The 100 Years Challenge: Decorate Once, Make It Last Forever


Have you ever wished that you could just decorate once and be done with it? We can all agree that it would be better not to have to return to a room again in five years’ time, just because it’s become dated. Of course, this is something that those who jumped on the “must have the latest trend” bandwagon know all too well! If you don’t want to have to decorate again in a few years’ time, how should you approach the task of decorating today? Check this out:

Be A Minimalist: Minimalism has been around for a long time and it looks as if it is here to stay. Why? Because the less stuff you have in your rooms to date them, the less dated they will appear. It’s also a good policy just for keeping things simple and making it easy to give a good cleaning to. Make sure the furniture in the room is of a suitable size and laid out in a way that makes it look proportional to the space. Go for neutral colors that really compliment each other as seen in the picture below.


 So chic!

Bring In Functional Furniture: Some people can’t help but opt for the latest fashion trend when it comes to furniture. But, they soon find out that designer furniture isn’t the most functional or the most practical. That’s a problem, because unless you’re trying to get your living room to appear on the front page of Vogue, you’re going to want to change your living room into a place that is more pleasant to live in. Nothing is worse than having a glass coffee table that is always just about to get smashed or a chic angular chair that looks amazing but gives you back ache.


 Wikipedia Image

Always Choose Quality Over Quantity: If you’ve ever watched one of those TV programs where they transform a person’s house overnight, you’ll have noticed something: they cut corners. Not only does the end product look tacky, but you rarely see the TV designers splash out on stuff that will last. They are always choosing things like bean bags, cushions, and cheap plywood bookcases to finish a room, rather than high-quality furniture and construction materials. Companies like Direct Furniture Land sell oak furniture that will last a lifetime. Other businesses make things like granite kitchen counter tops and tiled floors that won’t wear out, either.

Make Natural Light Your Friend: Mood lighting is all the rage right now, thanks to LEDs that can change color on the fly. But, like all fun new trends, it’s not going to be suitable for the long term. The advice from designers right now for if you’re going for a timeless look is to use natural light – the oldest of all light sources – to light up your rooms. If you don’t have access to sunlight for whatever reason, there are now plenty of lighting products on the market right now that actually do a rather good job of imitating it. High-quality natural lighting options give your rooms that same amazing glow without having to live in a glass house to achieve it!


 Pixabay Image


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