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Building Brand Awareness With A Killer Video

Building Brand Awareness With A Killer Video

A brand isn’t just an advert on TV or logo. It runs deeper than that, because successful brands connect with the audience on another level. Customers and consumers see the ones that they love and opt for them every single time. It’s called brand loyalty and it’s something businesses aspire to on a daily basis. So, it isn’t enough for you to aim for an audience with a novelty idea. Weird works, but it’s a short-term solution.

Long-term is where the future of the brand building is at today. Get them on the hook for the foreseeable future and the business will have a sustainable source of revenue. In a world dominated by social media and the internet, there is no better way than to create a video. Not only is it fun and engaging, but it is interactive, too, so customers feel as if they are apart of the clique.

But, before you hire a camera and develop a script, there are things to understand first, mainly, videos aren’t a sure-thing. For it to work, it has to be enjoyable, good-looking, and add value. Here are the ways to hit your brief:

Research The Audience:

It goes without saying, but videos should be marketed towards a particular demographic. In the same way you’d aim for an audience with SEO, PPC, etc., the video should hit a specific group. Remember that this is the most important part, because the research will determine the type of video that the company creates. Now, let’s move onto the issues which aren’t as obvious.

Introduce Oneself/Be The Lead Actor:

You don’t want to use the power you have and award yourself the number one position? How commendable of you; however, it’s a mistake. In the future, it’s more logical and humble to hire actors to represent the brand. Let’s face facts and admit that professionally trained thespians are better in the role. Still, it’s vital that the company and the brand introduce themselves in the very beginning. What is it? What is it looking to do? Who are the people behind the mask? These questions are important to answer as they break the ice and instill trust in equal measure. When customers can put a face to a name, they are less worried about scams and online purchases. A company profile vid is a perfect way to kick-start a corporate marketing plan whether people know who you are or are newcomers.


Be Dramatic:

Okay, so you’re no Ridley Scott or Steven Spielberg and the video isn’t going to be nominated for an award. Because you’re an amateur, it’s easy to take the route most traveled and neglect all of the things that go into being a director. For instance, terms such as artistic integrity aren’t on your radar. However, everyone should tap into their creative side no matter how pretentious it seems as it sets the mood. Using music is a prime indicator of tension and atmosphere because the tune builds and grips the audience. Check out The Tune Peddler for royalty-free songs as well as Incompetech. Like everything creative, a video needs a theme which runs throughout as well as a plan of attack. Over to you, Scorsese.

Answer FAQs:

Feedback is vital, as it gives you an insight into the mind of the target base. With this invaluable info, the business can tweak or develop new measures to generate leads. Asking people on the street for advice is played out and annoying, yet consumers love to post in the comments section at the end of a mini-production. Take a look at YouTube if you are a non-believer. Don’t gloss over the reviews and feedback that watchers leave, even if it’s mostly garbage. There will be things in there that are like gold dust and can help. Plus, people will ask questions. To show that you care and to interact with the audience, be sure to post a response. Something quick and simple can go a long way with viewers.

Promote Online For Free:

The video is ready and you are going to post it on the firm’s site. Great, but what’s the plan going forward? Your website or blog is simply one cog in a large machine that is the industry. To compete with rivals and increase your market share, the company has to raise awareness across the internet. A digital presence is essential, and a video is an excellent way to build on the foundations. By posting on Facebook and Instagram, and tweeting a link on Twitter, you can include all of the business’s followers. Also, by uploading to YouTube, the video may receive a chunk of the host’s traffic. One percent of a couple of billion is plenty for a small business with big ideas.

The internet is an amazing tool. Be sure to use it well while promoting your video and business!

One Size Fits All On Different Body Types Video

One Size Fits All On Different Body Types Video

Hey! So I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed today and I saw one of my friends post a video with the caption “One Size Fits All On Different Body Types”. Usually I’m not one for watching reposted videos, but this title spoke to me, especially because I used to sell One Size Fits All clothing at PacSun (I also have had quite a few upsetting incidents while trying on OSFA clothing). One of the brands carried called Brandy Melville was all OSFA. I can’t recommend watching this video enough:

I absolutely adored all of the girls in the video. I especially appreciated their nonchalant attitude to the project. It was nice to see these ladies making jokes about these pieces of clothing that claim to fit everyone when they indeed did not fit them. I wish that I could do that. I’m very sensitive about my body and quite frankly, I get upset when clothing in a size small doesn’t fit me. When I worked at Pac and tried some of the OSFA clothing on just for fun it made me feel AWFUL when the clothes just wouldn’t fit me. It made me look at the parts of my body that the clothing was extremely tight on with absolute malice. Like one of the girls mentioned in the video, I felt like something was completely wrong with my body. But when something did fit me, look out! It was almost euphoric. Oh, the joy of being included in the one percent clump of people who can fit into an OSFA shirt!!! But that’s not right either is it? I can recall trying on one of those blasted OSFA items when I was struggling with bulimia and to speak in all honesty it was traumatizing when it didn’t fit me. It felt like my eating disorder wasn’t making me good enough to fit into a stupid shirt that can’t fit ninety nine percent of the population. Clothing shouldn’t do that to people. Shopping for clothes should be a fun occasion! It shouldn’t be something that makes you go home hating the body that you’re stuck with. I admire the girls that were in this video a lot. I’ve been eating disorder sober for quite some time now, but I’m still far from comfortable to be able to do something like that. They had award winning attitudes and definitely will make people stop and think before they support an One Size Fits All company. My opinion? Stick to Small, Medium, Large, or as big or little as you need. Screw OSFA.

How did you guys feel about this video? What’s your opinion on the new One Size Fits All trend? I’d love to hear from you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! And make sure to check in with me tonight for my review of the new episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show. Peace. -Sarah