to the atmosphere.

Have Themed Nights:

It can be really fun to have themed dinner nights together. You could have Mexican nights, Italian food nights, and even nights based around Porter & York meats. Having themes can keep family dinners exciting and give some structure to your week if you have one every few days.

Turn Off The TV:

Ban phones from the table and don’t watch the TV, either. Enjoy one another’s company. Listen and concentrate – these could be the most meaningful moments of your day! This is so much better than spending hours sitting together while not really concentrating on one another at all.

Prep Together:

Involving your family in the preparation of the dinner can help everyone to get more invested in the meal and bond beforehand. This is especially great for younger members of the family, as they tend to enjoy helping and will learn a lot from it. They are also far more likely to eat different foods if they have had a hand in making them!

Find Something To Celebrate:

It doesn’t need to be a special occasion for you to find something to celebrate. Has somebody in the family achieved something? It doesn’t matter how small – find something and celebrate it! At the very least, this will make each dinner a cheery event and teach everybody to look for the good, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant!

Family dinners are tons of fun and helps bring you and yours closer together. Bon appetit!

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Movie Night!!!

Movie Night!!!

It’s family movie night tonight and let me just say, I am thrilled! There’s seriously nothing better than putting on a pair of sweats, making love to a big bowl of popcorn, and enjoying a stupid funny movie with the fam. Tonight our movie of choice is Super Troopers. We’ve never seen it before, but have seen it multiple times on top funny movie lists, so we figured we’d give it a go. My family bonds over stupid funny movies. Our fan favorites include: Old School, Zoolander, The Internship, Step Brothers, Office Space, and Anchorman just to name a few. Honestly, family movie night is the one time I’m not slightly annoyed by anyone, because no one is talking! Ha. It’s always so fun to hear huge belly laughs and a symphony of “ohmygods” and “did he just say that?!” fill up our living room. One of my favorite things about movie night is that we have something to talk and joke about for the next few days. The playful back and forth quote banter between everyone is the best! It may seem lame, and I guess it kind of is….but, I think I’d rather be at home with my crazy sibs and parents watching a dumb comedy than going out on a Saturday night. No matter how much my family drives me crazy, (and believe me, they drive me freaking nuts) I still cherish my time with them. I’m such a hot head (and that’s not a redhead pun!!!) that sometimes all I can handle is something simple and small like movie night. These are memories I’m going to keep for forever, and smile every time I think about them. There’s something really special about these nights, and I’m really excited to get some quality time with the crew. MUSHENHEIM FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT 2014: COMMENCE!

What are some stupid funny movies that we should watch next movie night? What’s your ultimate favorite comedy? Leave me a comment and let me know so my fam can add it to our “to watch” list! Have a great Saturday night! -Sarah