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Four Tips That Will Help You Get The Body You’ve Always Dreamed Of


It’s been said that the best way to get your summer body is to start working on it during the winter. Arguably, all you need for the perfect ‘beach body’ is to have a body, and to be on the beach – but there’s nothing wrong with making sure that you feel beautiful. Here are some tips to help…

Eat Well: It’s important that you eat healthily all year. Of course, there are times when you might want to pig out – Thanksgiving and Christmas particularly, and let’s not forget about Halloween candy! But as a rule, you should try not to use the winter as an excuse to wear oversized sweaters and gain weight. Make sure that you meal plan, don’t snack too much, and that once the holidays are over you go back to your normal eating habits.



Get Active: One of the best ways to feel better about your body is to impress yourself by what it’s capable of. We spend so much time worrying about our stomachs and thighs that we don’t focus enough on what they can do. If you’re able bodied, then your legs are great no matter what they look like – they’re strong and they carry you around and they do their job! Think about the positives rather than the negatives. Try out Couch To 5K – it’ll build you up into being able to run a 5k, and you’ll be delighted at what your body can do when given a little pushing. You could also try out yoga. If there are no classes near you or if you aren’t feeling very confident yet, try out the YouTube channel Yoga With Adriene. You’ll be amazed at how quickly muscle builds up and how much your balance will improve.


Go, go go!

Try Cosmetic Options: If you are really unhappy with your body, then there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from getting cosmetic surgery and treatments to improve your self-esteem. If you hate having to shave your legs and bikini line, then try out laser hair removal so you don’t have to get expensive, painful waxes or sort out your stubbly shins every day when you’re on vacation. If you’re self-conscious about your figure, try out body contouring, a sort of liposuction that will eliminate unwanted fat. If you want to find out more, read it at www.Clderm.com/non-surgical-lipo.


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Get Smoother Skin: During the winter, when you’re covering up in black opaque tights,  jeans, and sometimes even thermal underwear (!!!), the condition of your skin is the furthest thing from your mind. But make sure that you stay smooth and glowing by exfoliating your body at least twice a week. If you shave your legs, chances are they’re a little rough and not in the best condition, so make sure that you use a good shaving foam. Hair conditioner also helps to keep your legs soft and smooth when you’re shaving them. Put on moisturizing body cream, especially before you go to bed, so you can let it sink in overnight. During the day, use a cream that complements the scent of your perfume so you can feel perfectly put together.


Body butter is a must!

The Power Of Massage: When You Knead A Helping Hand

The Power Of Massage: When You Knead A Helping Hand

The one and only time that I got a massage, I literally laughed the entire time. I am the most ticklish person on the planet, which probably isn’t the best thing to admit to the entire world on the internet! So, needless to say, my massage turned into a half hour of tickle torture rather than a relaxing experience. It’s too bad, though, considering there are so many benefits of treating yourself to a massage. Read up:

The Power Of Massage: When You Knead A Helping Hand:

There are so many immense benefits of massage that it’s pretty vital to your health to indulge from time to time. Massages don’t just soothe away the aches and pains of the day but are also great for boosting immunity, solving sports injuries, relieving built up tension and curing headaches. Today we’re going to look at some of the different styles of massage that you could benefit from. And for even more health tips, follow the click

Swedish Massage: A Swedish massage is one of the most popular and well-known treatments. It is a therapeutic massage with foundations in Western anatomy. This makes it very different from Asian massages which focus on energy and flow work. Swedish massage can be either gentle or more vigorous depending on what you wish for. This type of massage is great for general tension and to break up muscle knots. It uses gliding strokes, squeezing, rolling, and kneading to increase blood flow and promote relaxation.

Hot Stone Massage: A hot stone massage is a specialty treatment that uses the heat of stones placed on the body in conjunction with the own therapist’s hands. This type of massage originates from the Native Americans who used to heat stones on fire to help treat aching muscles. The heat of the stones is believed to relax your muscles which then enables the therapist to work deeper into your body. The stones used are soft and round and are made of basalt, as this material retains heat well. A hot stone massage is beneficial for those that prefer a lighter massage and for those suffering from anxiety and insomnia.

At Home Shiatsu Massage: If time or money prevent you from getting regular massages, you may want to invest in your own at-home massage chair. You can find out about the best ones to invest in here at Shiatsu Chairs. Both massage chairs and massage cushions provide the convenience of being able to relieve aching muscles and joints at any given time. They often offer heat pads and also have different styles and depths of massage.

Photo from: Pixaby

Thai Massage: A Thai massage offers a slightly different experience as it is performed through your clothes. This type of massage has Indian Ayurvedic and yoga influences and focuses on your energy channels. For a Thai massage, you will lay on a mat on the floor and remained fully clothed. Your therapist will use their palms, thumbs, elbows, feet and knees to press into your body and stretch your muscles. It’s not for the faint hearted and can leave you aching afterward! Thai massage works by releasing the blockages in your body that are causing you pain. Thai massage involves a lot of long stretches that are believed to increase the flow of Sen energies. Thai massage doesn’t necessarily feel soothing while being carried out but you will come away feeling energized. And a few days later you will notice a difference both emotionally and physically.

