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Joy Of Garlic

Joy Of Garlic

I am sure that you guys gathered by now that I love food. I feel like I am constantly talking about cooking, baking, eating, or Taco Bell to someone! But one thing that I really love is garlic. I remember the first time that I had a super garlic-y food. My mom made my brother a snack of spaghetti and pesto when he came home from work about ten years ago and after trying a taste of the garlic filled sauce, I was hooked.

After my revelation of how freaking amazing garlic is, I began seeking out foods and recipes that would be filled with the stuff. When I cook, I use no less than an entire bulb of garlic in my meals despite the recipes only calling for about three cloves! When it comes to garlic, I mean bid-ness so when I was at a farmers market in Asheville, North Carolina at the beginning of summer and discovered the Joy Of Garlic stand, I truly believe that I died and went to heaven.

The Joy Of Garlic boasts, sauces, dressings, salsas, and spreads that are all dedicated to giving you the biggest blast of garlic imaginable. Their salsa is superb but after taste testing their Chipotle and sun dried tomato spread, I had discovered what it means to be alive – they are that good. Take a look on their website and you’ll see what I mean!

Upon returning to Asheville in October, my family bought three of each of our favorite spread flavors which will probably last about a month at most considering we put it on everything! Sandwiches, pizza, French bread, crackers, pretzels, you name it. The reason why it dawned on me to even write this post to begin with is because I had some for lunch today over top a microwave pizza! This spread literally transforms everything that you put on it and it turned my somewhat crappy pizza into instant deliciousness.

I also did promise the lovely woman who sold my family our garlic spreads both times that I would write a post about it on my blog. So if you’re reading this: THANK YOU!!

You can shop online for all things garlic at the Joy Of Garlic’s website and you can also learn how to sell the products in your area! If there are any local farmers markets in your neck of the woods, I cannot recommend starting a stand enough because I one hundred and ten percent believe that it would be a hit!

Thank you so much to the Joy Of Garlic for introducing me to my new favorite topping for literally any food and for also helping me keep vampires away with my breath! What is your favorite topping to put on your meals? Is anyone else super obsessed with garlic like me? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


No Horsing Around: Why You Need To Think Seriously Before Buying A Horse

No Horsing Around: Why You Need To Think Seriously Before Buying A Horse

I feel like every child has a phase where they are just obsessed with horses. I wouldn’t say I was ever completely crazy about them but that changed when I got the opportunity to help kids with developmental disabilities ride horses at a ranch that I live by. Being able to work alongside the children and animals and seeing them connect with each other so much was incredibly beautiful to me. Ever since, horses have been alright in my book and I was lucky enough to go horse back riding in Asheville when I visited in June and September. Such fun!
Do I plan on buying myself a pony in the near future? No. But the people who are should be aware of what they are getting themselves into, like you would do with any pet!

        No Horsing Around: Why You Need To Think Seriously Before Buying A Horse:

The equestrian world is certainly a beautiful thing to be a part of. The lifestyle and sport is one of athleticism, adventure, and competition. But it’s also one that is plenty of hard work and can take up a lot of time. Even as a real horse lover and someone who rides all the time, you still have to think seriously before buying a horse. A horse is a long-term investment and a serious commitment. So here are some things to think about before taking the leap.

Time: Owning and looking after a horse requires a lot of time, money, and early starts. Of course, it’s full of enjoyment too, but do remember it is a time-consuming job that requires care every day. Do you have the time to commit to it on top of regular household chores and family, too? If you want some advice on time saving tips in the home, follow the click. They may just help you free up more time to spend at the stables!

Money: Horses are not only expensive to buy but also cost a lot in upkeep. There will be vet bills, shoeing costs, livery charges, and food and forage to think about. Stabled horses need hay all year round as well as bedding. Horses also require insurance, medications, and new shoes roughly every six weeks. You also need to consider their dentistry bills and a contingency fund for any emergencies that may occur. It’s a pretty big money commitment!

Home: You may be lucky enough to be able to house your horse at home. But most horse owners aren’t. If not, you will have to consider the cost of livery stables or invest in buying an internal stable or mobile field shelter. This will all require a lot of research to find the ideal one. Companies such as Vale Stables are a good place to start if you are looking for a quality equine housing solution.

Testing The Waters: If you are unsure if you have the time to commit to owning a horse a good option may be to lease one out for six months. This will give you an opportunity to see if you are up for the job. You can often get full or partial leases on horses. This arrangement means that you either pay a fixed fee or you pay for some of the expenses that go towards looking after the horse. In exchange for payment, you get free riding time on the horse. If you have a riding school or you work with an instructor ask for their advice. Many stables often have leases available, and she/he may know someone trustworthy and reputable.

Let’s Talk Budget: If you do go ahead with buying a horse, there are still lots of things to consider. First, you will need to know what budget you need. Of course, this will depend on what type of competitive level you want to reach. If you want to own a horse to love and go out on adventures with and perhaps compete in small local events, you should look at a budget of about $5,000. If you want a horse that you can use at higher competitive levels, you should talk to your trainer or instructor to find out what they suggest is an expected price. Temperament is also the most fundamental aspect of buying a horse. Buy one who is well-mannered, kind, calm, and gentle, and you will have a friend for life.

What was your dream pet as a child? What animal did you have an irrational fear of when you were little (my brother was afraid of penguins!)? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Featured Image By: Unsplash

Vacation Purchases

Vacation Purchases

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday! I have regrettably been home from the beautiful Asheville, North Carolina for about a week now but with some fab purchases made during my vaca, it makes transporting my mind back to the fun I had just a little bit easier. I stocked up on one of my favorite beauty products as well as added some super cute new accessories to the mix so take a look and let’s discuss:

The Haul:

  • Appalachian Naturals Complexion Bar
  • Two fringe bandanas from Francesca’s

Beauty Bar: When I was in Asheville in June, my mom and I must have spent at least an hour in Appalachian Naturals which boasts a wide assortment of handmade beauty products. We still have a ton of body bars left but I was in need of another one of their complexion bars. I began using my first bar in June and I am still not done with it yet, which just shows you how long lasting their products are. This beauty bar is one of the best things that has ever happened to my skin and leaves it feeling (and looking!) like a million bucks. I can’t recommend the products of Appalachian Naturals enough and urge all of you to check out all of their amazing goodies on their website!

Bandanas: One of my favorite accessories are bandanas. I love wearing them with flannels, jackets, T’s, dresses, – basically any clothing item that you can imagine. I think that they are so fun and edgy and they add just the perfect amount of grungy cool to any look. My family went shopping at the outlet malls while in NC both times and a Francesca’s had opened shortly after we left in June. Shopping in the relatively new store was a lot of fun and when both my mom and I saw my two new bandanas, we instantly knew that they were mine.

Of course, the black one was a must for me and I’m actually wearing it right now with a black sweater and a camouflage trench coat from Urban Outfitters. But, at buy one get one half off, I figured I might as well indulge in other style as well. I don’t own a white bandana because I never really cared to but I really like my new one! What made me love it so much is that not only does it have cloth fringe but it also has metal chains hanging from it, too. I had never seen anything like these new additions to my wardrobe and I am having such fun incorporating them into my OOTDs. My new bandanas instantly transform any outfit and I am so pleased with my Francesca’s purchases.

I didn’t return from my vaca with a huge haul of goodies but I could not be happier with the items that I took home. They are the perfect little mementos from my trip and I look forward to getting great use out of all three items.

So there you have it, my Vacation Purchases! What has been your most recent treat yoself item? What is your favorite local store to shop at? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Vacation Photos

Vacation Photos

Hi everyone and happy weekend! I arrived back home in good ol’ CFalls, Ohio this past Wednesday after a wonderful week away in Asheville, North Carolina with my family. We had an amazing time hiking, horse back riding, apple picking, EATING, and shopping! My family had visited Asheville in June and we liked it so much that we just had to come back and this time our two dogs, Ollie and Gem, joined us for the festivities. 🙂 ❤

Take a look at some of my favorite photos from our fall vacation:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

^^^ So. Much. FUN!!

Fun fact for ya, the butterfly, hummingbird, and duck pictures are all made out of LEGOS! They were being featured at the North Carolina Arboretum and they were so incredible! Asheville treated the Mushenheims so well and my only regret is that I’m not there right this minute! Have a fab weekend, everyone! Much love. -Sarah

Bath & Body Works October Freebies

Bath & Body Works October Freebies

Hellooo everyone and TGIF! While I was in Asheville, North Carolina this week, I just had to take advantage of doing some shopping. I had three freebie coupons from Bath & Body Works burning a hole in my pocket and was eager to cash them in. I was also pretty happy to be able to walk into a new B&BW and not get judged too hard for just grabbing the free items and leaving! I’m pretty sure the B&BW that I frequent is super over me by now! I stocked up on three of their fall fragrances and now I’m here to rank them according to which ones I liked best. Take a look:


  1. Champagne Apple & Honey: If you guys are familiar with my blog, it should come as no surprise that this scent was my favorite! As you know, I am obsessed with apple fragrances and this one is just divine! Bubbly and sweet champagne mixed with a tart, crisp apple and just the smallest splash of honey. This scent combines all of the bite of an apple plucked fresh from the orchard with the girly and fresh scent of sparkling champagne. Cheers!
  2. Golden Pear & Brown Sugar: This scent was nice! I was a bit worried that it would be too sweet of a scent which I don’t care for at all but I was pleasantly mistaken. The soft crunch of a juicy pear blended beautifully with the semi sweet scent of brown sugar. I liked how light this fragrance was because it’s easy for anything with “sugar” in the title to be too sweet to the point that it’s overpowering.
  3. Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte: Speaking of too sweet – this scent just didn’t do it for me. The marshmallow scent in this lotion is actually more like vanilla, which is something that I usually love. Unfortunately, the not so subtle sweetness of the vanilla created something that just smelled off when combined with the frothy pumpkin latte. Had this scent incorporated a bit more PSL style spiciness into it, I think it could have been salvaged but this one is definitely not for me!

Overall, I was really pleased with all of the fall Bath & Body Works fragrances. Despite not caring for the Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte scent, it will make a great add on gift for Christmas presents! And for those of you who live for the B&BW holiday scents, you better hit the mall pronto because they are already available in stores and online!

So there you have it, my Bath & Body Works October Freebies! Has anyone done some bath and body care shopping recently? What did you get? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

See Ya Later!

See Ya Later!

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been MIA, I have been and still am pretty sick. My sister had a nasty cold and cough, which transferred to my brother, which transferred to me, which I transferred to my boyfriend, which I’m sure will end up getting transferred back to me somehow because that’s just how things happen in my life. Anyways, I’ve had a cough, cold, fever, and aches from hell since Monday and I am still feeling fairly questionable today. Fingers crossed that those feelings subside by tomorrow, though, because my family is taking a little beginning of fall vaca!

Yeah that’s right! For the first time in twenty-two years of being alive, my family is going on two vacations in one year. We enjoyed being in Asheville, North Carolina so much in June that we just had to come back. This time we are bringing our two dogs with us to the extremely canine friendly city and are departing on Friday and coming home on Wednesday. This is something that my family has never ever done before and I’m seriously so excited!

This semester has been a bitch and a half but I have already gotten all of my work completed for the following week and am ready for some much needed R&R! Since I have been away from my beloved blog baby for so long this past week, I will be sure to get some writing done while I’m tucked away in a little cabin in NC! Have a fabulous rest of your week everyone and See Ya Later! 🙂

Monday Update: Vacation Purchases Edition

Monday Update: Vacation Purchases Edition

Hi everyone and welcome to another week here on lifewithlilred. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of spare time to do hella blogging this summer but I will try my best to at least get a weekly post in via the Monday Update. As you guys know, my family went on vacation to Asheville, North Carolina a week ago and your girl did some amazing shopping there! Take a look at the latest goodies that I added to my wardrobe and beauty collections:

^^^ Hurray!

One thing that I absolutely love to do while I’m on vacation (and basically every day of my life) is SHOP. There is nothing better than exploring the different stores that places outside of your hometown have to offer. Usually during family vacas we dedicate a day to shopping local and hitting up an outlet mall if the area has one. During our shop day, I scored some amazing bath and body care products and my new favorite shirt from Forever 21, so let’s discuss!

While shopping local, we came across the most fantastic store called Appalachian Naturals which offers homemade bath and body care products. The shop was filled with bar soap, shampoos, bath bombs, and even some soap for your four legged BFFs. My mom and I must have spent close to an hour scouring the store, chatting with the employees, and filling a shopping bag with our purchases.

We ended up leaving with twelve bars of soap, a bar of soap for our pups, shampoo, chapsticks, a bath bomb, and a “meatball” made from excess shavings from the soap making process. The meatball was literally a pound ball of over thirty different soaps combined together and it’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen…so obviously we had to get it. Pictured above are three of the soaps that I wanted for myself – a face bar, and a Mountain Apple and Peppermint flavored bar soap. I’m very excited to work the complexion bar into my skin care routine after I finish the cleanser that I’m currently using and the same goes for the bar soap for when I finish the shower gel I have open.

At the outlet mall I was able to spend my birthday money on some new treats for myself which was so nice! I’m seriously obsessed with the gorgeous floral blouse that I got from Forever 21. I’m usually not a big fan of wearing white because I’m so pale that all it does is wash me out. However, this stark white top was so different because of the bright, Kimono style floral pattern. The colors complimented my hair and skin so well that the pure white base color made everything pop.

I’ve been trying to incorporate more business casual clothes into my wardrobe and I like that this shirt can be worn to work or my internship but I could still hang out with my friends in it. I purchased this shirt for $22.50 and I thought that it was a steal considering it looks so much like the clothes that I always ogle over at too expensive for me Express!

Speaking of steals, can we please talk about the Semi Annual Sale at Bath & Body Works?! Last year at B&BW’s sale, I discovered my favorite scent – Country Apple. This fragrance only makes an appearance during the Semi Annual Sale because it’s part of the oldie but goodie collection that they bring back special for the occasion. Knowing this, it was a must to stop in at the B&BW at the outlet mall to stock up on my gotta have it body spray.

All of the originally fourteen dollar body mists that were on sale were only $3.75 so, needless to say, I went HARD. I took four Country Apple sprays and four of the Mango Mandarin, too, because it smells amazing and it’s always nice to switch things up a little bit. As I walked up to the register, I remembered that back in good ol’ Ohio, there was a coupon for ten dollars off a forty dollar purchase sitting idly on my desk.

I was already at the thirty dollar mark with my bundle of perfumes and when I explained the situation to the worker behind the register, she was kind enough to provide the coupon for me. I was so incredibly thankful and went back to the front of the store to grab one more Country Apple and Mango Mandarin spray. I was at five perfumes each and I needed one more thing to reach a forty dollar purchase. I debated on which scent to get one more of – the apple or the mango but then realized that getting six of one and five of the other would drive me crazy. So I decided to go for a Sun Ripened Raspberry spray to get me to the price I needed to use the coupon.

Thanks to the kindness of the worker, my total bill for eleven body sprays was $33.44. The coupon knocked each perfume down to $2.86 for an originally FOURTEEN DOLLAR fragrance. Hell yeah! Because I was so grateful to the B&BW employee for helping a sister out, I emailed their customer service center to write her a rave review. I was so pleased to get an email response back from them saying that she would be receiving a certificate from the regional manager for excellence in customer service. She so deserved it! 🙂

So there you have it, this week’s Monday Update: Vacation Purchases Edition! I’m so happy with all of the goodies that I got to return to Ohio with and I can’t wait to start using all of them! Has anyone shopped any good sales lately? What store has the best deals right now? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Monday Update: Vacation Pictures Edition

Monday Update: Vacation Pictures Edition

Hi everyone and happy Monday! I have returned home from my beautiful Asheville, North Carolina family vacation and am ready to bring you the latest and greatest in my world. I have to admit, I’m not thrilled to be home since Asheville was so gorgeous! It was such a nice change to be surrounded by all of the art and nature that NC had to offer as opposed to the flat and boring Ohio. But before we begin this post, a round of applause is in order for all of my fantastic vacation guest bloggers! Thank you so much for all of your help in maintaining lifewithlilred while I was away. Great job! Now, let’s take a look at some vacation pics, shall we?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

^^^ Can I go back now, or?

My family had the best time exploring Asheville and we left with so many great memories. One of my favorites was going horseback riding for the morning through a ranch that provides trail rides on their vast 550 acre property. My horse was named Sassy and we were obviously a perfect match! Despite getting super sun burned thanks to our three hour trek, it was definitely a lot of fun!

You might notice some random pictures in the slide show like the snap of a flashlight in its packaging. That happens to be a birthday gift given to me from the Blue Mountain Pizza Company. Lol, I got a glass of wine and when they asked for my ID my dad mentioned that it was my birthday on that very day. The meal was delicious and at the end, our waiter came back with a super special birthday flashlight for yours truly because the restaurant gives presents to those who are celebrating. I can’t say that I’ll make very good use out of the flashlight so I regifted it to my dad who can at least do something with it!

