Panty Problems

Panty Problems

Helloooo everyone and happy Monday! I hope that all of you had a wonderful weekend and a lovely Mother’s Day if you celebrated! I have to tell you guys, I am having some MAJOR Panty Problems up in here, up in here. Your girl has needed some new panties for a while now and I decided that this was the weekend that I would make the panty purchase. My mom and I were going to go up to Belden Village, which is a mall about a  half an hour away from us in Canton so that I could shop at Aerie and I was really excited!

Unfortunately, no other malls near me have an Aerie, which is a damn shame considering it’s my normal panty stomping grounds. But that always has been okay with me because Belden Village is my favorite mall to shop at. Before my faithful sidekick – MY MOM and I left, she also treated me to an Aerie gift card as an early birthday present so that I could get my panty on. It was basically the sweetest thing ever and I was so ready to hit the road so that I could revamp my panty drawer ASAP.

SO, we got to the mall and we went to Aerie and it was essentially the most disappointing moment in my life because every single panty there was nowhere close to moving me on a spiritual level . Like, seriously? I have this here gift card and have made the trek to the mall and literally Not. One. Single. Panty. spoke to me. I couldn’t believe it.

I have never not had good luck at Aerie when it comes to panties, but here I was being surrounded by these…these…panty imposters with a gift card burning a hole in my pocket and NOTHING to spend it on. I was in shock. I was disappointed. And I was simply beside myself in mourning for the current uselessness of my gift card and the fact that my panty drawer would be none the better that night.

We walked out of Aerie and I felt dejected and defeated but I figured that we might as well look at Victoria’s Secret, since we were at the mall. I’m not a huge Vicky S fan when it comes to panties. Frankly, I think that they’re an absolute rip off – but at this point, I felt like I needed something and Victoria’s Secret beckoned me into their pink and black emblazoned store with the promise of severely overly priced panties. And like a sheep walking into the slaughter, I entered the store.

Oh, Victoria’s Secret. A store full of sexy little underthings for prices that you could probably buy a kidney with off of the black market. Don’t get me wrong – all of my bras are from Vicky S. I’m just a ballin on a budget kind of gal. I’m more than willing to shell out for a nice bra but panties are just a different story, which is why I’ve always shied away from purchasing them from Victoria’s Secret. But, there I was, Angel Card in hand and a whole store of panties to pick from…

And I hated all of them. Every single panty there that was on some type of a promotion did nothing for me. Similar to Aerie, they were all just blah. But guys…guys…I really felt like I needed to buy some freaking panties – so what did I do? I made my way to the most expensive table of panties which were three for thirty-five or something along those lines and began to hunt for the perfect pairs because it was the only table in the store that I even remotely liked.

After about five minutes, the deed was done and I made my way to the register. The total came close to forty dollars and I just had to stare at the price for a minute, like a cow looking on to an oncoming train. And, I swiped my card and exited the store…

Instantly, I felt like I had made a big fat mistake but didn’t say anything until we got into the car and were on the highway. I then made the announcement that “I have no idea why I just bought those”. It was obviously a moment of weakness because I genuinely see no justification in spending forty dollars for three pairs of panties and I ended up returning them at a nearby mall the next day.

Long story short, my Panty Problems have been a source of much grief and woe this past weekend and here I stand, STILL PANTY-LESS. G DMXCN SMZDNCDCLKSANCKMASJM AHHHHHHHHHHH. Okay. Wow, I really needed that. Anyways, I guess the moral of the story is to not buy something because you feel obligated to (ESPECIALLY expensive panties), patience is a virtue, yada yada yada. And I guess I’m just going to have to wait until Aerie’s panties don’t completely suck until I spend my gift card. *Patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue.*  Smh. The End.

So there you have it, my Panty Problems for the weekend, which is obvs enough to last a lifetime! Where do you get the cutest panties from? How about the best bras? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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  1. Oh. My. God. I flipping love you! This post just made my day! Yes I am sorry your panty problems made my day (that sounds wrong on so many levels) and were a great source of laughter right now. That said. I do feel for you. I had that issue with bras for the longest time! I was an Ipex fan and when VS stopped selling them, I cried and refused to buy a single bra for almost a decade. (thank God they redeemed themselves last year) You will find panties. It will happen! ;P ❤

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    • Hahahaha darling, I love ya but can you please keep your laughter to yourself during this trying time?! Haha jk but seriously though it was bullshit I was SO flipping salty about the whole ordeal. Obvs I still am or I wouldn’t have wrote a 900 word essay on my panty woes lolol and did you seriously not buy a new bra for ten years?! Lol, what? hahaha dyinggg

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      • Bwahaha I’ll try to laugh BEHIND my hands😂😂😂
        I don’t blame you! Lingerie is NOT something to joke around about😂 But it was a GREAT essay on panty woes!
        Word! I bought sports bras but I wore those ipexes until the wires were poking through! Near the end it was brutal! 😂💗


      • Lmao omg I am officially dead! I wonder if I emailed VS with Ipex Warrior if they would bring it back? Not that I am still harping on that….ten years later🙄😂💗
        Ps sitting getting my roots done and literally laughing out loud reading this….people might be thinking I am crazy🤣🙈


      • Lololol girl you seem so bitter about the discontinuing of the Ipex and it’s the funniest thing ever. And ooooh YAS are you having a treat yoself day? Always glad to humor you ❤ ❤

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      • I am NOT BITTER…….Much…..I mean my poor girls! I may not have much but they do deserve the best!🤣
        Yessss!! Well sorta. I have to get ready for this wedding! Haha thank you I am much obliged. I love your humor!

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  2. I am not so sure you would want to hear about my problems, but it did make me want to see if there is an Eerie nearby me…i find VS prices to be depressing, no matter how cute the panties are.


    • I looove Aerie (usually!)! They’re the bra/undie line for American Eagle and their usual promotion is 7 for 27.50 for panties which I think is such a good deal – when they’re actually cute, of course! Not like this past time haha

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      • What?!?! I love American Eagle too.
        And I just remembered I still have to accept the nomination you gave me last week. Things have been crazy lately.


  3. Lol this was a brilliant post! I loved it.
    I’m so bad for buying something just for the sake of buying it and often suffer from buyers remorse 🙊
    I feel like I’ve come all this way to treat myself and by god in heaven I’m not going home with my hands hanging!!!!!


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