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Fall Haul: For The Lols Hoodie Edition

Fall Haul: For The Lols Hoodie Edition

Hi!! Johnny and I had to laugh at my Fall Haul from TJMaxx because it was a combination of purchases a teenage boy and a fashionista would make. My haul included lots of amazing business casual and cool weather clothing as well as a few oversized T-shirts (Which you will see tomorrow) and this hilarious hoodie from the men’s section a la The Office. Check it out:

FIRST THINGS FIRST: I will never forgive Netflix for no longer having The Office and Parks & Recreation on their lineup. Johnny and I would watch The Office literally every night before going to bed and we miss it terribly! We also refuse to get the NBC streaming service because we already have way too many. SMH.

SECOND THINGS SECOND: I freaking love this hoodie, lol. As soon as Johnny pointed it out to me, I just had to have it because it is so funny to me. While this is definitely not a hoodie that I can sport at work, it is one that I will be wearing at every opportunity I get. I am usually not one for “silly” purchases as I would rather spend my money on other things but how could I say no to Michael Scott? And, yes, that is what she said!

I bought this hoodie in a men’s small and it fits great as it is slightly longer than being cropped. It will be perfect with my new high waisted jeans from American Eagle and it is So. Freaking. Comfy. Whether wearing it while running errands or lounging about at home, I plan on living in it this fall. I also have a feeling that my Johnny will be borrowing it too! ❤

What is your preferred streaming service? What is your favorite episode of The Office? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Monday Update: Forever 21 Haul Edition

Monday Update: Forever 21 Haul Edition

Hi everyone and happy Monday! Last weekend my mom and I ventured to one of the bigger malls that my area of Ohio has to offer, Southpark Mall in Strongsville. We rarely go to Southpark and the last time that I went was years ago. The mall is absolutely gigantic and we went during the holiday season last time around so needless to say, it was quite overwhelming. Last week we went just to change things up a little bit and I died and went to Forever 21 heaven. Their store was huge! Take a look at my latest goodies from my most recent shopping trip:

^^^ I’m a fan.

As all of you know, Lil Red rocks all black everything more often than not so when I saw these edgy hoodie dresses, I knew that they had to be mine. When I used to work at an urban clothing store called Next, they carried the brand HBA (Hood By Air) and I was obsessed. I think that these hoodies are very reminiscent of HBA which is one of the many reasons why I like them so much. Plus, they were infinitely cheaper which was an added bonus! For both of these hoodie dresses I paid fifty dollars which is a quarter of the price of one HBA top. Score!

Usually I’m not one to gravitate towards hoodies or sweatshirts. I much prefer sharp sweaters, tops, or jackets. However, I really liked that these hoodies both went down below the normal at the hip length. The “Killin’ It” sweat dress went down to a little below my knees and the “In High Demand” zip up went down to my calves. This automatically made them way more edgy to me and it created endless styling possibilities.

The great thing about these hoodie dresses, asides from how cute they are, is all of the different outfits that you can wear with them. I tried the sweat dresses on over my black skinnies which worked really well but the possibilities are endless! I can’t wait to wear them with nothing underneath as a real dress or with a pair of opaque or sheer black tights. I also plan on wearing the “In High Demand” dress with the zipper undone to show off a cute pair of shorts and top in the summer. I really like pieces that you can wear all year round so that you can get creative with how you style it!

I’m so aware that these sweat dresses are really similar to each other but I couldn’t pick just one to save my life! I know that if I chose only one that I would be thinking about the hoodie that I left behind for forever. I’m also really glad that I did buy both because when my boyfriend and I went to the mall that he lives by, I popped in the Forever 21 there and they didn’t have either of them! That made me even happier with my decision.

I’ve worn both of my hoodie dresses multiple times already and I can’t get enough of them. I like that these pieces are both amazingly comfortable but they by no means sacrifice style while wearing them. The “Killin’ It” sweat dress is so fun and I had to laugh because I wore it on Thursday night when I was coaching figure skating for the Special Olympics and we just happened to be taking photos that day. I’m sure all of the pictures that I’m in turned out really swell since I’m rockin a hoodie with “Killin’ It” plastered across the front!

As I write this post I’m wearing my “In High Demand” zip up over a pair of black skinnies and a graphic baseball tee and it certainly spruces up the outfit! It also keeps me nice and warm because it’s very chilly in my neck of the woods today. I’m so pleased with my latest purchases and I can’t wait to wear them for many seasons to come. Thanks, Forever 21! ❤

So there you have it, this week’s Monday Update: Forever 21 Haul Edition! I hope all of you are having a wonderful start to your week so far. How was everyone’s weekend? Who has recently snagged some cute new clothes while shopping? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah