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Having Trouble Focusing While Working From Home?

Having Trouble Focusing While Working From Home?

Many of us have had to get used to the prospect of working from home over the past few months. While there are undeniable benefits to being able to take care of business in your own space, a lot of people have trouble adjusting to it, as well. If you’re having trouble getting productive, here are a few solutions that might help you get back on top of things:

You’re not making time for it:

With the flexibility that comes with working from home, it might feel tempting to simply do work whenever it suits you and not have any solid plans. However, this tends to end up wrecking your work-life balance. It’s a good idea to find what time you’re more productive and create a daily schedule around that, complete with strict starting and finishing times. This way, your life and work-life don’t start to bleed together to the point that you feel like you have to be half “on” whenever you’re in the home.

You’re surrounded by clutter:

It might sound like the difference would be minimal, but a neat and organized desk actually has a big impact on your mental condition while you’re working. Clutter has been shown to be a more significant cause of stress than we otherwise give it credit for. Maximizing closet space and making use of things like desk trays in the home office can ensure that you’re not surrounded by bits and bobs all day long. As such, you can work on what’s important free of most major distractions.

Your office doesn’t give the right vibe:

This point might sound nebulous, but getting yourself in the right headspace to work is vitally important. As such, investing in decor that can help you create a quirky but professional vibe is important. You want to make sure that you’re surrounded by imagery and designs that inspire and energize you while also ensuring that the workplace is subtle enough that it doesn’t serve as an ongoing distraction. For some people, it might be as simple as hanging a few pieces of art to give the room some life.

You’re physically uncomfortable:

Of course, even if your office gives the vibe you need and is organized to perfection, you’re going to have a hard time enjoying it if you’re dealing with a sore back. You might not notice the impacts of poor posture immediately, but if you start to feel some aches and pains in your back and joints towards the end of the day, that means it’s time to look at your chair and desk setup. Ergonomic furniture design can help support these achy parts of you, leading to a more comfortable working day while decreasing the chances that you might actually injure yourself.

It isn’t always easy to create a home office that feels right for your working needs. However, it’s worth taking the time to implement fixes and find what works for you rather than letting yourself start to hate the prospect of working at home entirely.

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How To Create A Chic And Sleek Home Office

How To Create A Chic And Sleek Home Office

How To Create A Chic And Sleek Home Office:

If you have an extra room in the house that is used just for junk, clear that clutter now and make way for a chic and sleek home office instead. Whether you work from home or not, an office is a great place to hide away when you have extra weekend work or when you want a quiet spot to go through the bills. But there’s no point in just jamming in a desk and chair and calling it an office. If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it with some panache! Here are some ideas to get you started. For more interior design tips follow this click!


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Style: First of all, consider the style of the office you want. Do you want a more masculine, industrial feel? Or perhaps a monochrome palette? Maybe you want a girlie office of pinks and whites or possibly a more vintage/crafting kind of space. It’s important to know what you want before you start laying the floor, painting walls, and buying storage. Use Pinterest to find lots of ideas for all of the different styles of offices that you could potentially have.

Flooring: Once you’ve cleared the room of clutter, you’ll have a clean slate to work with. The first thing to do is invest in new flooring. Carpet just doesn’t feel right for an office. The floor should lend itself to the sound of your snappy heels crossing the boards in a way that screams authority and control! Laminate floors that look and feel like wood are a great and affordable choice for your home office. Light gray authentic oak laminate looks particularly plush when creating a working environment. If you want to add a feminine touch you can also invest in a patterned rug to soften the look. (*Lil Red Note: My family just got some of the rooms in our home done with laminate flooring and it looks AMAZING! I will be posting pictures soon!)

Walls: If you’re going for an industrial look, you’ll want a darker palette of stylish deep grays or navy for the walls. A monochrome palette will look fresh with black and white striped wallpaper. And for a feminine office why not paint the walls white and use a floral motif wallpaper on a feature wall? Designers Guild offers some great choices of wallpaper in all sorts of styles.

Desk Space: Again, what desk you choose will depend on your style. But no matter what your theme, Ikea does some great tables that work with nearly every style. The Ikea Glasholm/Finvard tempered glass table with wooden legs and extra storage is a pretty good bet for most office spaces. It looks light and airy, and the two bottom leg shelves can be used to store a printer or boxes of documents. Choose a chair that you feel most comfortable working from. Make sure the height is correct and that there is enough room to move around. And don’t forget to choose a desk lamp that gives you enough light for when you are working late. Personalize your space with pretty colored folders or utilitarian style products, if minimalism is more your thing. But add a dash of bright color somewhere along the lines to keep you feeling motivated and energized!

For my home decor fans, keep it posted on lifewithlilred for the latest renovations to Chez Red! Who has done some remodeling of their home as of late? What is your home decor style? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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