Movie Night!!!

Movie Night!!!

It’s family movie night tonight and let me just say, I am thrilled! There’s seriously nothing better than putting on a pair of sweats, making love to a big bowl of popcorn, and enjoying a stupid funny movie with the fam. Tonight our movie of choice is Super Troopers. We’ve never seen it before, but have seen it multiple times on top funny movie lists, so we figured we’d give it a go. My family bonds over stupid funny movies. Our fan favorites include: Old School, Zoolander, The Internship, Step Brothers, Office Space, and Anchorman just to name a few. Honestly, family movie night is the one time I’m not slightly annoyed by anyone, because no one is talking! Ha. It’s always so fun to hear huge belly laughs and a symphony of “ohmygods” and “did he just say that?!” fill up our living room. One of my favorite things about movie night is that we have something to talk and joke about for the next few days. The playful back and forth quote banter between everyone is the best! It may seem lame, and I guess it kind of is….but, I think I’d rather be at home with my crazy sibs and parents watching a dumb comedy than going out on a Saturday night. No matter how much my family drives me crazy, (and believe me, they drive me freaking nuts) I still cherish my time with them. I’m such a hot head (and that’s not a redhead pun!!!) that sometimes all I can handle is something simple and small like movie night. These are memories I’m going to keep for forever, and smile every time I think about them. There’s something really special about these nights, and I’m really excited to get some quality time with the crew. MUSHENHEIM FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT 2014: COMMENCE!

What are some stupid funny movies that we should watch next movie night? What’s your ultimate favorite comedy? Leave me a comment and let me know so my fam can add it to our “to watch” list! Have a great Saturday night! -Sarah


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