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Making Gifts: 5 Things You’ll Wish You Knew Earlier

Making Gifts: 5 Things You’ll Wish You Knew Earlier

Making gifts is one of the best ways to show somebody how much you care about them. Taking your time over a gift like this is one of the most thoughtful things that you can do. No matter how big or small the gift is, they are bound to appreciate something like this over a store bought item. However, before you start making gifts, there are a few things you should know. Don’t waste hours of time making gifts when you could save yourself some hassle. Here are a few things you’ll wish you knew earlier:

Gift Baskets Are Awesome & Easy: Gift baskets are a brilliant gift and so easy to make. You have the opportunity here to get creative and include anything and everything that you can think of. All you need to do is make sure that it’s presented in a way that the receiver will love! If you’re struggling, it’s a good idea to start with one thing, so you don’t get overwhelmed. It’s all too easy to think of the word ‘gift basket’ and go into panic mode because you think you need to buy 101 things and you don’t know where to start. Start with one thing you know you’re getting, and just go from there. Even if it’s just the basket!

Make sure you include textures in your basket. Using as many different textures as possible makes things look far more exciting and interesting. That’s why this principle is most commonly used in fashion and decorating a house! It could also help you to think of a theme if you’re struggling with what to get. Is this person a music lover? Do they enjoy gardening or reading? Base it around that. However, you don’t need to explicitly stick to your theme if you think of something else to get. Just use it as a guide.

Finally, it’s a great idea if you can include something handmade in your basket, even if it’s a cake or something small, like a Christmas decoration. It’ll give your gift basket that bit of extra oomph and really impress the receiver!

You Don’t Actually Have To Make It Yourself: OK, some may consider it cheating, but you don’t actually have to make this gift yourself if you haven’t got time or you don’t want to for whatever reason. You don’t have to pretend you made it yourself. You could, but that could definitely be considered a little naughty, and what would you say if they found out? Regardless of if you make it or not, they’re going to enjoy a unique handmade gift better than a standard store bought gift.

You can get somebody else to do this for you on the internet, using sites like Fiverr. That’s where you’ll probably find it cheapest, but it isn’t a site made specifically for crafts. Look on Etsy if you want the widest selection of crafts imaginable. You can find all kinds of handmade crafts, from clay charms to handmade wire jewelry, and even customized clothing. Whatever you have in mind, you’ll find it on Etsy. You may even be able to contact a seller to see if they’d be willing to make something specific for you for a little extra cost.

There’s A Tutorial For Absolutely Everything: So maybe you really do want to flex your creative muscles and see what you can come up with. You don’t have to come up with your ideas alone. There’s a tutorial for literally everything on the internet. Want to make a far out, colorful seashell? There’s a tutorial. How about your own customized bath and body care products? Tutorial. Want to make your own glow in the dark bouncy ball? There’s a tutorial for that, too. Honestly, there are an endless amount of things that you can make, so check out YouTube and other sites for help. You can even find picture tutorials on sites like Pinterest.

Remember, you don’t have to follow one tutorial to the T, either. You can add your own twist to it to make it your own, and even use a number of different tutorials and different methods to come up with something entirely unique.

You Don’t Have To Make Anything Super Fancy: Think you need to pull out all of the stops and buy the contents of your local craft store to impress the receiver? You don’t at all! You don’t have to make anything super fancy to have an impact on the receiver. They’ll love that you took the time to make them something, regardless of what it is. A few pretty but easy things include colorful paper flowers or a vintage looking candle holder. You could even make a card, and they’d be equally as impressed. Maybe you could customize a photo frame or make them a scrapbook. In some cases, the more simple your gift idea, the better. Don’t doubt yourself!



You Can Make Gifts Out Of Things Around The House: You don’t even need to buy any craft equipment to make a gift. You can make gifts out of things that you find around the house! You can use a permanent marker to transform a plain mug into something funny, with a quote or word that will perk the receiver up. You can use colored markers to transform a white plate into something beautiful. How about using paint with wine glasses to make something super pretty? You could also use a picture and mod podge to make a glass even more meaningful. Why not try making jewelry from old t-shirts, and even pasta? Chances are, you have something in your home that you can transform. All it takes is a little imagination.

One of the only gifts on par with a beautiful handmade gift is an experience gift. Whether you want to make a gift or give an experience, make sure that you consider this person’s likes and dislikes. Personalizing the gift is the best way to make it more meaningful!

