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Trends To Try This Summer

Trends To Try This Summer

2019’s Spring/Summer trends are all about female empowerment. Whether it’s bright, neon colors, chic biker shorts, or retro tie-dye, big name designers and high street brands have been sure to use their platforms to inspire, motivate, and champion women.

Longer skirts, fluid shapes, and comfortable tailoring were key elements of Givenchy’s, Burberry’s, and Valentino’s collections, with Loewe and The Row also showcasing flattering cuts and relaxed outerwear options. With an added emphasis on empowerment, designers are giving control back to the women wearing their clothes. S/S 2019 trends are adaptable, comfortable, and confidence-boosting, which means they’re a realistic option for everyone.

A wide selection of trends ensures great variety on the high street, so take a look at our top picks and choose which trends you’ll be trying this summer:

Beige is back:

Featured by Dior, Givenchy, and Max Mara, amongst others, beige is making a big comeback this season. If you think beige is boring, think again. Laying different shades, using different fabrics and incorporating pink-hued pastel beiges is a great way to stay on trend this summer.

Create a soft, feminine look with pink-toned beige in silk or tulle, or go for a more utilitarian, authoritarian style with a deeper beige, bordering on khaki. Teamed with Alias Mae boots or Dr Martens from Platypus shoes, it’s easy to create a unique, powerful style with this year’s top color.

Top Handle Bags:

Easy to carry and more functional than ever, top handle bags are bound to be a big hit this summer. The sheer number of variations in style, fabric, and texture ensure that you can find the perfect top handle bag for work, formal wear, or a simple day at the beach. Try a top handled leather piece for a city chic look or a woven bag for an easy-going, relaxed style.


Peep that purse!

Neon is in:

Loud, vibrant colors are a hit this summer and you can incorporate neon into any outfit effortlessly. While the current trend of 80’s glitz and glam gives you the perfect opportunity to rock a solid block neon dress, there are subtler ways of making a statement if the all over neon look is a little too much. Layer a thin neon sweater with a chic black blazer to keep on trend at work or opt for a neon dress in a soft fabric like lace to create the perfect evening outfit.

Get sporty:

Known as athleisure, sports-inspired chic is all over the place this summer. Cycling shorts may be the must-have item, but if you’re not sure you can get away with Lycra bicycle shorts at work, incorporate the latest sea, skate, and surf styles with shell tops, anklets, and a pair of sunnies. Team with a midi skirt and flats at work or opt for relaxed tie-dye if you’re off-duty.

Animal prints:

Leopard print has caught our eye again and many of this year’s must-have pieces feature this classic print. From full-length print dresses and button-down shirts to utility boots and handbags, leopard and python are the big animal prints for this season. Available in a variety of colors, they can be paired with an array of other pieces to create a classic, yet up-to-date, stylish look. Easy to incorporate into any outfit and suitable for any occasion, use animal prints to showcase your style and you can’t go wrong.


Pexels Image

Make the most of this year’s trends:

Using the latest fashions and staying on trend is a great way to feel in control, stylish, and sophisticated. With great pieces available from designers and high street retailers, there’s bound to be a few new additions to your wardrobe this year for your chicest summer yet!

Featured Image By: Pexels

The Five Hottest Trends To Wear This Winter

The Five Hottest Trends To Wear This Winter

Does your winter wardrobe need some sprucing up? If so, here are five bold ideas to inject some fun and vivacity into your outfits this upcoming season:

Animal print:

It’s definitely a daring thing to try if you’re new to it, but animal print is all the rage this winter. Head to any high street store and you’ll see it adorning everything from coats to trousers – and when paired with the right colors and cuts, it works strikingly well, making for a particularly vibrant outfit in the dreary winter months.

Try a leopard print coat or some snakeskin trousers for an impactful look which will giving you warmth this winter. Pair the designs with simple colors and garments in order to create an outfit with an animalistic statement piece to create a pop of flavor without looking costumey.


^^^ Too cute!

Two coats instead of one:

Why settle for one coat when you can have two? To some, this might sound like a crazy trend – but with layers coming to the forefront of fashion this season, you’ll be seeing many people layering a big, thick coat on top of a lighter one. It adds a unique flair to an outfit that also doubles up as extra warmth.

