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5 Ways To Instantly Refresh Your Home

5 Ways To Instantly Refresh Your Home

Even the best-designed house can become tired and worn looking without some maintenance now and then. Taking time to refresh the look of your home can help you fall in love with it all over again and give it a new lease of life. Here are five simple ways to help refresh the look of your home without breaking the bank:

Paint Touch Ups:

The daily wear and tear of life can be hard on your interior walls, especially if you have children or pets. Walls can easily become scuffed or scratched and the paint can suddenly look less appealing. Touching up paint does not mean to redo the whole wall. If you have paint leftover from a decoration, keep it in storage and when the wall inevitably becomes marked, use the paint to cover it up and make the wall feel brand new again. If you don’t have the right color paint for a wall, use a magic eraser. The erasers work by dissolving the paint slightly allowing you to use the surrounding paint to cover up the scuff. If the scuff or scratch is small, then an eraser can easily deal with them.

Replace Old Carpet:

If your carpet has been stained or threadbare, then it can make the whole room feel very worn out. Investing in high-quality flooring can make a room feel fresh without the need to completely redecorate. Millennium Hardwood Flooring is excellent if you want a high-quality finish installed by experts. Replacing carpet with hardwood can restore a room’s elegant feel and give it a classical, homely atmosphere. You will stand and walk on it every day, so good quality flooring is worth investing in.

Reposition The Furniture:

If your furniture has always had the same configuration since you moved in, then consider what other options you may have for laying out a room. In large rooms, bringing furniture away from the walls can help them feel cozier and zone off spaces. Smaller rooms can be made to feel bigger by bringing furniture away from the center of a room and allowing for a natural flow from one door to the next. Remember that furniture can always quickly be changed back, so have fun. Try out a new position and if you don’t like it, then rearrange it back to the way it was or go for something new again. You might discover a new configuration you would never have thought would work.

Exterior Painting:

If you don’t get the spark of joy you long for when you arrive home after a hard day’s work, then consider an exterior paint job. Painting your house different shades or even highlighting features like window sills and door frames can help give your home a new lease on life. Remember that external paint needs more protection. Buy paint suited to your walls such as masonry or specialist wood paint.


Finally, remember the easiest way to refresh your home is to declutter. It is easy for our homes to become filled with bits and pieces that we no longer need. Take time to clear out your cupboards every season. Decluttering frequently makes the task less onerous and allows you to enjoy your space free from mess.

Due to the pandemic, all of this extra time at home makes you notice the changes your place might need even more. Use your time well and refresh your house with the tips above!

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Easy Ways to Update Your Kitchen on a Budget

Easy Ways to Update Your Kitchen on a Budget

If your kitchen hasn’t been looking its best for a while, now is the perfect time to do something about it. You can combine your spring cleaning with a kitchen renovation project that will make you happy, add value to your home, and ensure that the most important room in the house is looking its best. Whether you are looking to revamp your kitchen yourself or call in the professionals, here are some easy ways that you can update your kitchen:

Refresh Your Flooring: We sometimes neglect our kitchen floor for the simple fact that it is not in our eyeline as much as the cabinets, walls, etc. However, since the floor spans the whole of the kitchen, it is important that it always looks its best. Paying for a professional slate floor restoration or to have your wooden floor polished, for example, may seem like an unnecessary expense, but is something that you should aim to do each year or, at the very least, when your kitchen starts to look drab, because it can add a whole new lease of life to the room without you having to do much else.

Paint Your Cabinets: If you’re bored of your current kitchen cabinets, you need nothing more than some sandpaper, a block of wood, and a can of paint to put things right. Sand down your current cabinets before applying a lick of paint in the color of your choice for a quick kitchen update that won’t cost you very much at all.

Get a Handle on It: Updating your kitchen can be as simple as switching out your tired old cabinet handles for shiny new ones. There has never been more choice in the door handle department than there is at this moment, so whether you’re looking for traditional brass handles or something a bit more glam, your local hardware store should have you covered.

Add New Accessories: If your old tablecloth, curtains, and serving tray are looking worn, either upcycling them so that they look fresh and new again, or purchasing new alternatives will give your kitchen a real boost, and it won’t break the bank either.

Reclaim: The rustic look works well in the kitchen, which is why it might be worth keeping a look out for any old and abandoned stuff that might look like a good addition to the area. Old copper pots, wooden beams, and ancient barn doors will all add a unique touch to your kitchen for very little money. Reclaimed wood can also be used to build new shelving units, spice racks, tealight holders, and a myriad of other things that will compliment your kitchen. So, if you’re a keen crafter, this is one possibility for updating your kitchen.

Refresh Your Furniture: Another thing that you can do is refresh your kitchen furniture. Sand and re-varnish your table and chairs or paint them a brand new color for a big change. Or you can reupholster your chairs and even turn your dining table into a work of art using mosaic tiles – the choice is yours.

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Wait! Try These Tricks Before Throwing Out Tired Furniture

Wait! Try These Tricks Before Throwing Out Tired Furniture

Furniture can only last so long before it starts to look a little tired. Your immediate thought might be that you need to get rid of a piece of furniture that’s going downhill. However, if it’s something that you love, you don’t need to say goodbye to it just yet. There are some easy things that you can do to rescue your furniture and avoid having to throw it out. Some things you can do yourself or you could get a professional to help you out. Before you throw out that sofa or cabinet, here’s what you could do to save it:

Start By Giving It a Clean: The first thing you should do with a tired piece of furniture is to clean it. You could be amazed by how much of a difference it makes. Furniture made from wood, metal, or plastic can be very easy to clean. You only need to dust or wipe it down, perhaps with some soapy water or special cleaning solution. But upholstered fabric can be a little trickier to get clean. Some pieces have removable covers that you can put in your washing machine. You might also want to consider an upholstery steam cleaner, which will make it easier to get the fabric clean.

Reupholster Fabric Furniture: Some upholstered furniture might still look rough after you clean it. Perhaps there are holes or tears in the fabric or it has just become very worn down. You don’t need to throw it out, though. You still have a chance to rescue it by reupholstering it. You can replace the fabric with something similar or give it a completely new look. This is a job you could attempt to do yourself. However, if you’re unsure about it, it’s just as easy to get a professional to do it for you. Get some quotes to make sure that you get the right price.

Repair Wood: Wooden furniture can end up with lots of little blemishes in its daily use. You might notice scratches, stains, or cracks in the varnish. There are some simple ways for you to fix these issues on your own. For example, you can repair scratches using moist coffee grounds by applying them for a few minutes and then wiping away. Oil and vinegar can help to remove stains, while sandpaper and nail polish can help you repair varnish. If you have bigger issues, such as loose joints, you could fix them yourself or have the furniture repaired by a professional.


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Paint or Varnish: A lick of paint is often a good way to give something a new lease on life. If your furniture is looking a bit dull, painting it could revive it. Just make sure that you use the right type of paint for the material. You could also choose to use varnish or a new stain on your wooden furniture if you want to refresh the surface. You could create an entirely new look or just give your furniture a subtle refresh.

See if you can save a piece of furniture before you decide to get rid of it. It could last for another few years!

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