One of our days was spent exploring all of the downtown shops in Asheville so make sure you check back for a post on my vaca purchases. As you can see, my mom and I proudly posed in front of a sign for Appalachian Naturals – the most amazing little homemade soap store that Asheville has to offer. We must have spent close to an hour browsing the store, selecting soaps, and chatting with the knowledgeable and helpful employees.

We left with an enormous selection of handcrafted soap, chapstick, shampoo, dog soap, bath bombs, and…a meatball? Haha, yes. One of the products that the store had to offer was a one pound ball of soap that was made from the excess shavings from the soap making process. It’s admittedly the most ridiculous thing ever but we couldn’t not get it. One of the employees told us a story about how a husband had startled his wife while she was in the shower and she ended up throwing the soap ball at him which resulted in two black eyes and a broken nose. Yikes!

The final picture of the slideshow is a family photo at El Poncho, a Mexican restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia when we went to visit my brother and his wife to start our vacation. The food was SO good and we had such a great time. I got serenaded by the mariachi band for my birthday and throughout the meal they continued to come back and play for us. At one point my parents got up to practice their Rumba and ChaCha while the band performed. They were a hit!

At the end of the meal we decided to take a family photo and everything looked awesome except for one thing. The man on the farthest right has no relation to our family. Lol, we got photobombed so hard by this guy sitting at the bar and none of us can get over how good of a job he did. He seriously looks like he belongs in the picture. When we caught the culprit after we took a look at the picture we invited him into our family as an adopted son and brother. He has yet to accept or decline this offer.

So there you have it, this week’s Monday Update which displays some of the many Vacation Photos that were taken during our week in Asheville! Who is going on vaca soon? Where is your favorite spot to travel to? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

John Patrick Halling

John Patrick Halling

Hellooo everyone and welcome to a very special article on lifewithlilred about an extremely talented artist that I had the pleasure of getting to know, Kent, Ohio blues musician, John Patrick Halling. I was lucky enough to sit down for a chat with John Patrick about his most recent tour, his performance style, and some of the corniest jokes you’ll ever hear in your life.

Those who frequent my page will know that I have literally no talent for music. I can’t sing, I can’t play any instruments other than three songs on the guitar, and I also have cried during every concert I’ve ever attended – but that’s neither here nor there. What I’m getting at is that I LOVE talking with musicians because they are skilled at something that I wish I could do. John Patrick was no exception. He was humble and genuine with the quick wit of a seasoned performer. Take a look at part of the interview conducted by yours truly and listen along to the songs we discuss on his website.

Our chat began with some rapid fire questions about John’s most recent two month musical excursion, his Boy in the Water US tour, so let’s get to it:

  • Lil Red: What was your favorite place you traveled to?
  • John Patrick Halling: Well I’m from Kansas City, so playing there was a lot of fun. I loved Asheville, North Carolina which was a cool little hippie city, and Boulder, Colorado too.
  • LR: What was your favorite tourist activity you did?
  • JPH: I liked trying all of the different foods and craft beers, sight seeing, and hiking! I hiked ten to twelve national parks. For two weeks of my travels I hiked from Yellowstone to the Grand Canyon.
  • LR: Favorite restaurant?
  • JPH: Oh, what was it’s name? The Mellow Mushroom. It was in the south. It was wood fired pizzas, there was a lot of vegan and vegetarian options, and a bunch of stuff on the walls…Not in the TGIFridays or Applebee’s way, in the cool way. The Mexican food in New Mexico and Arizona was also out of this world. (So jealous, mama loves Mexican food!)
  • LR: Favorite venue?
  • JPH: It was called the Purple Fiddle in Thomas, West Virginia. This place was cool because it had a hostel built into the venue where the performers could stay as well as a crowd that was pretty much built in too from all of the tourists and locals.
  • LR: Where would you like to go again?
  • JPH: Everywhere! Wyoming was beautiful and it was filled with the nicest people – they were exactly how you would picture people from Wyoming to be, in the best way possible. I am bummed that I didn’t make it out west, though.
  • LR: How many shows did you play?
  • JPH: Around thirty…I played to a few empty coffee shops. I also performed at open mics and found a few good places on the streets where I would set up shop and play. Pearl Street in Boulder was great for that and so was San Antonio and Asheville.
  • LR: How many miles did you travel?
  • JPH: I traveled 12,000 miles in two months. But 2,000 of those miles was probably me driving around not knowing where I was going. My GPS system broke down halfway through the trip so I had to buy a road map, which was actually hard to find. I had to map out my routes and rough it and if all else failed, I still had my phone! Being on the road is a glamorous thing.

jph2 jph33

^^^ Pictured above: John striking a pose in the Grand Tetons National Park in Wyoming as well as a scenic pic he snapped while driving into Kansas City.

