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Which Drink Should You Be Serving With Your Food?

Which Drink Should You Be Serving With Your Food?

If you’re a bit of a foodie, you probably love cooking for your family and the people that you love. However, it’s important that you make sure that you serve the right drinks with your food, too. The right drink will complement the different flavors of the food that you’ve made, and will make the whole experience so much better. If you serve the wrong drink, the whole thing can taste off and become a bit of a dinner disaster. Some people think that it’s all down to the perception of the person eating and drinking, but the experts disagree! 😉

Here are some tips to help you discover the best drinks to serve with your meal:

Contrast: One thing that you can do to make sure you have the perfect pairing of flavors, is to choose flavors that will contrast your food. This might sound counter intuitive, but it can create a mind blowing flavor experience. It doesn’t have to be too dramatic. Just think about how things like lemon and lime can contrast flavors and make them so much better with just a drop!

Alcohol Level: The alcohol level of the beverage is also important. It isn’t just about the flavor! If you’re serving a light meal, then something with a light alcohol content should be served. If you’re serving a heavier dish, then you can afford to do so with your beverage, too. Bottoms up!

Have Fun With It: And, of course, you can experiment! Read the different flavors in beverages and see if you think that they will pair nicely or contrast with your food and test them out. Eventually, you’ll be able to pair things all by yourself. Just make sure that you pay attention to the temperature of certain beverages, as that can also make a big difference.

Check out this awesome infographic for more on the perfect serve of vino! Cheers!

Thanks To: winecoolers.reviews

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The Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting College

The Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting College

If you are going to be starting college in the fall, then you need to be prepared. There are so many fun things to look forward to, as well as busy times when the exams are on and you’re cramming super late into the night. One thing that anyone will tell you is that the time flies by so quickly. Four years and then you’re out into the ‘real’ world and onto the career path of your choice. So it is important to embrace that time and make the most of it. Here are some of the top things to take into consideration before starting college:

You’ll Never (EVER) Regret Staying In To Study: It can be tempting to just want to go out all of the time. There might be parties everywhere, movie nights, or sports games. But you can’t constantly go out, especially if you’re aiming for top grades (which you should be!). But the thing is, the parties are just parties. There will always be parties or events going on. But you do only get one shot at the test or exam. So if you feel like you should be studying, then you won’t regret it. Work hard, and then you can play even harder after you ace that test.

College Isn’t High School: In high school, people can be quite catty and mean. But you know what, when you hit the ripe old age of college age, it seems that people tend to care less about material stuff or appearances. It doesn’t matter how cool your new bag is or if you’ve got the latest laptop. No one will really care. You’re all there for the same purpose, and that is to get your college education. So you can make an effort with things like that or not. Don’t stress over it!

Work To Pay Off Your Loan: If you are going to college and are needing a loan to do so, then one of the biggest pieces of advice is to get a part-time job when you study. If you are able to take out the smallest loan possible and able to work as you study, it will help tremendously. No one wants to graduate with a load of debt hanging around their neck, right? Otherwise, you’ll need to look for things like debt consolidation for student loans when you finish. They can help as you start out on your career path. But they’re definitely not ideal.

Take Care of Your Health: Getting sick without your parents there to take care of you is the worst (for real). So take care of your health as much as you can. Taking a vitamin supplement is a good idea, as well as keeping hydrated with water. The latter also helps with hangovers, so there is another reason to drink plenty of water! Get rest, eat well, and do some exercise. Your body (and mind) will thank you for it. Especially when mom isn’t there to cook you chicken noodle soup!

College is an exciting time but it can also be an overwhelming wake up call. Be prepared for the twists and turns that your time at uni can take, and all will be well when you’re on your way to graduation! 🙂

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Monday Update: Sister’s Birthday Celebration Edition

Monday Update: Sister’s Birthday Celebration Edition

Heyyy everyone and happy Monday! This past weekend was SO much fun because it was my sister, Kristen’s, 25th birthday! We had such a wonderful time celebrating and I was really happy because I got to spend her entire birthday with her. Kristen is unbearably hard to shop for, so for her birthday I decided to keep it simple and snag her some gift cards so that we could make a day out of using them. Which is exactly what we did!

I got Kristen a gift card to Sephora and to the nail salon that we go to, so we spent the afternoon girling out with pedicures and makeup shopping. Although I didn’t get a pedi because balling on a budget, I got to soak my nasty feet and sit in a massage chair while Kristen got pampered and we had so much fun chit chatting and laughing with all of our favorite nail techies. Kristen got the Hello Kitty pink polish that I recently got on my nails on her toes and it looked so freaking cute! I can’t say that about my feet, but I’m glad that her toesies are on point just in time for flip flop season!

After pedicures, we went to the mall to ultimately spend what felt like forever in Sephora. I have actually never spent that much time in there before and it was surprisingly really fun. We tried on different lipsticks and browsed through the aisles pointing out ridiculous eyeshadow or lip colors and figuring out the best way for her to spend her gift card. Kristen ended up getting a gorgeous new lipstick and an eyebrow pencil as well as a birthday gift from the store (a blush and lip gloss) and some freebies that she got from cashing in the points on her reward card.

Although I tried on some okay-ish lipsticks, I just ended up going with a tube of the Better Than Sex mascara. Kristen got it for me for Christmas this year and since I’ve ran out, no other mascara can compare, so it was a must to get another one! I was really happy because the gift card that I got her covered everything that she wanted and she also got some super nice freebies, so she walked away with an awesome Sephora birthday haul.

Once we were done shopping, I treated Kristen to coffee and then dropped her off at her apartment so that she could get ready for the evening festivities. Our night was a boozy celebration of going to get margaritas with her friends and then hitting the bars afterwards for some more alcohol related fun. AND I also got to ride in my first Uber, so that was really exciting, lol. THE DRIVER WAS SO NICE!! #ubereverywhere


(The lovely lady in the second photo, Kelsey, will be featured on lifewithlilred soon so keep your eyes peeled!)

The day after Kristen’s birthday was spent nursing a very worthwhile hangover and celebrating at home with the family. I know I had a blast and it felt really good knowing that Kristen did, too, and I like to think that I helped make that possible! Now, I’m just excited for my birthday to roll around in June so that she can return the favor!

So there you have it, this week’s Monday Update: Sister’s Birthday Celebration Edition! How did you celebrate your birthday this year? How did you spend your weekend? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

What Really Happens To Your Body After Drinking Alcohol

What Really Happens To Your Body After Drinking Alcohol

There’s nothing quite like a crisp glass of white wine after a busy day in the office, is there?! Alcohol is a great way to unwind and forget about all the day’s stresses. However, are you sure that this is the best way to chill out after a long day at work? If that glass of wine becomes a regular habit, you could end up putting your health at risk.

But, what exactly are the effects that alcohol has on our body? We are regularly told that we should limit our drinking and make sure that we stick to the recommended number of units per week. Not sure why that is, though? Well, here are some surprising effects of alcohol on our body, which could make you rethink excessive drinking:

It Damages Your Nervous System: The first sign that you are a little bit tipsy is the change in your behavior. For instance, your speech may start to slur and you could start to suffer from poor coordination. This is all because of the effect of alcohol on your nervous system. Over time, if you continue drinking too much, you will find that the damage to your nervous system can also result in abnormal sensations in your extremities and the frontal lobes in your brain will shrink.


Cheers! In moderation. 😉

Your Digestive System Will Worsen: Drinking too much can damage the salivary glands in your mouth. This can result in a lot of irritation and will also make it harder to digest food. That’s not all, though, as the pancreas can become inflamed, which can also make it much harder for your body to digest food properly. If your digestive system becomes badly damaged, you will end up suffering from stomach ulcers, diarrhea, and gassiness.

Addiction: People who drink heavily for long periods will find that it becomes harder and harder to go for a few days without having a drink. If you get to this point, you should seriously consider cutting down on your drinking, as you could be developing an addiction. Once you are addicted, it will be very difficult trying to quit alcohol for good and you will experience various symptoms such as nausea and anxiety. Most addicts find that visiting their local rehabilitation center can help them go without their vice and improve their health.


Pop the champagne! Also in moderation. 😉

Risk Of Diseases: Regular drinking puts you at a high risk of developing certain life-threatening diseases and health conditions. For instance, heavy drinkers regularly suffer from complications with their circulatory system, which can end in them having a heart attack or stroke. High blood pressure is also common among alcoholics and binge drinkers.

As you can see, there are many health problems associated with drinking alcohol. However, if you are sensible and always drink in moderation, then you should be able to enjoy your glass of wine without worrying about the consequences. It’s worth assessing your weekly alcohol intake to make sure that you aren’t pushing your body to the edge, though. Then you will know which changes you can make to improve your health.

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Hey everyone and happy Thursday! So yesterday was one of my best friends, Danielle’s, 24th birthday so I spent the day celebrating with her. We went out for drinks and then spent the evening going out to eat with her dad (who coincidentally has the same name as my dad AND they BOTH have a mustache!) for her birthday dinner. It was such fun!

While we were at our favorite bar, Merry Arts, in the afternoon, a friend of hers told us about a super handy app called BevRAGE. This app essentially gives you cash back via check or PayPal when you purchase certain kinds of beer, wine, liquor, or mixers when you’re out at the bar or a restaurant or when you’re doing grocery shopping. When I woke up today, I just had to download it because who doesn’t love free money AND alcohol?!

I think that this app is completely genius, and now if you download it and use my referral code, we both get two dollars FO FREE! Here is the post published on my Facebook with the code for those of you who aren’t friends with me on there:

Get cash with the bevRAGE app when you buy beer, wine and liquor. Sign up using my referral code: HUOXPBBQ
Handy little app! Use my referral code and we’ll both get cash back for buying booze! Who doesn’t love that?!

Download and enjoy! Happy drinking! 🙂

ALSO: My pinup girl themed style swap collaboration post will be up this Saturday and I enjoyed creating it SO MUCH. I’d love to do a style swap collab again so if any fashionistas are interested in participating, shoot me an email at sarah.mush6794@gmail.com !

What are your favorite handy apps? What techniques do you utilize to save cash? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Living Life To The Max? Your Lifestyle Could Be Compromising Your Health


Trying to stay healthy can seem like a minefield littered with poor decisions. Some days it seems like you’re doing just fine and other days it seems like you’re ticking every box on the route to being unhealthy and miserable. In a world full of temptation, it can be easy to make bad choices and fail diets and exercise regimes. Don’t beat yourself up; it isn’t easy to stay on the right path all the time, but it’s not too late to make a difference either. The most important thing to remember is never to give up – if you slip up, chalk it up to experience and keep on trying. Other than poor diet and exercise, unfortunately, there are lots of little things that contribute to poor health, some of which we don’t even consider. Here are just a few aspects of our lifestyles which could be making us unhealthy:

Drinking Too Much: The odd glass of wine or G&T now and then isn’t going to hurt, but when it gets to be more than that, we can be putting our bodies under severe strain. Not only are we taking in excess calories, but it can also lead to liver damage, heart problems, and depression. Quitting or severely cutting down will aid digestion, improve sleep, and make your heart healthier so you’ll see massive improvements quickly.


Cheers! In moderation! 😉

Smoking: As far as bad habits go, smoking is pretty high up the list of unhealthy choices. Risks of cancers and heart disease rise astronomically when you start smoking but it doesn’t have to be that way. Quitting smoking, although tricky for a couple of days, will make your health improve rapidly and cigarettes soon stop being appealing. If you smoke, you’ll be amazed by how much your sense of smell and taste improve when you quit, as well as your own smell (and bank balance).

CBD products are a good replacement for another kind of smoking and can aid in improving sleep and pain relief. If you have trouble sleeping, read up online for reviews or “best of” posts like a list of the best CBD oils for sleep to help you select the right product.

Partying Too Hard: When we’re young, we live for the weekend. Going to the club and parties are great for socializing, having a good time, and creating memories, but could also be doing untold damage to your health. Aside from the problems with drinking, smoking, and lack of sleep, we expose ourselves to the dangers of drugs and unsafe sex, as well. If you’re concerned about the impact of your party lifestyle on your health, make sure that you visit one of the STD testing clinics near you for a check up and peace of mind.


Partayyy! Also in moderation. 😉

Eating Out: It’s nice to treat ourselves now and then, but eating at restaurants or ordering in too often could be a really unhealthy option. Even if you try to order healthier sounding meals from the menu, it’s usually the case that a lot of salt and sugars are used to make the food taste good. Even salads are usually covered in calorie-rich dressing. Try to cook most of your meals yourself so that you know you’re getting all of the vitamins and minerals you need, but also so you can keep a closer eye on what goes into your food. Your body and wallet will thank you.

Snacking: If it’s not in a meal, then the calories don’t count, right? Well, not exactly. When you allow yourself to snack regularly, you lose touch with your body’s own way of telling you that it’s hungry, which can lead to chronic overeating, which can lead to diabetes and heart disease. On top of all of this, snacking on junk food is obviously flooding your body with unhealthy stuff such as fats and salts, that you just really don’t need. Break the habit by only eating at meal times and allowing yourself to feel hunger – it can take some getting used to, but it’s worth it.


Get behind me, Satan.

Staying Inside: We need fresh air and the sunshine to make us happy, to ensure we’re balanced, and to get the vitamin D that we will go on really poorly without. If your lifestyle is conducive to staying inside basically all the time, it’s super important to find opportunities to go outside, exercise, and enjoy the sun.

Sun Worshiping: A bit of sunshine is really important, but exposing yourself to the sun’s rays too much can lead to much greater issues down the line. Frequent sunburn or tanning can lead to skin cancer, which can be fatal. Too much sun will also affect the elasticity of the skin, meaning we seem to age faster with wrinkles, sun blotches, and general discoloration. If you’re concerned about your exposure to the sun, it’s important that you visit a dermatologist to discuss it.

Reliance on Caffeine: If you’re always tired enough to need caffeine, it’s time to get to the root of the problem, instead of relying on coffee to keep you going. Caffeine is fine in small doses, but when you flood your system with it, you could be risking high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and even worsening anxiety disorders. If you think you drink too much caffeine, try to replace it with water – hydration is great for making us feel more awake. It could also be worth reconsidering your sleeping regime if you’re experiencing excessive tiredness.


Pexels Image

Working Woes: Considering most of us are at our desks (or the equivalent) for at least eight hours a day, it’s not surprising that a lot of our physical complaints can be the result of poor posture, carpal tunnel, or generally just sitting down for too long. If your work consists of sitting at a desk for long periods of time, ensure that your furniture is as ergonomically sound as possible. Not only will you see an improvement in your general well being, but your efficiency at work will also improve with better comfort.

Skipping Sleep: We’re all guilty of staying up too late or getting up too early, but not having enough shut-eye can cause heart problems and mental health issues which is just not worth the risk. We should all be aiming for around eight hours of sleep a night, although some need more and some less. If getting up in the morning is a huge struggle and you’re finding yourself too tired to function during the day, it could be worth considering stepping up your sleep. Make sure you take the time to wind down before bed and avoid electronics for a few hours too. More sleep makes everything feel better.

Keeping Your Health Intact During The Festivities: Top Advice You Need

Keeping Your Health Intact During The Festivities: Top Advice You Need

There are so many benefits to the Christmas holidays. For one thing, you can spend time with your loved ones. And also, you get to enjoy a load of parties during the holiday season. But although it’s a very good time of the year, there are many things during the Christmas holidays that can jeopardize your health. So here is some of the top advice you need to keep your health intact during the festivities.

Watch Your Food Intake: With so many meals out, you can easily pile on the pounds over the Christmas period. After all, most of the grub you will be eating will be full of calories. But if you do put on weight, you could end up becoming overweight. And then you might end up running into health issues such as high blood pressure and diabetes. So be careful with your food intake over the festivities.

