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Scarf Series: Intergalactic Planetary Edition

Scarf Series: Intergalactic Planetary Edition

Helloooo everyone! Today we are going to talk about a fabulous new scarf from my Holiday Haul compliments of my mom and Mr. Steve Madden. One thing that I love is really cool galaxy prints, and a scarf of the like caught my eye when my mom and I were shopping at TJMaxx. Other things trumped purchasing the scarf, and I had all but forgotten about it until Christmas day. Take a look and let’s discuss:


It turns out that my mom went back to TJMaxx the following day to get this here scarf for me, because I did like it a lot! I was so surprised when I opened this present, because it was so thoughtful and sweet of my mom to make the trip back there just for one thing. I love all of the planets, stars, and different colors of this Steve Madden scarf. It’s such a fun pattern but it still looks chic and I can picture myself wearing it to work with a crisp white button down to let all of the planets pop!

I love bold accessories, like this scarf, because your outfit doesn’t need much afterwards. Throw on a cute pair of black booties and a sweet peacoat and you’re out the door in no time. This scarf is also perfect for playing around with makeup while wearing it, thanks to all of the gorgeous different colors featured in it. A navy smokey eye would look lovely or even a metallic liner for a cool galaxy pop.

So there you have it, the next part of my Holiday Haul in today’s Scarf Series: Intergalactic Planetary Edition! What is your favorite pattern to wear? How would you style this scarf? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


Fingerless Gloves Frenzy

Fingerless Gloves Frenzy

Howdy! This past weekend, a trip to TJMaxx supplied me with oodles of gorgeous winter accessories. And one of my favorite accessories of all? FINGERLESS GLOVES!! Obviously, with my talon nails, going fingerless when it comes to gloves is a must. But they are just so cute that even without long nails, I would be obsessed with them anyways. Take a look at these darling Steve Madden gloves that I scored for FIVE DOLLA HOLLA and let’s discuss:


When I saw these adorable little babes, I knew that I had to have them. And when I saw the five dollar price tag, I double knew that I had to have them. I am so in love with these gloves that it isn’t even funny. The creamy tan base color, the color pop of fun on the phalanges, a designer that I love – Hello, Steve Madden – all of these created a perfect whirlwind of an accessory in a getting away with robbery price that made these gloves impossible to say no to.

I’ve always had a strong drawing to fingerless gloves, even in my pre-talons years. I love that they are text friendly and way quirkier than your standard gloves or mittens. Not only that, but I drive a lot and I prefer fingerless when I’m behind the wheel of the Little Red Love Machine. I have accumulated a ton of pairs of fingerless glovies over the years that I love to alternate between, but I just know that these are going to be the fan favorite for this winter!

I am in a Fingerless Gloves Frenzy, but you can’t beat five dollars and cute as a button! Do you prefer fingerless or normal gloves? What is your favorite winter accessory? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

If The Shoe Fits – Steve Madden Edition

If The Shoe Fits – Steve Madden Edition

Hellooooo everyone and happy Thursday! Welcome to a newest edition of If The Shoe Fits – Steve Madden style! This post is compliments of the suggestion from my friend at HKD so major shout outs to her! I’m actually really excited to talk about this special pair of Steve Madden’s because they were the very first pair of heels that Lil Red ever owned. Take a look at some pics and then let’s discuss!


Alright, so who wants to take a guess on how old these beauties are? I’ll give you a hint…I got them when I was in eighth grade, so that makes them SEVEN years old! Talk about an oldie but goodie! So here’s the story behind the heels that started my ever growing collection…

Once upon a time when I was but a wee girl I was forced into going to a Catholic grade school. (Thanks a lot mom and dad.) That school was the literal bane of my existence and I hated every day there more passionately than the last. Eighth grade is the year that the students get confirmed and quite frankly, I wanted nothing to do with it. I’ve been a firm nonbeliever since I was as young as I can remember, but once again my parents made me go through with the confirmation ceremony. I begrudgingly accepted this since there was nothing that I could really do at thirteen to make them change their mind. The only thing that I was looking forward to about the entire affair was the fact that I got to go shopping for a new dress and shoes for the event. Even as a youngin, Lil Red loved to shop!

My style has always been unique and for the confirmation ceremony I purchased an absolutely gorgeous Erin Featherson dress from her collection for Target. I’ll never forget it….it was a little black party dress with indigo and fuchsia bunnies all over it. It was so fabulous. Now I needed the perfect pair of shoes to go with my new dress. If I wasn’t going to enjoy myself during an evening in church, then by god I was going to look amazing. After I found my dress my mom took me to Famous Footwear to get some shoes to complete the look – and what happened next began my long journey to shoe slut status.

The entire time my mom and I were in Famous she kept on pointing out flats. Flats, flats, flats. Boring, boring, boring. I rolled my eyes at each suggestion and as I was browsing I found inner peace in the Steve Madden section. The shoes were incredible. They were like nothing I’ve ever seen before – sharp, sleek wedges and heels in every shape and color imaginable. My eyes locked on the pair of strappy black wooden heels and I knew at that moment that those were it. I was going to strut my stuff down that church aisle way at confirmation like nobody’s business! I showed my mom the heels and she immediately rejected them, but I tried them on anyways…(insert suspenseful music here.)

I slipped on my first pair of heels and something inside of me clicked…they just felt so right. Once the shoes were on I hesitantly stood up and took my first wobbly steps in those beautiful wooden Steve Madden’s. After my first few steps my confidence grew and I was able to fully savor the moment of taking my first walk in heels…words can’t even describe how it felt. The way the heels made my legs look long, the way they fit to perfection, and the glorious noise of the wooden heels clacking on the floor – I absolutely loved it.

As soon as the shoes were on there was no turning back and my mom bought me my very first pair of heels. Best believe I rocked them like no other at my eighth grade confirmation and I still break them out to this day. Steve Madden remains one of my all time favorites for shoes and because they’re such excellent quality I know that I’ll have my pairs of Steve Madden’s for forever. Thank god. 😉

So there you have it, the newest issue of If The Shoe Fits – Steve Madden Edition! So now I need your help on what shoe I should write about next week. Your choices are between black knee high Carlos Santana gladiator sandals, floral print Elle heels, or primary color Calico kitten heels. I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! And thanks again to HKD for this weeks suggestion! Much love. -Sarah

OOTD: Holiday Edition

OOTD: Holiday Edition

Hello hello! So if you guys recall from one of my previous articles “Jumpsuit Joy” then you’ll know that I’m all about the unconventional holiday outfit. (To me, any clothing that isn’t red or green qualifies as an unconventional piece to wear this holiday season!) Today I put together an outfit that I plan on wearing to one of the family gatherings that I will be attending and wanted to share it with you!


As usual, here’s the breakdown of the brand name and where I purchased each item in my look:

  • Lace maxi skirt: PacSun, Kirra
  • Polka dot button down: Aerie
  • Black cami: Charlotte Russe
  • Heels: Famous Footwear, Steve Madden

I absolutely LOVE this outfit. My black lace maxi skirt was probably one of my favorite PacSun purchases I’ve ever made. The funny thing is, I never really wore this skirt until my beloved grandma’s funeral. After that, I completely fell in love with it, especially from the sentimental value that it now holds. I think that the lace detailing on this piece is just divine, especially considering that it’s just from a clothing store in the mall. The fun thing about this skirt is that there’s a slip built into it that ends above the knee, so the rest of your leg is exposed beneath the lace. I particularly adored the romantic, Gothic feel that this skirt has – it makes me feel like a walking Edward Allan Poe story. I also really like that my pasty pale legs are exposed in all of their glowing glory beneath the lace. I plan on wearing my Aerie button down tucked into the skirt, of course. This is another piece in my wardrobe that I really like. In fact, I liked it so much that I bought it in the other color Aerie had of it at the time which was navy. Usually I’m not a big polka dot fan, but the shimmering gold polka dots over the cream colored gauzy fabric won me over. I’m also not really big on wearing variations of shades of white, but this shirt had just enough pigment in the cream coloring that it enhanced my fair skin tone instead of washing me out. My sister and I purchased our Charlotte Russe black cami for $4.99 years ago, and I’ve never owned a better cami since. This little baby is pure magic. It sucks in all of the right places and enhances all the right places if you know what I mean, creating the perfect hourglass figure. Whenever I’m feeling bloated from too much Taco Bell, this is my go to quick fix to getting my slender stomach back! I’m trusting all of you guys to keep that secret confidential! 😉 My Steve Madden heels are about eight years old. Crazy right?! I purchased them for my eighth grade graduation…they were my first pair of heels and I will never EVER part with them. I remember these babies catching my eye all of those years ago when I was wandering through Famous Footwear with my mom and I knew that they had to be mine. The thing that I love most about these heels then and now is the wooden heel on them. They give the satisfying clack of a woman in charge whenever you walk on a hard surface. These Steve Madden’s are the reason that I have a shoe obsession to this day. All together this look probably cost me around $100. Keep in mind that in most of my looks an employee discount was used on some of the pieces from when I worked at PacSun.

So there you have it, one of my looks for this holiday season! I’m so excited to wear this outfit to family gatherings and even just running errands. Clearly I’m the type of gal who doesn’t need an excuse to dress up! What do you plan on rockin this holiday season? What’s your favorite holiday look or trend? I’d love to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Happy Friday! -Sarah