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Helloooo everyone! We interrupt your scheduled programming of Urban Decay palette swatches with a very important Newsflash. Becauuuuuse GUESS WHAT?! Some very exciting things are happening in Lil Red’s world and I wanted to share it with all of you first. So, let’s get started!

For those of you who don’t know, I used to be very big into theater and acting in plays. Then, when college began as well as the blog, I just kind of fell out of it. I haven’t done a show in about four years but, I’d be a liar if I said that I didn’t miss it. In fact, a month or so ago, I was chit chatting at work and talking about how if an acting opportunity came up, that I’d love to do it.

Well, the cosmic gods answered this seemingly meaningless conversation because, about a week ago I got a Facebook message from an old theater friend inviting me to act in one of her shows. The play is called the Parish Chronicles and it was written by her. The role that she offered me was one of the female leads and, coincidentally, I read that part for her about five years ago when we were just having some fun performing other people’s scripts.

I was so flattered and happy and then had an “oh shit” moment when I realized how demanding it would be to do a show. I already couldn’t make the scheduled rehearsal times but, that was solved when they offered special times just for me to be able to make it. And, then, I thought how the two weeks that the play runs would really put a damper on my work life as I work most evenings.

I was so beside myself because, as excited as I was to be offered this part, it would really shake my work schedule up. I asked my friend for a few days to think it over and, after some deliberation, I accepted the part the following day. How often does a leading role just fall into someone’s lap? They are making a rehearsal schedule just for me and I work hard enough that a minimal few work weeks when the show runs won’t be an issue, either.

I felt so good when I started ice skating again and I know that getting back into theater is going to be an amazing thing for me, too. And, you know what the best part is? When I participated in theater and figure skating during my teenage years and early twenties, I was so depressed and miserable that I didn’t even enjoy it. Frankly, I didn’t want to get out of bed unless it was to cut, make myself throw up, or get drunk. So, of course I didn’t fully get to experience the joys of skating and theater no matter how much I wanted to.

Now, since I’m in a better place in my life, I am ready to finally revel in the fun, excitement, and craft of acting as well as continue on with my skating. I feel proud that I’m letting myself get back into my once loved hobbies instead of falling into the trap of not doing it because I haven’t in so long. Being on the ice again was just like riding a bike and I know that acting will be the same way. I feel happy and I can’t wait to dive into this new adventure!

Do you have any exciting news to share? Who else has been bit by the acting bug? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


Important Steps For Preventing Obesity In Dogs

Important Steps For Preventing Obesity In Dogs

Most people pay close attention to their weight, and with the modern prevalence of obesity, that’s hardly surprising. The dangers of obesity are huge, and the condition affects much more than just our looks! Unfortunately, standards in pet care have also meant that this is a very real concern for dogs, as well. If you’re worried about your dog’s weight, here are some important steps for making sure that they don’t become obese:

Knowing Their Healthy Weight: Keeping tabs on your dog’s weight may seem a little excessive to some pet owners, but it’s extremely important if you want to minimize their chances of obesity. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through the challenge of getting them to sit still on scales regularly, and mapping this on a chart. Checking a dog’s weight by ratio is fairly easy, barring a handful of breeds. Their ribs should be easily felt, but not visible most of the time. They should also have a fairly well-defined waist. There are many handy guides that you can find on the internet for judging your pooch’s weight.

Changes to Their Diet: In many cases, you won’t need to change the food that you’re feeding your dog. Sure, if one chicken dog treat has less additives than another, then switch to the healthier option. Aside from that, sudden changes to their diet will usually just lead to an upset stomach. The portion sizes you’re giving them are usually the thing that you should be paying more attention to. Try to avoid tossing them scraps from the table, and make sure that you’re keeping an eye on the amount of treats that you’re giving them when you’re trying to decide on a healthy portion size.

While there are a lot of guidelines out there for this, remember that they are only guidelines. You should be trying different combinations with your dog, keeping in mind their weight ratio, and figuring out what’s best for them. All dogs, even of the same breed and age, have different body types and levels of activity. These factors need to come into play when you’re working out the best portion sizes for your dog. If your pooch is acting hungry when you know they’re getting enough to eat, try adding some fresh, steamed greens. These have very few calories, and are a great source of fiber.

Getting Enough Exercise: Finally, try to make time to ensure that your dog is getting enough exercise. Exercise is not only essential for your dog’s mood and mental health, but also a big factor in their physical health, as well. This needs to be more than a walk around the block, depending on the individual dog. Slow, leisurely strolls are nice when you’ve had a stressful day, but if you really want your dog to keep at a healthy weight, you also need to get some more vigorous exercise – power walking, running, and so on. This will be beneficial for you and your dog’s weight! Even an extra 15 minutes can make a big difference to your dog’s weight, so get out there!



A slim dog is a happy dog (as my vet says). Although chubby puppers look adorable, it’s not healthy or fair to them. Manage your dog’s weight for a longer and happier lifetime with your doggo.

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Are You Ready For A Pet?

Are You Ready For A Pet?

Owning a pet is special because the animal becomes a huge part of your life. Welcoming a pet into your home is like bringing in a brand new family member. Still, pets don’t work out for everyone. Sometimes, things get in the way and stop the special bond from occurring. The good news, is that you can tell if you’re ready or not. All you have to do is ask these questions and consider your answers. If all goes well, then congratulations are in order. If not, maybe put off going to the pound for now. And, as always, lifewithlilred supports the “Adopt, don’t shop” point of view and PuppyWire has an amazing article to help prep your home for your new rescue dog!

Do You Have The Time? Firstly, there are animals which need a whole lot of love, and that means spending quality time together. Dogs are the main culprits, yet they aren’t the only ones. For those of you with busy schedules, there might be a gap that is hard to bridge. Unless you’re willing to change your lifestyle, a pet isn’t going to work for both parties. Even animals like cats, which are a lot less high maintenance, require a bit of effort. Plus, what is the point of having a pet if you only see it for a few hours in the evening? It’s a waste of time and money, and it’s unfair.

Can You Commit For The Long-Term? Figuring out whether you have the time isn’t just about the present or the near future. It’s about the long-term outlook more than anything. Most animals have a long lifespan. Turtles, for example, can even outlive humans. So, getting one today and then getting bored with it after a couple of weeks isn’t an option. It’s like the cliché saying, a pet is for life, not just for Christmas (and it’s so true). Anyone that wants a new addition has to ensure that they will be there for the long haul. Otherwise, it isn’t a savvy move for all parties involved.


Aww :*)

Do You Have The Money? Regardless of the animal, you will need a decent sized budget. Let’s take a look at dogs for a moment. They need basics such as food and water, but they also need everything from healthcare to an inside bed and toys. And, as http://www.pawcastle.com points out, doggy beds do not come cheap. Plus, there are the extras that no one thinks out beforehand. For example, the dog will need to be warm in the winter, which means that you’ll use the central heating more. As energy prices rise, this could cost a fortune. It’s wise to cover every base that’s necessary for your new pet before committing.

Is It A Family Decision? You might be totally on board because pet lovers can be extreme. In fact, www.wired.com thinks that some of you even love animals more than humans (I know I do!)! However, the pertinent factor is whether everyone else in the house is okay with a new pet. They live there too, so their opinion is just as important. Sure, the kids will probably jump at the idea of having a dog to play with, but that doesn’t mean that your partner will feel the same.

Getting a new pet should be treated as a big deal because it is. Ask yourself all of the above questions before committing and be ready to provide the loving home that your new furry friend so deserves!

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Smarter Living: The Priorities Of A Modern Homeowner

Smarter Living: The Priorities Of A Modern Homeowner

A happy home environment is a platform for your entire family to enjoy life to the fullest. That means that it’s your responsibility to ensure that the right steps are taken so that you’re getting the most out of your property at all times. Before doing anything, it’s imperative that you have a suitable plan of action. By focusing on the most important things, the home will become a far more accommodating venue for the whole family. Let’s take a closer look at where your priorities should lie:

Put Safety First: This doesn’t simply mean investing in CCTV and childproofing the living room and bedrooms either. Things like knowing how to spot the signs of damp at an early stage is vital. Likewise, carbon monoxide detectors and other potentially life saving instruments are key. Making those purchases may feel like a hassle but one mistake could put your whole family at risk. If that isn’t an incentive to cover all of the bases, then I don’t know what is!

Focus On Practicality: You aren’t building a showroom; you’re creating a home. Turning an unused guest room into an office or playroom can give the home a greater sense of function. Meanwhile, boosting the shower pressure could save you a lot of time in the mornings. As a busy modern family, those direct benefits can be massive. Finally, space-saving furniture and storage facilities can offer greater versatility. They will make the home feel bigger, too, which will enhance your relationship with the property greatly.

Cut The Waste Wherever Possible: We live in a time damaged by a culture to throw things away needlessly. In many cases, furniture can be restored with a little TLC. Oxalic Acid Wood Bleach removes tough stains from wood to get those items back to their best. Similarly, repairing kitchen appliances is often cheaper than buying a new one. Combine these ideas with a little upcycling to save time, money, and hassle.

Aim For Energy Efficiency: Green living has become an important priority for modern homeowners and not only because it helps the environment. But you don’t need to use solar roof panels to see those benefits. Energy efficient toilets can cut water usage by over half. Likewise, switching to LED light bulbs can save electricity in a truly effective manner, too. Those savings can be put towards the bigger TV or luxury items to encourage even greater enjoyment for the whole household.

Comfort Is King: Stylish appearances are great but they’ll count for very little if you aren’t able to enjoy it. Creating a bedroom that allows you to sleep and relax is crucial because the repercussions of failure are huge. Meanwhile, ensuring that the insulation and air ventilation are of the desired standard will make a telling impact, too. Simplicity is imperative and, as they say, comfort is king.

Master each of those five elements and the home will become far more inviting and user friendly. And when your family feels happy at home, their entire lives should look far brighter, too. Job done.

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Hello everyone and welcome to a very important post on lifewithlilred brought to you by the amazing work of Ohio rescue group, Canine Lifeline. There is a sweet pup named Sapphire who desperately needs help here in Ohio. I am sending out the Bat Signal and asking all of my readers to meet Sapphire, read her story, share this post, and please donate if you can to help pay for her extensive medical care:


Sapphire’s Story:

“Sapphire, the emaciated young stray dog, who came to us from the Mahoning County Dog Warden last Wednesday, was transferred yesterday from Macedonia Vet Clinic to the Akron Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center for an ultrasound since she continued to eat very little and appeared to be declining. Her white blood cell count was through the roof and continually rising indicating some type of infection but nothing definitive could be seen on x-rays. The ultrasound this morning showed some foreign masses in her abdomen so she underwent exploratory surgery there this afternoon. Fabric material was found in her stomach and intestinal tract. Her stomach had to be opened to remove this material. Her intestine had been perforated in 5-6 places from having this material in there for so long and was the source of the infection so 16 inches of her intestine were removed. The fact that she survived 2+ hours of surgery in her emaciated state is truly amazing but we had to try as it was the only thing that was going to save her. The surgeon told us that her prognosis is guarded at this point due to the risk of sepsis and will be touch-and-go over the next few days. We are grateful to the extraordinary staff at the Akron Veterinary Referral Center for taking such good care of Sapphire and giving her a chance at a happy and healthy life. Her vet bills are already in the many thousands of dollars so PLEASE consider making a tax-deductible donation to Canine Lifeline to help us save Sapphire. Online donations may be made on our website at www.caninelifeline.org or a check may be sent to Canine Lifeline, PO Box 25742, Garfield Hts OH 44125. THANK YOU!”

Other than visiting CLL’s website, you can also go to their Facebook page for additional information especially if you would like to get in touch with one of their incredible founders or volunteers. Please, please, please share Sapphire’s story and ANY donations are much needed and forever appreciated. Much love. -Sarah