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5 Self Care Tips To Remember

5 Self Care Tips To Remember

There is nothing more important than looking after yourself, and we’re constantly being told that self care is the way to do it. Spend some time doing yoga and putting cucumber on your eyes, and you’ll be cured of all of your ills, right? Well, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but looking after yourself is still an imperative part of your health and happiness, and it gives you the boost that you need to carry on during rough patches.

But what simple self care tips can you carry with you, in order to make sure that you know how and when to take some time out? We’ve put together five here, for those seeking inner peace and well being.

Drink more water:

Okay, you heard it here first. Well, you probably didn’t. Drink. More. Water. Those three little words are what everybody needs to hear. Not only will it keep you hydrated (obviously) but it will also clear up your skin, clear out the junk from your body, and give you the energy that you need to be as great as you can be. Oh, and it’s practically the easiest thing in the world. Carry a water bottle with you at all times; you won’t regret it.


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Just relax:

A lot of us don’t relax, because we don’t even know how to. Relaxing isn’t scrolling through your phone for hours or sitting there worrying about what you should be doing instead of relaxing. It’s really making an effort to chill out and to clear your mind of everything in order to do so. Work on letting things go, so that you can get to a place of total tranquility every once in a while.

Sleep well:

One of the main things that you need to do if you want to look after yourself is to sleep well. Sleeping gives your body a chance to restore itself and it’s good for the ol’ mind, too. Check out an air conditioning store nearby so that you can get the perfect sleep temperature nailed and try to maintain some kind of routine when it comes to the time that you go to bed and the time that you wake up.

Make time for your passions:

Your passions are what make life worth living and they’re not only great because you find them enjoyable. Escaping into the things that you love is perfect for self care, as it allows you to really be yourself and let go of all of the issues that are whizzing around your mind. Whether you love art, music, or reading, make sure that you’ve got time to pursue it. You’ll feel on top of the world when you do!

Be kind to yourself:

Many people beat themselves up all of the time, for various reasons. Maybe you’re not where you want to be with your career, you think that you’re not thin enough, or you believe that you’ve done something wrong that is going to follow you forever. However, you need to be kind to yourself. You’ll make mistakes, but you’re on the right path. You still deserve to be happy, so don’t forget this.

Enjoy improving your self care rituals; you deserve it!

Pop Some Bubly

Pop Some Bubly

Hello everyone and welcome to a post on my latest obsession – Bubly sparkling water! A fact about me is that I am a huge fan of drinking pop, specifically Diet Coke. But, we all know that that isn’t the healthiest of drinks so I am definitely trying to cut back on it. I have always enjoyed drinking sparkling water and the cute as can be commercials for Bubly and Ellen DeGeneres’s Bubly Skybox on her show enticed me enough to want to give it a whirl. I’m glad I did!


First of all, I LOVE Bubly’s packaging. Something as simple as putting “hi” on the tab makes me smile every time I see it and the color palette is bright and fun. Second of all, it tastes AWESOME. Sparkling water has such a distinctive taste and Bubly brings a splash of apple flavor to it that tastes like it belongs in the drink as opposed to a flavor added as an afterthought.

I have enjoyed all eight cans in the pack of Apple Bubly that I got and my only complaint is that there isn’t enough per package! I’m looking forward to trying all of the Bubly flavors and can’t wait to give the Strawberry one a go next.

Which flavors of Bubly have you tried? What is your favorite pop? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

The Health Benefits Of Hydration That Are Too Good To Ignore

The Health Benefits Of Hydration That Are Too Good To Ignore

We all know that hydration is important but few of us realize how much proper hydration can do for us. Many of the aches and pains that we feel could be caused by a lack of proper hydration. The recommended amount of water per person per day is 3 liters. In other words, 13 cups. If you’re not convinced that this applies to you, take a look at how your life could change with proper hydration.

Increases Energy: Good hydration increases your energy levels by allowing you to get proper rest. Water is magical! It’s not the water itself that will give you energy but the hydration. Hydration increases your body’s productivity. It allows you to convert food into energy more efficiently. Keeping hydrated is also a way to avoid weight gain. If you’re burning the calories you ingest, they won’t stay on your hips! A dehydrated body works at a slower rate. It will leave you feeling lethargic and unproductive.


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Keeps Kidneys and Bladder Healthy: Being hydrated will also be a huge help to your bladder and kidneys. A lot of bad bacteria gathers here. Drinking plenty will ensure that they are flushed through at all times. Not drinking enough means the bacteria will stay and fester, which can cause a lot of problems. Checking the color of the water you pass is a good way to tell whether everything is functioning. If the color is dark yellow, you can be sure you aren’t drinking enough. It’s also worth mentioning here that the purer your water, the better it is. Hard water comes with its own health risks, so it’s well worth looking around for the best water softener you can find.


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Reduces Acne and Aging: Proper hydration will work wonders for your skin. By drinking plenty, you can reduce acne and dry skin. You can also slow down the aging process! Skin wrinkles when it’s dry and dehydrated. Drinking plenty of water will ensure that your skin stays firmer for longer. Dehydration is a huge cause of acne, too. The skin is unable to clear any toxins when not given proper hydration. Drinking more will leave your skin looking bright and glowing. It will also ensure that you stay wrinkle free!

Reduces High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol: We’ll end this list of magical benefits with the fact that hydration reduces blood pressure and cholesterol. That’s right; hydration is a medical miracle! Your blood predominantly consists of water. Proper hydration allows it to stay thin and so will lower your high blood pressure. High cholesterol can happen when cells aren’t hydrated enough to function. The body releases more cholesterol to allow them to continue working. This creates a cholesterol overload. Hydration allows the cells to function without this added cholesterol.

If this list hasn’t convinced you of the benefits of hydration, why not try it out yourself? Try keeping yourself hydrated for a week and see if you spot any differences. Once you’ve felt what hydration can do, it’s unlikely you’ll go back!

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