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Are You Ready To Start Expressing Yourself?

Are You Ready To Start Expressing Yourself?

One thing that a lot of people struggle with is that they don’t feel as though they’re able to project much about who they are to the world as a whole. You might be the most interesting, creative, and exciting person on the planet and yet you still feel as though you blend into the background when you’re around other people. Sure, not everyone wants to be the center of attention, but it can be tough when it feels like people aren’t getting to see the real you.

However, that doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with that kind of situation for the rest of your life! Being able to express yourself isn’t all that difficult, you just need to know how to go about it, and feel comfortable enough to let the real you shine through no matter what. Here are a few simple things that you can do to get started on really showing the world what you’re made of:

Change Up Your Look: Not everyone is going to be obsessed with fashion, and that’s okay! But the way that you present yourself can have a huge impact on the way the world sees you and can be a wonderful opportunity for you to express yourself. Different styles say different things, and it’s cool to be able to share something about yourself with everyone that you walk past. And of course, no one feels the same every day so why not change up your look constantly?!

Many people will look completely different on a day to day basis, whether that’s through clothes, makeup, or even wigs. That might sound a bit drastic but it can be a lot of fun, and it’s worth trying at least a couple of times. When it comes to wigs, try CelebWigs for a bunch of different styles to see how you can express yourself. Of course, if you’re not looking to make that much of an entrance wherever you go, sticking to a style that you love and reflects who you are is just as good!


Who doesn’t love a good makeover?!

Be Proud Of The Things You Love: We all have things that we’re passionate about, but a lot of the time we don’t want to express those things to other people because we’re worried about how they will judge them. This is where the idea of a “guilty pleasure” comes from. The truth, is that you should never have a guilty pleasure. If you love something, then that doesn’t impact anyone else’s life, so why shouldn’t you be proud of it? Whether it’s a type of music, TV, book, or anything else, wearing your passions on your sleeve can be a great way to express yourself to the world. And hey, you might even find that someone else feels the same way and you can strike up a new friendship.

Be Confident In Who You Are: One of the hardest things in the world is being confident in who you are. The media and the world around us work very hard to tell us that we’re not good enough. That we’re too fat, thin, short, tall, old, or young. All of these things mean that many of us are walking around on a day to day basis feeling as though we can’t be confident in who we are. But the world’s not going to change unless we change. So, no matter who you are, it’s important to be proud of it and never let the world tell you that there’s something wrong with that.

Change Your Environment: Of course, sometimes those kinds of feelings don’t come from inside yourself but from a toxic environment. Having friends who don’t appreciate who you are or people around you who try to make you feel bad for the way that you express yourself can make life very difficult and lonely for a lot of people. If that’s the case, then there’s nothing wrong with ending those friendships and changing your environment to something more loving and supportive. You would be amazed what a change of scenery can do for your self love and confidence.

Now, none of this is trying to tell you that you should try and be some kind of bold, brash person if that’s not who you are deep down. You should never try to be anyone else. The point is simply to be able to embrace what makes you a unique individual and to avoid hiding that from the world, because everyone deserves to see the real you shine.

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When it comes to beauty, nothing is permanent and it’s important to remember that. Girls grow up and want to emulate their favorite pop stars, TV princesses, and movie queens and, as such, we copy every out-there look. Whether it’s a spray tan as dark as hardwood or a nose ring to copy the latest DJ, experimentation is part of growing up as a young person. That need to find out who you are comes with a territory and sometimes that territory means donning blue hair with green streaks. Don’t laugh, though, the mermaid look is very much in, and you only have to look here to see it!

Sometimes, even after that experimental teen phase passes, a change is needed. There are so many ways that you can make a change to your look; clothes and makeup being just two of them. Some of the changes can come with regret, but as we’ve already said, nothing is permanent. Piercings can be removed and the holes close up. Wardrobes can be reshuffled. Hair can be dyed back to a more ordinary color. Even tattoos inked into the skin can be sorted with several visits to a tattoo removal service. Beauty isn’t always cheap, and reversing that beauty isn’t, either. However, it is available to you and you don’t have to stay looking one way or another just because of a little ink or hair dye!

When it comes to changing part of your look, it comes with a shift in your life. So many self-help books tell you not to go for a big, dramatic change when stressful situations arise, but change is the way that so many people cleanse. Strip it all back and start again with a clean palette, that sort of thing. There are so many ways that you can change your appearance and reflect a different part of your personality. For example, someone who loves the meaning of tattoos and certain designs are more likely to cover themselves in tributes to areas of their lives that they never want to forget. Of course, these can be removed down the line, but that’s why it’s said never to get a tattoo unless you are 100% sure!


