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My Top 3 “Feeling Sick” Beverages

My Top 3 “Feeling Sick” Beverages

Hello! The last two times I saw my sister this past week, my lil niece was feeling under the weather. While Kristen and her SO, Ramon, are immune to the “Toddler Flu” by now I, on the other hand, got hit with it hard. My niece was coughing and her little nose was running faster than she could and I just had a feeling I was going to get sick. And, man, was I right because I spent the entire past weekend in complete misery.

Kristen and Ramon have parent level immune systems and were A-okay while I felt like I was going to burst from all of the congestion. During my weekend, I tried to recoup with lots of Animal Crossing, My 600 Lb. Life, and forcing myself to drink disgusting tasting daytime flu medicine. Of course, I attempted to stay really hydrated too and had a glass of one of my go to “feeling sick” beverages handy at all times. We all have them and these are my top three:

Green Tea:

I don’t need to be sick to enjoy a hot or cold glass of green tea but it definitely hits different when you’re not feeling well! I worked through an entire carton of Arizona green tea in two days and tried to drink at least two cups of hot Salada green tea per day too. In my opinion, there is nothing more soothing than tea when you’re under the weather and the steam from the hot tea offered some relief for my clogged up sinuses. Needless to say, I am going to have to restock my supply next time I go grocery shopping.

Orange Juice:

You can’t go wrong with a cup of OJ when you have a cold for an extra dose of Vitamin C. I really don’t drink juice very often but I couldn’t get enough of it this past weekend. Call it wishful thinking or whatever you will but I did feel a bit better after a glass or two in the morning. It was also nice to drink something orange flavored that didn’t taste like battery acid like all daytime flu medicine does. Orange colored anything should never taste that disgusting!

Cream Soda:

When I was little, flat cream soda was my favorite drink during a stay home from school sick day. To this day, it still reminds me of my grandma because she always had a healthy supply at her funeral home and it was such a treat to have some! Johnny had a couple of bottles of IBC cream soda in the fridge and I couldn’t not partake in one of them to not only hit me right in the nostalgia but shake some of the blahs of the worst cold imaginable away. We all need a sweet treat every once in a while. 😀

Spending my weekend sick as a dog isn’t exactly what I had in mind but I did try to make the most of it! I was so thankful to my sweet bestie, Kate, of Live In The Nautical for video chatting with my miserable self and there is nothing that a nonstop My 600 Lb. Life marathon can’t fix, either. I raise my glass of OJ to both Kate and Dr. Now for helping get me through this dark time lol! ❤

What is your go to feeling sick beverage? What makes you feel better when you’re under the weather? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Sick As A Dog :(

Sick As A Dog :(

Helloooooo. No offense to all of the beautiful dogs in the world, but I sure was sick as one this past week. From Friday until Monday I was suffering from a nasty sore throat, aches, fatigue, and nausea – it was seriously enough to make a grown man cry. And, because I turn into an overemotional mess while sick, cry I did. You seriously take your health for granted until you start feeling like a big bag of butts.

But, I am feeling much better, and now things are back to normal here on lifewithlilred! You just didn’t get to hear me complain about my disease ridden self because of a little thing called pre-writing. But, I promise that you weren’t missing out on much! How do you cure the winter flu? What are some of your tried and true home remedies? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Weekend Off

Weekend Off

Hiii everyone and happy weekend! I hope all of you are having a wonderful and relaxing time and are up to a lot of fun. Unfortunately, things in the world of Lil Red are not going so hot right now so I’ll be MIA for the weekend to be depressed and miserable. -__-

I do have one nice thing to look forward to today though! My Special Olympic figure skaters who I’ve been coaching are having a performance at a skating rink in my neck of the woods this morning. A sensory friendly winter fest will be happening and it should be a lot of fun! I can’t wait to have some proud mama moments when I see my skaters perform their routines that we’ve been working so hard on! So there’s that. 🙂

Asides from that, I’m just really not feeling my life right now. So, if you need me you know where to find me via comments, email, or Facebook. But fear not, I’ll be back with you for the Monday Update soon! Does anyone participate in any winter sports? Who has some big weekend plans? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


^^^ Thanks, Sweet Brown. ❤

Looking Good, Feeling Awful

Looking Good, Feeling Awful

Heyyy everyone and happy Thursday! I’ve been pretty lucky as far as my health goes these past few months – no flus, no infections, nothing…So naturally, I got a cold from hell this week. It’s so awful that I seriously think it would make Satan cry. And who do I have to thank for my unfortunate snotty situation? My boyfriend, of course. What a guy! ❤

Kyle wasn’t feeling well over Thanksgiving so good thing we spent it together, right? He had the beginnings of a cold and sore throat as well as a debilitating sprained ankle…Lucky for me, those aren’t contagious, too! I was feeling fine throughout Thanksgiving weekend, I was healthy as an ox (is that a saying?) and sexy as hell (hubba hubba)! But then on Monday, things took a turn for the worse because I woke up more stuffed up than one of those stuck up Kardashians…Who I HATE!

Every unfortunate cold symptom there is, I had – the sniffles, sore throat, sneezes, body aches, headaches, and a nose that ran faster than Usain Bolt. It’s basically like my own personal form of purgatory which I get to experience right from my home front! Yay!

On Monday after school I make the trek up to Kyle’s place because we always spend Monday evenings together. I was SO hungry by the time that I got there so we decided to get some Mexican food in our sickly stupor. The food was awesome and we got a half pitcher of margaritas to share which might not have been the best choice to drink after having a stomach full of cold medicine and pain relievers.

By the time that we got home, my stomach was in knots and I had to spend some quality time with the toilet where I ended up throwing up a gigantic margarita mess…It was not pretty. I was hurling and my nose was running and I somehow managed to get vomit all over my legs while I was trying to push my hair back. I was a hot as fuck mess. In those moments of stomach weakness, my tummy did end up feeling better but I was so disgusted with myself! I had to call Kyle as I sat on the bathroom floor to have him hobble over and bring me my shower gel so I could scrub my vomit soaked legs clean…It was really great and I highly recommend it.

How was Tuesday and Wednesday, you might ask? Well I am so glad you did because THEY SUCKED TOO! Tuesday and Wednesday ended up being a repeat of Monday except without puking up a half of a half pitcher of margs. Not only are my days filled with agony but I can’t even find any relief at night either. I’ve been waking up three or more times each night to blow my nose, cough, or just lay in misery…And do you know how hard it is to blow your nose with FIVE NOSE PIERCINGS?? I’ll answer that for you…It’s pretty hard. -__-


^^^ Dandy is talking about me.

So there you have it, an update on your girl’s declining health in Looking Good, Feeling Awful. I hope all of you guys are having a wonderful and healthy week! Who’s experienced some nasty winter time sickness this year? What are your some of your go to remedies for helping with a cold? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Sick & Miserable

Sick & Miserable

Hiiii everyone and happy Thursday! I’ve got some bad news for all of you…I’m SICK AND MISERABLE!!! It all started last week when my boyfriend had a sore throat, which he promptly gave to me, which I gave to my sister, which she gave back to me two days ago. Fuck me, right? BUT WAIT, there’s more!!!! Within five minutes of being outside Wednesday afternoon, I accumulated an unknown amount of mosquito bites and they itch like the dickens! Let’s break down my sickness for you so you can all feel sorry for me: 😉 ❤

  • Sore throat (It hurts to swallow and feels like it’s bleeding…yum!)
  • Body aches
  • Hot/cold flashes
  • Upset stomach
  • Headache
  • Hella mosquito bites

So needless to say, I feel like I’m dying. Due to my death warmed up condition, I might be MIA for a day or two until I recover. Until then, I urge you to browse through the archives of http://www.lifewithlilred.com! With close to four hundred posts to peruse through, there is sure to be a little something something for everyone. So give me a like, follow, share, comment, and get well wishes and I will be back with you all very soon!

^^^ This Dead Kevin video basically sums up how I’m feeling…minus the herpes.

Lil Red is Sick & Miserable and needs all of your help now more than ever! What are some natural remedies to my ailments that you swear by? Who else is feeling under the weather? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Hump Day Update: STILL Sick Edition -___-

Hump Day Update: STILL Sick Edition -___-

Howdy gang and happy Hump Day! Guess what?! I’m STILL sick. Fml, fml, FML. I’m going on day four of misery so let me bring you up to speed with what’s been going on these past few days in the wonderful (and by wonderful I mean god awful) world of Lil Red.

Monday: In continuation of my last post, I went to the doctor on Monday afternoon and I was diagnosed with the flu. I was actually pretty disappointed about that. I wish that I had strep so I could get some antibiotics to cure it and be on my merry way. Unfortunately with the flu there’s not much you can do other than wait it out. The only good thing about going to see the doctor, was that the doc seeing me was a TOTAL babe. My only regret is that I didn’t look better for him. Quite frankly, he’s lucky I even put a bra on to go see him – but that’s neither here nor there. Anyways, SHAZAM and hubba hubba, because Mr. Doctor was looking mighty fine! I felt like death, but his staggering good looks gave me a glimmer of hope that everything would be okay. #hotfordoctor SO YEAH, Monday I was miserable and yada yada yada. I had really bad night sweats Monday night. I mean really bad. Like a body shaped pool of sweat on my sheets bad. Like my sleep shirt and skin were drenched in sweat bad. It was wicked gross, but I felt really skinny when I woke up so that was a plus I suppose. Ha!

Tuesday: Tuesday morning is when I have to be in Cleveland for class, and of course that didn’t happen which I was actually really mad about. I never thought I’d live to see the day that I was mad about not being able to go to school! I set my alarm to wake me up so I had time to get ready just in case by some miracle I felt better, but it took one minute of me being awake to decide to go back to bed. Tuesday I didn’t do much other than lay in bed and watch TV. (The 19 Kids and Counting wedding episode for Jessa was on and it was so cute!!) I was extremely achey all day and if I was out of bed for too long I started feeling dizzy. My chest has been hurting pretty bad these past few days as well from constantly coughing up a storm. I slept okay on Tuesday night, only waking up twice to cough for fifteen minutes straight and then pass out again. Like Monday night, I had really bad night sweats again. Lol it grosses me out because I’m the farthest thing away from a sweaty person and my sicko night sweats have been the most I’ve sweat in my entire life. Because girls don’t sweat, they glisten. 😉


Hump Day: Still sick. Still miserable. What else is new? I’m hoping that today is the day I can rest up and kick this flu in the ass for good because I NEED to get to school tomorrow. I have a quiz in math to take and I’d prefer to be somewhat healthy when I’m driving to Cleveland and sitting in a classroom for two hours. Ugh. -___-

Well guys I’m off to get some homework done and some Netflix watched so I will talk to you all later! Hopefully on the next post I’ll be a healthy woman! What are some home remedies for the flu that you swear by? I’m up for any suggestions, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -A still sick and still miserable Sarah

PS: Welcome to April! What April Fools pranks are you pulling today??

Monday Update: Sick Edition :(

Monday Update: Sick Edition :(

Whatup guys and happy Monday! Unfortunately, it’s not a very happy day for me because I’ve been sick all weekend and am just as sick today. 😦 Here’s a brief outline of how my sickness escalated from Friday until now:

Friday: My throat was sort of scratchy, but it was nothing I couldn’t handle.

Saturday: My “sort of” scratchy throat turned into a full on sore throat with a nice wet cough to go along with it. My nose was sort of stuffy but I could still breathe out of it. I had a lot of trouble sleeping on Saturday night as well. I woke up multiple times in the night and had difficulty falling asleep afterwards.

Sunday: May god have mercy on my soul. Sunday was a big pain in my ass. Everything that was wrong from my body aches, to my cough, sore throat, and stuffy nose seemed to intensify by a million. My cough was frequent and it hurt my whole body and my nose felt completely clogged up which turned me into a mouth breather. Sexy 😉 I had an even more difficult time sleeping Sunday night because all of my symptoms were so much worse. It felt impossible to get comfortable enough to sleep again every time I woke up. Despite these difficulties I was able to sleep in longer on Monday morning.

Monday: What do you know? I’m still sick. -_- I slept more last night than I did on any other weekend day, but I still feel really tired. My nose is starting to run instead of just being stuffy, and it’s SO difficult trying to blow your nose with five nose piercings. I feel hungry but I have absolutely no appetite. Nothing but ice cream sounds good right now, and naturally there’s no ice cream in the house. Fml. I’m so achey and my throat burns every time I cough. The only thing that makes my sore throat feel better is when I’m drinking something really cold. Once my dad gets home from work I think I’ll be going to the doctors and then hopefully to Wendy’s afterwards to get a Frosty. Yummmmm

I really hope that I can get rid of most of my nasty symptoms today with some R&R, vitamins, and medicine because I have too much to do to be sick any longer. I absolutely need to go to my math class tomorrow morning because we’re going to be reviewing for a quiz on Thursday and I really need the additional practice with my teacher. I had to cancel two important plans today as well which I’m pretty pissed about. I promised my best friend Kate that I would go to her focus group she was holding for her marketing class to help spice things up. AND there was gonna be free Papa John’s pizza, which I was really looking forward to. Lol, nothing motivates me more than food! I was also supposed to have an American Horror Story night with my stud, but unfortunately neither of these are going to happen because I can barely get out of bed. Of course I’m sick when I actually have plans. -___- The only good thing about today is that there’s a new episode of The Following on tonight. Thank god, because I need something to look forward to today while I’m moping around on my death bed.


Does anyone have any home remedies that they swear by to help ease cold and flu symptoms? I’ll take any help I can get, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -A very sick, miserable, mopey, whiney, achey Sarah 😦

Heavens To Betsy!!! -__-

Heavens To Betsy!!! -__-

Heavens to Betsy, crew. The old girl is dying over here!! Lil Red is absolutely exhausted. If you recall from yesterday, I had a rude 8 AM text message awakening, so I was super wiped out from that. One would think that I would have had the sleep of the heavens last night, but unfortunately that was not the case. I had the worst caffeine headache of all time yesterday night from drinking hella coffee all day. On top of my head feeling like it was getting hit repeatedly by a brick, my stomach was in knots as well. I was super nauseous while I was trying to sleep, so I spent a nice fifteen minutes or so in the bathroom just hanging out and dry heaving. It was a lot of fun, you should all try it sometime. Anyways, I got back into bed completely wide awake and proceeded to toss and turn for a solid three hours until I finally fell asleep around two. Before I zonked out I experienced every annoying thing that could happen when you’re trying to fall asleep: Being too hot, being too cold, having to pee, wanting something to drink, having to pee again from the drink, the list goes on and on. I had to get up at nine today to get ready to take my brother to work and I was not refreshed AT ALL! In fact, I felt like a bigger hot wreck today than I did yesterday….and I was a hot ass wreck yesterday. I swear guys, if I don’t sleep well tonight, I give up on Friday because I know I’ll be such a miserable bitch! Lord have mercy on a Lil Red! And do you wanna know the major kicker in all of this trauma? MY BELLYBUTTON IS STILL INFECTED!!!! My pasty pale stomach is never gonna feel sunlight on it again because I can’t wear crop tops with my bellybutton looking like a war zone! It literally looks like someone launched a grenade into my bellybutton hole, leaving only redness, dry skin, and destruction. #FML So it’s safe to say Lil Red has had a tough few days, but I’m gonna keep on truckin as usual through the shit show that I fondly refer to as my life. 😉

You might be asking yourself why the title of this post is called “Heavens To Betsy” and I’ll tell ya why: There are some fantastic, underrated phrases that aren’t being used nearly enough in the English language and I wanna make them a thing ASAP! To elaborate further, here’s a list of my personal favorite phrases that I’m hoping will hit mainstream lingo in the near future:

  • “Level with me”: This phrase is my number one favorite. The day I hear “Level with me, Sarah…do you want high heels or wedges for your birthday?” will be the happiest day of my life. And to answer that question….wedges please!
  • “Big deal”: This is a good one!! I love how blaize it sounds. “Sarah, I had an allergic reaction to a bee sting today.” “BIG DEAL!” 🙂
  • “Heavens to Betsy”: It speaks for itself. “Sarah, I had an allergic reaction to another bee sting today.” “Heavens to Betsy that’s twice in one day!”
  • Referring to yourself as “the old girl”: Ladies, I beg of you to start using this one. So 40’s fabulous I can’t even! Say “you sure know how to make the old girl swoon” to your beau and watch him or her crumble under your charm!! You’re welcome!

Oh yes, there are certainly some winners listed above, and I urge all of you to work them into your daily vernacular. And if the haters question them and the man gets you down, you just send them Lil Red’s way! 😉 While you mull over these phrases, here’s some tunes for you to enjoy!

So what are some quirky, fun, and fabulous phrases that you like to pepper your vocabulary with? I’d love to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Have a great night! -Sarah