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Lucky Brand Haul: Spot On Sweater Edition

Lucky Brand Haul: Spot On Sweater Edition

Hello hello! Despite saying that I was going to save money while on vacation, the outlet malls in Asheville were calling my name and I ended up with a haul from Lucky that I am very happy with. In fact, I daresay that I got a better deal at the outlet store than I ever would have shopping with TJMaxx – and that’s really saying something because I swear by that store. Because ya’ll have never known Lil Red to pass up on a deal, I ended up with some beautiful new pieces for my fall wardrobe like this darling polka dot sweater:


Blah, blah, blah mustard yellow.

Blah, blah, blah excellent deal.

Blah, blah, blah perfect fall staple.

Ugh, but seriously – mustard yellow, excellent deal, and PERFECT fall staple! I cannot say enough good things about this sweater. From the gorgeous fallen leaves hue and the charming pattern to the chunky but fitted shape and keyhole cutout on the back, this sweater has got it going on. It has just the right amount of give to keep me comfy cozy during the cooler weather but it is fitted enough that it doesn’t look like I’m drowning in it or am as wide as a house. Spoiler Alert: Both looks are not cute.

Nope, this lovely little sweater is the epitome of slouchy chic and is going to look simply  flawless paired with some faux leather skinnies, thigh high boots, and a great big statement bag to complete the look. Throw on a huge floppy hat and don’t look at me sunnies and you are ready to strut about the pumpkin patch or apple orchard like you own the joint. Hello, stunner!

What is your favorite pattern to wear? How do you rock a slouchy sweater? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Monday Update: Vacation Purchases Edition

Monday Update: Vacation Purchases Edition

Hi everyone and welcome to another week here on lifewithlilred. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of spare time to do hella blogging this summer but I will try my best to at least get a weekly post in via the Monday Update. As you guys know, my family went on vacation to Asheville, North Carolina a week ago and your girl did some amazing shopping there! Take a look at the latest goodies that I added to my wardrobe and beauty collections:

^^^ Hurray!

One thing that I absolutely love to do while I’m on vacation (and basically every day of my life) is SHOP. There is nothing better than exploring the different stores that places outside of your hometown have to offer. Usually during family vacas we dedicate a day to shopping local and hitting up an outlet mall if the area has one. During our shop day, I scored some amazing bath and body care products and my new favorite shirt from Forever 21, so let’s discuss!

While shopping local, we came across the most fantastic store called Appalachian Naturals which offers homemade bath and body care products. The shop was filled with bar soap, shampoos, bath bombs, and even some soap for your four legged BFFs. My mom and I must have spent close to an hour scouring the store, chatting with the employees, and filling a shopping bag with our purchases.

We ended up leaving with twelve bars of soap, a bar of soap for our pups, shampoo, chapsticks, a bath bomb, and a “meatball” made from excess shavings from the soap making process. The meatball was literally a pound ball of over thirty different soaps combined together and it’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen…so obviously we had to get it. Pictured above are three of the soaps that I wanted for myself – a face bar, and a Mountain Apple and Peppermint flavored bar soap. I’m very excited to work the complexion bar into my skin care routine after I finish the cleanser that I’m currently using and the same goes for the bar soap for when I finish the shower gel I have open.

At the outlet mall I was able to spend my birthday money on some new treats for myself which was so nice! I’m seriously obsessed with the gorgeous floral blouse that I got from Forever 21. I’m usually not a big fan of wearing white because I’m so pale that all it does is wash me out. However, this stark white top was so different because of the bright, Kimono style floral pattern. The colors complimented my hair and skin so well that the pure white base color made everything pop.

I’ve been trying to incorporate more business casual clothes into my wardrobe and I like that this shirt can be worn to work or my internship but I could still hang out with my friends in it. I purchased this shirt for $22.50 and I thought that it was a steal considering it looks so much like the clothes that I always ogle over at too expensive for me Express!

Speaking of steals, can we please talk about the Semi Annual Sale at Bath & Body Works?! Last year at B&BW’s sale, I discovered my favorite scent – Country Apple. This fragrance only makes an appearance during the Semi Annual Sale because it’s part of the oldie but goodie collection that they bring back special for the occasion. Knowing this, it was a must to stop in at the B&BW at the outlet mall to stock up on my gotta have it body spray.

All of the originally fourteen dollar body mists that were on sale were only $3.75 so, needless to say, I went HARD. I took four Country Apple sprays and four of the Mango Mandarin, too, because it smells amazing and it’s always nice to switch things up a little bit. As I walked up to the register, I remembered that back in good ol’ Ohio, there was a coupon for ten dollars off a forty dollar purchase sitting idly on my desk.

I was already at the thirty dollar mark with my bundle of perfumes and when I explained the situation to the worker behind the register, she was kind enough to provide the coupon for me. I was so incredibly thankful and went back to the front of the store to grab one more Country Apple and Mango Mandarin spray. I was at five perfumes each and I needed one more thing to reach a forty dollar purchase. I debated on which scent to get one more of – the apple or the mango but then realized that getting six of one and five of the other would drive me crazy. So I decided to go for a Sun Ripened Raspberry spray to get me to the price I needed to use the coupon.

Thanks to the kindness of the worker, my total bill for eleven body sprays was $33.44. The coupon knocked each perfume down to $2.86 for an originally FOURTEEN DOLLAR fragrance. Hell yeah! Because I was so grateful to the B&BW employee for helping a sister out, I emailed their customer service center to write her a rave review. I was so pleased to get an email response back from them saying that she would be receiving a certificate from the regional manager for excellence in customer service. She so deserved it! 🙂

So there you have it, this week’s Monday Update: Vacation Purchases Edition! I’m so happy with all of the goodies that I got to return to Ohio with and I can’t wait to start using all of them! Has anyone shopped any good sales lately? What store has the best deals right now? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Loft Vacation Haul

Loft Vacation Haul

Heyyy everyone and happy Saturday! I hope that all of you are having a fabulous weekend so far! Last week during my Orlando, Florida vacation, my mom and I did some heavy duty shopping at one of their gazillion outlet malls. Yesterday I discussed the fun sweater dresses that I got from Forever 21 and now I’m here to chat about my cool new finds at Loft. Take a look:


^^^ I love fall clothing!

Clearly my mom and I stayed true to the colder weather clothing theme at Loft because we left the store with a combined total of five sweaters! I’ve never shopped for myself at Loft before, usually when I go in there it’s because my mom wants to so I was pleasantly surprised that I walked away with some great steals! Everything at the Loft outlet was forty percent off, so it dropped the price of our bill significantly and it didn’t make me feel too bad about snagging some more pieces from the outlet mall! But hey, when in Rome. 😉

While shopping in Forever 21, I tried on a poncho-esque jacket that unfortunately was way too big for me so I was very happy with my Loft poncho purchase. Honestly, I had no intention of trying it on but my mom insisted so I gave it a shot and it was shockingly adorable! When I think of ponchos the first thing that comes to mind is unfitted and baggy which is not my thing in the slightest, so I was thrilled to see that my poncho was extremely fitted once I had it on. It clings to my body without being tight and it looks so effortlessly chic. The look of this piece once it’s on is more of a shawl than a poncho and I feel like a really classy bitch when I wear it. I’m very excited to throw one of my first Loft purchases on over a long sleeved shirt, my black super skinnies, and my tan knee high riding boots. Hello, sophisticated lady!

My navy blue cardi with tan pleather accent pockets was the first thing I saw when I walked into Loft and it was love at first sight. This crazy cute piece also came in charcoal grey with black pockets so I grabbed them both to try on. As soon as I saw these sweaters, I knew that I wanted one desperately – I was already having an intense mental debate over which color to get once they were in my arms to take to the fitting room. I tried on the navy blue one first and it left me speechless over how much I loved it. My mom and I both agreed that it was a perfect combination of funky and put together and I seriously didn’t want to take it off after I had it on. I said farewell to the cardi only briefly to try the grey one on and about thirty seconds after, it was off. It just didn’t have the same “wow” factor as its navy sister sweater. The best thing about this cardi is its length. It goes down to my knees, so I plan on wearing it over a fun top paired with thick cable knit tights and a chunky heel for an edgy autumn look.

So there you have it, my very first Loft purchases made during my vacation shopping trip! What are you most excited to wear this fall? What is your favorite cold weather staple? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Forever 21 Vacation Haul

Forever 21 Vacation Haul

Hellooooo everyone and TGIF! As you guys know, I spent last week vacationing in Orlando, Florida with my family. A trip to a new city wouldn’t be complete without some shopping though!! Orlando is abuzz with a million and one different outlet malls so my mom and I spent our first night in Florida shopping. Classic Lil Red to want to shop as soon as we reach our vacation destination! At the outlets my mom and I only made it to two stores, Forever 21 and Loft, because we spent so much time in each. I got some gorgeous new additions to my wardrobe at each store, so take a look at my new finds from Forever 21 and make sure you tune in tomorrow for a peek at my Loft purchases!


^^^ SO CUTE!!!

When I’m on vaca, I would much prefer to get some new clothes as my souvenirs rather than some knick knacks that sit around and do nothing – so the outlet mall was the perfect place to pick up some mementos to remember my trip by! I am so in love with my new burnt orange and emerald green sweater dresses I just can’t even! Both of these pieces cost me less than forty dollars, which is the cost of an average clothing item at Universal Studios! I got a lot more bang for my buck and I am so ready for fall in Akron, Ohio so I can break out these adorable staples.

I’ve wanted a floor length cardi-dress for ages now and I am so happy that I found one in beautiful burnt orange, which is one of my favorite colors to wear! The great thing about this piece is that you can wear it alone as a dress or you can put it over leggings or jeans for a fresh fall look. I’m really excited to pair my cardi-dress with my army green heeled combat boots and a floppy hat for a look that screams “autumn”!

What I love about my emerald green sweater dress is how much it reminds me of Slytherin house from Harry Potter! The colors of the dress match the house colors to the T so if I want to be a sexy Slytherin girl for Halloween then I’m all set! Usually I’m pretty hesitant about sweater dresses like my new green one because I don’t like clothing that’s extremely tight BUT when I tried this little number on, I knew that I had to have it. I felt so confident in it and confidence is key, after all. The way the dress fit was superb. It hugged every curve to perfection and I love wearing any shade of green so this dress was a must. I plan on pairing this little beauty with sheer black tights and my cream colored Juicy Couture wedges for a night on the town outfit. (See “If The Shoe Fits – Juicy Couture Edition” for more!)

So there you have it, my Forever 21 Vacation Haul! I hope all of you are having an awesome Friday! What is everyone up to this weekend? Any fun plans? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah