American Eagle Outfitters Haul

American Eagle Outfitters Haul

Hi!! When I went to Summit Mall a week or so ago for the first time in at least two years, I made the most of it with a huge haul from Altar’d State. I also needed new shorts in a bad way and there is only one store that I can trust will have what I am looking for every time: American Eagle Outfitters. But Sarah, it’s about to be summertime! Every store is selling shorts. Be that as it may, I am not a fan of high waisted shorts and AEO is one of the few stores I know of that still sells classic midrise shorts.

As always, AEO delivered and I found two new pairs of shorts that fit just how I like as well as a multi pack set of earrings for my wedding! Check it out:

I have exactly two high waisted pairs of jeans in my wardrobe and, believe you me, I was very surprised by those purchases! However, high rise shorts just do not work on my body type. I have muscular thighs, a butt, and hips with a small waist so what fits over my bottom half is HUGE on my waistline and leaves a lot to be desired in the fit department. Therefore, midrise shorts will always be the move for me.

I was so happy to find two pairs of excellent quality shorts at American Eagle that I know will last me for a good long while because I only had one pair of shorts before this shopping trip! My midrise AEO shorts fit me like a glove without being too tight and it’s nice to have a little variety between the black shorts and distressed dark denim. Both pairs will go with literally anything this summer which takes any guesswork out of styling so that I can get out and go for mine and Johnny’s next adventures!

Originally, I only planned on purchasing shorts at AEO – until I got to the cash register that is. At the cash wrap, I noticed their jewelry display and remembered that I needed some smaller earrings for my wedding. When I buy earrings, I only go for flashy dangly pairs so there was a definite lacking of no fuss earrings at my place! I like that the multi pack that I purchased had options in both silver and gold and I am excited to mix and match until I find the perfect combination for the big day.

It felt so good to do some actual shopping at Summit Mall as opposed to browsing online and I am incredibly happy with everything that I bought. Here’s to successful shopping trips to all!

What is your preferred rise for jeans and shorts? Do you prefer dangle or stud earrings? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


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