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Holiday Haul: Last But Not Least Edition

Holiday Haul: Last But Not Least Edition

Hellooo! The last gift from my Holiday Haul, but certainly not the least, that I would like to share with all of you is from my dear old dad. Last year, I was gifted with a true crime daily calendar from my dad that was an absolute hit. In fact, it was one of the first gifts that I think my dad actually picked out for me, instead of just having “from mom and dad” written on the label.

With the calendar being such a success last year, I was presented with the 2020 version from my dad and I am very happy with it! Check it out:


A day to day calendar is truly the gift that keeps on giving, especially if you are interested in the subject. I, for one, am a huge lover of all things true crime and it makes changing the page every day exciting because I never know what I am going to learn about next! It will also be especially fun to tuck into this calendar with my boyfriend because he is a true crime aficionado, as well, and we love flipping through the pages together.

Although this gift may seem simple, so much thought went into it and I am thrilled to be welcoming 2020 with a present that was seemingly made for me!

What is the subject of your calendar? Where are my true crime fans at? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Happy Haulidays: Mom & Dad Edition

Happy Haulidays: Mom & Dad Edition

Hi! In today’s Haulidays post we will be looking at some polar opposite prezzies from my mom and dad. This year, things were a little bit different becauuuuuuse *drum roll please* my dad actually picked a present out for me! Haha, my dad is notorious for the ol’ presents “from mom and dad” trick and I think that he’s always just as surprised to see what my mom picked out as we are. So, it was an extra special touch that I got the perfect daily calendar from my beloved dad! Take a look:


The Haul:

  • Daily True Crime calendar
  • Betsey Johnson gemstone snake wrap around necklace

My dad knows me all too well, because I couldn’t have asked for a better day by day calendar if I tried. He knows that I am an absolute horror junkie so I guess when he saw these daily factoids about crazy killers, it spoke to him. And, I don’t see why it wouldn’t, with a caption like “wife cannot recall cutting off his penis” on the front! My dad seemed very pleased with his purchase and, as morbid as it is, I’m flattered that this made him think of me. 😀

And, from my mom, came a gorgeous Betsey Johnson snake necklace that I’ve had my eye on from TJMaxx. I have a pretty sizeable collection of snake themed jewelry and I am so happy to be able to add this necklace to it because I freaking love it. It’s just beautiful! The dazzling colors and the slithering surprise of what the necklace actually is shaped as is so me and I cannot wait to break this baby out!

How do your parents buy your Christmas presents? What is one of the most thoughtful gifts you received this hauliday? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

The Busy Girl’s Organization Guide

The Busy Girl’s Organization Guide

Heyyy! We live in a world where everyone is super busy and on the go constantly. With phones ringing in your ear, emails to answer, and appointments to get to, it can sure seem hard to balance it all. Believe me, I get it. As a woman on the go myself, I would be nowhere without the organization techniques that I have used throughout the years to keep me on track. And, now, I’m here to share them with you! Check it out:

Invest In A Desk Calendar:

With my work appointments growing by the month, a normal wall calendar just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I needed something that was nice and big so that I could fit my daily tasks into each day comfortably on paper. Now, not only do I have plenty of room for work scheduling, but I am able to really see how much time I have left in the day to work with for the side hustle or drinks with friends. Whereas, with a wall calendar, your space is so cramped that you can’t see any free time at all. I paid seven bucks for a large desk calendar at Target, and I scoff at the fact that I used to use anything smaller.


This would do nicely!

Color Coordinate:

The best part about a big desk calendar, though? THAT YOU CAN COLOR COORDINATE!! I have had a blast assigning a highlighter color to the person that I’m meeting with and using colored pencils to add in anything extra that I need reminders of. It makes planning your week or month a little more bright and fun, and sometimes you really need that extra boost to make your work schedule less stressful.


That’s what I’m talking about!

Take Notes:

I am constantly taking notes throughout the day. Whether I come up with a new blog post idea in my head or hear about a new restaurant that I want to try, god knows that I will forget it minutes later. You can definitely carry around a notepad for such findings, but I prefer to just send texts to myself so that I always have my little reminders handy in text message form for when I need it again.

Have Backup Plans:

One of the worst things is having a meeting or an outing with friends cancelled and feeling like your time for the day is just going to be wasted. So, it’s always nice to have a Plan B. This could range from just having some you time and going for a walk or trying out the new restaurant that you text reminded yourself about. It’s good to have something to fall back on if you have something scheduled with a flaky friend or you have a work appointment that isn’t mandatory.

Take A Break:

It might seem like the best thing ever to spread yourself too thin during the work week and on the weekends. Extra moolah, potential for raises or promotions – I totally get it. But, don’t forget to schedule in some time to take a break, too. Going nonstop is a great way to fatten your wallet, but you also get very burned out in the process. Schedule a pedicure during your lunch break or dedicate your Sunday to finishing the book on your bedside table. Just make sure that you’re working in some R&R somewhere!


On the go lifestyles are the norm, now. But with some top notch organization skills, you can make the most of your time whether it’s for work or play!

Moving At Short Notice Doesn’t Have To Be An Ordeal…

Moving At Short Notice Doesn’t Have To Be An Ordeal…

In an ideal world, we’d all have a lot of notice to plan out every little detail of our house moves, and take all of the necessary steps to make sure it’s a stress-free breeze. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world! Sometimes, life throws us a fast one, and we find ourselves having to move into a new house or apartment at short notice. If you’re in this situation, here are a few pointers to make it as easy as possible:

Start Packing. Right Now! From the moment you know that you’re going to move, before every little bit of paperwork is in order, you should begin your packing process. Packing everything you’ll need is a big task and the sooner you get started, the sooner it will be out of the way. Obviously, there are certain things that you’re going to want access to between now and when you’re all settled into the new place. For this reason, start off with the least essential items, like art and other decorative items. Make sure to keep your boxes nice and organized, labeling them with categories or the room that they’re ultimately headed to. It’s also a good idea to clean the place up as you go, which will save you having to do it in one big rush closer to moving day. Get started right now, and you’ll thank yourself later!

Make Reservations Well in Advance: After taking a bite out of your packing, this should be your next highest priority. While business comes in peaks and troughs, the removals industry is never exactly slow, and various moving companies, valet storage services, and so on are going to have pretty full calendars for the year ahead. For this reason, you need to start calling companies up and making reservations as soon as you have a definite moving date. First of all, this will give you a little more wiggling room for comparing quotes and finding the services which are most cost-effective for you. Secondly, there’s a slim, but potentially catastrophic chance that you won’t be able to find any professional movers in time! If you need to be out of your property pretty soon, then start making calls as a matter of urgency!

Set Deadlines: Seeing as you’re reading this, there’s a fair chance that you have a date where you definitely have to be out of wherever it is you’re currently staying. However, this shouldn’t be the only thing that you’re marking on your calendar. Moves are inherently stressful and if you want to mitigate that stress as much as possible, it’s important to exercise some self-discipline and set yourself deadlines for packing up certain boxes, making arrangements with the movers, sourcing help from your friends, and so on. Organizing yourself like this might feel like way too much but you’ll be doing yourself a big favor, and because you’re on a tight schedule you won’t have to be self-disciplined for too long! 🙂


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