Seen on the runways this year, this trend is now translating to high street fashion – expect to see layers everywhere in the biggest shops. Opt for a thin, light coat underneath a bigger, bolder overcoat for a winter staple with a warm twist.

All brown everything:

Gone are the typical blacks and greys so often seen in winter fashion. Instead, the 70s are calling with browns adorning many of the shops this season. It’s been an underrated color in clothing for many years, and it’s finally taking the spotlight once again – it’s a neutral color that provides a bit more pizazz than the monochrome alternatives.

Brown coats are a common choice this season, but why not go for something a bit different? Boots, trousers, and accessories are a great way to introduce a new color into your winter wardrobe.


^^^ A camel scarf is a great place to start!

80s influences:

Expect to see strong eighties influences in winter fashion this year. It’s being embraced with partywear in particular, with foils and bodycon dresses making waves in stores. Understated is out – instead, making a bold impact is to be expected at parties and celebrations over the festive period.

Partying like it’s 1989 will be the norm this winter, with mini dresses, sequins, silk, and velvet being brought out front and center. Don’t be modest with your outfit for any big occasion – making a bold, eighties-esque statement is recommended.

Plaid, please:

It has never truly gone away, but plaid is coming back as a popular design choice for clothing this winter. Putting a quirky spin on traditional winter garments, expect to see it on trousers, jumpers, coats, and accessories. If you’re looking for something more left-field, pair some plaid slacks with sneakers for a smart casual look that is sure to impress.


^^^ How Lil Red does plaid this winter!

These hot trends will keep you nice and warm during the chilly winter months ahead – no space heater required!

How To Create A Trendy & Unique Summer Look

How To Create A Trendy & Unique Summer Look

The spring/summer fashion has already hit the high-street shops with an abundance of bright colors, florals, mix & match patterns, peekaboo fabrics, stripes, the 1980s and 1990s revivals, and minimalist cuts. But, there’s a big gap between embracing new trends and being yourself. More often than not, embracing a new fashion trend can end up making you look like everyone else. As nice as it can be to blend in, you probably would like to feel more unique in your style than like everyone else. The main thing with fashion is to develop your style while remaining trendy. And as it is often the case in the fashion world, less is more when you are creating your trendy summer look. Here are three ideas to create your style with a minimum of effort this season:

The Low-Key Summer Fashion

For a start, embracing the summer fashion doesn’t mean that you need to change your wardrobe and buy all new everything. Working with a few smart summer accessories, from the platform shoes – making their big comeback after we last saw them in the Spice Girls era – to mismatched earrings, you can easily create a dead on trend outfit without needing to change your actual clothes. This season, the accessories are dramatic and eye catching. With the return of the embroidery patterns, for example, on denim jackets, sweaters, and jeans, it’s no doubt that an embroidered handbag can turn your summer shorts and tee into a fashion statement.

The Bold And Bright New Summer Me

It’s never easy to fully ignore the seasonal trends, though. But, even if you love to revamp your wardrobe, it can be a little tricky to choose to embrace all of the summer trends at once. So, if you are keen to renew your wardrobe, one item at a time, take your pick among the iconic summer styles – florals, stripes, peekaboo, mix & match patterns, bright colors, 1980s revivals, and post-minimalism. As a rule of the thumb, a floral ensemble or a bright piece of clothing would seem to be the best choice. All you need is to embrace one trend with one quality fashion statement – if you are looking for affordable quality fashion, check discounts and vouchers on DontPayFull.com. Make sure to pick brands that you can trust, as you don’t want to be struggling with bleeding patterns and colors in the first wash (such a nightmare!).

The Playful Vintage Fashionista

Last, but not least, if you are falling in love with the 1980s and 1990s revival style, the easiest way to embrace it is to look in second-hand and vintage shops to find original pieces from the era. Pinterest.com has an inspirational board about low-key vintage fashion, which can be helpful to find the kind of cuts and shapes that would suit you. Real vintage is unique, and it is, by far, the best that you can do to follow the golden 80s and 90s look. Now, get to thrifting!


^^^ Lol.