After having a spitfire session about the Boy in the Water tour, John and I moved on to discussing his music, his style, and his future plans for his career. Please don’t think that I use the word spitfire lightly, either. All of the questions above were asked and answered in a little over five minutes. Everyone tells me that I’m a very fast talker and I met my match with John Patrick! Turn his music up and let’s move on:

  • LR: Where did the title for your album Boy in the Water come from? Are you part merman?
  • JPH: Well now the secrets out! I tried a lot of different titles but they were all basic and boring. My cousins and I are big fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and in one of the opening scenes Elizabeth is standing on a boat and she sees Will Turner flailing in the ocean and she says “there’s a boy in the water”. So the album title is a tip of my cap to my family as well as whatever metaphorical symbolism it might mean.
  • LR: What was the first song you learned on the guitar?
  • JPH: “Sunshine of Your Love” by Cream and some Lynyrd Skynyrd songs. Since we’re sitting in a Starbucks, I like my coffee how I like my Eric Clapton greatest hits albums, with a little bit of Cream in it!
  • LR: I was a fan of your Hawthorne Heights reference in “If I Would’ve Known”, who are some of your musical influences?
  • JPH: Everything. Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, Hendrix. I grew up on 90’s country. I had a Rasta phase in high school where I listened to a lot of Bob Marley. I had my punk phase where I played a bunch of Blink, Simple Plan, and Green Day.
  • LR: Your lyrics are very poetic, have you always liked to write or was that a talent you didn’t know you had?
  • JPH: A little bit of both. I loved history and English classes which involved a lot of writing. I was also always a performer because I’m the middle child who was always striving for attention! I was very into theater in high school and played in quite a few different bands so I think all of these things helped develop my writing style.
  • LR: I thought it was interesting how in “Siren Song” you portrayed the devil as a woman. Is that based on a particular situation?
  • JPH: Kind of, but it also goes back to mythology in general when mermaids would sing their siren songs to tempt men. Women have always been men’s number one vice, asides from beer and cigarettes. But I also feel like I lose myself in relationships very easily. I try to change myself for the person and make myself into what they want me to be instead of finding someone who accepts me for my vices…If that makes sense.
  • LR: It makes perfect sense. Because I have a lot of fashion bloggers tuning in, how would you describe your look when you’re playing a show?
  • JPH: I wear whatever doesn’t smell. No, I’m a big hat guy, I have three or four wide brimmed Brixtons and Stetsons that I love. I also wear a lot of boots. You’ll never see me in shorts though, I’m always in jeans…I woke up like this.
  • LR: You should be a comedian if your music career falls through.
  • JPH: I actually love telling jokes on stage. Why does Peter Pan always fly? Because he never lands. That joke never gets old. It’s got a good hook to it.
  • LR: So where do you see John Patrick Halling one year from now?
  • JPH: Hopefully on the road again. I’d like to start recording a new album in January or February and be out on another tour by August. I have about ten to fifteen songs to narrow down so I’m still deciding on if it will be an album or an EP.
  • LR: And finally, does the drinking ever end in downtown Kent?
  • JPH: Not when you’re drinking with your friends!

jph44 jph55

^^^ Pictured above: Sporting a signature hat in Asheville, North Carolina and a view of the picturesque Arches National Park in Utah. (Can we just talk about how the sky in both pictures looks like something out of a story book? So amazing.)

Are you a fan of John Patrick Halling? You can reach out to him by:

  • Liking his page on Facebook
  • Following him on Twitter
  • Following him on Instagram
  • Emailing him at: johnpatrickhalling@yahoo.com

You can also listen to the album Boy in the Water on all of the following mediums:

I really can’t begin to tell you guys how much I enjoyed my time with the fantastic John Patrick Halling. The pleasure was truly all mine and I can’t wait to see him perform in the near future! Do you have any questions for John Patrick? What is your favorite song off of his album Boy in the Water? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah