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Monday Update: Forever 21 Haul Edition

Monday Update: Forever 21 Haul Edition

Hi everyone and happy Monday! Last weekend my mom and I ventured to one of the bigger malls that my area of Ohio has to offer, Southpark Mall in Strongsville. We rarely go to Southpark and the last time that I went was years ago. The mall is absolutely gigantic and we went during the holiday season last time around so needless to say, it was quite overwhelming. Last week we went just to change things up a little bit and I died and went to Forever 21 heaven. Their store was huge! Take a look at my latest goodies from my most recent shopping trip:

^^^ I’m a fan.

As all of you know, Lil Red rocks all black everything more often than not so when I saw these edgy hoodie dresses, I knew that they had to be mine. When I used to work at an urban clothing store called Next, they carried the brand HBA (Hood By Air) and I was obsessed. I think that these hoodies are very reminiscent of HBA which is one of the many reasons why I like them so much. Plus, they were infinitely cheaper which was an added bonus! For both of these hoodie dresses I paid fifty dollars which is a quarter of the price of one HBA top. Score!

Usually I’m not one to gravitate towards hoodies or sweatshirts. I much prefer sharp sweaters, tops, or jackets. However, I really liked that these hoodies both went down below the normal at the hip length. The “Killin’ It” sweat dress went down to a little below my knees and the “In High Demand” zip up went down to my calves. This automatically made them way more edgy to me and it created endless styling possibilities.

The great thing about these hoodie dresses, asides from how cute they are, is all of the different outfits that you can wear with them. I tried the sweat dresses on over my black skinnies which worked really well but the possibilities are endless! I can’t wait to wear them with nothing underneath as a real dress or with a pair of opaque or sheer black tights. I also plan on wearing the “In High Demand” dress with the zipper undone to show off a cute pair of shorts and top in the summer. I really like pieces that you can wear all year round so that you can get creative with how you style it!

I’m so aware that these sweat dresses are really similar to each other but I couldn’t pick just one to save my life! I know that if I chose only one that I would be thinking about the hoodie that I left behind for forever. I’m also really glad that I did buy both because when my boyfriend and I went to the mall that he lives by, I popped in the Forever 21 there and they didn’t have either of them! That made me even happier with my decision.

I’ve worn both of my hoodie dresses multiple times already and I can’t get enough of them. I like that these pieces are both amazingly comfortable but they by no means sacrifice style while wearing them. The “Killin’ It” sweat dress is so fun and I had to laugh because I wore it on Thursday night when I was coaching figure skating for the Special Olympics and we just happened to be taking photos that day. I’m sure all of the pictures that I’m in turned out really swell since I’m rockin a hoodie with “Killin’ It” plastered across the front!

As I write this post I’m wearing my “In High Demand” zip up over a pair of black skinnies and a graphic baseball tee and it certainly spruces up the outfit! It also keeps me nice and warm because it’s very chilly in my neck of the woods today. I’m so pleased with my latest purchases and I can’t wait to wear them for many seasons to come. Thanks, Forever 21! ❤

So there you have it, this week’s Monday Update: Forever 21 Haul Edition! I hope all of you are having a wonderful start to your week so far. How was everyone’s weekend? Who has recently snagged some cute new clothes while shopping? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Liebster Award #3

Liebster Award #3

Hi everyone and happy weekend! I hope everyone is having a fabulous day so far. I got nominated for my third Liebster Award by the darling Camille over at mrsshern a couple of days ago and am so totally flattered! Her blog is a real gem so make sure you check it out. It’s always so much fun to participate in these blogging awards and get new people involved! Of course with all of these awards comes a set of rules for those who have been nominated to follow. Read the rules over and then see how I answered the questions that Camille asked to her nominees:

The Rules:

• Tag the person who nominated you and thank them.
• Answer the 10 questions you are given.
• Nominate 10 new bloggers and tag them.
• Give them 10 new questions to answer.
• Notify your nominees.

Q & A:

Describe your blogging style in best FIVE words?

Quirky, witty, sharp, insightful, and interesting (I hope!).

What is the best ONE beauty product you can’t live without? Why?

NYX’s Pure Red matte lipstick because it’s the perfect shade of red, the best matte lipstick I’ve ever used, and it completes the Lil Red look.

If you are to do a makeup look for ONE person for the rest of your life, who would it be and why?

Uhhhh….I don’t really know how to answer that question because I suck at doing makeup for other people. Haha, I guess doing stage makeup would be fun. I used to be really in to acting and I envied everyone who could do their makeup on their own.

What is the ONE best advice you would give your younger self when it comes to beauty? Why?

Let’s see…Probably to learn how to dye my hair at home because it would save you a fortune! The money I’ve saved from dying my hair with boxed color is insane.

If you are not a blogger, what would you be doing right now?

Working a shitty retail job. Blogging has given me an awesome way to earn some extra money while I’m in school full time at Tri-C.

What is ONE funniest beauty horror story you had?

Oh gosh, I don’t know. I don’t think I’ve ever had a real “horror” story when it comes to my makeup. However, last time I got my hair cut my amazing stylist gave me this awesome pompadour with twisted braids on both sides of my head. I was so happy with how it turned out but as soon as my boyfriend and I got home, I changed shirts from the cute one that I was wearing to a comfy t-shirt for lounging. By the time the t-shirt was on, my perfectly styled tower of hair had fallen and all that was left was a crunchy and hair sprayed mess. I was SO so pissed because it was one of those things that I should have seen coming a mile away but naturally I disregarded it!

What is ONE product that you keep inside your every day makeup bag that you don’t really use at all?

Hmmm…I don’t really have anything in my makeup collection that I don’t use. I hate clutter, so I try to be good about throwing away old makeup products or giving the things that I don’t want to my sister.

What is the first thing you do in the morning as soon as you wake up?

I hate saying this…But I check my phone! It’s like the millennials version of reading the newspaper and I hate myself for it!

What is ONE beauty routine you can’t live without?

Washing my face with a really good cleanser. I can’t stand the feeling of my skin being dull or dirty so skin care is a must for me.

What is your main goal as a blogger?

To make a living out of it! I’m so passionate about lifewithlilred and I’m working very hard every day to make it a success.

My Nominees (I’m only doing three):

My Questions For You:

  1. If you could spend a day with anyone in the world, who would it be?
  2. What is your least favorite color?
  3. Would you rather have bad breath or a piece of spinach stuck between your teeth all day?
  4. What is your favorite candy?
  5. What is your favorite store to go shopping at?
  6. What was your favorite toy to play with when you were little?
  7. If you could have one super power what would it be?
  8. Where is one place that you would like to travel to?
  9. What is your favorite fast food restaurant?
  10. What is your favorite thing to write about?

Thank you so much again to my friend, Camile, at mrsshern for the nomination! Liebster Award #3 was a blast to fill out and I am so thrilled to be nominated again! How would you answer some of the questions that I asked my nominees? What is everyone up to this weekend? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Sujata Gazder Wedding Look

Sujata Gazder Wedding Look

Hi everyone and happy Thursday! This past week I was so honored to be asked by the amazing designer, Sujata Gazder, to create a punky cool wedding look with one of her dresses. Usually wedding attire isn’t my forte but I was excited to give it a try. As you read this post, you can shop along at Gazder’s website: sujatagazder and check out her blog at: sujatagazderblog, as well! Now, check out how I would style an edgy and unconventional wedding look:

Ta Da! While I was creating this look, it was important to me that it still looked wedding appropriate. I achieved this by sticking with a gorgeous and somewhat traditional dress and then accessorizing with pieces that you might not see at your every day wedding. Let’s discuss:

The dress: As I browsed through Sujata Gazder’s website, this dress spoke to me. I liked that it definitely looked like a wedding dress but it was unique enough that one could get away with styling it in an edgy fashion. The hand embroidered vine design at the top of the gown eases effortlessly in to the layers of tulle ruffles for a fun and unexpected twist. The beauty of the dress is its versatility. There are so many different ways to style it depending on the bride, which makes the possibilities endless. The impeccable design, flow, and overall look of this dress allowed me to create a cool punk look that was still appropriate for walking down the aisle.

Hats off: I knew right away that I wanted to top the wedding look off with a hat or fascinator. I also knew that I wanted it to be veiled. Originally, I had my heart set on a pill box hat but as I browsed through different options, none of them screamed out at me. After I searched through the world wide web for a while, I finally stumbled upon the fascinator pictured above. I loved how quirky and sweet it was but I knew that when paired with the right accessories, it would still fall under the punk category. The only thing that I would change about this piece would be the length of the veil. In my mind I envisioned the veil to be long enough to completely cover the face and then be able to pull it back after the bride made her way down the aisle.

Black gloves: Nothing says drama more than a pair of elbow length black gloves. I thought that a glove would pair perfectly with the dress, fascinator, and over all feel of the look that I was going for. Long gloves are so chic and sharp and doing them in  jet black is an edgy twist on the traditional white or cream. They’re bold yet so elegant and classy. To really take the gloves over the top, you could also pile on loud rings and chunky bracelets for some bling!

Sparkled & spiked shoes: As I planned this look out, I knew that the shoes had to be completely out of the ordinary. However, every heel or stiletto that I thought might work always ended up falling short of my expectations. They just weren’t bold enough. I wanted something really loud and I also wanted the shoes to be blatantly “punk”. After much pondering and disappointment, I began to think about heel-less heels and stumbled upon the little beauties featured above from aliexpress. I think that these heel-less heels are absolutely to die for and I love how they counterbalance the sweetness of the dress. Spikes and sparkles? Yes, please. Any bride that can stomp down the aisle in these babies is a friend of mine!

Pucker up: Dramatic makeup is a must for this look and nothing does that better than a deep oxblood lip. Every bride needs the perfect pout to complete her look and a sultry dark shade is the best cocktail of sexy, sophisticated, and so so cool. A beautiful bold lip and a smouldering charcoal smokey eye are the finishing touches in achieving a wedding look that is perfectly punk and totally pretty.

So there you have it, my Sujata Gazder Wedding Look! I had such a blast creating this post and please be sure to check out all of the links within the article to do some shopping of your own! What piece would you like to wear from Sujata Gazder’s collection? How would you style a punk wedding look? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Beauty Blogger Award

Beauty Blogger Award

Hellooo everyone and happy Hump Day! On Monday I was so flattered to be nominated for the Beauty Blogger Award by my sweet friend, Brittany. Make sure you check out her page at spontaneousencouragement! Thank you to everyone who has been nominating me for all of these fun awards lately – it’s much appreciated! With the Beauty Blogger Award comes a set of rules for the person nominated to follow. Check them out and then see my answers to the questions that Brittany asked to her nominees:

The Rules:

  • Tag and thank who nominated you.
  • Respond to the questions that your nominator gave you.
  • Nominate 10 new beauty/fashion bloggers.
  • Create 10 new questions for these bloggers to answer.
  • Tell the blogger that you nominated them.

Q & A:

What is something you are passionate about?

My family, my friends, my education, writing, helping people and animals.

How long have you been blogging?

I’ve been blogging since September of 2014.

What is your go to makeup brand?

For a majority of my makeup needs, I use The Body Shop but I also use Covergirl and Rimmel, as well.

What daily cleansers do you use on your face?

I don’t use a set in stone cleanser, I just buy whatever is on sale. Because my skin doesn’t experience problems such as dryness, acne, or unevenness I can get away with using a pretty basic cleanser. My only requirement is that it can remove my makeup. Right now, I’m using Simple’s cleanser but I don’t care for it too much. I’ll be looking forward to starting a new cleanser soon and I’m always up for suggestions!

Do you have a favorite clothing brand? If so what is it?

I don’t really have a favorite high end clothing brand but I love, love, love H&M! The closest H&M to me is about an hour away so it’s always such a treat when I can shop there.

Does makeup and clothing define your character?

I wouldn’t say it defines my character but I think it definitely enhances it. I’m a quirky girl with an edgy sense of style so I love playing that up with the clothes and makeup that I wear.

What makes you feel confident?

A bold red lip, a pair of heels, my piercings, and a sharp All Black Everything outfit.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

It depends on the day! When I’m tired, I find that I always take much longer to get ready but usually I can be done with my morning routine in forty-five minutes to an hour.

Could you live without mascara?

Hmm…I don’t think so. To me, mascara completes the way that I paint my face so if I couldn’t use it, I think I would feel and look very off.

If you could meet anybody in the world who would it be?

Oh jeez… I have so many people who I would love to meet but if I had to choose just one, it would be Jack White. I love him so much it hurts.

My Nominees (I’m only doing three):

My Questions For You:

  1. Do you prefer a glam or natural makeup look?
  2. How old were you when you started wearing makeup daily?
  3. What is the best beauty advice that you’ve ever received?
  4. Do you buy makeup from the department or the drug store?
  5. Do you have any makeup tricks or hacks that you swear by?
  6. What is your favorite skin care product to use?
  7. Do you have a favorite fragrance?
  8. Do you feel comfortable wearing no makeup out in public?
  9. What is something that you consider a “no no” when it comes to makeup?
  10. Would you rather not style your hair or wear no makeup for two months?

Thank you so much again to my friend, Brittany, at spontaneousencouragement! You’re a doll! I hope all of you are having a fabulous day so far! How would you answer some of my questions for the bloggers that I nominated? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Target Haul

Target Haul

Hello everyone and happy Hump Day! I’ve been on a bit of a shopping hiatus these past few months thanks to my college tuition, my car, and purchasing holiday gifts. Last week, however, I finally got some fun new pieces to add into my wardrobe, compliments of Target. Take a look and then let’s discuss:

What I love the most about these pieces, starting with the button down, is that it’s a smart shirt with an added surprise. Usually I would never pick something like this out for myself (all black everything, please) but when I saw the back of it, I just had to try it on. I love anything with a peek a boo back because I like to show off my tattoos so the surprise sheerness was what made this shirt a definite contender.

I’ll admit, I was slightly nervous to try this shirt on because I didn’t want to look like a freaking goon but I was so pleased with the results! The top in itself really isn’t very edgy, which is what I like. However, I was able to alter the sweetness of the shirt with my piercings and tattoos and that turned it into a very cool and unexpected piece to add into my wardrobe. This button down will also be great to wear year round which is another bonus, in my opinion.

The black cardigan with white crosses decorating it was obviously a no brainer. It has everything that I like on it – my favorite color, my favorite pattern, and just the right amount of rocker edge that I love. As soon as I saw the cardi, I knew that I would be purchasing it. I’m actually wearing it right now as I type this! My style is very distinctive, so when I find pieces that scream out “Lil Red”, like my new cardigan, I just have to splurge!

Currently, I’m rocking my new cardi with my snakeskin patterned black skinnies, a graphic white tank, my black cross dangle earrings, and my Michael Kors combat boots. I plan on wearing my button down with my mustard yellow suede skirt from H&M, a cool pair of heels, and a sharp little jacket for a fun take on a woman on the go outfit. I can’t wait!

I’ve been very bored with my wardrobe as of late and have fallen into the pattern of wearing the same things over and over again. I definitely needed a clothing pick me up and my new button down and cardigan were the perfect pieces to do that with. I’m looking forward to incorporating both tops into my day to day outfits to freshen things up and make my old clothes feel like new again. Thanks for the cute new clothes, Target! ❤

So there you have it, my latest Target Haul! Where is your favorite place to score some new clothes? Who has recently had a haul for themselves? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

New Year, New Look

New Year, New Look

Hello everyone and happy Thursday! I’ve been itching to do something fun to my hair (no, not dye it!) and I think I found the perfect style to do that with. Take a look:


^^^ Isn’t that gorgeous?!

The thing about my hair, is that it’s incredibly thick. This is absolute torture for me because I like my hair to be really sleek. My beloved hair stylist, Anna, and I have played around with different methods to get rid of the bulk of my hair during each cut but it always seems to grow back with a vengeance. After taking that situation for what it is, I started playing around with styles that will “remove” the thickness from my hair and give me something really sharp and edgy.

I knew that I absolutely did NOT want to do anything like shaving the sides, so then I decided that cornrows or braids would be a good way to go. To have a somewhat permanent twist on both sides of my head would eliminate the problem of what Anna and I call the “bubble”. The bubble effect happens what my hair starts poofing from the thickness and NOTHING makes it better!

What really drew me to the style that I found, though, was the fauxhawk. I’ve wanted my hair like that for ages but I always thought that it wasn’t long enough. Despite the appearance of a short haired cut, my hair still reaches my collarbones, aside from the back of my hair which is cropped nice and tight. The back of my hair has always been a problem for me, as well, because once it starts growing in, it looks like a straight up mullet – and not in the Uncle Jesse on Full House cute way. This style should help ease that unfortunate issue as well.

Everything about this New Look for the New Year sounds like the answer to my hair related prayers and I’m ready for something fresh and new. I’ve really liked the way that I’ve had my hair, but it’s been basically the same all year and I really want an edgy change. And can you imagine how dope this style will look with my bright red hair? Dayum!

I would never do such a drastic change without the 100% approval and professional opinions of my stylist, so I posted the picture I posted above on her wall on Facebook. Anna was in love right away so the new style is a go! Once everything slows down a little after Christmas, I’ll hit up the salon to get it done. I’d like to have it done before New Years though so I can have my new hair when Kyle takes me on our New Year’s Eve date!

I’m ready to ring in the New Year with a New Look and I’m so excited!! What are your plans for the new year? Who’s going to treat themselves to a new look for 2016? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah