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Panty Palooza

Panty Palooza

Helloooo everyone and happy Tuesday! If you guys have been following my Panty Problems series, then you’ll know that we left off on a good note – a Silver Linings PantyBook, if you will. My online order to Aerie finally arrived over the weekend and I am so happy to say that all seven panties that I paid a whole $27.50 for were winners!

You guys have no idea how badly I needed this panty win after so many underoo trials and tribulations. I honestly don’t know what I would do if I opened my package from Aerie and hated every single panty that I ordered. At that point, I would probs just set fire to my entire panty drawer AND the rain, while I’m at it. Luckily for all parties involved, that wasn’t the case. Take a look at my Panty Palooza purchases and let’s discuss:



So, yes. Thanks to Aerie’s staggeringly better selection online as opposed to when I went to visit them in stores, I was able to replenish my panty drawer. I got me some boyshorts, cheekies, a thong for good measure, and a new pair of period panties (it should be obvious which one that is!). I’ve grown increasingly fond of the boyshort as of late so I’m really excited about all three of my new pairs of those! They are so cute and comfy and I cant wait to wear them as a set with a pretty bra or under an oversized T for when I go to bed. The panty possibilities are endless!

After evaluating my seven new panties and relishing the purchase, which proved to be satisfactory, I began the task of organizing my panty drawer. I’ll be honest with you guys, I am a complete and total clothing hoarder. If I have that whisper in the back of my mind that says “you might be able to wear that four years from now” you best believe that I’m going to keep whatever that article of clothing is. Even panties.

My panty drawer is something that I rarely go through because I never really think of it. Especially considering that I have my favorite pairs of panties and everything else just becomes kind of forgotten in my panty plethora. This had to change. I emptied out my panty drawer, organized my underoos by color, and parted with some dearly beloved panty friends.

It was sad to see some of my fallen panty warriors end up in the trash, but I was happy to be reminded of all of the panties that I had forgotten about by picking favorites. A solid clean through of my panty drawer left me feeling like I had way more than seven new pairs to pick from, because of all of the ones that I wasn’t even aware that I had – so that was a major plus!

Although this journey began with some major Panty Problems, all’s well that ends well, because it was a straight up Panty Palooza this weekend! Three cheers for sweet little underthings and also three cheers for me for finally getting the panty revamp that I so desperately needed.

So there you have it, the Panty Problems series conclusion: Panty Palooza. I am so BLESSED that my panty odyssey had a happy ending and now, you guys can rest assured that you won’t read the word PANTY on my blog for a very long time! Where do you love to buy lingerie from? What store has the best selection? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Panty P.S.: Have any of my readers shopped Adore Me? I’m intrigued and I want to know if it’s worth the hype before making a purchase! Thanks! ❤

Silver Linings PantyBook

Silver Linings PantyBook

Helloooo everyone and happy Hump Day! So as you guys know, I have had some major Panty Problems this past weekend. You can read all about my tale of woe in the link but just know that it was a really hard time for me, okay?!?! BUT, with every hurricane comes a rainbow and the Silver Linings PantyBook happened on Monday night when I decided to give Aerie’s online store a go.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting much out of the online site considering I had such abysmal luck in store but I took a deep breath and checked out the panty section, anyways. My thought process behind this one final attempt at panty redemption was the fact that I had a gift card so generously given to me by my mother and if you haven’t figured it out yet, I really need new panties. As I scrolled through the online store of panties galore I….

Wasn’t impressed. BUT that didn’t mean that I was at a complete loss! Aerie, the sneaky devils, decided to hoard all of their cute stuff as online exclusives and sent the rest of the not so stellar shipment to the stores (or so it seems!). So amidst the losing pairs of panties that I had already seen in the store, there were little gems peppered into the page in their online exclusives. Aerie’s usual deal is seven pairs of panties for $27.50, which I think is such a steal so I hunted down seven WINNING pairs to add to my shopping cart.