Featured Image By: Flickr

Interior Trends That You’ll Simply Love in 2017

Interior Trends That You’ll Simply Love in 2017

Hii everyone and happy hump day! My friend, Chloe, was kind enough to write a guest post for lifewithlilred about some super cool home decor tips for the new year. She did an amazing job and I am so happy to be able to host her on my page! Check it out:

Interior Trends That You’ll Simply Love in 2017:

Another year’s drawing to an end, and while most homeowners are busy putting up Christmas decorations and making plans for the holiday ahead, interior designers already have their eyes locked on the trends that will mark the season to come. In 2016, we’ve seen a rise of the open-plan living, gentle blends of rose and gold touches, mix-and-match decors, eclectic traveler and boho chic aesthetics, 3D gallery walls, and other suave home features, some of which will stay in vogue in 2017. Nevertheless, in addition to the trending features, the year to come will bring along a few new design tendencies to help house-proud homeowners dial up the visual game in their nests. Here are five of the biggest trends we’ll be seeing more of in the year to come:

1. Upholstered Headboards for Snug Dreams:

Upholstered headboards entered the home decor scene through the back door in the past few years, infusing chic bedrooms with an extra dose of interest and comfort. The popularity of cute tufted headboards will persist in 2017, pushing minimalist timber bed frames out of style.

This is such a simple way to add a dose of glamour and elegance to the bedroom. Upholstered bed frames will rock neutral hues, dramatic buttons, and sumptuous fabrics such as velvet or plush for vintage aesthetics and first-rate comfort.



2. Spare Hours Lulled in Mother Nature’s Lap:

Natural materials were a huge hit among interior designers over the past couple of years and it looks like the trend will stick around for at least one year longer. Natural stone and wood will remain on trend in stylish homes in 2017, but this year around, they’ll be topped by cork panels and unexpected combinations starring metal and sensitive materials. Cork will climb up stylish home office walls, providing a blank (and noise-proof) canvas for creative wall art experiments and note-pinning sprees.

At the same time, rattan, bamboo, leather, and fur will conquer suave living areas, instilling the modern home with a dose of style au naturale.



3. A Nod to Bygone Eras and Dreamy Designs:

In 2017, vintage, shabby chic, and boho interiors will remain on trend, but they’ll be joined by a few more time-honored designs, such as mid-century modern, Victorian, and classic décor. For a touch of old-school charisma, you can update the living room following in retro footsteps, and if you want to tweak the bedroom to get the biggest stylistic bang for your buck, you may want to check this out and use expert cues to dial up the boudoir visuals and overall home aesthetics.

In case you want to pay tribute to the more rugged among time-tested home styles, you can infuse your nest with rough-looking extras such as animal hides, furs, and reclaimed wood.



4. Revamped and Re-Imagined Color Palette:

As for the trending hues in the season ahead, Pantone has already rolled out their tonal picks for spring and summer, branding green as the color of the year 2017. Versatile, vigorous, and trans-seasonal, textiles and accessories in bright green will fit in natural-inspired decors and liven up a minimalist home with a dose of playful contrast and unexpected tonal accents.

Other colors that will sneak into stylish living areas in the year ahead will include terracotta, brown, grey, and dark blue, along with a nod to jewel tones which will be used as accents to rev up visual interest and add vibrancy to the room.


5. Stainless Steel for a Dose of Stylistic Chill:

Although the focus of designers’ attention in the year to come will rest on mix-and-match decor formulas and creative reinterpretations of classic designs, modern materials will still have their rightful place in a 2017 home. Stainless steel and original combinations of metallic surfaces such as bronze, brass, copper, wrought iron, and brushed aluminum will help define a well-grounded framework for textural and tonal experiments. A subtle way to add a note of contemporary chill to top-notch homes, stainless steel and metal finishes will help maintain aesthetic balance and keep the visual scale snugly secured halfway between vintage fluff and 21st-century industrial.


Other up-and-coming trends we can expect to see in the year ahead include a growing affection for natural fiber and coarse textiles, the return of farmhouse and country style, the rise of luxury furnishings and retro-inspired pieces such as mantelpieces, fire pits, all-wood deck furniture, and a slow comeback of the traditional closed room layout.

Judging by the looks of it, the year ahead will be marked by quite a few awe-inspiring interior designs, so if you’re looking to doll up your home any time soon, make sure you keep an eye out for new trends and add a few fresh decor pieces to take the look of your home from dull to fab. Good luck!

^^^ Thank you so much to Chloe for treating lifewithlilred to this post!! -Sarah