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Easy Peasy Craft Tips For The Non-Crafty Gal

Easy Peasy Craft Tips For The Non-Crafty Gal

In the world of Pinterest and DIY projects, you might just feel like the worst arts and crafter on the planet. But, fear not! Here are some fab tips to get yourself crafting in no time:

Easy Peasy Craft Tips For The Non-Crafty Gal:

Sometimes it seems as though the whole world has gone craft mad! Ever since the emergence of Etsy and other handmade marketplaces, people have jumped on board the craft wagon. But what if you’re not crafty or artsy? The simple answer is, you don’t have to be. If you fancy flexing your creative muscle, there’s a project for everyone.

Start Small: Like most things, it’s a good idea to start small. Find a simple project like an adult coloring book and go from there. Find a coloring book that you like and enjoy the simple pleasures of coloring in. And if coloring doesn’t appeal, find something that does. Try photography or give sewing a try. Look online for simple projects that are easy to complete but will make a big impact.

Find The Right Tools: In order to be creative, you need the right tools. They don’t have to be anything fancy. For some people, a pen or pencil is enough. Don’t go mad in the early stages. Take time to explore what you enjoy, then build up your tools slowly. It’s worth checking out online reviews and blogs to see what other people are using. Craft supplies are expensive so it makes sense to do your research.

Once you’ve found a craft you really like, it might be time to invest in the right tools. It may not be necessary to have something with all of the bells and whistles in the early stages. But as you become more experienced, you can save to add more to your craft cupboard. For example, a basic sewing machine may be sufficient for your early requirements. But as you begin to experiment, you may decide to add other accessories, such as a Singer walking foot, etc.


Pixabay Image

The Fear: One of the greatest obstacles to creativity is the fear of the blank page. This is a combination of feeling overwhelmed and fear of failure. A common symptom is buying lots of beautiful notebooks but never using them. It’s that fear of making a mistake or messing up the page. The simple answer to this is that there are no rules when it comes to crafts. If you make a mess or a mistake, no problem. Just paint over it or start again. Some people bend their books or make a few ink blots on the cover to get past this initial fear.

Find What You Love: Finding a craft that you would like to invest your time in can be easier said than done. Look around, read blogs, and check out Pinterest pages. Find something that appeals to you and have a go. Don’t get stuck on one idea or technique. Experiment and keep on going. Strive to learn and discover as much as you can.

But a word of warning. Crafting is addictive. Prepare to spend evenings and weekends trying out new ideas and shopping for new tools. Expect to become a regular on craft forums and share your ideas on social media. And make sure to clear out some space in your home! Every closet, shelf, and spare room will soon be home to fabric samples, paints, glitter, and glue.

What is a DIY project that you are most proud of? (I welded a table in high school that I still have and I LOVE that thing!) What are some of your tips to struggling crafters? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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Want To Look Gorgeous For Your Christmas Party? Start Preparing Today!

Want To Look Gorgeous For Your Christmas Party? Start Preparing Today!

With the holiday season right around the corner, it is important to look your best. Work parties, family get togethers, bumping into everyone and their brother at the store – it is a time when it might seem like all eyes are on you. It may only be the end of October, but these tips will help you prep for looking your best this holiday season and all year round. Take a look.

Want To Look Gorgeous For Your Christmas Party? Start Preparing Today!

Work Christmas parties are often the highlight of the year and an occasion many people look forward to. It’s a chance for you and your work colleagues to let your hair down and enjoy yourselves after a stressful year. It’s also the perfect excuse to get dressed up and look your absolute best. While you understandably want to have fun, Christmas parties can help your career. If you stand out, network with others and impress your boss, you may have a promotion in your sights. So to give you the confidence to do this effectively, you need to feel good about your appearance.

Even though it might seem premature, there are things that you can do now to help you look gorgeous in time for your work party. Take a look at these tips to help you get prepared well in advance.

Get Style Inspiration: One of the benefits of getting ready for your Christmas party now is that you have plenty of time to find the perfect outfit. But before you hit the shops, you need to get some holiday style inspiration. To help you get started, talk to your boss and colleagues about the type of affair that the party will be. This will ensure that you choose an outfit that makes a statement while also being suitable for the activity. For instance, if you are going out for drinks at a local bar, a ball gown might not be appropriate.

So whether it’s a casual meal or a big holiday ball, you can start getting inspired by potential outfit ideas now. You can go on http://www.pinterest.com/ and look at fashion magazines and blogs. Social media is another resource you can use. You can also try on outfits at your favorite stores and boutiques to see how they look and make you feel. This can give you a clear idea of what suits you and what doesn’t. Don’t forget to look at possible accessories and shoes to accompany your outfit too!

Getting inspired before you start shopping can be extremely beneficial. It helps you find possible outfits that will suit your body type and colors that suit your skin tone. Knowing what kind of outfit you want to buy can simplify your shopping process and make it less stressful. You can also start planning how you want your hair and makeup to look. All of this information can make choosing a fabulous outfit for your Christmas party as easy as possible.