I ended up with some thongs, cheekies, boyshorts, and a good ol’ pair of period panties for when the time comes. With shipping and tax, I ended up paying a little less than the amount that I paid at Victoria’s Secret for only THREE panties, which I’ve since returned. Aerie has slightly redeemed themselves in my mind after the Silver Linings PantyBook occurred in my online order. BUT, that doesn’t mean that I’m not still disappointed in their lack of cute underthings!!

Will I be satisfied with my order once it arrives? Will I ever stop using the word PANTY? Find out next time when the Panty Problems series concludes with Panty Palooza! Where is your favorite place to shop lingerie? Which store has the cutest panties on the block? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Panty Problems

Panty Problems

Helloooo everyone and happy Monday! I hope that all of you had a wonderful weekend and a lovely Mother’s Day if you celebrated! I have to tell you guys, I am having some MAJOR Panty Problems up in here, up in here. Your girl has needed some new panties for a while now and I decided that this was the weekend that I would make the panty purchase. My mom and I were going to go up to Belden Village, which is a mall about a  half an hour away from us in Canton so that I could shop at Aerie and I was really excited!

Unfortunately, no other malls near me have an Aerie, which is a damn shame considering it’s my normal panty stomping grounds. But that always has been okay with me because Belden Village is my favorite mall to shop at. Before my faithful sidekick – MY MOM and I left, she also treated me to an Aerie gift card as an early birthday present so that I could get my panty on. It was basically the sweetest thing ever and I was so ready to hit the road so that I could revamp my panty drawer ASAP.

SO, we got to the mall and we went to Aerie and it was essentially the most disappointing moment in my life because every single panty there was nowhere close to moving me on a spiritual level . Like, seriously? I have this here gift card and have made the trek to the mall and literally Not. One. Single. Panty. spoke to me. I couldn’t believe it.

I have never not had good luck at Aerie when it comes to panties, but here I was being surrounded by these…these…panty imposters with a gift card burning a hole in my pocket and NOTHING to spend it on. I was in shock. I was disappointed. And I was simply beside myself in mourning for the current uselessness of my gift card and the fact that my panty drawer would be none the better that night.

We walked out of Aerie and I felt dejected and defeated but I figured that we might as well look at Victoria’s Secret, since we were at the mall. I’m not a huge Vicky S fan when it comes to panties. Frankly, I think that they’re an absolute rip off – but at this point, I felt like I needed something and Victoria’s Secret beckoned me into their pink and black emblazoned store with the promise of severely overly priced panties. And like a sheep walking into the slaughter, I entered the store.

Oh, Victoria’s Secret. A store full of sexy little underthings for prices that you could probably buy a kidney with off of the black market. Don’t get me wrong – all of my bras are from Vicky S. I’m just a ballin on a budget kind of gal. I’m more than willing to shell out for a nice bra but panties are just a different story, which is why I’ve always shied away from purchasing them from Victoria’s Secret. But, there I was, Angel Card in hand and a whole store of panties to pick from…

And I hated all of them. Every single panty there that was on some type of a promotion did nothing for me. Similar to Aerie, they were all just blah. But guys…guys…I really felt like I needed to buy some freaking panties – so what did I do? I made my way to the most expensive table of panties which were three for thirty-five or something along those lines and began to hunt for the perfect pairs because it was the only table in the store that I even remotely liked.

After about five minutes, the deed was done and I made my way to the register. The total came close to forty dollars and I just had to stare at the price for a minute, like a cow looking on to an oncoming train. And, I swiped my card and exited the store…

Instantly, I felt like I had made a big fat mistake but didn’t say anything until we got into the car and were on the highway. I then made the announcement that “I have no idea why I just bought those”. It was obviously a moment of weakness because I genuinely see no justification in spending forty dollars for three pairs of panties and I ended up returning them at a nearby mall the next day.

Long story short, my Panty Problems have been a source of much grief and woe this past weekend and here I stand, STILL PANTY-LESS. G DMXCN SMZDNCDCLKSANCKMASJM AHHHHHHHHHHH. Okay. Wow, I really needed that. Anyways, I guess the moral of the story is to not buy something because you feel obligated to (ESPECIALLY expensive panties), patience is a virtue, yada yada yada. And I guess I’m just going to have to wait until Aerie’s panties don’t completely suck until I spend my gift card. *Patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue.*  Smh. The End.

So there you have it, my Panty Problems for the weekend, which is obvs enough to last a lifetime! Where do you get the cutest panties from? How about the best bras? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Monday Update: Christmas Wish List Edition

Monday Update: Christmas Wish List Edition

Heyyy everyone and happy Monday! Christmas is quickly approaching and you best believe that my wish list has been written! One would think that I’m relatively easy to shop for – but I’m far from it. I have such a distinctive taste in clothing/shoes/jewelry/literature/movies/everything else that I just need to go shopping for that kind of stuff on my own. So lucky for my family, I composed a list of exactly what I want for Christmas to keep things nice and easy for them. Let’s discuss:

Things that beautiful Sarah wants for Christmas (I really did put that on the list):


  • Cash money
  • An oil change (I felt like such a grown up writing this one!)

The Body Shop:

  • Vitamin C Skin Boost
  • Nutriganics or Vitamin E eye cream
  • Blusher beads Ref. #63691 (because god forbid someone gets me the wrong shade!) 😉


  • Cheap moisturizer (emphasis on cheap)
  • Cheap facial scrub (double emphasis on cheap)
  • Box of hair dye (a years worth would be nice!)
  • Covergirl Flamed Out mascara (in the darkest shade of black)
  • Rimmel London Scandal Eyes eyeliner (also in the darkest shade of black)

  Hot Topic:

  • New bellybutton rings (I’ve been wearing the same few pieces of jewelry since I got my bellybutton pierced SIX YEARS AGO…I think it’s time for an upgrade!)


  • New panties!!! (Hey, a girl has needs.)

Victoria’s Secret:

  • New Dream Angels demi bra (Hey, a girl has needs.) 😉

Now you guys are probably thinking, “that’s the most boring Christmas wish list ever”. And guess what, you’re right – it really is. BUT, almost everything that I wrote down are things that I use in my every day beauty routine so it would be nice to be restocked in all of those items. I would love to find a bunch of new clothes for me under the tree, but the fact of the matter is: no one gets my taste in style right so everything is going to end up getting returned anyways. That’s what the cash money is for – some to save and some to shop the after Christmas deals with!

What really killed my charming young at heart persona this year was writing down that I wanted an oil change for Christmas. Haha, but the Little Red Love Machine is going to be needing one soon and the literal last thing that I want to do is sit in a stupid car repair shop where I’ll be:

  • A) Reading old magazines
  • B) Getting low-balled by the mechanic who will more than likely tell me that everything and the kitchen sink is wrong with my car because I’m a clueless girl who doesn’t know otherwise. Well, I am. And this happened during my last oil change and I did NOT appreciate it!

So yes, an oil change that I don’t have to be there for would be fantastic. Dad, I’m talking to you on this one!! ❤

So there you have it, this week’s Monday Update: Christmas Wish List Edition! What is on everyone’s wish list for the holiday that they’ll be celebrating this season? What was the best or worst gift that you’ve ever received? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Happy Easter!!!!

Happy Easter!!!!

Hello one and all and Happy Easter a bit early to those who celebrate! I won’t be checking in tomorrow, so I thought I’d send you all a quick hello now! I decided that I needed some fun new pics for lifewithlilred today, so my mom took some lovely outdoor pictures of me! Spring has finally sprung in Ohio so it was the perfect weather to rock a little skirt and heels combination! Pardon me while I flood you with photos of myself! 😉 AYYYYYY


Holla atcha girl!! Here’s a break down of what I was wearing in these pictures:

  • Polka dot blouse: Aerie
  • Faux suede skirt: H&M
  • Heels: TJMaxx, BCBGeneration

I absolutely adore this sassy spring outfit! My H&M skirt is one of my newest purchases and I was so excited to break it out today. It matches perfectly with the golden polka dots in my navy blue blouse and the tan heels tie the look together to perfection. I can’t wait to wear this outfit to class because I feel like it’s such a smart and chic look. It’s a fairly preppy outfit, but the faux suede of the skirt and my chunky heels definitely give an edgy twist that I always try to incorporate in all of my looks. If you’re a fan of the skirt, it should be available in stores and online at http://www.hm.com! AND if you sign up for their weekly newsletter you get a twenty percent off of one item coupon! You’re welcome! 🙂

The Easter fun continued into the evening when I went over to my sweet best friend Lea’s house to color Easter eggs. It’s one of our favorite best friend traditions and we always have an absolute blast! Here we are looking fierce:


Our eggs turned out fabulous and vibrant and I had such a lovely time hanging out with her and her family! And FYI, twenty years old is not too old to color Easter eggs! 😉

I hope all of you have a wonderful time celebrating Easter tomorrow if that’s your thing or just hanging out and having a normal day! Don’t miss me too much tomorrow and make sure you check back in with me on Monday for the usual Monday Update segment! What are some of your favorite Easter traditions? If you dyed eggs, how did yours turn out? And if you got super creative with your eggs…how did you do it?!! Lol, Lea and I could barely handle a different color on the top and bottom of ours!! I’d love to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Have a great rest of your weekend. -Sarah

PS: Special thanks to my gorgeous mama for taking my pictures today! Love you! ❤ Even though you were just aimlessly “pressing buttons” the whole time! 😉

OOTD: Holiday Edition

OOTD: Holiday Edition

Hello hello! So if you guys recall from one of my previous articles “Jumpsuit Joy” then you’ll know that I’m all about the unconventional holiday outfit. (To me, any clothing that isn’t red or green qualifies as an unconventional piece to wear this holiday season!) Today I put together an outfit that I plan on wearing to one of the family gatherings that I will be attending and wanted to share it with you!


As usual, here’s the breakdown of the brand name and where I purchased each item in my look:

  • Lace maxi skirt: PacSun, Kirra
  • Polka dot button down: Aerie
  • Black cami: Charlotte Russe
  • Heels: Famous Footwear, Steve Madden

I absolutely LOVE this outfit. My black lace maxi skirt was probably one of my favorite PacSun purchases I’ve ever made. The funny thing is, I never really wore this skirt until my beloved grandma’s funeral. After that, I completely fell in love with it, especially from the sentimental value that it now holds. I think that the lace detailing on this piece is just divine, especially considering that it’s just from a clothing store in the mall. The fun thing about this skirt is that there’s a slip built into it that ends above the knee, so the rest of your leg is exposed beneath the lace. I particularly adored the romantic, Gothic feel that this skirt has – it makes me feel like a walking Edward Allan Poe story. I also really like that my pasty pale legs are exposed in all of their glowing glory beneath the lace. I plan on wearing my Aerie button down tucked into the skirt, of course. This is another piece in my wardrobe that I really like. In fact, I liked it so much that I bought it in the other color Aerie had of it at the time which was navy. Usually I’m not a big polka dot fan, but the shimmering gold polka dots over the cream colored gauzy fabric won me over. I’m also not really big on wearing variations of shades of white, but this shirt had just enough pigment in the cream coloring that it enhanced my fair skin tone instead of washing me out. My sister and I purchased our Charlotte Russe black cami for $4.99 years ago, and I’ve never owned a better cami since. This little baby is pure magic. It sucks in all of the right places and enhances all the right places if you know what I mean, creating the perfect hourglass figure. Whenever I’m feeling bloated from too much Taco Bell, this is my go to quick fix to getting my slender stomach back! I’m trusting all of you guys to keep that secret confidential! 😉 My Steve Madden heels are about eight years old. Crazy right?! I purchased them for my eighth grade graduation…they were my first pair of heels and I will never EVER part with them. I remember these babies catching my eye all of those years ago when I was wandering through Famous Footwear with my mom and I knew that they had to be mine. The thing that I love most about these heels then and now is the wooden heel on them. They give the satisfying clack of a woman in charge whenever you walk on a hard surface. These Steve Madden’s are the reason that I have a shoe obsession to this day. All together this look probably cost me around $100. Keep in mind that in most of my looks an employee discount was used on some of the pieces from when I worked at PacSun.

So there you have it, one of my looks for this holiday season! I’m so excited to wear this outfit to family gatherings and even just running errands. Clearly I’m the type of gal who doesn’t need an excuse to dress up! What do you plan on rockin this holiday season? What’s your favorite holiday look or trend? I’d love to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Happy Friday! -Sarah

OOTD – Grandma Chic

OOTD – Grandma Chic

Booooo! So somehow my OOTD “Grandma Chic” article from yesterday got deleted, so out of the kindness of my heart, I’m going to rewrite it! 🙂 Here’s my effort at styling the “Grandma Chic” trend with a modern and youthful twist:


As usual, here’s the break down of the brands of each item and where I purchased them:

  • Cardigan: Modcloth, Knitted Dove
  • Novel T-shirt: Modcloth, Out of Print
  • Hunter green ankle skinnies: Aerie
  • Oxfords: Target
  • Hat: PacSun, Gypsy Warrior

I had an absolute blast styling this outfit. I centered it around my cream and mauve Knitted Dove cardigan which is very “grandma-ish” in my opinion! I got this sweater years ago from Modcloth and it still remains to be one of my favorite purchases from the site. Once I knew the center piece of my look, I added all of the other articles of clothing accordingly. I thought that my hunter green skinny jeans from Aerie would be the perfect complimentary color to the cardigan. I also thought that the fit of these jeans would help add to the laid back look that I was rocking because they’re a regular old skinny jean and not a super skinny jean like I usually wear. To keep the outfit feeling fresh I added my Le Petit Prince shirt to wear underneath the cardi. The Little Prince is one of my favorite books of all time, so when I saw this shirt on Modcloth, I knew it had to be mine! It didn’t feel right pairing this look with my usual heels or combat boots, so I opted for a classic pair of Oxfords. I feel like every woman young and old owns at least one pair of these shoes. I own two myself, while my mom owns over five! To top off the look, literally, I added my favorite Gypsy Warrior hat for a fun and modern twist. As all of you know, I love clothing with sweet surprises worked into them. I really feel like it was all of the fun quirky details like the gorgeous crochet work on the back of my cardigan, the pop of hot pink soles on my shoes, and the red and white feathers in my hat that kept this look appropriate for a twenty year old. All of these charming surprises kept the look feeling really fresh – without them the look would have been very blah and just “grandma”. The unexpected details definitely elevated this look to Grandma Chic status!

So there you have it, my “Grandma Chic” OOTD – again! Where are all of my Modcloth shoppers at? What’s your favorite item you’ve purchased from there? What are your favorite ways to style a Grandma Chic look? Leave me a comment and let’s chat! Happy Monday! -Sarah

PS: Check out my article on the brand Out of Print for more details on their company. Every t-shirt purchased from them gives money to help literacy programs in third world countries! You can find their products on http://www.modcloth.com and their own personal page http://www.outofprint.com . Thanks!

OOTD – College Kid Edition

OOTD – College Kid Edition

Hey! So first of all, sorry for being MIA recently – I’ve had a hell of a past few days…and not in the good way. Having said that, yesterday I did what I told myself that I would never EVER do…I wore sweat pants to college. But WAIT! Let me explain myself!! I have up to get ready for school at 6:45 in the morning every Tuesday and Thursday. Yesterday morning it was chilly and overcast and all I wanted was to be as comfortable as humanly possible during my hour long drive to Cleveland and in my classes. So while I was getting ready and picking out an outfit, my eyes scanned from cute maxi skirts, dresses I could pair with tights, super skinny skinny jeans, and my new pair of sweat pants from Aerie. I reevaluated all of my options carefully and then rolled my eyes and said “f*** it” and grabbed the sweats. I always thought that during my college career I would be that super fashionable girl who wouldn’t be caught dead in lounge wear. Well since that thought went down the drain, I still tried to make my comfy cozy look as cute as possible. My mom even told me that I looked really cute, so I think I succeeded! 😉 Here’s my “college kid” OOTD:


