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If The Shoe Fits: Guess Edition

If The Shoe Fits: Guess Edition

Hi everyone and happy weekend! So in Lil Red’s world, summer time is all about the heels. Platforms, wedges, pumps, heeled sneakers and sandals, the works. But when it comes to fall, I say bring on the boots! Thigh high, knee high, ankle booties, riding boots, combat boots, ALL BOOTS EVERYTHING. With fall fast approaching, a recent trip to TJMaxx helped me kick start my excitement for my favorite season with these gorgeous Guess combat boots. Take a look:


Literally as soon as I saw these boots, I knew that they were coming home with me. When it comes to my boots, especially combat ones, the more punk rock the better. These forty dollar glorious Guess boots have everything that I love in footwear: The color black, badass buckles, and stud detailing. The more that I stared longingly at my boots, the more I fell in deep, passionate love with them. They are perfect.

Besides for being obsessed with everything about my new darlings, I definitely was loving the price, too. To get a pair of really nice combat boots from such a reputable brand like Guess for forty dollars was such a steal, to me. Honestly, a higher price would have made me stop and really think about purchasing them, so the forty dollar price point was perfect for me. Anything higher would have more than likely been a no go but I still felt like I was getting an amazing deal for them. There was no original price tag on my boots but the TJs “Compare at” price was sixty-four dollars, which I have a hard time believing because they look way more expensive than that, in my humble opinion!

But the best part about these shoes is all of the styling possibilities that come with it. I plan on taking my boots to a whole new level of Anarchy Cool with one of my favorite shirts from Zara, seen here, the blackest, skinniest jeans that I can find, a deep red lip, tousled hair, and chunky chain jewelry for a look fresh out of England’s old school punk scene. I CAN’T WAIT.

Like I said, fall is all about the boots, and I can’t wait to ring in the season with my newest pair in this issue of If The Shoe Fits: Guess Edition! What is your favorite style of boots? How do you style combat boots into your fall wardrobe? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

One Love Yoga & Boutique Trip

One Love Yoga & Boutique Trip

Hi everyone and happy weekend! This past week, my sister and I made a little trip to Kent which is a college town in Ohio. We live about twenty-five minutes or so away from there so it’s not really far but it’s far enough that we don’t get to frequent the stores in their downtown area as often as we would like. Kristen needed to get one of her piercings fixed at the shop that we both go to in the area and then we thought that we would do some shopping at one of our favorite stores, Figleaf.

Unfortunately, by the time that we were done with Kristen’s piercing, Figleaf was closed because they always lock up obnoxiously early which we forgot. But Kristen said that she noticed a cute looking store that we drove past right when we pulled into the downtown shopping area. We trekked back to the beginning of downtown Kent and wounded up at One Love Yoga & Boutique.

This store happens to be a clothing boutique on the bottom and a yoga studio on top. Kristen was also so right, the store was absolutely adorable. We spent at least an hour in the boutique trying on clothes, admiring the jewelry, and chatting with the extremely knowledgeable and friendly workers. Kristen ended up with a new crop top, some jewelry, and a dream catcher for her apartment. Yours truly ended up with a gorgeous new dress that will be perfect for fall, pictured below:

The front and back of my new Millibon brand dress is pictured although I am realizing now that both shots look exactly the same! Regardless of that, I love this dress so much! I normally don’t wear a lot of burgundies and reds because I feel like it looks obnoxious with my hair but this dress looked so sweet and pretty that I just had to get it. I love the white flowers against the burgundy color as well as the little flutter at the end of its fitted sleeves.

My new dress is in a pattern that Kristen and I both recognized from Francesca’s and the worker told me that they buy from the same vendor which I thought was so cool! All of the clothes that they had in the boutique were gorgeous and the prices were very reasonable, too. This was definitely a pleasant surprise because I thought that I was going to see one hundred dollar and above price tags on everything! I got my dress at thirty-two dollars which I thought was a steal.

I’m looking forward to welcoming fall weather with my new frock. I plan on wearing it with my knee high tan riding boots for a more casual look and my army green Guess wedges for a night out. This is also a perfect dress to wear tights under as the weather gets colder and it will look lovely when it peeks through my navy blue Modcloth peacoat. So much fun fashion so little time!

Also, if you check out One Love Yoga & Boutique’s Instagram, you might see a picture of me because the owner saw me in the dress when I showed it to my sister and thought it would look nice for their social media pages. I also highly recommend checking out their website which is so well put together and a like on their Facebook page would be nice, too!

So there you have it, my One Love Yoga & Boutique Trip! Kristen and I had a blast and I can’t wait to go there again soon! What is your favorite boutique style store to shop at? Who could see themselves taking yoga classes at One Love? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. –Sarah

PS: If you’re not on my Facebook page, here’s a new picture of me in my dress from my shopping trip at Urban Outfitters:


Monday Update: Business Casual Edition

Monday Update: Business Casual Edition

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s Monday Update here on lifewithlilred! As my graduation from Tri-C is approaching at the end of the fall semester, I’ve been doing my best to gradually add some Business Casual attire into my wardrobe. I lucked out and was able to find the most adorable button down top from Loft while I was out shopping with my mom and I got it for a STEAL. I scored this originally fifty dollar shirt for eleven bucks! Take a look:

^^^ So cute!

Loft is a store that I would never go out of my way to go in to. I have a few really nice pieces from there but other than that, I’d rather be in Forever 21! However, my mom loves to shop at Loft and she had hella coupons on top of a forty percent off sale that they were having so she wanted to spend some time in there to see if she could find some deals. I like trying to find clothes for my beloved mother so I went in, too, so we could browse the store together.

For the most part, nothing was particularly screaming out at me. I’m only twenty-two and a lot of the clothes there definitely looked like it was for women older than me. But as I was perusing around the store to look for clothes for my mom, I came across my new button down top. I liked that it was short sleeved and I thought the pattern was just darling. I wasn’t anticipating on liking it enough to buy it but I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to try it on and see.

Obviously, I ended up liking it a lot considering I’m writing about it! When I first had it on, I didn’t know what to think. It was the most grown up thing that I’ve ever tried on before but I kind of liked that. The top also looked awesome with what I already had on – a black Brandy Melville maxi skirt and army green Guess wedges. The more I studied myself in the mirror, the more I liked what I was seeing.

I think the fact that the shirt looked so professional and put together was a plus. But I was more drawn to the fact that I could wear it for work and play. I imagined all of the different ways that I could wear it while out and about – tucked into a pair of shorts, paired with black skinnies and a cardigan, or exactly how I was wearing it in the fitting room. This top had endless possibilities outside of wearing it to school, work, and my internship and that’s what made it so fun.

After weighing out all of the amazing pros that this top had to offer, I could find no cons and knew that it had to be mine. I was really happy that I wound up finding a new addition to my attempt at a more grown up wardrobe and I was even more thrilled that I got it for such a great price! Nothing beats paying eleven dollars for an originally fifty dollar brand new to the store top!

So there you have it, this week’s Monday Update: Business Casual Edition! How do you sport a business cashe look? What stores do you shop at to achieve it? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

If The Shoe Fits – Guess Edition

If The Shoe Fits – Guess Edition

Helloooo everyone and happy Thursday!!! Welcome to another issue of If The Shoe Fits – Guess style! I purchased my army green beauties a year or so ago and they slowly but surely became one of my favorite pairs of wedges. Take a look at some pics of these funky shoes and then let’s discuss:


This cool pair of wedges came into my possession during a shopping trip to TJMaxx with my mom. We always spend a lot of time in their shoe department because we both have a deep love for all things footwear! While we were browsing I looked at these wedges a few times but didn’t try them on. I actually didn’t really plan on it either until my mom pointed them out and insisted that I give them a try. I figured “why not”, so I slipped them on and of course I fell in love. What initially turned me off about these shoes was the cut out design but as soon as they were on my feet they just looked so darn good! These wedges were definitely a case where they look much better on the foot than on the shelf. After strutting about the shoe department hallway, I knew that they had to be mine so into the cart they went!

If it wasn’t for my mom, I would have never given these shoes the time of day and that’s actually quite shocking to me. Usually I know what I love and what I completely hate. As I glanced at the wedges while shopping around, I really did want to love them and thanks to my mom giving me the push to try them on they are now a tried and true favorite in my massive shoe collection. There are very few items in my wardrobe that were bought because of other people and I never really give them credit for helping me add to my “could be a boutique” closet and shoe wall. So this post is not only a shout out to my fabulous green Guess-es but also to my darling mama for knowing her daughter well enough to see that the wedges were meant for Lil Red!

Once my wedges were safe and sound on my shoe wall after the TJ’s trip, I couldn’t believe that I almost didn’t try them on. The more I looked at them, the more I loved them. The unique shape and color grew on me like a fungus of similar color and I can’t picture my life without them! My Guess-es fit like a glove and my style savvy mom knew that they fit my fashion personality to the T as well. I love wearing my bad boys with literally EVERYTHING! From dresses and shorts to maxi skirts and jeans, these shoes are my go to-s to add a little extra oomph to my outfit. In fact, I just recently sported my shoe babies to my brother’s graduation in May and they were a hit! Take a gander:


^^^ Looking good feeling great! #Ihatemyself ❤

I can’t put my finger on what made me shy away from my shoesies during that fateful TJMaxx trip but I can only hope that my Guess wedges will forgive me…I was just playing hard to get! 😉

So there you have it, the latest issue of If The Shoe Fits – Guess Edition! Now I need your help. What shoe should I write about next? Your choices are between Elle floral print heels, Guess wedged combat boots, or Calico primary color kitten heels. I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Lil Red’s Spring Time Obsessions

Lil Red’s Spring Time Obsessions

Helloooooo everyone and happy Hump Day! I’m just hanging out at Starbucks at the moment. I literally just finished writing a ten page research paper, so I figured why not write some more on the ol’ blog?! I’ve upped my spring wardrobe game and refreshed a few oldie but goodie pieces in my closet, and I must say….I’m obsessed. There’s a few pieces that I’ve been using a lot lately that I just can’t get enough of! Take a look and then we’ll discuss!


^^^ I’m so aware that I’ve posted some of these pics before, but they’re so fab I just can’t help it! Let’s begin with talking about my featured image pic!

Daisy boob crop top (PacSun, Workshop): Much to my parents displeasure, I absolutely love this shirt. I’ve had it for close to a year now, and I’m still just as in love with it as I was the day I got it. This crop is so cheeky and fun, it really is one of my favorite spring and summer staples. The daisy frame aviators are also from PacSun, and they’ve gotten a lot of use since I purchased them as well. I wear this shirt with anything – maxi skirts, body con skirts (for when I’m feeling super sassy), jeans (only black skinnies, of course), shorts, underneath a flannel or cardigan – I love it all!

Skull tote bag (Target): My mom gifted me with this little baby years ago, and honestly I’m just now starting to use it a lot. This has been my go to spring time bag for school and in general. It’s perfect for lugging around textbooks and edging up a sun dress. As you guys well know, I love Target so very much, and this purse was a total home run. Way to go, mom! 😉

Turquoise purse (TJMaxx, Urban Expressions): I think that this all vegan leather purse is such a fab spring staple. It was only thirty five dolla holla too, hello bargain! The color is so phenomenal and I plan on changing out my skull bag to use this one very soon! My brother got the turquoise necklace seen in the picture in New Mexico, and now I’m sure you guys can guess what one of my favorite spring time colors is!

Floral print heels (Kohl’s, Elle): Ahhhh! My Barbie heels! ❤ I love these pretty babies so so SO much! Floral for spring is so cliche, I know – but these are so cute that I just can’t help it. I pair these heels with everything from my girliest girly outfits to my grungy rocker looks. I like how the colors used are muted and water color-esque, which I think is a more unique take on the usual loud and in your face florals. IE: My daisy boob crop top!

Army green heels (TJMaxx, Guess): I know for a fact that I’ve posted about these bad boys before, but they’re so nice I’ll write about them twice! These have been my go to heels this past month, and I’m so okay with it! The shape is so unique and the color is still neutral enough that it goes with everything. Usually I’m not a fan of a thick wedge heel when the shoe isn’t a full on wedge, but these are the exception. #love

Crochet Vest (PacSun, LA Hearts): This little number is an oldie but goodie and I’m still a fan. I’ve grown very fond of the concept of a vest lately, as you can see by my kimono and flannel vest that are also pictured above. I like how easy these are to just slip on and BOOM your outfit is instantly spruced up. I usually pair my crochet vest over a crop top with a maxi skirt for a cool boho look. It’s also a sweet piece to add on with a pair of shorts!

I know I’ve mentioned the last three pictures recently, but they’re seriously some of my favorite new spring purchases so I felt the need to display them again! I’m actually wearing the flannel vest right now and I feel like the queen of grunge and sassiness. Holla atcha girl. And in case you were wondering, here’s the brands and where I purchased the final three pieces:

  • Kimono vest: Target
  • Flannel vest: TJMaxx, Vanilla Star
  • Maxi shirt: TJMaxx, Gaze USA

So there you have it! Some of my favorite Spring Time obsessions! What are all of you rocking this spring? What’s your favorite new purchase? What’s your favorite oldie but goodie item in your closet? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

OOTD – Hump Day!

OOTD – Hump Day!


My outfit of the day today was fairly simple. But I felt insanely confident in it, which is the most important thing when it comes to dressing yourself. As usual, here’s the breakdown of each article of clothing:

  • Challis pants: H&M (these are brand new, and they ran at roughly $35 for anyone interested in buying them)
  • Flannel: Hollister, but I got it from the Goodwill #bargain
  • Crop top: PacSun, LA Hearts
  • Heels: TJMaxx, Guess

I’m legit so in love with my army green pants it’s ridiculous. They’re so chic, flattering, and SO comfortable. I felt like I was in sweatpants all day, but of course was way more stylish ;). The flannel I wore today was such a good find from the Goodwill. It was the first flannel I ever bought and it remains my favorite one to this day. I thought the little “he loves me he loves me not” crop was so sweet, and it’s the perfect ‘wear under a flannel’ top. And of course, my Guess shoes are my babies! It was such an awesome TJ’s find, and I really liked the two similar but different shades of green in the heels and my pants together – it made for a really cool color block. The colors in my OOTD are some of my favorites, and they all complimented each other so well in each piece of clothing. I’m very fond of black and hunter green together, and the flannel over the crop top really tied the whole look together. I felt amazing strutting my stuff around the mall today when I went with my sister and mom!

So there you have it! My OOTD. What was everyone rockin today? What are some of your favorite color combos for fall? Leave me a comment and let’s chat! -Sarah