Indian Head Massage: Indian head massage is extremely beneficial for those who suffer from headaches and neck pain. Indian head massage is based on Ayurvedic practices. Your therapist will apply pressure to points in your upper back, arms, neck, shoulders, and head. It reduces blockages and promotes better circulation of the cerebral fluids. This type of massage is also a great detoxifier as it stimulates lymphatic drainage.

Do I have any massage therapist friends on here? Does anyone have a funny story that happened from giving or receiving a massage? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Featured Image Photo Provided By: Pixaby

One Love Yoga & Boutique Trip

One Love Yoga & Boutique Trip

Hi everyone and happy weekend! This past week, my sister and I made a little trip to Kent which is a college town in Ohio. We live about twenty-five minutes or so away from there so it’s not really far but it’s far enough that we don’t get to frequent the stores in their downtown area as often as we would like. Kristen needed to get one of her piercings fixed at the shop that we both go to in the area and then we thought that we would do some shopping at one of our favorite stores, Figleaf.

Unfortunately, by the time that we were done with Kristen’s piercing, Figleaf was closed because they always lock up obnoxiously early which we forgot. But Kristen said that she noticed a cute looking store that we drove past right when we pulled into the downtown shopping area. We trekked back to the beginning of downtown Kent and wounded up at One Love Yoga & Boutique.

This store happens to be a clothing boutique on the bottom and a yoga studio on top. Kristen was also so right, the store was absolutely adorable. We spent at least an hour in the boutique trying on clothes, admiring the jewelry, and chatting with the extremely knowledgeable and friendly workers. Kristen ended up with a new crop top, some jewelry, and a dream catcher for her apartment. Yours truly ended up with a gorgeous new dress that will be perfect for fall, pictured below:

The front and back of my new Millibon brand dress is pictured although I am realizing now that both shots look exactly the same! Regardless of that, I love this dress so much! I normally don’t wear a lot of burgundies and reds because I feel like it looks obnoxious with my hair but this dress looked so sweet and pretty that I just had to get it. I love the white flowers against the burgundy color as well as the little flutter at the end of its fitted sleeves.

My new dress is in a pattern that Kristen and I both recognized from Francesca’s and the worker told me that they buy from the same vendor which I thought was so cool! All of the clothes that they had in the boutique were gorgeous and the prices were very reasonable, too. This was definitely a pleasant surprise because I thought that I was going to see one hundred dollar and above price tags on everything! I got my dress at thirty-two dollars which I thought was a steal.

I’m looking forward to welcoming fall weather with my new frock. I plan on wearing it with my knee high tan riding boots for a more casual look and my army green Guess wedges for a night out. This is also a perfect dress to wear tights under as the weather gets colder and it will look lovely when it peeks through my navy blue Modcloth peacoat. So much fun fashion so little time!

Also, if you check out One Love Yoga & Boutique’s Instagram, you might see a picture of me because the owner saw me in the dress when I showed it to my sister and thought it would look nice for their social media pages. I also highly recommend checking out their website which is so well put together and a like on their Facebook page would be nice, too!

So there you have it, my One Love Yoga & Boutique Trip! Kristen and I had a blast and I can’t wait to go there again soon! What is your favorite boutique style store to shop at? Who could see themselves taking yoga classes at One Love? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. –Sarah

PS: If you’re not on my Facebook page, here’s a new picture of me in my dress from my shopping trip at Urban Outfitters:


Perfect Picnic Food

Perfect Picnic Food

Hi everyone and happy weekend! Today and Sunday are going to be kind of special here on lifewithlilred because both days will be featuring a guest post from my sweet friend, Zeighn, over at oneselementblog. When Zeighn first contacted me, she mentioned that she’s a total fashionista and lives a healthy lifestyle through Veganism and daily yoga.

Initially, my first thoughts were “Great, because I love to eat” so I asked Zeighn if she could create a post with some of her favorite recipes for summer time snacks and drinks. Today will feature some food perfect for a picnic while tomorrow will show you some mouthwatering beverages to wash it down with. Take a look at the post that Zeighn created special for my readers and please be sure to give her page some love:

Perfect Picnic Food

Pack up these delicious meals and head outdoors for a refreshing outing. Best part? Everything is healthy and Vegan! All recipes will be linked down below. 🙂

Make sure not to forget your picnic blanket! A picnic is not complete without a blanket, basket, and lots of fun!

^^^ Omg. Can you say YUM?! All of Zeighn’s favorite recipes sound amazing! If you want more from my lovely guest blogger this weekend, check out her blog or follow her on Instagram. Thanks again, beautiful!

My birthday party at the end of the month is going to be of a garden party theme so now I need everyone’s opinions. What recipe listed above should I attempt to make for my guests? What recipes do you plan on trying? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah