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Daily Dose Of Adorable

Daily Dose Of Adorable

Hello! My parents are seriously one of the cutest couples on the planet, and they always seem to be doing something sweet for each other. Just this past week, for example, my dad brought home the gorgeous tulips seen below for my mom to bring a little spring to her step despite the insane snowfall our neck of the woods was hit with. He also used a Precious Moments advertisement in the Parade magazine to make the most precious thing I’ve ever seen. Check it out:


Every year, my dad plans an amazing summer family vacation. And, after my mom had read several books set at charming beach locations, she decided that the sea was the place to be. Coincidentally, my dad was thinking the same thing after many trips to the mountainous North Carolina region. So, he chose Hilton Head for the very first Mushenheim family beach vacation.

Shortly after this decision was made, I saw the Precious Moments ad hanging on our refrigerator with some adjustments to it in my dad’s handwriting. It was basically the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen and I think my mom agrees, because it has been displayed ever since. This, on top of the lovely bouquet that my dad bought for her is more adorable than I can bear and, needless to say, my parents are definitely #relationshipgoals!

What is something sweet that your significant other has done for you? What are your #relationshipgoals? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


Adorable Cuteness Overload

Adorable Cuteness Overload

Hi everyone!! So the other morning I wake up and my dad tells me “make sure you take a picture of what I did on the kitchen table”. So, in other words, I heard “make sure you put it on your blog”. Lol, my dad set up a little surprise shrine for my mom, who is going through some intense medical treatment, to wake up to:


Before even stepping into the kitchen, I could smell the beautiful hyacinths from our front yard. My dad also included lovely daffodil sprigs in his tiny bouquet. Not only did he pick flowers special for my mom, but he upped the ante with a hello from a cute dog and “Dave The Gnome“, who he was gifted with by JANE herself.

I often write about how my mom will surprise me with fashion related gifts like accessories or clothing and it’s always such a delight. So, it was sweet to see my dad muster up a surprise of his own to help start my mom’s day with a smile. To spread the love even more, CHARLES told me to send the picture of his creation to my sister, too. So cute.

Later in the morning, I heard my mom tell my dad how much she liked her surprise and he replied with “Oh, yeah – I made it for Gem”. (My dog. Massive eye roll!!) The Adorable Cuteness Overload was nice while it lasted! 😀

How do you like to surprise your loved ones? What is the best surprise that you have received? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Darling Daffodils

Darling Daffodils

Hellooo! Despite the random spring snow flurries in Ohio, the flowers have began to bloom! Although the weather isn’t perfect, it is so nice to see spring staples starting to emerge like our patches of hyacinths, crocuses, and the lovely daffodils that line our driveway:

Not only are these flowers beautiful but they sure are inspiring. They are so delicate and even though snow is falling and the wind is blowing them every which way, they hold strong and their beauty seems all the more radiant for it. What a life lesson that you can learn from such a little bloom!

What is the weather like in your neck of the woods? What kind of flowers are blooming in your area? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Happy 23rd Birthday, Best Friend!

Happy 23rd Birthday, Best Friend!

Hellooo everyone and happy weekend! Today is an exciting day because it’s my best friend, Lea’s, twenty-third birthday!! Lea and I have been best friends for close to ten years now and I consider myself the luckiest gal in the world for it. Whether we’re taking one of our BFF day trips or hanging out in my basement and drinking boxed wine, we always manage to have a total blast during every hang out. Even in the early stages of our friendship, I knew that Lea was always going to be someone that I wanted in my life, and we have just about ten years of BFFhood under our belt to show for it.

Lea is and will always be my A1 from the day one and I am so excited for ten more years of best friendship and probably drinking boxed wine in my basement. I am so incredibly proud to have Lea as my best friend and, like a fine wine, she just gets better with age! Happy birthday, darling! I can’t wait to celebrate with you soon!

