Vacation Purchases

Vacation Purchases

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday! I have regrettably been home from the beautiful Asheville, North Carolina for about a week now but with some fab purchases made during my vaca, it makes transporting my mind back to the fun I had just a little bit easier. I stocked up on one of my favorite beauty products as well as added some super cute new accessories to the mix so take a look and let’s discuss:

The Haul:

  • Appalachian Naturals Complexion Bar
  • Two fringe bandanas from Francesca’s

Beauty Bar: When I was in Asheville in June, my mom and I must have spent at least an hour in Appalachian Naturals which boasts a wide assortment of handmade beauty products. We still have a ton of body bars left but I was in need of another one of their complexion bars. I began using my first bar in June and I am still not done with it yet, which just shows you how long lasting their products are. This beauty bar is one of the best things that has ever happened to my skin and leaves it feeling (and looking!) like a million bucks. I can’t recommend the products of Appalachian Naturals enough and urge all of you to check out all of their amazing goodies on their website!

Bandanas: One of my favorite accessories are bandanas. I love wearing them with flannels, jackets, T’s, dresses, – basically any clothing item that you can imagine. I think that they are so fun and edgy and they add just the perfect amount of grungy cool to any look. My family went shopping at the outlet malls while in NC both times and a Francesca’s had opened shortly after we left in June. Shopping in the relatively new store was a lot of fun and when both my mom and I saw my two new bandanas, we instantly knew that they were mine.

Of course, the black one was a must for me and I’m actually wearing it right now with a black sweater and a camouflage trench coat from Urban Outfitters. But, at buy one get one half off, I figured I might as well indulge in other style as well. I don’t own a white bandana because I never really cared to but I really like my new one! What made me love it so much is that not only does it have cloth fringe but it also has metal chains hanging from it, too. I had never seen anything like these new additions to my wardrobe and I am having such fun incorporating them into my OOTDs. My new bandanas instantly transform any outfit and I am so pleased with my Francesca’s purchases.

I didn’t return from my vaca with a huge haul of goodies but I could not be happier with the items that I took home. They are the perfect little mementos from my trip and I look forward to getting great use out of all three items.

So there you have it, my Vacation Purchases! What has been your most recent treat yoself item? What is your favorite local store to shop at? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


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  1. I just love what you bought to indulge yourself! I have recently bought some skincare pads and a cream so mehhhh it’s not like what I really want: buying stuff at an Indian shop. Some days ago I happened to buy a great hot sauce hand made. It was in an Indian shop and I fell in love with their soaps and candles. I bought incense, still have it.


    • Thank you!! They were definitely a treat yoself purchase because I guess I really didn’t need it but god knows I wanted them lol and I LOVE burning incense! What scent did you get?
      My brother is a big hot sauce fan so whenever my mom or I see outlandish titled hot sauces we always end up buying it for him. My latest favorite was one from a farmers market in Asheville that was called Don’t Fear The Reaper which reminded me of the classic SNL skit with Will Ferrell! #morecowbell

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      • I got a 7 scent sampler box. The scents are pinon, cedar, juniper, hickory, holder, alder, mesquite and fir balsam 🙂 They are all natural and smell wonderful. Oh, I am sure I would love your latest favorite sauce! The one I bought is called … Oh no, lol, it’s not in the refrigerator anymore, I am sure my husband finished it..! I will go back to the shop someday, it’s in Illinois and I will buy some more. 😀


      • Hey I found the sauce hehe. I did not search well. It’s called Old Dragon’s Breath. The ingredients are: Jalapeno peppers, vinegar, honey, lemon juice and salt. And it’s distributed b Wadkins Farm Products, 1240 Mhoon Town Road, Cherokee, Alabama. Sorry I thought it was Illinois…

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