As usual, here’s the break down of the brands and where I purchased everything in my OOTD:

  • Cargo jacket: PacSun, LA Hearts
  • Embellished t-shirt: Express
  • Sweat pants: Aerie
  • Oxblood boots: TJMaxx, Airway

The thing that I liked the most about this outfit was the color coordinating that I pulled off. The sleeves on my jacket matched the color of my sweats perfectly. AND the detailing on the elbows of my jacket matched my boots as well. As all of you who have read my previous OOTDs know, I’m a big fan of clothing with a little surprise in all of it. I love the patchwork elbows on my jacket, the laser cut doilie detailing on the boots, the crocheted stripe going down the side of the sweats, and the industrial stud embellishment on the collar of my t-shirt. Clothes with that extra little pop can turn a potentially not so cute outfit (like my college kid look yesterday!) into a stylish comfy cozy look instead. All together my outfit probably cost me $100 or so. If you like the Aerie sweats I have on, you can go to http://www.aerie.com and purchase a pair of your own, as they are brand new! They have a bunch of different colors as well, including heather grey, navy, teal, tan, and wine. I liked my charcoal grey pair so much that I got it in the wine color too! AND I got them for buy one get one half off – you guys know how much I love a good bargain!

So there you have it – my mother approved and Sarah approved college kid OOTD. I turned comfort into cuteness and I’m very pleased with how it turned out. So pleased that I don’t even hate myself too much for wearing sweats to school! 😉

What’s your favorite lounge wear piece to dress up and wear in public? What are your go to tips on dressing up an article of clothing that you wear for comfort? Leave me a comment and let’s chat! And don’t forget to check back in with me for my review of the new episode of American Horror Story: Freakshow tonight! Happy Hump Day! -Sarah

Lil Red Shopping Tips!

Lil Red Shopping Tips!

I thought it would be fun to write about some of my favorite stories to shop at, and I promise you, you can trust my judgement, because I’m an amazing shopper! I’ve grown extremely fond of Aerie over the past few years for all of my pantie and lounge wear needs. (I still frequent Victoria’s Secret for all of my bras, which I’ll discuss in a future post!) The panties at Aerie are just absolutely ADORABLE. Not only are they sexy, but you can ALWAYS get them for a great deal, as they usually run a promotion for seven pairs of panties for $26.95. Nothing beats that!


I usually shop the Vintage Lace collection as pictured above. These are just a few of the options that you can shop in store and online. How cute are they?! Seriously, I love them. In fact, I think they’re above and beyond better in style and quality than the panties at Victoria’s Secret. Not only that, but they’re an amazing deal to boot! Don’t get me wrong about Aerie bras though, just because I don’t buy them, doesn’t mean they’re not beautiful and of great quality. I just need something a little more supportive in the bosom area, and a lot of Aerie bras fit more like a “t-shirt bra” or a “wear with everything” bra. They’re definitely made more for lounging around the house or running quick errands. I like to be 100% supported and locked and loaded at all times, so these braziers just aren’t for me. Aerie has a great selection of cute and comfy clothes too. These options range from sweet sweaters, tops, sweat pants, skirts, nightwear, and fun accessories. One of my favorite pairs of pants are actually from Aerie. They’re a pair of army green, ankle length skinny khakis and they’re too cute. All of Aerie’s clothing are great essential pieces to have. You really can dress them up or down and look great and feel comfortable either way. If nothing else, give Aerie undies a try. I can guarantee you they’ll be your pantie destination from now on!

You can check out their website right here: http://www.ae.com/aerie/index.jsp

Do I have any Aerie shoppers reading my blog? What stores do you guys like shopping at? Leave me a comment and let’s chat! Goodnight and happy shopping! -Sarah