Those who enjoy the look of piercings are different to those who like to streak their hair with frosted blonde. The change that is made with a piercing can be reversed but more often than not, is preferably permanent. You can experiment with clip on piercings before going for the real thing, so you can see what it looks like. Ears are the usual place to pierce but those who want to be more out there and different go for noses, septum, lip, and even cheeks! Making a change in your appearance is never a bad thing, but you need to be sure that you want to make a change before you go for it. Understand your reasons behind the change and make sure that you feel comfortable with it.

Change is good for the soul and sometimes after tragedy or excitement strikes, a new update to your appearance is just what the doctor ordered!

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New Black & Red Nails

New Black & Red Nails

Hi everyone and happy Sunday!! This past Thursday I treated myself to a princess afternoon of getting my nails filled and indulging in HELLA Taco Bell afterwards. To make the outing even better, my beloved ex nail tech, VINNY, was helping out at the salon in my current nail tech, STEVE’S, absence. It was just like old times, and my nails turned out completely gorgeous as per ushe! Take a look and let’s discuss:


No matter who does my nails between Steve or Vinny, they always turn out magnificent. It always seems that my talons do the talking no matter where I go. I have to admit that it does get a bit annoying being literally constantly asked how I do anything with my claws, but I guess that’s just a small price to pay for my favorite accessory. I will say that just because someone can’t imagine their life with something, whether it be long nails, piercings, tattoos, out there hair, etc. doesn’t mean that that goes for everyone else. I couldn’t imagine my life without any of the above examples and I’m willing to broadcast that to anyone who questions it – which I encounter at least twice daily!!

What color do you have on your nails right now? What is something that makes you unique that people question? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Normal House, One Of A Kind Home: How To Make Your Home Truly Unique

Normal House, One Of A Kind Home: How To Make Your Home Truly Unique

Your home should be a reflection of who you are. The problem with houses, however, is that many of them can be pretty similar despite how unique all of us are. But what if you started thinking about your home differently? Sure, unless you want to get started on some serious renovation work, the basic shape of your home is going to stay the same, but that’s where your limitations end. In many ways, the only limit to what you can do with your home is how far your imagination can stretch. How willing are you to break away from tradition and try something really different? If that sounds like your kind of thing then here are a few simple but daring ways that you can make your home as unique as possible.

Rethink What “Lighting” Means: Far too many people take lighting for granted. It’s such a central and important element to your home that it doesn’t make sense to start messing around with it, right? Wrong! There are plenty of exciting and interesting ways to bring light into your home without having to stick with the same boring old ideas. Scrap the lamps and try using some LED tape to light your home. With LED tape you can light areas of your home that you might never have even considered such as along the stairs or inside your bookcases. Not only that, but often the tape itself is completely hidden so that no one would know that it was there until you suddenly filled the room with light.

Don’t Take the Obvious Layouts: A lot of the time you walk into a room and the obvious way to lay it out is right there in front of you. But hold on a second! Before you decide to do things the same way as everyone else, ask yourself if there isn’t a more interesting option. Look at the light sources in the room, think about the way it flows into other parts of the house, and ask yourself what would be the most enjoyable layout for you personally. You might find yourself going for something pretty unusual, but if it works for you, then that’s the most important thing. It’s your house after all!

Break the Rules: There are entire books written on the rules of interior design. We all have lists in our heads of things that we should and shouldn’t ever do. You know what the best thing to do with those rules is? Throw them out of the window! This is your home so if you want big, bold patterns, then go for it! Make your home as open and spacious or snug and cozy as you want. Don’t listen to anyone who tries to tell you what you can and can’t do in your own home. Once you break free of that idea, you’ll be able to turn your home into somewhere truly one of a kind.

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How Unique Can You Go? Tips For Making A Home Unlike Any You’ve Seen


Who doesn’t want a home that’s different from anyone elses? In life, the more unique we can be, the better. There’s something satisfying in knowing that you’re the only person with that particular style. You’ll become the envy of your friends and will probably set a few trends of your own! The only question is, how do you achieve a look that’s different from anyone else? Being individual can be hard. We’re all trying to achieve the same goal, aren’t we? It makes sense that we’re all trying the same style ideas! We’ve got some ideas about how to achieve the most unique home you can imagine. Following these will ensure that you’re creating a home that no one’s ever seen before!