Whiten Your Teeth: A bright, white smile can make you seem more friendly and approachable to others. This is ideal if you plan to network and introduce yourself to others at your Christmas party. It can also make you feel more confident about your appearance which can make you feel amazing. So if you want to enhance your smile in time for your Christmas party, you need to whitening your teeth now. It can take weeks and multiple whitening sessions to get the results you want. This is why it’s always best to do this sooner rather than waiting till later.

The majority of dental surgeries now offer teeth whitening services to their patients. So contact your dentist to make an appointment. Alternatively, you can whiten your teeth by yourself at home. There are a number of kits you can buy that use either strips or mouth guards. These kits are easy to use and can give you excellent results but some are better than others. See http://TeethWhiteningAtHomeTips.com/ to find out which whitening strips are the most effective. It will be hard for you to stop smiling throughout the party when your teeth look so clean and bright.



Make an Appointment at Your Salon: As soon as the countdown to Christmas starts, hair and beauty salons will be overwhelmed with appointments. Remember that thousands of other people will be attending Christmas parties and want to look their best, too. To ensure that your hair looks beautiful for your party, you need to book an appointment at your salon now. This will ensure that you can have a consultation with your hairdresser beforehand to try out different hair styling ideas. You can also have your hair dyed, cut, and blow dried so it looks as fresh as possible for your party.

If you are unable to get an appointment for a consultation or cut at your hair salon, don’t panic. You can hire a mobile hairdresser to visit you at your home instead. But again make sure you make an appointment quickly as they too will get booked up.


Pixabay Image

Start a New Skin Care Regime: When you are self-conscious of your skin, it can stop you from being confident and carefree. This is not how you want to feel when you celebrate the holidays. Instead of letting this continue, start a new skin care regime instead. This can help you get fresh and clear skin that makes you feel unstoppable. Makeup application can also be improved with clearer skin. It will go on more smoothly and stay in place longer. You also won’t have to wear as much because you won’t have blemishes or pimples to cover up.

It’s advantageous to start this regime as soon as you can to give your skin time to heal and adjust. Otherwise, you may not get the results you desire. There are countless products you can try to get glowing skin. But it’s vital that you create a regime with products that suit your skin type for the best results. Visit http://www.webmd.com/beauty/ or talk to beauty specialists to discover what your skin type is.

As part of your new regime, also get into the habit of cleaning your makeup brushes each week. Dirt, sweat, and old makeup can linger on your brushes and clog your pores. So using clean and hygienic brushes can benefit your skin significantly.


 Pixabay Image

Even though your Christmas party might be not be happening just yet, these preparations will ensure that you look gorgeous no matter what. The more you do in advance, the less stressful the getting ready process will be. So rather than leaving it till the last minute, start preparing for your Christmas party today. You won’t regret it!

What is your perfect holiday party look? What is your winter skin care regime? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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Amazing DIY Tips Every Homeowner Needs To Know

Amazing DIY Tips Every Homeowner Needs To Know

Here’s a fun little post for all of my DIY-ers, Pinterest royalty, and crafting gods! As for me? I’ll stick to my handyman! 😉

Amazing DIY Tips Every Homeowner Needs To Know:

As a homeowner, you may have considered doing the odd couple of DIY projects. Even if you aren’t a very crafty person, you may have been swayed to dabble with some DIY just because it can be a major money saver! The world is your oyster in the world of DIY. You could simply fix some old furniture that needs repairing. Or you might have bought some shelves that need putting up. Once you get super confident in your DIY skills, you may even start to make your own furniture! However you want to use DIY in your home, here are some tips that can help you do a great job every time!

Invest In Top Quality Equipment: If you want to do a really good job in all of your DIY projects and tasks, you will need excellent equipment. This means that you might have to pay a bit more to get the best tools out there in the shops. It may be slightly expensive, but it will certainly be worth it! The better quality tools and equipment will also last for a lot longer compared to cheaper ones. Not sure which tools are the best to buy? See here for great benchtop bandsaw reviews. You’ll find plenty more reviews for other tools online.

Keep Your Old CDs: You may just stream your music online these days but that isn’t an excuse to throw out all of your old CDs. In fact, you should keep them and use them in your home decorating. You can break up the CDs themselves and create cool murals with them. These funky murals can be used throughout your home but will look especially good in a room that gets a lot of attention as a great conversation starter. Got a whole load of old CDs? Repurpose them as some dumbbells to use in your workouts! 😉

Sketch Out Plans: No matter what your latest DIY project may be, you should always sketch out a brief plan. This can help you envisage the finished result or product. The sketch doesn’t have to be too detailed or artistic. Just as long as it gives you a clear idea of how you plan on using all the materials. If you are simply redecorating a room, sketching can come in handy, too. This will give you a chance to carefully consider the use of space and lighting so neither affects your design too much.

Hang At The Right Height: Do you have some photographs or paintings that you want to hang on your walls? Then you need to make sure that these are hung at the right height. Otherwise, they might look odd compared to the rest of your decor. Ideally, the center of each piece needs to be at eye level. This is usually around sixty inches above the ground. If the ceilings in a room are particularly high, you can afford to hang your artworks slightly higher.

DIY should never be too tasking. And all of these tips should make it even easier! You may never have to hire a handyman to do your household jobs again!

Where are all of my DIY fans at? What was the latest thing that you have crafted? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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Adore Me Inspired Lingerie Flat Lay

Adore Me Inspired Lingerie Flat Lay

Hi everyone and happy weekend! I hope all of you had a great week and are ready for some fun or R&R – I know I am! If there’s one thing that a Lil Red loves, it’s lingerie. There is nothing better than sporting a sexy little outfit or a hoodie and a pair of sweats and knowing that you have something pretty on underneath. If you are like me and are always looking for the best looks for an amazing deal then you have got to check out the selection of bras and panties that Adore Me has to offer. Their lingerie is seriously gorgeous and they also have a beautiful selection of plus sizes to choose from, too.

After treating yourself to a new set of lingerie from Adore Me, make sure you check out their Pinterest page and give them a follow! Now, on to my Adore Me Inspired Lingerie Flat Lay:


My lingerie flat lay was inspired by my days when I work on my summer classes from home. My homework days are filled with reading about everything from Shakespeare to Psychology so there are a few essentials that are a must to make the day not completely miserable:

  1. COFFEE, coffee, and did I say coffee?
  2. An adorable bra and panty.
  3. My new glasses.

Okay, so coffee is self explanatory but what about the glasses and lingerie? I’m so glad you asked! When I work from home, I would never be caught dead in anything but a pair of sweats and my boyfriend’s hoodie. My homework days are a no makeup and no contacts day, as well…Hence my new specs! Because I am rocking a look that I do not feel my best in, a pretty set of lingerie is a friendly reminder that I’m still a stunner and a sass machine. Cute bras and underoos on my “bumming it” days is my way of keeping my self-esteem at a perfect ten even when I look like I just rolled out of bed!

So there you have it, my Adore Me Inspired Lingerie Flat Lay! Once again, please make sure to check out the Adore Me Pinterest page and do some shopping on the links provided above! When it comes to lingerie are you a mixer or a matcher? Do you have a bra or panty that you consider “lucky”? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Follow/Like Me! (Please?!)

Follow/Like Me! (Please?!)

Hey everyone and happy Tuesday! This is your friendly reminder post to show your favorite redhead some Facebook lovin! I have reached the 5,000 friend mark on the ol’ FB but that doesn’t mean you can’t give your girl a follow! A follow is pretty much like being friends with me without really being friends with me. You’ll still get to see all of my status updates and pictures on your newsfeed without having me on your friends list. I personally think that this is still a win/win for everyone!

You can reach out to me on my personal Facebook page and a like on my page for lifewithlilred wouldn’t hurt either! And as always, please help me get paid by clicking the ads from Twistfire Media on my personal Facebook! I have lots of fun articles, quizzes, and facts posted so check them out, have a laugh, and help me put some moolah in my bank! Once again, it’s a win/win! If you are interested in posting for Twistfire on your Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest please feel free to email me at: sarah.mush6794@gmail.com!

❤ THANKS!!! ❤

Guest Bloggers: I Want YOU!

Guest Bloggers: I Want YOU!

Hi everyone and happy Hump Day! After a successful guest blogging stint by Nida over at ShopaholicBlogs in the month of March, I am now looking for future guest bloggers to write for lifewithlilred. I’d love to have one to two guest posts on my blog per month so if you have something in mind that you think is worth sharing here on my page, please email me at sarah.mush6794@gmail.com!

And as always, follows on my personal Facebook page and likes on lifewithlilred’s page are much appreciated! While you’re browsing on my pages, please make sure that you click on my ads from Twistfire Media because it helps me get paid! Feel free to email me on the address above if you would like to sign up for Twistfire and get paid to use Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

ALSO: I GOT A SUMMER INTERNSHIP!! On Monday, Tri-C called me and offered me three summer internships with different departments. Unfortunately, I could only pick one so I went with a position as the intern in the Learning Commons! I’m so happy I could scream!

I know this post was kind of a hodge podge of a bunch of different stuff but all of the points raised above were short enough that I grouped it together! I hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far! Much love. -Sarah