Opt for a healthy dinner which will help you get enough nutrients to stay fit and well.  There are some great cranberry salads around at this time of the year! And it’s not just dinners you need to be careful with this Christmas. Just because the sweetie tin is in full view doesn’t mean you need to keep picking at them (easier said than done!). You can easily end up having more than your daily calorie allowance! And as well as being damaging to your physical health, you could also damage your oral health, too. No one wants to end up needing fillings after the Christmas holidays!

Keep Warm and Cozy: It’s also so important that you stay nice and warm during the holidays. Although you might want to wear a killer dress during Christmas parties, you might end up with the flu. Make sure you wear a coat, scarf, and gloves while you are outside to ensure that you stay toasty during the festivities. And keep the heating on to stay warm in the house. If you do feel ill during the holidays and want to contact a doctor, you could always use a Healthcare App. That way, you can get in touch and ask for advice from the comfort of your home! Nice!


Pexels Image

Keep Your Drinking Under Control: You will drink more than you do the rest of the year when it comes to the festivities around Christmas. I know some of you are bound to get merry during the office work parties! And not forgetting the actual day where you will drink from morning to the early hours! But if you are silly with your drinking, you could put your health in jeopardy. For one thing, you could cause permanent damage to your liver. You might be surprised how damaging a boozy session can be to your organ. Not only that but drinking a lot can cause you to pile on the pounds. Alongside all the Christmas food, you could soon be overweight! And as well as this, drinking could put your health at risk if you get behind the wheel. Make sure you have fun but don’t go crazy with your drinking during the festivities.



 And once Christmas is over, you can start to work on keeping your health intact for the new year. You can read our previous blog for help achieving the body of your dreams.

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Monday Update: Fourth Of July Edition

Monday Update: Fourth Of July Edition

Helloooo everyone and happy Monday!!! I had lots of fun celebrating the Fourth Of July this weekend and I hope all of you had a great time doing whatever it is that you did! My sister Kristen and I met up with our friends in Akron at Locke 3 to get our drink on and watch the fireworks. We walked around all of the different food trucks and activities and began our evening of drinking compliments of all of the beer stands! Once we assembled everyone who was invited we headed over to the bar and restaurant the Lockeview to sit on their rooftop patio, drink some more, and wait for the fireworks to start.

^^^ I had to!

The rooftop patio at the Lockeview was so perfect and all of the drinks that they had to offer were delicious and very moderately priced. While walking around the outdoor area everyone in the group was drinking beer and I decided to stick with that at the Lockeview. I had this super incredible raspberry beer that didn’t even taste like beer – we all agreed it tasted like drinking pop. After hanging around the patio for an hour or so it got dark enough outside for the fireworks to start. We had the best view of anyone who came to the event from the rooftop! The fireworks were awesome and they lasted for about fifteen minutes, which was a lot longer than I expected. I never really understood the fuss of celebrating the Fourth Of July before I turned twenty-one – but I can definitely see why people get into it after having my first legal drinking age experience!

After the fireworks show, Kristen and I stuck around for another half hour or so and then decided to head home. We had quite a bit of a walk from the Lockeview back to the parking garage and by the time we fought through the crowd of celebrators and got back to our car we both had to pee so bad. We should have went to the bathroom before we left but the line at the Lockeview was pretty long and we figured that we would be fine…We were dead wrong. The drive home was miserable and we both felt like we were going to explode but that didn’t stop us from getting Taco Bell! The line at the drive thru was surprisingly really short so we were able to get our burritos in record time, arrive back at home, AND PEE! #AMERICA


Kristen and I both had a blast getting our Fourth of July on. It was a much better time than what I was expecting so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I didn’t want to leave the festivities. We would have stayed much later but Kristen had to be at work early the following day – but that’s okay! There’s always next year! 😉 I hope that all of you had a wonderful weekend and a great start to your Monday! What is everyone up to this week? Any exciting plans? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

PS: HAPPY SHARK WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!