Fall fashion obsessions


Finally! A fashion post! Below are some Pic Stitch collages I put together of my favorite fall clothes and trends. Below the pictures will be the brand name and the store I bought each item from! Enjoy! -Sarah



Pic Stitch 1:
Top left: Army green shoes. Both are Guess brand from TJMaxx
Top middle: Hats galore! The black floppy hat is Brandy Melville and the other three are Gypsy Warrior. All purchased from PacSun.
Top right: Dangle earrings. A lot of these were bought from Target and Kohls, others were gifts from friends.
Middle left: Soft floral dresses. LOVE the muted colors. So sweet and delicate. Both are LA Hearts brand from PacSun.
Middle: Fall colored flannels. Adore the burnt orange and deep maroon combination. The brand is Gypsy Warrior and was bought from PacSun.
Middle right: Smart blazers with elbow patches! Obsessed. It really ties together every outfit with a nice call twist. I got this blazer from Francesca’s.
Bottom left: Edgy scarves. These can add a fun statement to the most basic fall sweater. These were purchased from Target and TJMaxx.
Bottom middle: Witch shoes. I got these on Modcloth and the brand is Mojo Moxy. So in love with the velvet indigo bows.
Bottom right: Statement bags in a unique color. The wallet is from Target and the bag is Urban Expressions brand from TJMaxx. The hand bag is made from all vegan materials which is a nice touch.

Pic Stitch 2:
Top left: Perfect pea coats. I love the sweet heart elbow patches so much. I got this from Modcloth and the brand is Rock Steady.
Top middle: Bold, chunky rings. I got a lot of these from Target and PacSun. Wearing rings with fingerless gloves is one of my favorite things to do to spruce up an outfit.
Top right: More pretty scarves. A girl can never have too many, and they’re just so fun! These were purchased from Aerie, American Eagle Outfitters, and PacSun.
Bottom left: It Brit bag. I saw this at Charming Charlie’s and I HAD to have it. I get so many compliments on this bag. I love the punk feel of it.
Middle: Tan knee high boots. LOVE. I really enjoy the braiding of the leather going up the side. So gorgeous. These are I.N.C brand from Macy’s.
Bottom right: It wouldn’t be fall without a cozy Aztec pattern sweater. So stereotypical but so necessary. A fabulous fall staple. This was bought from Francesca’s and the brand is Miami.

I enjoyed making this post so much! I hope all of you gain some inspiration for your fall styles! What are some of your favorite autumn looks? Let me know!!


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