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Urban Outfitters Haul

Urban Outfitters Haul

Hey everyone and happy weekend! If there’s one store that I love but can’t afford, it’s Urban Outfitters. I think that I actually admire UO from afar more than ModCloth and that’s really saying something but their clothes are just so me. I love that their clothes are grungy chic and edgy which is definitely more my style as opposed to the girly and sweet ModCloth. I only have a select few pieces from Urban and I had to be head over heels, can’t live without it in love with them to even consider making the purchase. But, thanks to an amazing thirty percent off the sale section sale that Urban was having on the Fourth of July, I was able to snag some amazing pieces at a fraction of the price. Take a look:

I’m honestly not sure what made me check out Urban Outfitters on that fateful day that I was able to get two amazing jackets and the coolest pants ever for a cool one hundred but I am so glad that I did! I think I was just in the mood to online shop that day, AKA fill a shopping cart with stuff and then exit out of the page. However, knowing that all of the on sale items were an additional thirty percent off made me bite the bullet and order my cart full of goodies because I knew that I would never get them for any cheaper.

I am so obsessed with all of my purchases and have been making great use out of all of them. My new black skinnies have been my go to-s since I received them in the mail. I think that they are just the coolest and I love that they’re an actual denim material as opposed to the stretchy jegging fabric that my skinny jean collection is filled with. I think that this keeps the color looking pitch black and perfect for much longer and I am so happy that the color hasn’t faded even a little since I got them.

I have also been enjoying the days that I can break out my new slouchy blazer when I’m at my internship or other job. I have been looking for a blazer for months now but all of the ones that I have encountered have just seemed so blah. I love that this one is more of a menswear style and fit because it adds a little extra something to it while still looking uber professional. I like this blazer because it’s great for wearing to work, running errands, or a night on the town.

It has not been cool enough in my neck of the woods to break out my knee length camouflage jacket but rest assured that I love that, too. A camo jacket or pants has been something that I have been on the hunt for recently, as well, but I have never been able to find anything that I liked enough to buy it. The trick is, is that I like dark camouflage as opposed to the classic shades of green that I usually come across. That’s why I just had to buy this UO jacket when I saw it because it’s literally the camo color combination that I’ve been looking for. I love that the deep green and grey color choices are nontraditional and that it is still a camo print without screaming “look at me, I’m wearing camouflage”. Although, if it was effective camo, no one would be able to see you anyways! 😉

I am so pleased with all of my new clothes from Urban Outfitters and can’t wait to wear everything more when the weather finally cools down. Thanks to an amazing sale, I was able to buy some pieces that I would never have gotten for myself otherwise and I am so happy for that. This haul makes me even more dedicated to my ballin on a budget lifestyle and I plan on continuing to scour Urban Outfitter’s website for more sales in the future!

So there you have it, my Urban Outfitters Haul! What store do you dream about purchasing from? What store have you gotten the best deals from? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. –Sarah

Monday Update: Fourth Of July Edition

Monday Update: Fourth Of July Edition

Helloooo everyone and happy Monday!!! I had lots of fun celebrating the Fourth Of July this weekend and I hope all of you had a great time doing whatever it is that you did! My sister Kristen and I met up with our friends in Akron at Locke 3 to get our drink on and watch the fireworks. We walked around all of the different food trucks and activities and began our evening of drinking compliments of all of the beer stands! Once we assembled everyone who was invited we headed over to the bar and restaurant the Lockeview to sit on their rooftop patio, drink some more, and wait for the fireworks to start.

^^^ I had to!

The rooftop patio at the Lockeview was so perfect and all of the drinks that they had to offer were delicious and very moderately priced. While walking around the outdoor area everyone in the group was drinking beer and I decided to stick with that at the Lockeview. I had this super incredible raspberry beer that didn’t even taste like beer – we all agreed it tasted like drinking pop. After hanging around the patio for an hour or so it got dark enough outside for the fireworks to start. We had the best view of anyone who came to the event from the rooftop! The fireworks were awesome and they lasted for about fifteen minutes, which was a lot longer than I expected. I never really understood the fuss of celebrating the Fourth Of July before I turned twenty-one – but I can definitely see why people get into it after having my first legal drinking age experience!

After the fireworks show, Kristen and I stuck around for another half hour or so and then decided to head home. We had quite a bit of a walk from the Lockeview back to the parking garage and by the time we fought through the crowd of celebrators and got back to our car we both had to pee so bad. We should have went to the bathroom before we left but the line at the Lockeview was pretty long and we figured that we would be fine…We were dead wrong. The drive home was miserable and we both felt like we were going to explode but that didn’t stop us from getting Taco Bell! The line at the drive thru was surprisingly really short so we were able to get our burritos in record time, arrive back at home, AND PEE! #AMERICA


Kristen and I both had a blast getting our Fourth of July on. It was a much better time than what I was expecting so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I didn’t want to leave the festivities. We would have stayed much later but Kristen had to be at work early the following day – but that’s okay! There’s always next year! 😉 I hope that all of you had a wonderful weekend and a great start to your Monday! What is everyone up to this week? Any exciting plans? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

PS: HAPPY SHARK WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!