Build Your Own: We’re going to start this list with the most extreme suggestion. We’re aware building your home isn’t an option for many people. It is, however, the best way to get a home unlike any other. When designing your home, you have a say in every aspect of the house you’re living in. You can go as mad with your plan as you like. You could even employ the services of a company like http://www.structural-innovations.com, and get creative with the structure you put in place!  If you have money and time behind you, the world is your oyster! Or at least, your home is. If you’ve never considered building your home, research whether it could work for you.


Wikimedia Image

Think Outside the Decor Box: If you’re not keen on embarking on such a massive project, there’s plenty of other things you can try! The easiest way to change your home is to focus on decoration. To achieve a look unlike any other, try not to let anyone’s decoration influence you. Sit down and plan the room from your mind only. Whatever choices you come up with, you can ensure they’ll be unique to you. Have fun with this. Tap into your creative well and use it to get your home looking great.

Get Creative With the Layout: While you’re getting daring with home design, why not try something different with the layout? There are certain layout norms that many of us follow for no real reason. Of course, some rooms, such as your kitchen or bathroom, can’t change around. Your other rooms are fair game, though. Why not swap your bedroom and living room? If it’s possible, it’s worth a go. People will look twice; that’s for sure!

Make Furniture: Making your home may not be practical, but making your furniture is a more achievable goal. If you’re not good at making things from scratch, repurpose things to fit into your home. Why not scrap the lights and have a lantern of old jars instead? Use watering cans as plant pots. Small touches like this will bring an individual style to any room. You could even reupholster old furniture. Learn how on sites like http://do-it-yourselfdesign.blogspot.com. You can choose any material you want to get the furniture you need!


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The Updates That Will Take Your Bedroom From Drab To Fab

The Updates That Will Take Your Bedroom From Drab To Fab

I am a firm believer in everyone having an amazing bedroom that reflects their personality or their interests. For example, I am a lover of all things fashion and I wanted my room to have a boutique style feel with all of the clothing, shoes, and accessories that I love on display for all to see. Not only does it make me feel like I’m in a giant walk in closet but, I have to admit, it’s nice to have my friends admire all of my favorite things as if they were in a chic little New York shop! Here are some tips for making your room the best that it can be and totally, uniquely you.

The Updates That Will Take Your Bedroom From Drab To Fab:

When you look around your bedroom, you should love what you see. It should be a space that’s comfortable, cozy, and totally appealing. Your bedroom is the place that you start and end the day in, which is why it’s so important for it to be a space that you love. Believe it or not, our surroundings have a big impact on our happiness and moods, hence why it’s so crucial to have a well-designed bedroom.

Decorating your bedroom should not just be jamming a few pieces of furniture into the room and calling it quits; it’s about creating a space that is smart and stylish. It should also be somewhere that you actually enjoy spending time in. If your bedroom is lacking a sophisticated and stylish design, it’s time to change that. The updates listed below should help you to take your boring, dreary bedroom and turn it into a space that you look forward to spending time in.

The first step to revamping your room is to consider what style you would like to decorate your bedroom in. Have you always dreamed of having a hotel-style bedroom that’s luxurious and elegant? Do you love the idea of a pretty pastel-hued room? Perhaps you’re a big fan of rose gold and pink? Before you start designing the space, you should know what type of look you would like to create. If you’re unsure about which style would work well in your bedroom, it’s a good idea to take the time to get inspired. Flick through home design magazines, read interior design blogs, and use sites like We Heart It for ideas.


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Once you’ve decided on what type of style you would like to design the room in, the next step is to focus on the walls. Do you have any preference over how you decorate the walls? Does the idea of matte paint sound more appealing than sheer paint? Would you prefer to use wallpaper to decorate? Take the time to think about your wall decoration choices to establish the best option is for you. If you like the idea of using paint but want to add a pop of pattern, consider adding an accent wall with wallpaper. It’s amazing how much difference a feature wall can make to the look and feel of a space.


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It’s best to leave laying new flooring until after the painting has been completed. Otherwise, you could end up accidentally staining your new flooring. When it comes to selecting the perfect type of flooring for your room, it’s a case of working out what is most practical. For bedrooms, carpet can be a good option because it’s soft and gives a cozy feel. However, if you’re someone who is prone to spilling things, hard flooring might be a better option. If you’re worried about the room feeling too cold, you could always add an area rug or could invest in underfloor heating. A major benefit of hard flooring is that it tends to be longer lasting than carpet, making it a better value for your money.


Pixabay Image

The furniture that you choose for your room will depend on your sense of style, as well as your budget. You may need to reuse old pieces of furniture from your bedroom if money is tight. Or, if you have a large budget, then you might choose to replace your old furniture with new pieces. The most important thing is to choose pieces that work well with the design style of the space, as well as with each other. Of all the furniture that you invest in, the bed (and mattress) is the most important part. This is because, in any bedroom, the bed should always be the focal point. When it comes to choosing the perfect bed and mattress, it’s a good idea to read up using resources like the Tempur bed and mattress guide, for example. It’s also worth looking on sites like Pinterest for frame inspiration.


Flickr Image

Last but not least, focus on the accessories for your bedroom. These are just as important as all of the other features when it comes to transforming a dreary space into a fabulous one. Take the design style of the room into account and pick out accessories that will enhance the space and make it look and feel more stylish. Think area rugs, bedding, cushions, wall art, lighting, mirrors, and ornaments. The more creative you can be with this, the better.

What is your favorite bedroom featured in this post? How did you make your bedroom into a space that is totally you? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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Not-So-Obvious Items You Need To Buy For Your Kitchen (Make It The Best Room In The House!)

Not-So-Obvious Items You Need To Buy For Your Kitchen (Make It The Best Room In The House!)

Now a days there are SO many amazing items that you can purchase for your kitchen. From carnival style popcorn and cotton candy makers to ice cream machines and fruit juicers, your kitchen could become the ultimate utopia of the coolest treats and decor. Check it out:

Not-So-Obvious Items You Need To Buy For Your Kitchen (Make It The Best Room In The House!)

When you are designing your kitchen, you will be busy picking out the essential appliances you need for the room. However, as much as it’s important to get items such as a great fridge freezer for your kitchen, there are some other things you do need to make it a fun environment. Here are some not-obvious-items you need to buy for your kitchen to make it the best room in the house:

Crepe Maker: Okay, a crepe maker is not an essential item for your kitchen. But it will definitely make the room a lot more fun! This quirky item is a great thing to add to make breakfasts much easier in the morning. All you need to do is make the mixture and then pour it onto the machine. You can then move the mixture around until you create good sized pancakes which you can enjoy as a breakfast treat. The crepe maker will definitely be a hit if you have young kids in your home! It’s also something that you can get out at parties to make your guests a tasty dessert after the main meal! YUM. ❤


 I’ll take ten!

Toasted Sandwich Maker: Grilled cheese sandwiches are my ultimate favorite food and nothing answers my desire to be fat and happy like a toasted sandwich maker. It’s such a luxury item because standing at the stove and flipping is a thing, but still, who doesn’t want delicious food quickly at the press of a lid?

All you do is butter two slices of bread and then fill your chosen ingredients inside the bread. Then you put it in the machine and pop the lid down for a few moments. Instantly, you will have a delicious toastie to enjoy for a lunchtime snack. It’s perfect for adults and children alike as it turns a boring sandwich into something fun that they will want to eat! And the best thing about toastie makers is that you can find many darling designed machines which will look fantastic in the kitchen!

Wine Cooler: An obvious MUST for every classy man or lady’s kitchen is a wine cooler. It’s ideal for your growing collection of your favorite “adult beverages”. It will also ensure that they stay at the right temperature so that you can enjoy a glass or two in the evening! A wine cooler is a must-have for when you have dinner parties, too. It can easily fit in your kitchen if you have space on one of your cabinets. You can just try one of these freestanding wine coolers which are perfect for showing off your collection while keeping them cool!

A Unique Set of Knives: It is so important to make your kitchen look unique so it stands out from the crowd and becomes a cool and comfortable environment for cooking and entertaining. One way that you can do this is by getting a staple set of knives for your kitchen. You probably are in need of one anyways, so why not make it fun? You can find some great colorful blocks with all the knives you need for preparing food. And you can even embrace your inner ninja with a Samurai set! You can see other cool knife sets you will love for your kitchen in this article!

A microwave and other large appliances is also a must for your kitchen. But I promise that it doesn’t have to be boring! Check out my previous blog where I talk about the most precious pink lemonade microwave and other vintage kitchen gear. Quirky conversation starters for your kitchen that are also incredibly handy will make your place the talk of the town and the obvious choice for all things entertainment!

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