I LOVE YOU!!!! ❤


My Blogging Inspiration

My Blogging Inspiration

So thankful for all of the amazing friends that I have made through the blogosphere, especially this lady!! Please help me welcome Miss Rin back into the WordPress family by giving her page some love! ❤

Hey, you!

Hello, Lovelies!

Today, I wanted to tell you about my lifewithlilred. That sentence worked itself out nicely, haha! Anyway, I was lucky enough to meet Sarah back when I was known as “KambOfGod”. I did end up deleting that blog and coming back, but let’s get back on track. Sarah liked one of my very first posts, in 2015. She commented and followed me. I decided to see what she had to offer and I ended up staying on her site for a few hours. She is very honest about her likes/dislikes about situations or products. I remember this one post she had about her being sure her hair didn’t smell, because her boyfriend would have told her. She knew that because he always complained about her morning breath. She’s fearless and I absolutely adore her. She offers helpful diys, fyis, reviews, advice, etc. One thing I feel we share…

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Mauve Maven OOTD

Mauve Maven OOTD

Hi everyone and welcome to a fabulous OOTD for my Salute To Summer guest bloggers series compliments of my sweet friend, Geneva, from Genney Darling. Genney girl is an absolute doll. I so enjoyed chit chatting with her to get this post in order and checking out her blog is a total must – so be sure to give it some love! At the end of her post, Geneva mentions hoping to come back on lifewithlilred. All of my guest bloggers will always have a home on my page if they so choose, so this is definitely not the last you will be seeing of her! Now, take a look at her post exclusively for lifewithlilred:

Mauve Maven OOTD

Hello Darlings!

I’m Geneva and I run the blog Genney Darling. I was super excited when Sarah agreed to have me publish a post on her blog “lifewithlilred”.  She asked for something related to summer, which is coming soon, and I knew that I had tons of ideas especially for fashion posts. For those who don’t follow me, I run a fashion blog where I share my personal style with my readers. I have only had my blog for ten months, but I am already in love with the blogging experience and where it might take me.

Summer fashion can be difficult. I believe it is easier (and more fun) in the fall when you can layer on all kinds of flannels and sweatshirts along with other accessories and still look good while being comfortable. In the summer, we still have to think of comfort (especially in the heat), and it just feels all too easy to go to our basic short shorts and graphic tees.

In this outfit, I opted for my personal favorite mom jeans along with this mauve halter tank. I have been obsessed with mauve and I’m sure that it will keep making appearances in my wardrobe throughout the summer. This tank definitely will. I think it may be my new favorite summer piece!


I thought the mom jeans would be good for summer because they are looser than skinny jeans, so your legs will be able to breathe a little better. (And some of us aren’t quite ready to show off our pale legs just yet!)

Shop the Look: 

Similar Mauve Tank Top – Forever 21

Mom Jeans – Asos

Creepers – T.U.K

Black Leather Backpack – JustFab


Thank you for reading my post here on lifewithlilred. If you enjoyed reading this post, please make sure to follow my blog, Genney Darling, and check out some of my posts there. I hope to come back here and post for Sarah again. So, until next time!

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Many thanks again to Geneva for her gorgeous Mauve Maven OOTD! You are stunning! How do you stay cool with your clothes in the summer heat? What is your favorite color to sport in the summer? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Doggy Despair: Behavioral Issues Your Pooch Can Experience

Doggy Despair: Behavioral Issues Your Pooch Can Experience

Dogs really are man’s best friend. They’re loyal and silly, they make us laugh, comfort us when we cry, and are an integral part of the family. But just like humans, dogs can experience issues which can leave them out of sorts. It could be a lack of socialization as a pup, something frightening which has made them anxious, or something you have encouraged without even realizing. Here are just a few of the behavioral issues you might face as a dog owner and what to do about them:

Aggression: Aggression in dogs can be targeted towards humans, other dogs and animals, or even objects such as bicycles and cars when you’re out on a walk. Fear often manifests itself as aggression, and a puppy that hasn’t been exposed to lots of different stimuli can grow up as a fearful and aggressive dog. Aggression can also come about due to resource guarding, where your dog feels it has to protect food, treats, toys, and even space. Aggression can be a tricky issue to deal with when it comes to dogs. For everyone’s safety, consulting a dog trainer or expert is in your best interests to make sure that you’re not aggravating the situation. The last thing you want is to make matters worse. Punishing your dog for aggression for example is likely to intensify the situation and make them more prone to biting.

Digging: Digging is a natural doggy behavior, but some dogs will do this more than others. In some cases it can become a huge issue, dogs can tear up gardens and even floors in the home. Digging is good exercise and is fun for dogs, so how about setting up a designated ‘digging area’ in your garden? Redirect them to this when they begin to dig, and use plenty of praise. This behavior might also indicate that your dog is full of energy. Taking them on longer walks could help to keep down their desire to dig.

Barking: Barking is one of the ways that your dog communicates with its humans and other animals. Different barks can mean different things, from ‘there’s someone at the door’ to ‘give me attention’ or ‘get away from me before I bite!’. Understanding your dog’s different barks will help you to give them what they need, although in some cases dogs can bark excessively. This can become a nuisance and can even land you in trouble with your neighbors or landlord. People have even been fined due to noisy dogs!

Correct barking behavior by getting your dog’s attention and diverting it elsewhere. Don’t ever use violence with dogs, but a nudge could help to ‘snap them out’ of the zone that they’re in. Teaching your dog commands like ‘bark’ and ‘stop barking’ using treats, praise, and rewards can help, too. That way when they begin to bark you can use the command to stop and praise them with a treat. If nothing seems to be helping, seeking professional training might be the way to go.

Begging: Dogs are very food motivated. This is great as it makes them easy to teach, most dogs will do anything you ask to get their paws on a tasty snack! However, it also means that whatever you have to eat, your dog will have eyes for. If you give your dog table scraps and food from your plate, you’re encouraging a lifetime of begging behavior – and dogs aren’t subtle about it! They will happily sit with their head on your knee or right next to your face while you eat given the chance! You can stop begging behavior by simply never feeding your dog table scraps. If you have leftovers that are suitable for dogs such as meat, vegetables, rice and other good stuff- scrape it into a container for later. That way they don’t associate you eating (or finishing your meal) with them getting fed.

You could also make them sit in their bed or in another room while you eat, or even use a soft crate. Unlike a wire crate, this is easy to collapse and is portable, so it’s useful for when you travel and not quite as imposing as other models. If you’re wondering what the best soft dog crates are on the market, there are plenty of reviews online. Dogs might also beg because they’re hungry. Making sure that you’re giving enough food for the size of your dog will help to prevent this. There are usually feeding instructions based on weight on most dog food products or you could ask your vet if you’re unsure.



Chewing: Dogs like to chew. Having a toy or bone for them to chew on can clean their teeth, vent their frustrations, and keep their mind busy which tires them out. However, some dogs won’t just chew their own possessions but anything in their path. This can be dangerous since they might choke on small parts, gnaw on something toxic, or even through wires giving them an electric shock. Teaching puppies what they can and can’t have is essential. Destruction is often a result of frustration or separation anxiety, so making sure that your dog is well exercised and not leaving them alone for long periods should help with this. You may find that confining them to a crate or one room is necessary to keep them from chewing up things that they shouldn’t. If you know your dog is a chewer, be extra cautious not to leave anything lying around that they can get a hold of. Wires should be tacked to walls using wire clips, shoes should be put in a cupboard, and anything else that might become a target should be moved – especially when your dog is unsupervised.

Keeping your dog healthy, making sure that they get enough exercise, and socializing them well when they’re young will help you to avoid all kinds of issues. However, sometimes they can still crop up either due to an experience that they’ve had or just out of the blue. A dog trainer or your local vet can provide further advice if you’re stuck. LONG LIVE DOGS!!! ❤

Featured Image By: Pexels